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    "Are you serious? You Say you are releasing it December then you go onto say that you delay THEN you dont say anything for a whole month and THEN DELAY IT ANOTHER MONTH. You said that It was delayed a month 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TIME. I am Demanding a refund from this dlc. Absolutely Ridiculous."
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    I know you ARK Devs get a lot of backlash when you have to delay the launch of another DLC, but if that means that we get a less buggy release AND simultaneous launch on all systems, I believe that it is worth it. Did we foresee another delay coming after the silence about Genesis this month, yes. But this doesn't mean we should tear apart these devs all over social media. At the end of the day, they've made a great game that we can all play and enjoy. Moreover, nobody wants to see more delays in the future. Not the players, and not the devs either. But things pop up, something goes wrong, other events outside of Genesis get in the way. That happens to everybody. I just hope that we can expect more accurate release dates beforehand when going into the launch of DLCs. And when things are going awry, I hope we can get the delay notice sooner rather than later, because then at least we're not so close to the release date with so much hype just for it to be yanked back even further. A message to the Devs, thanks for making such a great game and putting so much work into it. I'm sorry that you guys constantly have to deal with backlash from this kind of stuff, but we all love this game and the community built up around it. May we all hope for a great Genesis launch in February and more success with this stuff in the future. Thank you!
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    A Message from the Founders Hello Survivors, Jesse and Jeremy here! We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process. That being said, we’re writing today to tell you that the final release date for Genesis Part 1 is now February 25th, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms. This additional delay will no doubt come as a disappointment to everyone who is eagerly awaiting Genesis. We’re extremely sorry to push it back an extra month, but as we have been heads-down with the rest of the team polishing, balancing and putting the final pieces together, we really felt that the extra wait will be worth it both for the quality of the base game and the ambitious new expansion. The live ops team is taking advantage of the scheduling change by making sure we have a really fun Valentine’s event in store for you (something we originally planned to skip because it followed so closely behind the launch of the new expansion). Plus, we’ve just deployed an initial anti-meshing patch, and next week we will be rolling out a definitive anti-meshing logic overhaul that should fundamentally address those long-standing issues. As we look forward to a successful cross-platform launch of Genesis, all of this will make ARK substantially better for everyone who plays PvP and PvE. On behalf of the broader Wildcard team, we thank you so much for your passion, creativity, feedback, and support. We are extremely thrilled to bring ARK’s next chapter to you, and are looking forward to a hugely exciting 2020! Meanwhile, here are some tasty new screenshots from ARK: Genesis Part 1! Jesse and Jeremy Studio Wildcard Anti-Meshing Efforts Hey everybody! I’m WC_jellyknee, the lead Live Ops Engineer on the ARK team. I wanted to tell you about our efforts to prevent cheating in ARK in general, and our continuing efforts to defeat undermeshing specifically. We're excited to get this post out in order to address the issue of meshing with the community and, also, to share news on how we will be countering meshing more aggressively moving forward via technical solutions. I'm going to start off by quoting from a previous developer diary: You can read the rest of the developer diary here: Undermeshing has been a thorn in the side of both players as well as the enforcement team, and a serious concern for the development team. To help mitigate this, we have further upgraded our anti-undermeshing system in order to help the enforcement team track down problematic map areas, as well as tracking down people who are breaking the ARK Code of Conduct. This underlying system has been in place for a while now, gathering useful data, and we have been testing it to make sure that it works reliably. We wanted to make sure that it minimizes the amount of false positives - we don't want it to flag locations where players can get to during normal play Now that this system has been proven to be effective, we've now built another layer on top of it to take advantage of this data. I don't want to give specific numbers here because it can only help bad actors try to find new exploits, but I'll explain how this system works: 1) If we detect a player undermeshing for a certain amount of time, it will teleport them to a valid position that they were previously at. It will then monitor that player for an amount of time. 2) If the system finds that player undermeshing again within that time, or if it's not able to teleport the player to a previous position, then the player's character will die. Any items being carried will remain at that location. 3) The system is aware of what the character is doing, and will take certain actions into account to help prevent player frustration. The system, whilst in a state we’re confident will have an impact on limiting meshing, is in a state of ongoing development. We will continually make improvements and updates, along with rolling out more definitive undermeshing-resolving changes in the next week. While we continue to introduce new content and experiences to fans of ARK we will remain focused on ensuring that everyone has a fair playing experience on the Official Network. By default, the anti meshing system will be on for the Official Network For Unofficials, these launch parameters can be used: -noundermeshchecking // Will turn it off the anti meshing system entirely -noundermeshkilling // Will turn it off the anti meshing player kills (but still allow teleporting) Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    i rather see genesis delayed 2 months then they release it to early with a crapton of bugs
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    Now when you going do something about everyone teleporting corrupt gigas to ppls base and destroy all the hard work in pve
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    I think a few of you must have dropped something, I found these laying around in the thread...
