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    YES THE MUSIC I've already played the current OST half to death.. Can't wait to see- and listen to- what new music we're gunna get!!
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    I would like to see what new music they bring into the game. Gareth Coker is a boss when it comes to Ark music.
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    On the island they're in red crates in the swamp cave, blue, yellow & red crates in the water caves, also in red crates in the other caves (apart from the snow cave) the generic red crates in caves have a lot of possible loot though so they're extremely rare, red supply drops also have them in the table but again are extremely rare Scorched earth they're in red supply drops, very rare Extinction: blue, yellow & red crates in caves, yellow, red & purple osd's Ragnarok has same loot table as the island so generic red crates in the caves and red supply drops, they're not in the desert, deep sea or lava golem loot Valguero is same as the island Best place I've found is swamp cave on the island as the loot table is smaller so higher chance of one dropping but have had one or two in the easy water cave, I've had 3 or 4 from red supply drops on Valguero, either the one's in the chalk hills that have SE loot or the one's in the snow biome, there's a generic red crate in the lava cave on Valguero than can drop them which is easy to farm but has over 100 items in the table so they're very rare drops
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    Thank you moderator I was trying to find where the Center information was and you put me where I needed to be. Like a boss
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    Yes she wont be able to burrow away. But dont go to far away from the queen as she will despawn if you go to far! Syntac built a massive birthing chamber next to the trap, probably what I'm gonna end up doing.
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    Each to their own, personally I'd rather run the Labyrinth any day. My wife and I can run the left side of the Labyrinth in about 5 minutes flat and come out with 1 x Skylord, 2 x Devious and 2 x Massive artifacts. Like I say though, each to their own.
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    Let's top this by playing the normal OST and the DLC OST to death ( also let's not forget both of genesis countdown themes)
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    Move away from where they spawn. Problem solved.
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    I think any animal that is expansion specific, released after ab, and isn’t considered a “flyer” will have access to aberration. plus if there’s new reskinned variations of Dino’s that have aberration versions should have access as well.
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    I understand everyone's frustration, I really do 2 delays is a long time to wait BUT there are a few things you have to realize. 1: Wildcard is not an AAA Company. It is hard for them to meet the speeds that us as gamers have become accustomed to, but this is normal. They are a small group so they cannot hire the top of the line coders and level designers that companies like Bethesda can. 2: This is a big dlc. So many games pass off dlc as a few new skins or a new weapon, This leaves the base game the same though. What wildcard is doing is creating a whole new game with only the character and engrams staying the same the whole world, engrams and dinos are completely different and require lots of level design and AI changing. 3: I feel the frustration concerning the quality of the dlc is very unfair to the developers. You claim that it will be riddled with bugs and that it will be unplayable before you can even step into the world. If it releases with the quality you say it will then yes, you are completely free to judge it as it is, but as it is now you can't truly know what the quality will be like. Feel free to quote me or trash talk me all you want. This is my opinion and the opinion of someone who knows what it is like to be in a small company and furthermore the struggles of programming a game. Thank you for reading and thank you Wildcard for making such a great game. Still my favorite game.
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    Certain items have certain distances that allow for different interactions. For example: The "Moschops" can be upgraded in 2 areas, their inventory, and their interaction wheel. The thing is, if you don't stand close enough to the Moschops, you'll go into their interaction wheel, but you won't see the "View Harvesting Levels" tab to upgrade their mushroom harvesting, meat harvesting, etc. This is because for some reason, WC (Wildcard) made it so the distance that you need to be standing at to open their interaction wheel is farther away than what you need to be for when you try to upgrade their harvesting levels. Putting it simply; to view the interaction wheel of the dino, you need to be (hypothetical distance here) 5ft away, but for the harvesting tab to appear, you need to be 2ft away. Now, it may seem weird I said all that, but it was all for a reason. A lot of objects / structures work like that in ARK, the same way the structure is working for you. There could also be another reason. And that reason is that the area you put the object in is a little buggy, and doesn't allow you to pick it up. This happens a lot when placing storage cabinets, Vaults, electrical structures, etc. Hopefully, my overly long message helps you out with the issue here. If not, I'm a big dumb dumb
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    I can kinda understand why, but I disagree. Those bunches of tendril things near the back end specifically really make me think organic. Lunatek is the name I've given to the moon (or space) tek in general. Whatever tek stuff the Federation (or whoever was in space) created that the URE never managed to get after the war. So, by default, it's different than the tek we've seen so far. While we're talking about names, to keep things simple make communication clearer, I propose this: Lunatek = What I just explained Tek = The type of tek we've seen so far Eletek = Any technologies based on tek, including both Tek and Lunatek As for the windmill idea... I don't know about keeping it afloat. Gravity should be able to do that on its own, although perhaps devices to help keep the remnants of the moon close together. Since we know that there's element in the air though, it's possible that that might actually be gathering the element from the air either to power something or to be collected later.
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    I'm back and got a math dubie. So ark has been out for roughly 39420 hours your claim of 35000 leaves you with 4420 hours of spare time over the past 4.5 years. Given that a 40hr work week for 50 weeks (leaving out 2.25 weeks for vacation) equals 2000hrs, your claimed game time of 7000hrs a year. Remember there are only 8760hrs in a year so your only 240hrs over just in game and work, no sleeping or eating or screwing over the past 4.5 years included. I assumed meth because it is one of the only stimulants that will allow you to preform your totally bogus routine.
