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    "What is ARK like now?" - Still laggy and unoptimized. - Every patch fixes 1 thing but breaks 2 other - Beside more content and some balance changes, nothing haven't really changed to be honest.
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    Because PvP servers are more toxic than lakes at Chernobyl
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    It is difficult to tell without seeing a picture. If you are snapping, for example, a wall to a section that has a ceiling and a wall above it, then the wall you are placing can either snap to the ceiling or snap to the wall. The one it snaps to will either make the wall lower or higher. That is one example, but issues walking through doorways is always related to either the wall above the door being too low, or the doorway has snapped too low into the ground.
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    Consider this though. Strong offensive minded changes are defensive as well. Strong offense can be a defenders best tool if they choose to 'counter attack'. So buffing offense buffs both.
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    People aren't getting crushed by game mechanics. They're getting crushed by people. In pretty much every endeavor throughout the history of man, the person who's willing to work harder, sleep less, spend more, sacrifice more, learn more and bring more manpower will usually come out on top. You can change the rules of the game all you want, those folks will adjust their strategy and continue kicking the crap out of everyone.
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    Yup, raw fish also heals less and no other meats heal at all
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    Ah yes the get lots of useless forum accounts to state a name here in a worthless thread method. Your server is listed just not as an official server.
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    Cap Ghillie Armor - 158.7 Armor Fur Armor - 198.4 Armor Flak Armor - 496 Armor Riot Armor - 570.4 Armor Tek Armor - 714.6 Armor Weapons - 298 Damage tek rifle 159.4 tek railgun 159.4 Saddles - 124 Armor Doedicurus 74.5 Quetzal 74.5 Bronto 59.6 Paracer 99.2 Megachelon Platform 115 Magmasaur 143.8 Wanting to confirm or add to list
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    I haven't thought about that... I doubt that the thing we see in the sky of the ocean biome is nothing, so I can see that it could be the colony ship. Do you have any reasons other than it being a giant flying thing in the sky? Not that that's a bad reason considering it's the only flying thing in the sky, but it's not exactly conclusive either. Although... It's only visible in the ocean biome. If it's the colony ship and they wanted to represent it in the simulation, why not put it on every sky? Why only the ocean biome specifically? Maybe an ocean planet is its destination? I always figured that that ship over the ocean biome that we're talking about was a visual representation of the Master AI of the biome (Moeder) which is why the other biomes didn't have it. Unrelated, but I think it's important. There was some talk earlier about whether the colony ship was heading away from (colonization) or towards (repopulation) Earth. I think it's heading away from Earth. The reasons why are that there were already Arks for repopulation. If the Arks failed at repopulation, it may be a safer bet to try to colonize somewhere else until a better method of removing corruption (or whatever causes the Arks to fail) is found that can save Earth, since the Arks were the best method of saving Earth at the time, as that was literally their purpose. The colony ship was therefore most likely not working as a long-distance Ark, but had an entirely different planet (or moon, or whatever celestial body they had in mind.) Or maybe it was never supposed to land and instead function as a safe research base of sorts. So much for safe though. And while we're on the topic... The unconfirmed launch at Arat Prime... Seems to be just that. Merely unconfirmed. Because no one stayed behind to confirm it to the Sanctuary, and there was no one in the Sanctuary that would be able to see the confirmation. I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that the colony ship is the launch being talked about in reference to Arat Prime, seeing as the only way to access the GenSim, which everyone on the colony ship was in, is at Arat Prime. Not to mention, due to the lockdown at AP, it might not have been possible to confirm a launch to the outside world. In other words... False alarm. Everything's fine at Arat Prime. More or less.
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    Between Crystal Isles and the announcement of Genesis 2 being bumped back to early 2021. They'll need to cover that lull. Call it Sept/Oct
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    Hell I sure hope not, imagine what the servers are gonna be like, they are shocking now with 6 players online at x2 rates. If they do I think im just going to log on for reset timers and that's it, I don't see the point in trying to play ARK that's just going to be completely unplayable on x5
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    You're using lag incorrectly. Decorating just adds to game size without bringing any interesting game mechanics to the table.