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    A delay is never fun but at least we now have a date to HYPE for! And OMG those pictures are awesome
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    @Cedric The man we need but we don't deserve. Thanks for keeping everyone informed as much as you do!
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    people are really here bitching about legacy being cancelled and them not providing support, but everyone knew this the moment new cluster was released... your own fault for putting time into legacy really.
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    Happy belated Holidays to all! I can't believe what a toxic environment this comment section is and I wouldn't blame the devs at all for never reading a word of it. How can anyone sit and complain and trash talk the devs and then expect them to care about them and work on whatever issue they are having? Hell I'm proud of the devs for not giving a big F you, because I'm not sure I'd be that patient. Honestly, I'm tired of all the trash talk this game receives. Its an amazing work. Its my favorite game. I'm not saying there are no issues with it or that I never experience problems, because I definitely do, but I also recognize all the hard work that the devs are putting into it. Thanks so much devs for all you do and how much you pour into this game! It shows for those of us that count and your fantastic game speaks volumes for itself!
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    Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad We're looking to get some feedback about the event. If you could do me a favor and structure this into pro's and cons. If you have no pro's, that's fine but please keep it on topic and related to Winter Wonderland 4. We'd also like to hear your opinions on chibi's and chibi's you might like to see in the future if it's something you like.
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    Ark Game Play Issues I am an avid player with more than 12,000 hours in Ark. I have a great group of great friends that I play with on multiple maps. Many of us have played together for 4-5 years. We have an excellent community of players, all of us with many thousands of game hours. I want to start by saying that I have really love the game and have enjoyed many years of gameplay. Recently however, problems have been introduced to the game that are causing us to lose items, dinos, time, and more importantly players. Many of my closest tribemates have left the game citing extreme gameplay issues. All of these issues could be addressed and corrected if the will was there to do so. Let me outline a few issues that have happened over the last month or so. Lag. Oh my goodness the lag is unbelievable. Trying to raise dinos in a 36 hour period on an island server we have seen timers shift more than 3.5 hours. It is difficult to plan our raising when you log in after 8 hours of sleep to do an imprint before work… and you discover that the imprints have shifted 45 minutes to an hour and you no longer have time to get the imprint in before you have to leave. Lag. Lag has been so bad that many of our tribemates have been disconnected constantly. It is hard to leave the base to do anything as you could randomly disconnect. Couple of tribemates have lost gear as they are not certain where they died when they finally got back into the game. Lag. One tribemate in particular has been collecting wyvern eggs from our rag server and he has lost 3 wyverns that landed in the lava when on his screen he was in a nest. He has lost many pieces of decent gear and cryod dinos. Losing stuff to bugs in the game is frustrating. Lag. Raising gigas I personally imprinted 5 gigas before going to bed. When I got up the next morning the gigas were no longer imprinted and now I can’t get a full imprint. I was on track and 2 of them were 100% done before I went to bed. Now I get to watch the last 3 also not get the full imprint. Lag. Downloaded some cool new coloured event tames from the Christmas event to my island server only to have the server crash and roll back. I lost all of my new colours. Server restarts. Random server restarts in the middle of peak time for new version updates. The week before the Chrstmas break had an inordinate amount of restarts. Every time I was in a cave or doing a boss run I had to panic to get things squared away so I wouldn’t lose anything. The amount of time it takes to set up on the obi only to have to abort for a server restart that didn’t happen on time… frustrating. I don’t know how to categorize this. While on the island chasing drops with my mana, my screen suddenly locks up. I am used to lag and disconnections so I simply wait. After about 40 seconds I am logging back into the server… no