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    Also, THOSE ARE FREAKING SURVIVORS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE MOEDER FOR SCALE!!! THAT THING IS EASILY AS BIG AS A TITANOSAUR!!! As for the tek structure in the lunar biome, it's probably some sort of device left behind by the ancient humans that were there. To me it looks like a tower, and the circular bit spins. But I have no idea what it - OH.Oh.Oooohhhh... I just thought of something - the more at the circular bit, the more I think it looks eerily similar to the end of the tek device from the countdown - Obviously they don't look 100% alike, and we already know from the Genesis trailer that HLN-A teleports us around to move us between the different biomes, so we know that even if they were related, it wouldn't be to move us between biomes. But maybe their related in a different way? Like what if their's one of these towers in every biome and they never get explained but then at the end of Genesis they like link up or something and start this amazing event? I know that's far-fetched, but it would be interesting! Also, you can see what looks like a ring surrounding the planet in the lunar biome photo. To me that signifies that the lunar biome is indeed within the GenSim and we weren't teleported to the moon orbiting Earth or anything like that, since Earth doesn't have rings. And no, it can't just be a contrail from the astrocetus, it's way too long and isn't the right color.
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    I'm with you on that keep it civil and be respectful. Very one has the right to feel the way they feel. No matter what someone else believes. And most of what I've read is people just pointing out what's happened time after time. And if it's the truth then it's not being a crybaby it's just that some of the community is losing hope in Wildcard. And they have the right to people work hard for the money.
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    So will this mean Genesis part 2 will be delayed beyond winter 2020 ? Asking for a friend.
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    You just have to get your dodos from somewhere with less element in the air then and bring them to space
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    But you also have to be wary of the dodos evolving to become harder to throw. You know, claws for attaching to surfaces to make them harder to pick up...
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    Impressive trick, but you just activated his trap card! Nameless, start tossing the dodos! Now! No no no, you don't get it. It's the element in the air there. What happens is you throw dodos a bunch and then the element evolves you to be really good at throwing dodos.
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    But wait, there's no gravity in space, which means that dodos weight nothing. Therefore throwing them wouldn't develop your arm muscles much. Wouldn't you want to do it in a place with high gravity, so your muscles are put under harder stress?
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    You fool. Rockwell has 8 tentacles. He can throw 8 dodos at once. The 2-armed stand no chance against him. We require the bloodstalker if we want to even hope to win.
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    It's an interesting structure, yea. I think it was implied that this is where Helena and crew went to earlier where Helena read about the Reseed Protocol and Mei found the ascension crystal thing
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    Running a business of any sort, and you're looking for the best way to lose customers or supporters? Just follow in the footsteps of Wild Card. That's right, folks. It's only 3 easy steps. Pay absolutely no attention to some of your servers (Legacy) and take away half of that communities hard work by destroying their servers in the end. Then, when you're getting ready to release something new, delay that product not once, but twice even after people paid for it. Lastly, hit the people you're losing with that "We have a surprise in store for when the next event hits" in hopes to gain some of that support back, but utterly fail because you know, you just delayed something over the course of 2-3 months. I promise you, folks. In a matter of days, and weeks, you'll see a percentage rise of how many supporters and customers you lost. Now, get out there and disappoint those supporters! We wanna see who can do it better!
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    I hope they run the valentines event for a few weeks versus the one week since we are waiting on the release a month longer then expected. So many duplicate chibis during xmas. Never did get any of the special ones. Nice to get a second shot at them.
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    Happy to see a final release date. As nearly all content creators are simply waiting on this. We finally know what we should be waiting for. Hope to see it be worth the wait.
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    While I read that Genesis is delayed again, I will slowly go to the corner of my room to cry because I will have to wait another month. I really hope it's worth all this wait.
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    Hopefully the servers are more stable than Extinction at release.
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    Boom...Zoom....X it out....let's return to the topic of this Millennium...or at least this crunch. Thanks.
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    Valentines Day Love is in the air! We know you love events and we love providing new experiences for ARK survivors. For Valentines Day 5, we'll be introducing new content similar to Winter Wonderland where we saw the introduction of Chibi's. In addition to existing content you'd expect from past Valentine's Day events, we'll be introducing new content to collect. Our pint-sized chibi friends were such a welcome addition we've decided to reintroduce them for this event! You'll be able to collect the 54 chibi's from the past event, in addition to 5 new chibi pets. We know you're probably fishing for more information on how to get your hands on the new chibi pets, emotes and skins. We'll hook you up with the details in due time Similar to the last event, we added new functionality that modders will be able to take advantage of in the future. This advancement expands our item skin functionality to allow support for items like the bow that support multiple ammo types. Simply put: We're able to add skins to more item types now! We're thrilled to share new emotes, skins, and chibi's with the ARK community for Valentines Day 5 and we'll be sure to post more details as we near closer! On The Horizon PvP Legacy Server Wipe Next week, On January 28th, PvP Legacy Servers will be wiped. Saves of the server will be provided following the closing. Please see below for more information EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 24th of Jan at 1 PM EST until Monday the 27th of Jan at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    I just want to say a few things.First of all, I, like all the other kids who play on Legacy servers, paid for the game like everyone else. It’s not fair that just because we play here, we have to be seen as second-class players. We’ve been busting our asses for thousands of hours raising, growing and defending the bases from everything, bad players first of all. Now all of a sudden you have to shut down the server to open new ones where no one else will play. Because maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, but it’s the old players who bring new players on this game. Only I have joined 5 of my friends to play in the Legacy where I am. If I abandon myself, they also abandon them. And that’s six less players if you apply that reasoning to everyone. 0 IQ.
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    Hopefully more creatures than what’s been revealed so far. Hope it isn’t just 8
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    no we will not, and everyone is free to their opinion, you dont like that kind of reaction, close your browser
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    Seriously, 0 support for legacy. People just bought the genesis pack which as delayed. You released x2 breeding and wonderful events. Next thing you do is kill 90% of legacy servers? Allow us on legacy to transfer our tames, and character to official... OR give us savefiles of our servers. At lest show the old legacy players that much respect. Happy new year wildcard....
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