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    Just to provide some clarity surrounding the new creature. It'll be found on Crystal Isles on PC, and on Console it will be available on the other maps (list TBD). Once we've released Crystal Isles on Consoles, we'll be adjusting its spawn so it's found there instead. Whilst the map needs some additional time to get it ready on console, the creature will be ready and we didn't want to hold it back. Plus with the launch of CI, we'll still get some new Wyvern variants which'll be fresh at the time.
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    All my tames have been wiped out After being tired of extreme pillaring by a tribe I decided to have 4 brontos and 4 mammoth blocking their base . Last night I logged in to an empty base , all my tames were gone , over 100 top or near top Dino’s , full team of top boss rexes with top armor saddle , full team of top therizino top saddle . I had no warnings or any form of contact from wildcard. This seems like an unfair and extreme punishment considering is first time I was doing this . I understand I was in the wrong, but on the other hand wildcard is doing nothing to prevent pillaring which is the most annoying thing on official servers.
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    I don't care what it's called, it's a flyer with a turret on its back!!
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    The dinos are gone, the player has been wiped. safe to assume he'll be ok though, because when I warned him I was sending in a ticket, he said this: Credit where credit is due, Thanks devs, your help is appreciated.
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    This makes as much sense as asking the owner of a restaurant to sell his business because you don't like the food... normal people would simply not return, letting others that does enjoy themselves.
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    Calling it now. This will be way too good for PvP combat and PvE players will suffer for it. It'll be nerfed into the ground, becoming another quite useless creature in the large catalog of creatures nobody bother using.
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    *Vietnam Flashbacks Intensifies*
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    To be fair if the playerbase would stop breaking the game by duping and going out of the way to find new exploits the servers would run smoother.
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    Been working on this for a while now it’s a full sized deinonychus costume, I’ll post the finished product in fan art Friday’s ___._ .' <0>'-.._ / /.--.____") | \ __.-'~ | : -'/ /:. :.-' __________ | : '. | '--.____ '--------.______ _.----.-----./ :/ '--.__ `'----/ '-. __ :/ '-.___ : \ .' )/ '---._ _.-' ] / _/ '-._ _/ _/ / _/ \_ .-'____.-'__< | \___ <_______.\ \_\_---.7 | /'=r_.-' _\\ =/ .--' / ._/'> .' _.-' / .--' /,/ |/`) 'c=, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
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    Jet engine on a dino sounds safe
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    At what point do you have the right to speak for EVERYONE, let alone dictate that our hard work should be destroyed because you are bored.
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    I LOST HOPE. Worst Developers I've ever met in any game. The Developers of ARK is the worst I've ever met in any game. They will never Repair their servers, instead they will give you new maps, which will not be playable in few months like other maps. They didn't even care about our reports/tickets. They will never address your report/ticket. They will write you email saying that they are closing it. Server lags in every 3 mins for the last 1 year, Crashing occurs every 15 mins. They still saying that it is playable. If you look at the total server crash in 1 day, You will get the picture about being playable. btw I play on EU-PVE-Valguero517. Only thing i can say to the Dev's is to "Go raptor Yourself". How can u still be called as a Dev if you can't fix servers?
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    I think its good time to find another game that dont waste our time and not spoil our blood.