death message, no notice in the logs. My mana is gone, all of my gear and stuff collected from the drops missing. Everything gone. I am simply on a screen as if I had just transferred in. I couldn't find a death beacon in the area I was in. Chibis keep resetting to level 1. Many tribemates have leveled to 3, 4 and 5 only to log in the next day to a level 1 chibi. Chibis stop leveling. I get to level 2 and can't gain any more levels from the chibi no matter how many alphas I kill. I got another one to level 4 and it too stopped leveling. Raising 2 gigas that made it to trough a few hours before going to bed. Upon waking the next morning to discover that they starved to death.I have raised a lot of dinos, We have 70 tek troughs and the base has been designed so that there are no spots where a dino could be without being on trough. Only two logical conclusions can be taken from this. Either the server rolled back or the gigas simply stopped eating. Tribemate was raising several dinos on Ab while being pregnant with a 150 reaper (more than 12). He had to log out for a couple of hours in a tek pod and when he logged back in, he had died and lost his reaper to radiation in the green zone??. Unfortunately he had the cryoed babies on his person (Not something we recommend) but he lost his gear and all the new babies and the 150 reaper which ended up being a red and white event. While on extinction another tribe member tek flew to a purple drop we were at so he wouldn’t be cryo sick and when he tossed his giga out, it was somehow cryo sick. He lost the giga to corrupted and his saddle was nowhere to be found. While on extinction raising babies, a tribe member saw some death notices show up on the screen. When he searched our bases he found that one of our bases was completely gone along with all of our stuff. Hundreds of dinos, element, and more and another base was ¾ destroyed.. This is a PVE server but someone used a tactic that literally destroyed two bases that is high up in the snow biome. While farming element veins and box triber showed up as we finished and started harvesting our vein. I didn’t know that was possible.. But it is. During my weekly time in of my Rag base, we noticed that 6 of 10 cryo fridges were not powered for some reason. When opening them, all of the pods had expired losing all of the dinos. Looking at the logs, we see that some electrical cables auto decayed. Some of the many hundreds of electrical cables in the base and for some reason all the pods lost 30 days of charge in just one week. Logged into my main base on an island server and saw half the cryo pods were at half charge, even though the fridge was fully powered and has never lost power. I play on this map every single day. This base is the most frequented base we have. Someone at this base at least 4 hours a day. Half of our base on Scorched Earth suddenly auto decayed. Even though we were playing as a group on the map 4 days earlier. Stone structures stayed where metal ones auto decayed. We lost element, dinos and gear and a lot of it. We have put support tickets in and have been told that we could have 10 dinos at a max 150 level to replace the hundreds of dinos lost in the last few months. Honestly this has turned a lot of my group of friends off playing. While ejecting the loot from a red drop on extinction, someone used a new trick to steal stuff as it came out using. Again.. Didn’t know this was possible. Now we add an event that pits player vs player to chase presents that drop from the sky in a line. Routinely we have 3 or 4 people all trying to open the same present and then arguing in global chat. The Christmas event has turned players that normally can play well together into enemies. Global chat has been horrible to read as everyone is upset about the drops. Merry Christmas I say. At the end of the day the game has become seriously broken. The lag on the weekends when I can commit some time has made it unplayable. I don’t want to trash the game as I absolutely love it. However, the current fixes are not helping and in fact are making the game much worse. Then when contacting support for what are rather serious issues that have ruined hundred if not thousands of hours, we are given responses that do not adequately respect this. There has to be a better way that to have policies that confront the player base when they have issues. We understand that a free to play game has some limits on what can be achieved. Many of the avid players I play with wonder if there shouldn't be a pay for official server cluster that can help with some of the expenses and installing admins to monitor the servers. My group of friends would love to have this as an option. Being able to still log onto official maps but having the ability to go to a server that is actively maintained.
