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  1. Nobody has seemed to mention that the forest Titan being active on the map is breaking the managarmr breath! Whenever the forest Titan is active and especially when tamed the managarmr breath hits at an extremely inaccurate rate. It renders the managarmr useless other than transportation. It won't freeze anything and where I could normally kill a 150 Rex no problem I struggle to even kill a level 60 when the Titan is active. The managarmr is alot of people's favorite tame and is basically a decoration due to this glitch. This really needs to be addressed asap. 
  2. It's still there just not under wildcard
  3. From my experience it seems to not be hitting randomly, it'll hit once and then just stop hitting with it's breath. Making it impossible to freeze anything and making the same souly a means of transportation. Also it seems to be server to server related, my tribemates son can use the breath no problems on his server. My server 1110 cannot use the freeze and that goes for everyone. @Jen please do something to fix this for it makes the mana worthless.
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