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    Is that a Tropeognathus? Cool! Anyway, funny story: it was destiny that I fell in love with this game. Same Birthday day! Yes,4th June is my Bday lol so this is going to be an amazing gift! Thanks Wildcard
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    play stupid games, win stupid prizes. if you play on an official server you are subject to the whims of the people who own and operate the servers just like any unofficial server and you have no recourse unless they themselves feel the need to grant it to you. Join an unofficial server where you can maybe interact and get to know the local police instead of having to submit pleas to uncaring deities
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    Unbelievably frustrated with Ark and Wildcard Last night the vaults I've been using as my safety storage were deleted by the patch, along with ALL my tames and gear on this server. I only recently came back to Rag after playing Genesis and didn't have a base on the server I'd previously called home for quite a long time. But I did still have vaults hidden away that have been in place and safe for over a year. I was on the server and in the vaults literally minutes before the servers went down for the patch. I had laid blood stalker eggs before the notice that the servers were going down and had been watching their temp and incubation. Then, when the servers went offline for as long as they did, when I finally got logged back in the eggs had already died because I couldn't be there to tend to their temperature. At the time I thought THAT was my biggest frustration. But no, then I realized that it wasn't just a couple eggs gone, it was EVERYTHING I had that the patch had killed. I've been playing Ark for years and love the concept of the game. What I don't love is Wildcard's seemingly complete disregard for most of us players. Sure, we pre-ordered the season pass and then had to wait, and wait, and wait again for Genesis. Those sort of things I can deal with. They happen. What sucks are the constant and seemingly intentional choices to screw over small tribes, solo players, and new players. All they seem to care about are forcing people into mega tribes. Every patch, every new dino and feature, seems to exclusively benefit the mega tribes and add to the toxicity of the game. When Wildcard started getting the tiniest bit involved in fixing meshing, the first thing they did was to create a "daylight" rule, meaning that if there isn't daylight directly above a spot you can't build there unless the spot is a designated cave. So all of the sudden 50% of the features on some maps are no longer usable. There are hundreds of caves, alcoves, nooks and crannies where a solo player or small tribe were able to build and protect themselves and their hard-earned gear, but then after that change everyone was forced out into the open. Literally the best places to build on most maps were gone. So solo and small tribes had it that much tougher. Still, I have scoured every map I've played on looking for safe places and secret hideouts to build, because as an almost exclusively solo player I need those hideouts. But no matter what, I've had to accept that any base I build is toast whenever it gets found. The largest base I ever built had all 100 allowable turrets, each of which was full. The base was also invisible (hidden behind a waterfall) until you were almost touching it, so attacking the base defenses had to be done completely blind. There were also limited directions of approach, so all the turrets could be concentrated on the attackers at once. But when a mega tribe found me they went through me like butter. Because Wildcard has skewed the odds in the favor of attackers with every single new dino, patch, and update. Did we REALLY need another airborne soaker with Extinction to make it that much easier to offline raid solo and small tribe players like me? The gasbag as a soaker just seems like the most blatant "screw you" to players who would like to protect their own stuff rather than live by stealing from others that Wildcard could have come up with. How does a hot air balloon make sense as a great soaker of bullets? Who came up with that genius slap in the face to more defensive players? I'm guessing no one who has ever heard of the Hindenburg. Even the very few changes that on the surface seem like maybe they'd benefit smaller players really just benefit the mega tribes, like eliminating C4 dodo drops. Larger tribes don't need C4 suicide dinos to wipe smaller tribe bases, so getting rid of large scale C4 dino drops didn't make small tribes or solo players any safer, it only benefited the large tribes because it took away one of the only ways smaller players could get retribution against larger attackers. It is literally impossible to protect yourself on official servers unless you want to join a mega tribe and live online 24 x 7. Taking a cue from the real world, bases should require sacrifice to raid. Remember those concrete pillboxes from WW2, the ones that could be manned by 3 or 4 person teams that could hold off hundreds of enemy soldiers? I may not have watched every WW2 documentary, but I've watched enough to know that none of those pillboxes were ever overrun after some soldier confidently exclaimed "stay behind me boys, I've got a helium balloon, those guns can't touch us now!" On top of the overt design choices made in favor of the mega tribes, it has also ALWAYS been those same mega tribes who are the cheaters. The DDoSers, the meshers, the dupers; they all seem to stem from the mega tribes, not solo and small tribe players. And they seem to be the ones least likely to face consequences. Case in point, I was DDoSed about a week ago by a member of a mega tribe. I could provide player names, screen shots of the chat party members, audio of him confirming he was polling my IP, and timestamped router log files of the actual attack. I submitted a ticket to Wildcard, and they referred me to the server team and closed the ticket. I don't think they even read the ticket, just saw the word DDoS and sent booted it down the road. I submitted a comment that it wasn't a server issue and asked them to please READ the ticket, and they responded by deleting the comment and leaving the ticket closed. I've submitted a trouble ticket about the disappearing vault issue from last night, but I have no doubt I'll receive the same STELLAR support I've gotten every other time I've had an issue. None. They seem to have no problem whatsoever with screwing players over, but no willingness to make things right for players. At this point, I think I'm pretty well done with the game. I have no interest in investing the time to start from scratch yet again, and personally I'm pretty well over dumping more of my money into a company that seemingly couldn't care less about its customers. My guess is the only response I'll end up getting from Wildcard will be a forum admin deleting this post as is their pattern whenever people express their frustrations on the forums. Maybe if we had a better channel for expressing those frustrations, or heaven forbid ever saw those frustrations addressed then the forum moderators wouldn't be reduced to the role of PR police. But it is what it is. Wildcard, you had a brilliant concept. Here's to hoping people collectively get fed up enough to let it die. Maybe then you'll pay at least some small attention to your customers.