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    Dilo Legion v4 vs. Wild Giga Hello All. I've just finished training and organizing my fourth dilo legion, and this one is my strongest yet. My previous legions were quite small - usually less than 100 dilos - but were able to take on high-level wild rexes and alphas on the island -except for the third legion which faced numerous setbacks in their tragic march to carno island (would have been a sea voyage, but stupid alpha leeds sank the boat). If you all are interested, I can tell the stories of the previous legions. Yes, I know this is stupid. I'm just doing it for fun. I currently have 8 mini-legions, each with 41 dilos. The legions are named by NATO phonetic alphabet from Alfa through Hotel, and they are organized by twos with follow distance to keep things orderly. Alfa and Bravo, for example are set at low following distance, with Charlie and Delta at medium. This way, when they all march behind me, they will not get so mixed as to inhibit the use of tame groups for maneuvering. Within each mini-legion, there are four ranks of dilo. -Conscripts are the weakest, since they are dilos that I tamed while wandering around without any selective measures. I only upgraded their movement speed, so most are around 350% mvmt. There are 10 in each legion. -Legionnaires are the bulk of each legion. These are dilos that I bred and raised to have high melee damage, and higher-than-average health (for a dilo). Most have around 750 hp and 1,000% melee damage. There are 25 in each legion. -Decani (singular Decanus) are higher-quality than the legionnaires, but fewer in number. These have around 1,500 hp and 700% melee damage. There are 5 in each legion -Centurions are the beefiest dilos in the legion. Each mini-legion has only one centurion, and they usually have around 4,000 health. Melee damage is not important for these dilos, and so it varies. The reason I structured the legions in this way is so that the conscripts, who are disposable garbage dilos, will rush in before the others to take the first hit and die. By the time the giga has started its next attack, the legionnaires will (hopefully) be able to get in one attack each, and then die. The Decani and centurions will then keep the giga busy for a little while by taking hits. Two mini-legions will attack at a time, according to their follow distance. So, Alfa and Bravo will attack together, and then Charlie and Delta will do the same. Alfa and Bravo will sustain some hits with their beefier dilos while the next to legions maneuver (using tame groups to whistle attack) to flank the giga and repeat the process. This is a bloody system, I know, but my dilos will relish the opportunity to die in combat. I also have 7 premium-quality imprinted dilos that serve as my personal guard, but I doubt they will have enough of an impact to discuss. I will be fighting alongside my loyal dilos with some low-level guns, wearing decent armor. I have a paracer-mounted Mobile Command Center from which I can respawn, if necessary. And if/when the legion fails, I'll just console-spawn a ridiculously high-level dilo, whom I will name The God Emperor of the Dilos, and it will kill the giga so that the spirits of the fallen legions will rest in peace. This will probably be what happens, even if I'm able to seek out a low-level giga. I'm waiting for a few of my friends to travel back to campus to get this show on the road, so I have time to beef up the individual legions or change my strategy if need be. What do you guys think? Will it fail, or fail catastrophically?
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    I think with all Events the placed Decorations should stay. But the Event was good, The Rare Chibis were probably a little to rare. But it has made the Trading Discords interesting. Seeing a Chibi go for 3000 Tek
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    Pros: 2x everything was great, Chibi's Cons: the lag, everyone's negativity about if someone was at a gift it's theirs Next time please stat that it's a free for all on the drops. Alot of swearing and name-calling and kiting were being done
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    Are you seriously that entitled, that you list various problems in the game, in order to justify your thought of receiving the Genesis DLCs for free? You, sir/madam, have hit a new low.
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    Is this a joke either tell us genesis is delayed or the release date. Keeping the entire community in limbo is unsatisfactory.
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    Then players would need to sit 2 hours in front of an obelisk/transmitter to upload their stuff. And you would be the first to make a thread complaining about that too.
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    Sorry to spoil the ending for you but the princess is in another castle.
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    Lmao. DILO are you babbling about. This has nothing to do with wildcard or mod creators whatsoever. Go and spread the salt on the sony forums. And wildcard have integrated mods. Valguero? S+ to a degree.. or better still, buy a PC.
