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    Thanks wildcard for what you guys do for me every day I play this game now from day 1 32k hours on 2 steam accounts cause one went gone after a 2 day break and whats the thanks for that ? i restarted on ark official 14 gigas 124 saddls 100% imprint over 1.2k dmg leveld and 300 other full imprinted gone cause of lag bugs or server crashes i m so pissed about this game cause i lost so mutch time in the last 72 days thanks wildcard for never realy looking on players only looking money please look more for the players and what they lose (specialy on official) cause of crashes and bugs my bug reports was never read and i never got helped my anyone for what stuff and time i lost i love this game but that what happens to me every single day is not fair and its not fun thanks for reading
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    Moral of the story. Dont play on Official. The time investment is not worth the unstable servers and lack of support when things go wrong.
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    Don't expect anything less than a year. Wildcard is a turtle when it comes to changing anything in the live-game, they have to do everything more than once because they always mess up the first couple of times.
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    Well summer technically lasts until late september so hopefully we get it long before then.
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    I thought that disclosure was one of those signatures like old forums used to have for a minute (that are always included in every comment a person makes) so I ignored it for a second and I was like wow lol. I have been playing for almost 5 years (I started July 10th 2015, so about a month after release) and I have 5,700 hrs but that is no where NEAR what you commented
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    Bro you missing the point. 70% of raids are offline. Offense doesn't help an offline defense. Better defensive tools do, though. I agree - been saying it a long time. Ark needs way more defensive capability for bases. The game takes a long time to tame dinos and get setup only to be wrecked easily.
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    Taxidermy and Dedicated Storage For Taxidermy let every dino appear with the effects, I noticed that you can no longer see Corrupt dinos on the taxidermy bases I'm one of those that likes that function and uses it to show off all dinos. Also fix the sizing, you have some dinos that are tiny when they are big off the base, and others that are floating off the base, and one that when you put a bionic costume on it it gets to regular size as when live. Make it so the Unicorn actually shows up as a unicorn and not a zebra. Have the boss dermis be the color of the boss when you are fighting them. (Ex dragon alpha - red, dragon gamma -purple etc.) Allow non-native dermis and trophies to be transferred. Also allow non-native dinos to be spawned on non-native maps. For dedicated storage, if it is charged by a tek generator let it function like a fridge but still only one type of item at a time like they currently are. I have also noticed that not every item is storable in these and I'm wondering if they will be able to carry all items, I currently have a map I got curious and put whatever I could into the boxes and found a really large amount if items that can't be stored. It'd be nice to store saddles and armor and stuff Also maybe mannequins with storage under them? Both human and dino? For event items/decorations let them stay up/visible year round, I have a green house that I loved putting scarecrows and pumpkins in during the halloween event and christmas lights and a tree during Christmas
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    my gen server ain't even showing and I got top stat rexes and stalkers poping very soon rip to my last 8 eggs
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