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  1. Linux and Mac, no 297.64 client? Did the 297.64 client drop for Linux and Mac and I missed it? Not seeing the update coming through at all.
  2. Probably need to do a dino wipe. admincheat destroywilddinos Use in console. Will remove existing wild dinos, not tames. Expect some lag while they respawn, although I've never really experienced any.
  3. Glad my fix helped somehow. Can't help wit the Scorched Earth issue. Plays fine for me...
  4. FYI to all - I figured something out: I post it on the Valguero forum.
  5. I got Valguero working on Mac or How one letter can make all the difference. Note: I got a single player game to load. I do not know if this will be a problem on servers yet. In Steam, browse to local files. On Shootergame.app, right click and "Show Package Contents". Go to Contents->UE4->Shootergame Here you will notice 2 folders, one named "Content" one named "Contents" Open "Contents" go to "Mods" and copy the "Valguero" folder to your desktop or something like that. Head back to the "Shootgame" folder, open "Content" then "Mods" Move the "Valguero" folder you just pasted to your desktop into this folder. Close everything up and go play on Valguero. It still took a little time for the map to load. Also, I haven't traveled around yet to see if there are any other problems on the map. But it loaded, and I got all sorts of excited. Update: I can get into Valguero official servers with this fix.
  6. So weird and random. Thought maybe, just maybe, there was something left over from the mod map that let you in. I have tried everything I can think of to get the map to load. It says it's in my library. I've manually uninstalled and reinstalled. I've manually uninstalled all DLCs, then installed Valguero first. I've validated files...nothing. And radio silence again from the devs. I mean they could at least tell us that they are aware of the issue. Has anyone seen any word that they are aware of the issue?
  7. Curious if you had the map from when it was a mod or if you got it shiny new as a DLC. My brain likes to troubleshoot.
  8. Same exact thing for me. Says it's in my library. Uninstalled and reinstalled Valguero (downloads 1Gb, glad I have some fast internet...), verified files. Nada. Bumps me back to title screen after appearing to try to load something. Even get a flash of character creation screen occasionally before bumping me out to title screen. Same whether I try to load a single player or onto my dedicated server. Tried with and without mods loaded.
  9. Crickets. Bloody crickets. You need to give us an update Wild Card. This is unacceptable. Mac and Linux are both waiting. The lack of communication is entirely unprofessional. Also, this thread should not be under Valguero specifically. Mac and Linux have not had our clients updated, which is also part of this subject. That is a general complaint.
  10. NP. I'm on Mac. I'm used to it. There are often issues when Wild Card releases updates. I have my own LAN server, so I can still play. Just wanted a timeframe.
  11. When will new update and Valguero be available for Mac? Title kinda says it all...
  12. Yes. Checked all dinos' inventory. Also double checked with the S+ pull system. When I come back from the boss fights, I hop on each Rex and check for levels, inventory (meats for my piggie), etc. I had just did all the Ape bosses the week before, and element and trophies were acquired fine then. Also have done the dragon fights before on the same play through, and everything was fine then as well. I am wondering if there was a minor change to the code for increasing element drop amounts.
  13. Not at all sure if this is just something with my setup. Just want to see if anyone else is having this problem. Did 2 Dragon fights (Gamma and Beta) today and did not get element or trophy from either. Got flag in personal inventory. Checked dragon body as well, and nothing. Want to know if this is a problem more people have seen or if I need to check my ini. Note: the Dragons have dropped fine in the past with my current ini settings (I'm upping the element quantity). Haven't done the other bosses since the latest patch, 289.101. Thanks!
  14. Yes, seems to be working fine now. They're even dropping some nice ascendant stuff.
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