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  1. It's been that way for over 6 years. You can submit a report to https://support.survivetheark.com. Sometimes they remove them.
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  2. SINORNIS Is a prehistoric woodpecker when thid creature is on wandering it harvests wood from nerby trees slowly but it can collect more wood from trees than any other creature just slowly and it also gets chitin from trees because of bugs that are hiding inside of them also these creatures are passivley tamed with chitin and they spawn in new biome called High Red woods which has high mountains and trees tall enough to dwarf all the other creatures and also they cannot be chopped in the canopy there are sinornis nests also sinornis is shouldermount that is used like a parachute but they only move downwards when ok your shoulders EUROPEJARA This isn't a ridable creature it is tamable but you'll be lucky to have it these creatures are so hard to tame because you need to dodge their attacks then when it gets tired you need to act fast and feed it fish meat and they need a lot of it these creatures are also agressive the reason you need to dodge their attacks is because they make literal tornados that can kill you easily cuz they do 5 times more damage than your health that being said they do 500 damage those tornados if you manage to survive them blind you until you die and also drain all your stamina and respawn also these tornados knock you out of your mount LAOPHIS This is a poisonous snake that has some weird side effects there isn't a way to survive a bite from them if you or your tame has 2000 health which is op and also they do high torpor potent enough to put t rex on sleep but it does it slowly and these creatures can be put on tranq mode they are ridable but they are hard to tame you need to kill a boss to tame them cuz they eat element but next creature is completley immune to it LESOTHOSAURUS Like i said they are immune to venom also these creatures hunt Laophis also they can blind with their scratch kick which is their main attack they also have a screatch that makes your creatures immune to any debuffs or lethal effects for 6 minutes they are ridable too EORAPTOR This creature is even more ridiculously overpowered these creatures can do the powerdash so powerful to demobilize anything also they are super fast and strong
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  3. The only difference is that now ARK uses, by default, an OSS that combine both; EOS and Steam subsystems. You can configure it by editing your Engine.ini file as mentioned into the following thread: Possible values are; EOS - Epic Online Services only Steam - Steam only SteamEOSComposite - Epic and Steam (default)
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  5. Not just you. Since the servers came back up, my main has been bad. I am lagging, DCing, dashboarding, freezing and rubberbanding. It's not over population of the server because most the time I'm the only one on it. I almost never lagged on this server and now it's almost unplayable.
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