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    Legacy Server Removal On January 28th the PvP Legacy servers listed below will be removed due to current server population. How To Move Servers If you are unfamiliar with the process, you are able to upload your items, creatures, and player through the Obelisk terminal, supply drops, as well as the Tek Transmitter. Survivors are advised to use Cross-ARK immediately to relocate their belongings onto a server that is not included in our take-down list above. Server Saves of Deleted Servers We will make the save files available as soon as we can. We will host the PC files which anyone can download and then you are welcome to re-host the save file for your own use. We'll include a link to where you can download server saves in this post when they are available. Nitrado will also be able to provide the saves for use on Nitrado servers for console, as they have done in the past. Legacy PVE PC LEGACY-PrimitivePVE-OfficialServer477 LEGACY-PVE-NA-ScorchedEarth766 LEGACY-PVE-NA-ScorchedEarth796 LEGACY-PVE-NA-ScorchedEarth804 LEGACY-The-EU-PrimitivePVE-NitradoTest9 LEGACY-The-OC-PVE-OfficialServer137 LEGACY-The-OC-PVE-OfficialServer175 LEGACY-The-OC-PVE-TheCenter454 PS4 LEGACY-EU-PS4TheCenter582 LEGACY-NA-PS4PrimitivePlus8 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4OfficialServer166 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4OfficialServer172 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4OfficialServer607 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4OfficialServer610 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4OfficialServer668 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4ScorchedEarth195 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4ScorchedEarth199 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4TheCenter186 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4TheCenter187 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4TheCenter191 LEGACY-PVE-EU-PS4TheCenter446 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4Aberration912 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer315 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer563 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer564 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer566 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer628 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer728 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4OfficialServer765 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4ScorchedEarth329 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4ScorchedEarth332 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4TheCenter321 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4TheCenter322 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4TheCenter325 LEGACY-PVE-NA-PS4TheCenter568 LEGACY-PVE-OC-PS4Aberration920 LEGACY-PVE-OC-PS4Aberration923 LEGACY-PVE-OC-PS4ScorchedEarth45 LEGACY-PVE-OC-PS4ScorchedEarth48 LEGACY-PVE-OC-PS4TheCenter44 Xbox LEGACY-EU-Aberration1100 LEGACY-EU-Aberration1101 LEGACY-EU-Aberration1105 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer486 LEGACY-NA-Aberration1108 LEGACY-NA-Aberration1109 LEGACY-NA-Aberration1113 LEGACY-OC-Aberration1108 LEGACY-OC-Aberration1113 LEGACY-OC-Aberration1117 LEGACY-OC-Aberration1118 LEGACY-OC-Extinction1131 LEGACY-Primitive-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer94 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer202 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer34 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer342 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer346 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer355 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer357 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer360 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer491 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxOfficialServer595 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxPrimitivePlus24 LEGACY-PVE-EU-XboxPrimitivePlus4 LEGACY-PVE-EU-Xbox-ScorchedEarth878 LEGACY-PVE-EU-Xbox-ScorchedEarth888 LEGACY-PVE-EU-Xbox-TheCenter696 LEGACY-PVE-EU-Xbox-TheCenter698 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer249 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer428 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer433 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer530 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer532 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer534 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer537 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer538 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer540 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer543 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer546 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer550-test LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer70 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer83 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus35 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus7 LEGACY-PVE-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus8 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth940 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth978 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth987 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth988 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter666 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter667 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter669 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter670 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter708 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter766 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter767 LEGACY-PVE-NA-Xbox-TheCenter770 Legacy PvP PC LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-Aberration LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-Extinction LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-CrossArk10-Valguero LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-Aberration LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-Extinction LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-CrossArk7-Valguero LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-Aberration LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-Extinction LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-Valguero LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-Aberration LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-Extinction LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-CrossArk9-Valguero LEGACY-EU-TheCenter604 LEGACY-EU-TheCenter605 LEGACY-EU-TheCenter607 LEGACY-EU-TheCenter615 LEGACY-EU-TheCenter619 LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-Aberration LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-Extinction LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-CrossArk4-Valguero LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-Aberration LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-Extinction LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-CrossArk5-Valguero LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-Aberration LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-Extinction LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-CrossArkCluster1-Valguero LEGACY-NA-Primitive-Ragnarok42 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok1 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok3 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok4 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok43 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok44 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok45 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok46 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok47 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok5 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok6 LEGACY-NA-Ragnarok7 LEGACY-NA-TheCenter590 LEGACY-OC-PVP-Aberration910 LEGACY-OC-PVP-Aberration911 LEGACY-OC-Ragnarok38 LEGACY-OfficialServer2 LEGACY-OfficialServer320 LEGACY-OfficialServer323 LEGACY-OfficialServer37 LEGACY-OfficialServer432 LEGACY-OfficialServer437 LEGACY-OfficialServer5 LEGACY-PrimitivePVP-OfficialServer455 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Aberration906 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Aberration907 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Extinction920 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Extinction921 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Valguero939 LEGACY-PVP-EU-Valguero940 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Aberration902 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Aberration903 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Extinction916 