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  1. 45/28 approximatelly. It is right above the lake in the Upper Mushroom forest which is green spawn zone easy difficulty
  2. Hello, I love Primitive + and I am considering downloading Crystal Isles to check if it it can be played on P+ but I decided to go the easy way and ask here those who experienced it. Thanks in advance!
  3. It is by far the best free map and if WC find a way to get money from those maps it would be the first to get polished. I would suggest the change the concept with paid features that can be bought but the hardest part would be not to spoil the game for the rest. Things like structures that make it easier to feed the tames, or longer auto-decay intervals...basically quality of life features, not exclusive tames for sure.
  4. On Aberration there is a floating cliff above the lake in the green zone where it is possible to access only via natural zip line or probably by drake. If you go to the very top of it with a zip line, you have fair security especially if you protect it well. The downside is that you need to bring your tames there in cryopods.
  5. I know there are oil nodes that would give oil and some stone, also obsidian that would give obsidian and probably something else in addition but not sure what. But my question is mainly about metal, so is it possible to farm metal in the ocean and if yes, then where? What else? BTW I play on Primitive + so there might be differences with it but I ask in general.
  6. Feel the same way - this game is going in the wrong direction for quite some time and that is so disappointing and making people quit, move on with other games rather than mixing dinos with robots and whales in the cosmos...
  7. I guess you figured it by now, but still...Primitive + can only transfer to servers in its own cluster.
  8. If they make a map that would be exclusive for P+ and only available as paid content it would justify the efforts for fix and improve the P+ mod itself so I would vote for that if that is the price but devs need to see an opportunity to make money, otherwise it is doomed. So make such an idea public whenever possible and they might have a thought about it.
  9. I 100% back the idea up and would love to see a server type where what you achieve would actually mean something in its very own ecosystem. Not bringing my stuff in and out to other servers just to spoil their game and belittle their efforts and achievements there and then drag my loot into the fully spammed with foundations dead server that I control. Great idea but developers would not be interested, they just want us to buy the next DLC full of fantastic creatures that are far away from the core game itself.
  10. I understand that case but does this case makes it ok?! Is there any fault of mine that a valid tame full of the results of my efforts is just removed from the game and thus it should not be restored by the server admins? So far no answer at all to my Bug report and that is all I am going to get and this is when this game makes me sick. Тhanks anyway for the input guys, have fun while you can
  11. Well, that is more or less acceptable period if calculated correctly, but I think there must be some sort of other condition with the purlovia, like if it is burrowed and not moved or interacted with its inventory then it is not considered rendered...No other explanation for me how it disappeared hours after a low-leveled rex I left unatended for maybe 10 days while I was fast-travelling to it cave regularily just to make sure it is not auto-decayed...and yet it happens. I submitted a bug report but obviously nobody has even seen it yet, so I must abandon all hopes to get something back f
  12. Hello everyone! Today I got hit by a wave of "ayto-decay destroyed" on a lot of things. I play on The Center and Primitive Plus server and I wonder if that is just a way to push us out of there and force us to play "The New DLC Extinction" ?! From all the tames and building that got destroyed I only care for the burried purlovia full of accendant and mastercraft rods, crossbows, armour and blueprints. And I am furious because it was not more than 4 days ago I visited my hidden vault and now it is gone while a baryonyx that was next to it still remains! So my questions are: 1. Do
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