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    I was told to build a water pen... sooo... I built a pen, with a building on it for my mate to use … small gateway at the back of the pen, large gateway at the front, so any dino can be taken in or out. Unpodded my mates tuso in the main pen so I could see if it would, and no issues there with the walk way across the top. Tried to make the building match his other one far as looks. Built on a Official PvE server.
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    I love the personal attack. Really solidifies the arguement. I'll just comment one thing to that - doubt it. Enjoy believing whatever some random tells you. I choose to rely on actual evidence to come to my conclusions but hey..to each their own I think you'd better leave the server now - just incase.
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    Can't wait! I've been looking forward to a new flyer! I just added the Tropeognathus on Dododex! I will update with taming info as soon as its released!
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    If you are bored just start over. Get your character killed and click "Create a new survivor" people shouldn't lose years of work because you're bored. Go to unofficial and find interesting mods, there is loads to do.
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    Still no official response. Can I offer you a friendly piece of advice WildCard? This is how you turn supporters into people who constantly insult you and the game. It 100% looks like you just don't care. Seriously.
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    TLC 3 please! Congrats on the anniversary. My mate and I got Ark on the 9th of June 2015 and started in the east coast beach area before it became a swamp area. We managed to level to around the low twenties and decided to scout for our first raptor tame. After venturing into the jungle we accidentally found ourselves running away from a level 3 female carno. I ended up crouching with my back against a boulder close by, trying to injure it in a panic with my primitive bow without realising tranq arrows were loaded on my bow. To my surprise I knocked it out and so for the next three in game days we scrambled around farming raw meat and narco berries frantically hoping to tame this beast even though we were far from able to craft a saddle for it. With a happy ending we managed to tame it and we were elated and got it to follow us home. Ark is still special to us.
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    EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok72 down its te same like
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    I have found the majority of my sheep by the blue obelisk, however I must say that the best thing you can do to help yourself on this problem, is to build your own sheep farm.....just get one girl, one boy, use them to breed a herd, call it a day. Increase health stat for mutton, increase food stat for wool.
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    Woohoo I won something! Thanks guys and congratulations to everyone else! P.s how do we claim our prize?
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    I want to point one detail in GP1 I don't think many people know about. If you choose to stick around during the credits and wait until the very end, you can see a secret bonus message at the bottom. It's short and doesn't reveal that much, but I think what it says is going to be important in making theories about GP2.
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    Genesis Logo and bunny ear HLN-A same egg.
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    Ferox's in the Spring Same egg, both sides painted
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    I saw someone with those golems few days after they released genesis. You are definitely not the first person to uncover this "super top secret". Poor guy was literaly asking if anyone has a fix for his problem and all of you just kept posting pictures and "I have them and I know how to tame them but I wont tell you." Classic official toxicity right here, you should be ashamed. "Look look I have golems, but I dont want you to have it too so I wont tell." Disgusting. Selfishness and jealousy are indeed top traits of a PvE player.
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    I’d love to hear from a dev why this game doesn’t do a character back up once a day. The sheer loss a missing character represents makes easily a top five issue under meshing duping aimbotting and ini. you literally could contain all a character is in a single string variable.
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    If we were to have a furniture TLC, what would you like to see? For me, some of the things are: Metal/modern and tek/futuristic tiers for tables, benches and chairs. Metal/modern doesn't mean that the furniture has to be out of metal, but rather that they have a more modern look so that they fit into a more modern or a metal house. Similarly, tek/futuristic doesn't mean they need to be of the same material as the tek parts (although it could be cool) but that they have a more futuristic look and fit the aesthetic of a tek house. Underwater lamps. Ceiling lamps. Modern/metal tier single bed. Now, there only options are a ratty looking bed on the floor or a bunk bed. I'd like to have a proper bed on legs, maybe even a double bed version (or that they can be put together to make a double bed. Different frames for paintings (and even better if there were paintings of different sizes!) Table lamps. Maybe a torch and a modern lamp that can be placed on a table. Like a standing torch but half or less than half the height. All creatures drop trophy. Or let the dermis double as a trophy when putting it in a trophy mount instead. That way, we could cover our walls with Trike heads we liked. Simple wooden cross for graves. Let me explain why When I start out, I often want to keep a record of tames that die, but they start dying before I get to the headstone. It'd be cool if there was a very simple gravestone, like a wooden cross, that you could craft early (and pick up and move!). End tables: maybe slightly lower than the current table and square. I'm trying to think of the simplest things that would do the most. For me, that's a little bit more to choose from when it comes to the furniture we already have, but I'm also missing light and wall coverings. Especially more in terms of wall coverings would do the world of difference, I think, since it's so customiseable it would go a long way of making bases look less like all clones of each other.