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Extinction917 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Valguero933 LEGACY-PVP-NA-Valguero934 LEGACY-PVP-OC-Extinction922 LEGACY-PVP-OC-Extinction923 LEGACY-PVP-OC-Valguero942 LEGACY-The-EU-OfficialServer215 (on Nitrado) LEGACY-The-EU-OfficialServer228 (on Nitrado) LEGACY-The-EU-OfficialServer96 (on Nitrado) LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok21 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok22 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok24 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok25 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok26 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok27 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok28 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok52 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok53 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok54 LEGACY-The-EU-Ragnarok55 LEGACY-The-OC-OfficialServer129 LEGACY-The-OC-OfficialServer157 LEGACY-The-OC-OfficialServer84 LEGACY-The-OC-TheCenter452 LEGACY-The-SA-OfficialServer498 LEGACY-The-SA-OfficialServer499 LEGACY-The-SA-OfficialServer501 LEGACY-The-SA-OfficialServer502 PS4 LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-Aberration LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-Extinction LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster2-Valguero LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-Aberration LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-Extinction LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster5-Valguero LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-Aberration LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-Extinction LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-PS4CrossArkCluster6-Valguero LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialRagnarok1 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialRagnarok6 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialRagnarok7 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialServer16 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialServer61 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialServer780 LEGACY-EU-PS4OfficialServer800 LEGACY-EU-PS4PrimitivePlus11 LEGACY-EU-PS4PrimitivePlus12 LEGACY-EU-PS4ScorchedEarth120 LEGACY-EU-PS4TheCenter102 LEGACY-EU-PS4TheCenter81 LEGACY-EU-PS4TheCenter98 LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-Aberration LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-Extinction LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster10-Valguero LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-Aberration LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-Extinction LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster8-Valguero LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-Aberration LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-Extinction LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-PS4CrossArkCluster9-Valguero LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialRagnarok10 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialRagnarok3 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialRagnarok9 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialServer361 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialServer363 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialServer461 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialServer550 LEGACY-NA-PS4OfficialServer738 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LEGACY-PVP-OC-PS4Aberration924 LEGACY-PVP-OC-PS4Extinction933 LEGACY-PVP-OC-PS4Valguero936 Xbox LEGACY-EU-Aberration1107 LEGACY-EU-Extinction1136 LEGACY-EU-Extinction1137 LEGACY-EU-Valguero1144 LEGACY-EU-Valguero1145 LEGACY-EU-XboxCrossArkCluster2-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-XboxCrossArkCluster2-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-XboxCrossArkCluster2-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-XboxCrossArkCluster2-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialRagnarok6 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialRagnarok7 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer14 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer151 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer179 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer20 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer252 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer322 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer580 LEGACY-EU-XboxOfficialServer581 LEGACY-EU-XboxPrimitivePlus21 LEGACY-EU-XboxPrimitivePlus22 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-ScorchedEarth838 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-ScorchedEarth864 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-TheCenter709 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-TheCenter715 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-TheCenter788 LEGACY-EU-Xbox-TheCenter792 LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk3-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk3-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk3-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk5-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk5-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk5-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk5-TheIsland LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk6-Ragnarok LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk6-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk6-TheCenter LEGACY-EU-XboxTheHundredCrossArk6-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-Aberration1111 LEGACY-NA-Aberration1115 LEGACY-NA-Extinction1132 LEGACY-NA-Extinction1133 LEGACY-NA-Valguero1148 LEGACY-NA-Valguero1149 LEGACY-NA-XboxCrossArkCluster1-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-XboxCrossArkCluster1-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-XboxCrossArkCluster1-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-XboxCrossArkCluster1-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialRagnarok1 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialRagnarok10 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialRagnarok9 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer109 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer114 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer206 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer242 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer268 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer420 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer422 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer505 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer506 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer524 LEGACY-NA-XboxOfficialServer63 LEGACY-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus10 LEGACY-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus30 LEGACY-NA-XboxPrimitivePlus9 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth962 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-ScorchedEarth966 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter649 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter655 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter743 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter779 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter808 LEGACY-NA-Xbox-TheCenter823 LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk4-Aberration LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk4-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk4-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk4-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk4-TheIsland LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk7-Ragnarok LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk7-ScorchedEarth LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk7-TheCenter LEGACY-NA-XboxTheHundredCrossArk7-TheIsland LEGACY-OC-Aberration1111 LEGACY-OC-Aberration1128 LEGACY-OC-Extinction1129 LEGACY-OC-Extinction1130 LEGACY-OC-ScorchedEarth1020 LEGACY-OC-TheCenter776 LEGACY-OC-TheCenter777 LEGACY-OC-Valguero1141 LEGACY-OC-XboxOfficialServer774 LEGACY-OC-XboxOfficialServer775 LEGACY-Primitive-EU-Xbox-TheCenter725 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-XboxOfficialServer130 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-XboxOfficialServer558 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-XboxOfficialServer95 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-XboxOfficialServer96 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-Xbox-TheCenter761 LEGACY-Primitive-NA-Xbox-TheCenter763
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    We at Studio Wildcard would like to wish you happy holidays! We're looking forward to the Genesis release and another exciting year for ARK!
