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  1. Ttocs

    Artifact of the pack

    Yes but you cannot access it please read my post also I plan to do it as intended will just build a bed and a storage box before I start. As I said the problem is I can’t get to it ( the puzzle )
  2. Ttocs

    Artifact of the pack

    Expanding on this I did some exploring today and watched some YouTube vids. Both the ruins entrance(1 vid) down to the puzzle challenge is just a wall and entrance through underground world (vid 2) are not there as they appear in the vids. Both vids are from this year and dated July and August 2018. You get some lag around the underground entrance so I’m guessing it was behind what is now a giant rock. I searched her out at sea and found that the artifact marked on the explorer map is actually Artifact of the Brute, so I’m still at a loss as to how to get the pack artifact without cheating (center only) .
  3. To get them I usually ride down on a barryonyx (he’s so nimble you can avoid getting attacked) and kill alpha mosas, there were a lot one time tho and I died, so now I take a pack of megalodons and a dunkleo with me too for a big ol deep sea royal rumble lol no mishaps so far ^^
  4. Hello all got all the artifact except this one. A lot of dated info on the web. One source says in jumping puzzle ( looked up a YouTube vid and inside a ruins cave entrance, I go to said location and there’s no opening for me like in the vids just wall so I don’t know how to get to this even. Another says in a cave on lava island Ark wiki explorer map has a yellow dot that marks artifact out Far East in the ocean ( I have all the others so It could be pack too?? Really need someone who has current info to guide me in the right direction Help Appreciated thank youuuu
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