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    "IT IS TIME to take a pause from new DLC's, new dinos, and all those others things you are focused on and MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE" This is an amazing statement. I cannot agree more. 2 more DLC going to drop this year just so they can make an extra buck. This game needs to be fixed and Devs dont care about their players clearly. They are losing players everyday and I dont blame those people from leaving. I could give a list of bugs and issues with this game a mile long. They need to update the game all together and get rid of these terrible servers they call official.
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    First off, no matter what advice anyone here gives you, 9 out of 10 times its going to be a situational thing, not a solid tactic to clear the cave and get down to the den for egg/element farming. What you have to understand is, the lava golems are going to be moving around occasionally, and lately I've noticed more than usual in the volcano, so you have to keep that in mind at all times. My general tips would be this: 1. Bring a bloodstalker (if you wanna try swinging by most everything) and/or a basilisk (the poison attack works well in clearing), 2 magmasaurs, and an anky. 2. When you enter the cave, turn your gamma up to 4 and watch for the oddly shaped rocks (lava golems). Your task here is to avoid them and try to make your way down to the small stone rampway leading into the den, in most cases if you can get there without aggroing the golems you can start your clear of the magma pit. 3. Bring 2 friends, you'll find that the respawn rate on the den is fast, you'll end up having little to no time at all to actually clear it out, then get off the magma and onto the anky to farm the element. 4. load your Magmasaur up with plenty of ambergris, force feed it to the magmasaur when they start taking too much damage, it'll save you from having to raise another one that night. 5. Use your location to your advantage, if you sit on the high rocks near the rampway you can avoid being shot in the face with fireballs, you don't want to get hit by em. Strangely enough the wild dino damage will melt your face, but raised ones suck lol. 6. Do not grab eggs unless you are prepared to fend off the onslaught of Magmasaurs that will attack, I never touch them until the clear is done, then and only then do I grab eggs if I have time or need more Basilisk taming eggs. 7. Keep your head on a swivel, Magmasaurs will creep up behind you along with golems, the minute you think your safe it usually ends in being dead. Other than that, it's a coin toss, you could get lucky and clear the den out long enough to get the element, or you could end up losing your dinos, make sure you do everything you can to prepare for the attempt before you set foot inside the volcano.
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    IMPORTANT: Active Enforcement Initiative In an effort to maintain a healthy playing environment, we will be doing active enforcement on the servers listed below. These servers will be down for a few hours while this initiative is ongoing. NA-PVP-Official-Valguero-SmallTribes80 EU-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes108 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok418 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration261 EU-PVP-Official-Extinction475 EU-PVP-Official-Valguero538 NA-PVE-Official-Extinction504 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok66 NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth41 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland6 NA-PVP-Official-Valguero575 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland26 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter365 EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth204 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration232 NA-PVP-Official-Extinction451 NA-PVP-Official-GenOne611 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok37 NA-PVP-PS4Official-GenOne1174 NA-PVP-PS4Official-GenOne-SmallTribes127 NA-PVP-PS4Official-Extinction951 NA-PVP-XboxOfficial-GenOne-SmallTribes127 EU-PVP-XboxOfficial-TheCenter-SmallTribes26 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes38
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    Hey! I'm the developer of Dododex. Dododex's breeding information is all up to date. I'm currently working on a revamp of the Breeding Calculator, turning it into a breeding timer, and then I'll be adding foods (trough calculator) and imprinting features soon after. Here's a mockup of the upcoming Dododex breeding timer! More to come!
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    just to point out, like valguero did with their boss arena, what's going to be the arena for Crystal Isles? I;m hoping for Rockwell to be in the arena this time. they did manticore in ragnarok and valguero. I've always wanted to fight rockwell in a free dlc. pls?
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    I understand why people pillar, I am saying that the reason they do that is so that ONE tribe of like 30 people doesn't spend 2 days making 20k pillars and then ZOOM onto a brand newserver and pillar the WHOLE thing by importing the pillars and dinos to do it. Putting off imports allows people to establish themselves first.
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    my first thought was actually dodoAstrocetus because of that turret there then I remembered its not halloween yet
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    That's exactly it. Mods should be left as mod in the hands of their mod authors. When a mod becomes part of official Ark, it's bad and basically the end. Just look at primitive plus. And all the nerfs to Valguero.