  27. 5 points
    Launch with bugs, they complain. Delay the launch, they complain. Launch on time with no bugs, give 'em a day or two and they'll come up with something.
  28. 4 points
    I understand everyone's frustration, I really do 2 delays is a long time to wait BUT there are a few things you have to realize. 1: Wildcard is not an AAA Company. It is hard for them to meet the speeds that us as gamers have become accustomed to, but this is normal. They are a small group so they cannot hire the top of the line coders and level designers that companies like Bethesda can. 2: This is a big dlc. So many games pass off dlc as a few new skins or a new weapon, This leaves the base game the same though. What wildcard is doing is creating a whole new game with only the character and engrams staying the same the whole world, engrams and dinos are completely different and require lots of level design and AI changing. 3: I feel the frustration concerning the quality of the dlc is very unfair to the developers. You claim that it will be riddled with bugs and that it will be unplayable before you can even step into the world. If it releases with the quality you say it will then yes, you are completely free to judge it as it is, but as it is now you can't truly know what the quality will be like. Feel free to quote me or trash talk me all you want. This is my opinion and the opinion of someone who knows what it is like to be in a small company and furthermore the struggles of programming a game. Thank you for reading and thank you Wildcard for making such a great game. Still my favorite game.
  29. 4 points
    I would like to see what new music they bring into the game. Gareth Coker is a boss when it comes to Ark music.
  30. 4 points
    I can kinda understand why, but I disagree. Those bunches of tendril things near the back end specifically really make me think organic. Lunatek is the name I've given to the moon (or space) tek in general. Whatever tek stuff the Federation (or whoever was in space) created that the URE never managed to get after the war. So, by default, it's different than the tek we've seen so far. While we're talking about names, to keep things simple make communication clearer, I propose this: Lunatek = What I just explained Tek = The type of tek we've seen so far Eletek = Any technologies based on tek, including both Tek and Lunatek As for the windmill idea... I don't know about keeping it afloat. Gravity should be able to do that on its own, although perhaps devices to help keep the remnants of the moon close together. Since we know that there's element in the air though, it's possible that that might actually be gathering the element from the air either to power something or to be collected later.
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    You da man cedric...no matter what ppl say in these forums \social media. ... in my eyes your doing a damn good job;)...and this is coming from a 100% legacy player ....keep up the great work team!!!!
  32. 4 points
    They probably are late on schedule because they most likely went overboard and ended up implementing much more content than what they initially intended to and based their release target from. Much like they delayed the base game's official release because they ended up releasing like 110+ creatures instead of the ~70 they initially planned, etc. But hey, people never talk about that; just that "release are always late". Who cares, really. Get netflix or something and come back later or don't pre-purchase anything in the future.
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    Well now, I think we finally found the mystery of who this corpse belongs to. Poor, poor survivor. Waiting to enter the Genesis simulation. After several delays, he couldn't last any longer, and he faded into the frosty arctic region of The Island...
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    Im just here for the comments: Bwaaaah, exti stuff is OP why did you release it like this, bwaah, bwaaah. Why didnt you delay the release so its not that laggy and buggy, bwaaah, bwaaah. Bwaaah, fix meshing its a major problem, bwaah bwaah! 2020 be like: I dont mind if they delay the game, I just hope it wont be as bad as exti DLC. Few seconds later: Why did you delay my game that I preordered? Bwaaaah! I want it NOW! Bwaaah, WC isnt communicating, tell me NOW NOW! WC makes a post where they explain their new antimesh method and because of working on this, valentine event and new DLC they need another month to properly test as much aspects as they can (because the game offers so many across all platforms): Bwaaah, you told me so much AND I dont like what you said, bwaaaaaaaaah! BWAAAH my game is delayeeeed, I dont want to play it anymore, mommy I want refund so I can buy the DLC again 20 days later! That will show them! I dont care they will probably reduce the amount of meshing, they actualy made a progress and I cant cry about it anymore, bwaaah bwaah. Your crying is filling my heart with warmth and joy, thats what you deserve for preordering from a studio that wasnt reliable with dates before. I will just sit back and eat my popcorn while you are going to go after each others throats on the new map because of the chinese wave of pillars and claimed areas, some random rollbacks because something unexpected happens that couldnt be tested before and complaints when someone steals that juicy lvl 150 dino. After this storm is settled, I will consider buying the DLC. So go on, cry and fight!
