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  1. I can't be born on my server I went back to my main server, and every time I try to be born from the error, but on another server I can be born normal with my character
  2. the game is good, but it has many bugs
  3. if someone can help me start over I will be grateful - Dino farm My Psn :XSilverHostX
  4. I love this game but the support is terrible
  5. already did that, but no answer ??
  6. my character was lv 103, i play ps4, i have all dlc, i will lose all my dino?
  7. my character has been deleted (OFFICIAL PVE) I went back to my server, when I clicked on the bed I couldn't be born and it was wrong, and I lost the character I play solo, and there's no one to put me in the tribe again, I lost everything and I am very disappointed in this game, and I can't get help :(, I already did Ticket, but nobody answers me, Is there anything I can do?
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