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    KEK, for the 1000th time this. I quit ark when the mana was balls-deep-broken because it was just boring getting a bro and destroying everyone with ice beam. About a year later getting back into ark i see that they nerfed the mana, by alot "in theory" and to me it just seems like the mana went from "Balls on the Wall" OP to a mild 'Still OP but we won't admit it because its not as OP as before" And to top it all off as i was looking up new counters for the current build a month of so ago, mana was still the popular search in a 3 month timeline. Its ASTONISHING how many kids are still crying about mana nerfing being unfair and bullpoop WHILE THE MANA IS STILL THE CURRENT META OVER A YEAR LATER! Its hilarious how in denial people are over it. But yea i, iv looked it up and apparently the mana counter is basically general dino counters, which of course is a great sign of balance when the only way to balance something is the method that's used on everything else. There is a good argument that "if it wasn't for the mana, it would just be the wyvern" which is a good arguement but the mana takes it to an extreme since the griffin at least doesn't have a saddle and is squishy. Removing the saddle and breeding would fix the mana, its such an obvious fix but then again its a rip off the band-aid solution that would piss off the unreasonables but fix the problem, pushing such a needed patch during a dino / tame add on is the best way to do it.. As it stands, I'm pretty much thinking about quitting again and maybe coming back another year later depending on the conclusion of the current server drama and/or the new flyer just to see if its a good mana counter.. Developers were smoking crack when they released the mana. edit; just to cry more and make this more tl;dr this is the trailer that got me to buy ark, now its kinda sad that all these dinos are irrelevant. Just to kill time i'm going to use my video editing skills to make a new trailer just showcasing manas in different biomes titled Ark: The Managarmr simulator
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    Please re-read the thread. GP gave you plausible causes based on the lack of information you provided. Told you it was hard to tell more precisely without seeing your build. Then you went on about wanting a solution, so I re-iterated the fact that it is hard to tell without seeing your build. Nobody patronized you, and everybody tried to help. You simply wasn't receptive at all. You claim others did understand your issue, but they didn't. You didn't provide enough information to get a precise answer, so they made a wild guess, just like GP did.
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    @darcek This needed a bigger facepalm then those small smileys..
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    Maybe after or when the anniversary event starts? If the reveal isn't a part of the anniversary event, I imagine they are busy with the anniversary event and the TLC will have to wait. But I agree: I'm also waiting very impatiently for any news on it
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    how were they able to build that much and you can't even place a wall? LOL that makes no goddamn sense and 4 handed facepalm isn't enough to signify how much of a fail this is.
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    It performed horribly. The rider has no protection from the flock, and buildings on the platform cant extend to cover them. The gunners can straight up be attacked by the titans attacks, didn't even have time to test if flock would target because I'd die so fast. The turrets also seemed to do very little in terms of damage. Pretty dissapointing
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    Keep in mind that tribe permissions are useless in most cases as any member of your tribe would still be able to damage anything they want with explosives and loot the bags. And being part of the tribe, they wouldn't be targeted by defences and can just peacefully raid everything. Only invite people you trust, and don't rely on permissions for guarantee that you are safer from insider as it generally have the opposite effect; people that are restricted from stuff becomes salty about it which increase the risk of them turning on you.
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    Depends on where your base is, I've managed with 9 or 10 so start from there and keep adding one if you don't have enough, also make sure you keep checking it throughout the first day in game as the temperature will vary and if it stays incubating then you should be OK to leave it out while logged off, it's always worth having 1 or 2 too many just to be on the safe side
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    You better be careful though, giga eggs on official take 24hrs to incubate right now, normally 2 days. During that time, the temperature where you are at can vary over the in game day. Make sure to watch it carefully since you aren't investing in air conditioning. The egg could be good at one time of day, but too hot or cold at other points as the temperature varies. You will possibly have to turn on extra torches around evenings and turn off extra torches midday.
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    The issue that I raised was a very valid and legitimate issue that often causes doorways to become inaccessible. My apologies for not giving you a solution, however, nobody in this thread gave you a solution at all. In fact I presented you with the exact same thing that the other guy did, which was a POSSIBLE CAUSE, the only difference was it was related to crop plots and not snap points. No one gave you any kind of solution here. But feel free to facepalm my posts for trying to help you.
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    Sounds to me like something is not snapping correctly. If you have a wall or ceiling above the door perhaps it is snapping to something lower that then prevents you from walking through. This often happens depending on the order of how you've placed things.