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    Bro, I'm sorry to say, but you have no idea how to make a review. I marked quotes, where you are positive about this map and also these parts, where you dislike it. So you say that new items are very nice, creatures are various and unique, music is great and map has many awesome looking places. However, it is kinda dull and boring because of only one biome existing. And the story lacks a proper ending. Tons of pros with a few cons. Score: 1/5, avoid at all cost. Really? Like... really? People who play ARK for a long time already visited Scorched Earth and were excited during their first days on the desert. And people who just start their adventure with ARK will be satisfied with Scorched Earth, because it's something unique to The Island. Scorched is quite small map, that's the fact, but as long as you explore it without using fun-ruining flyers, it suddenly becomes huge and dangerous. There's no point in comparing SE to Ragnarok, because Ragna's desert is huge, empty and boring (I'm still disappointed that they wasted 1/4 of a map). SE is different. Better. Worth its price then, when I first bought it, and now, when a newbie thinks about purchasing it.
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    I can promise you the map will be called arrat prime that much is pretty much certain, also tempted to say arrat prime is the space station in the sky on genesis, unsure why you can see it in the simulation when array prime is the real world control station for the arks
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    Why are 99% of creatures useless? Are they useless because of what they can't do? Because what they do is too weak? No. 99% of the 100+ creatures in this game are useless because of the mana, the worst thing ever added to this game. And no, I'm not bob on the beach who got his level 50 pt killed by a mana. I have over 3,000 hours in pvp, and plenty experience in high end, late game pvp. And it's BORING. Why? Because the mana is the ONLY tame you can use realistically in PvP. One of the primary reasons is breeding, tamed manas are horrible. They have 5-7k hp, and around 200-350 melee, which in my opinion is exactly all they should have and that's it. But no, with breeding manas come out with around 17k hp BASE, and have OVER ONE THOUSAND MELEE. They also get a 124 armor saddle cap. Now, with things like the giga, it doesn't matter as much, even if they have really good stats, unlike the mana you can't fight everything with them, you're locked to the ground with a slow walking speed. But because of breeding, why do manas get INSANE tankiness, 20k hp with a 124 armor saddle, AND the most speed and mobility of any creature in the game. Oh! I almost forgot some of the most damage in the game, with an INSANE stun that lasts over ELEVEN seconds at some time. Why do they literally get it all? Utility, stun, speed, damage, tankiness. It's stupid. You literally cannot use Griffins anymore in PvP. Why? Well because griffins usually have around 8-10k hp, a mana can deal all that health in damage in about 4 seconds with no saddle. Yay! But the best part?? GRIFFINS GET FROZE FOR ELEVEN SECONDS. In WHAT world is that fair? Why are Wyverns, which are so much harder to get, and can't be bred, struggle so much against them? You can't use them that often in normal pvp either, since they don't gave saddles, and manas will shred them close to the ground, and some even have less health than manas. All while being slower!!!!! PvP is SO stale and so boring, all you can use are manas, nothing else works. Can't use Rock Drakes, or their Tek Saddle because they get shredded and can't get away from them. They have it all, tank, speed, damage. And that STUPID freeze. I want to do SOMETHING other than use a mana. Mana v Mana is so boring and a waste of time. And I can't use basically ANY of the 100+ creatures in the game because of them. A vast majority of the PvP community agrees. Look at Vindactur, Kishko, popular Ark Youtube pvpers, they all agree, manas make the game stale, and make everything basically useless. People that I've asked about why they play MTS instead of offical, they say "Manas are the main reason" Wildcard knows this, and they do nothing. I've spent literal thousands of hours pvping people and for the past year, it's been nothing but "Mana Zoom Mana Freeze" You might as well remove everything except for Gigas and Manas, since that's the only thing you can really use. And I guarantee you this TLC will be for the carno or Megalodon or something else, that will add nothing to PvP. So the meta can remain to be stupidly stale, boring, uninspired, and driven by incompetence in balancing. I'm hoping the Wyvern will be apart of the TLC, and it'll get a saddle, so maybe for once I can use something to good or even great effectiveness in PvP using actual skill, instead of the worst thing ever put into a video game.
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    If you’re on foot bring bolas. They can immobilize small creatures like raptors so you can escape, or kill/tame them. If you’re getting tranquilized craft some stimulants, they can keep you awake. Once you’ve gotten the ptera saddle unlocked start riding one. A ptera can be tamed easily by bolaing it, aim for the head when knocking it out. When you’re flying the only threat is thylas (just avoid the redwoods). Just keep an eye on stamina
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    Why would it be a thing? 1) Disposing of unwanted eggs 2) Taking eggs from nests to allow others to respawn and eating the low level ones 3) Mistakenly pressing E in inventory instead of O.
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    Drawing process is under the spoiler:
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    Participation for egg-painting competition 2/3 New horrifying morning See progress pictures -> Here to Imgur
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    I know it's not the best but it still counts right?
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