  35. 4 points
    Moving on... I wonder what that tek structure is supposed to be The astroceti shown look absolutely beautiful though! The bog picture has me slightly worried because I didn't notice the bloodstalker at first but maybe that's because I just woke up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THERE WERE TWO OF THEM THIS CANT BE HAPPENING And while we're looking at the picture, they've confirmed sarcos, carbons, and pteranadons for the bog. I'm also very impressed by their incredible Moeder boss strategy
  36. 4 points
    My personal favourite update/fix and many others agree. Not too concerned about Genesis release, thanks for the mesh fix!
  37. 4 points
    Hopefully the servers are more stable than Extinction at release.
  38. 4 points
    Could you add the gacha clause back into the Game? I know Christmas is over but Private Server would Like to let it run longer. Also Orbital drops and corrupt Dinos are'nt spawnable on Ragnarok anymore.. why?? Just give us the freedom to do our events.. privat servers are the ones who keep your game alive!
  39. 4 points
    Another one of these "I experienced a minor inconvenience, time to write a book about everything wrong with Wild Card."
  40. 4 points
    Here one of my sneak attacks I found They were harrassing some bobs on my server:
  41. 4 points
    In about 25 minutes where have u been??
  42. 4 points
    My favorite part has to be the new graphics engine. I mean, I feel like I am IN the game! So immersive...
  43. 4 points
  44. 4 points
    so great stuff breaking down the wins? but where is the sorry we made servers unplayable over the weekend? connection issues all day saturday for majority of people, sorry the console version received two updates, one on a friday night with zero chance to fix till monday, and one hours ago you only just update everyone on what's in it? sorry for lack of acknowledgement anywhere on social media until yesterday. here's some constructive ideas! In future no more updates on fridays when you don't have the staff in on weekends to fix the mess you keep putting out? create a auto notice on the ark main menu that can easily be updated to let people know whats happening instead of everyone stalking everywhere on social media. You have beta branches for dlc but where is the beta branches testing all this? i can count 2 times this year you actually used test live servers yet is a common practice with far smaller companies and games, us eteh 16 million players to your advantage to help find these issue before once again you push them to live Dev streams highlighting good stuff you added that isn't paid dlc, even bug fixes or demonstrations about how op the old meta has been for creatures? show people so they understand nerfs and buffs instead of only patch notes, something needs to spark this community because right now it's pretty lifeless Hire a additional social media manager, the game has 16 million players it should have a whole team dedicated to collating feedback spreading positive vibes and more instead of only one person
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    You can delete it yourself. Problem's solved the same. People don't need your protection. They can do their own research and make their own choice.
  46. 4 points
    74% of statistics are made up on the spot.
  47. 4 points
    I'm really excited for it! My entire tribe is ready! But I agree with the others that the delay disappointed me much like others. Delays happen though! I understand that and have moved past that. What I am really sad about is the lack of information given in the previous 2 community crunches. There is more information from devs on their private twitter pages. I'd be happy if they put in last week's community crunch "QA/Closed Beta has started" and maybe they have a release date for tonight's COmmunity Crunch. If not a release date then maybe just 2-3 screenshots from the QA of something cool that we haven't seen quite yet. A few screenshots is better than nothing imo. I'd be happy with that (or even just a small paragraph about production on that front). But don't get me wrong, I have 20-25 people in my discord all really hyped for it! Can't wait!
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    Stop spreading the falsehood that dung beetles harvest! They cannot auto pick up poops. Where are you people getting this idea? Is there a mod that makes this happen. If so you people on unofficial with mods need to be quiet about game dynamics. Stop answering questions when you don't know how vanilla works.
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    Set down each row with a couple minutes in between setting them down. Then just track times on each row as you go. It’s not impossible to do without s+, just a lot harder.
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    My Christmas haul Tons of Christmas dinos here, and my prized xmas griffin!
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