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    You want outside land bases ? That's an easy fix. Get rid of the turret limit. Thats like the main reason why land bases are not very viable anymore. 100 turrets is not enough unless you have a turret wall at a chokepoint, hence cave meta. The original reason for turret limit which was turrets causing turret lag was bullpoop to begin with and does not even apply anymore. They said turrets add lag and then added velos. At this point just rid get of rid turret limit and game would be infinitely better,
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    True but another big problem is how easy it is to save your cryos/items, especially if you have another server or a friend that's in an OP spot who you can store your valuables with... I do like that, but it does make it so that getting wiped means nothing really. If you get wiped offline by surprise then of course you're going to lose much more than you wanted, but yeah, re-gearing/re-building is so easy nowadays. Everyone knows someone who can get them top eggs and stuff, it's crazy haha
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    >Just """beat""" Rockwell in the big fun Genesis Simulation.| >"Oh boy time to finally see what makes this cutscene so strange!" >... >"Huh"
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    what happend to ARK? i normally don`t leave any bad comments about games but OMG what happend with this game???? Devs are u for real? so many years of ARK so many maps and now you bring us Genesis a new small map divided by walls and works like complete garbage (and u need to pay for) and now new servers with new transfer possibilities which i like a lot, but we cant even play the damn game. Players are just spamming pillars ALL over the map and Dinos are not even respawning anymore, people doenst even have a place to build their base ( i know im one of them it took me 3 days for a poopty place to find), and the LAGG is more real than ever.... did u guys just quit on this game or what? P.S. I DO love this game, ive got 2.3K hs by now. So this is not a hate comment. I just want this game to run in the way it suppose to run.
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    Spawn in ridiculously over leveled titans as a separate tribe and set them to aggressive/wander on the map before making your character.
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    I always thought that instead of naming it ARK: anything, they could just name it ARAT PRIME: ARAT PRIME: ORIGINS ARAT PRIME: TERMINUS ARAT PRIME: ASCENSION ARAT PRIME: INFESTATION ARAT PRIME: MANIFEST
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    What I would find cool is having Ark2 after all of this stuff goes down, and we play on the healed earth with new prehistory dinos, scarce tek ruins around and overall more of a "The Island" feel. BUT. Lore would be there, hidden in the dark depths and out of sight, so the story wouldn't get stuffed in your face making it optional. The lore would fill up any lost gaps in the story and we'd have one final threat to destroy as we bring ARK to an end and WC comes up with a cool new game!
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    Literally all endgame pvp is mana vs mana. Manas are still way too strong and the entire mechanics of them broke on ground pvp. Not to mention made most dinos useless. Breath damage should not scale. They were told at the start of extinction by thousands of people and it's still not fixed.
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    Idk, I always wanted a ARK 2 more based on the story of the explorers, because you know, after reading what they did, I'd want to play it to see what really happened. At this point, the only reason I still play ARK is for its story so yeah. Seeing other stuff like the Element war and things like that would be dope tho. I already see the title "ARK: Origins"...
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    IMO, the currently available defenses are perfectly suitable to stop 80% of players if applied correctly. Nothing is going to stop the other 20%. They will blast through additional defenses without breaking a sweat.
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    Did mammoth, yuti and rex on volcano with 15 gigas and 1 yuti, groups of 5 mate boosted for each encounter. For spider and sarco on bog i used 20 rexes and yuti like a normal boss.
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    Feel free to pay for and manage your own server. I'm sure it will be a utopia.
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    *Vietnam Flashbacks Intensifies*
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    Thanks wildcard for what you guys do for me every day I play this game now from day 1 32k hours on 2 steam accounts cause one went gone after a 2 day break and whats the thanks for that ? i restarted on ark official 14 gigas 124 saddls 100% imprint over 1.2k dmg leveld and 300 other full imprinted gone cause of lag bugs or server crashes i m so pissed about this game cause i lost so mutch time in the last 72 days thanks wildcard for never realy looking on players only looking money please look more for the players and what they lose (specialy on official) cause of crashes and bugs my bug reports was never read and i never got helped my anyone for what stuff and time i lost i love this game but that what happens to me every single day is not fair and its not fun thanks for reading
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    I thought that disclosure was one of those signatures like old forums used to have for a minute (that are always included in every comment a person makes) so I ignored it for a second and I was like wow lol. I have been playing for almost 5 years (I started July 10th 2015, so about a month after release) and I have 5,700 hrs but that is no where NEAR what you commented
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    so, what you all hoping for with crystal isles? what are you hoping stays in the game, what should go bye-bye, etc. honestly, besides the mods and what not, im hoping everything stays
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    WC Acknowledgement and Response Procedures Is it too much to ask for a post to be created and flagged somewhere that basically says “Hold your tits! We hear ya and we are looking into the following reported issues:” I know it is laborious to respond to each and every poster individually, but adding a Currently Being investigated list might be nice. Just asking for some kind of acknowledgement to be available on Twitter, Facebook and Forums.
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    Dude, you are responding to someone that is obsessed with post count. You can't win, even though you are absolutely 100% correct, you can't win. Fact is the Trope will spawn on other (TBC) maps on console until CI is released at which point it will then be exclusive to CI. <<< That is not at all what he stated, which is why you are correct my friend. Now your post gives clarity around it.
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    I'm honestly most curious about which engrams will be available and if there's an Ab area. I've gotten spoiled by Valguero. My tribemate and I are curious about moving to CI, but I'm going to wait to see how the official map pans out first. I feel like I have a lot available to me on Val.
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    You have to go to the corresponding map to learn them. Was that what you did? I don't know if "I got on today and they were available to unlock for some reason" means that you went to the map or if you hadn't tried to unlock them until today. As a side note: If you're on PC and can have mods, there's a mod called Structures Plus (S+) that, among a lot of other things, has a setting to allow learning engrams regardless of map, meaning you can learn Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction engrams on The Island for instance. I very much recommend this mod in general as it fixes a lot of issues with the building system and in general just makes the building so much better.
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    I can't wait to see what the next installment holds, it's been fun to play so far!
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    The very moment the guy "who had half the island pillared" went on vacation and his pillars decayed, around 6 box tribes made their way into the redwoods river, and now their only game is staying in their base, farming throughout an intricated system of gachas and selling dinosaurs for money. And the server performance dipped a fffffffffreeeeaking lot.
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    Hi @MirageUK We are loving your tool. We find it extremly usefull to help managing our servers. We cannot thank you enough. We have recently added a couple of modded maps to our cluster. One that was made by a modder for us and the otehr is called 'HOPE'. If we try an load a modded map thats not on the drop down list ArkSaveViewer will just crash. I know it would be virtually impossible to add every map to the program but I was wondering if its at all possible to make it so that if its a map not on the list then it will still load but just with a blank visual behind it. This would mean we can still use it and be able to see placeholders and coords just not the terrain on the map. That would be extremly usefull. I have posted the crash error that occurs when we try to load up a map not on the list. Thankyou Mode: Mode_Offline Save: C:\Ark Server Backups\PVE\Hope Ark Eternal 4th May\Saved\SavedArks\Hope.ark Message: Nullable object must have a value. Trace: at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException(ExceptionResource resource) at System.Nullable`1.get_Value() at ARKViewer.frmViewer.LoadWildDetail() in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 2781 at ARKViewer.frmViewer.CboWildClass_SelectedIndexChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 3109 at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.OnSelectedIndexChanged(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(Int32 value) at ARKViewer.frmViewer.RefreshWildSummary() in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 3103 at ARKViewer.frmViewer.udWildMax_ValueChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 5084 at System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown.OnValueChanged(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown.set_Value(Decimal value) at ARKViewer.frmViewer.LoadData() in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 352 at ARKViewer.frmViewer.btnSettings_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\Apps\ArkSavegameToolkitNet-master\ValgueroViewer\frmViewer.cs:line 3175 at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks) at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m) at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
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    PvE and anti-meshing This is a call to all PvE players. WC has shown us as players once again that we should only use as test objects. With our dinosaurs, with our stuff, we should eliminate faults that we did not cause? We should fix bugs of the developers? Why do I ask you? I'm beg all PvE players on official servers, to stop providing information about Anti Meshing, minimize gameplay except for refreshing the timers until this merciless Anit Meshing system on PvE is shut down. This should give WC a sign that we as PvE players are not guinea pigs but a community that wants to be respected and heard. The solution here would be so simple, no instant kills, no loss of dinos or gear. The options exist but WC does not want to use them for the Official Server. Let us as PvE players set a sign which is understood by WC.
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    Weird that the simple google search lead me here...
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