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    Can you please increase the hypo and hyper protection on tek gear? No reason to be in the sulfur fields and still be burning to death in end game gear. Whereas I can go there in desert gear and have the small flame.
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    Unfortunate Chibi Positioning - REALLY? Seriously, devs - did you actually look at the astrocetus chibi before you released it? Because from a sitting position it's a wee bit.... awkward.
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    Heya! I'm the developer of Dododex! Thank you so much for posting this! It made my day. Really appreciate your support!
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    Some people enjoy looking at the fan art. Just because there's no news worthy news this week doesn't mean they shouldn't show-off players fan art. If there was no Community Crunch because there was no news then people would complain that there was no Crunch. So it's best all round if the people that enjoy looking at fan art enjoy reading this, and those that aren't interested in the fan art just carry on with what they were doing. At the end of the day there's nothing worth making a mountain out of a molehill here by moaning about it.
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    There's just a lot less community facing things to report this week. Every week won't be a heavy news week. There's lots happening in the background that we'll be talking about soon enough though.
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    Dododex v2.3 Now Available: Breeding Timers & Stories Hey guys! I just released a new update to Dododex! Here's all the new features in the latest version of Dododex on iOS and Android: Breeding Timers Thanks to everyone's feedback earlier this year! Breeding timers are now here! I'm really happy with the way these turned out -- based on a ton of feedback from users, including an extensive survey. Please note that this is the first version, so let me know if you run into any bugs! Dododex Stories This new tips category lets you share memorable moments, wild encounters, or even fan fiction about your favorite dinos. A lot of players have been sharing amazing ARK stories through Dododex, so I created a specific category for them. WHAT'S NEW: Spawn maps directly linked on each creature profile Categories now indicate if a creature spawns on each map or not Carryable by: Tropeognathus Translation updates (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic) Absolute weapon damage (for ARK Mobile) Major performance improvements across the app Kibble recipes have a larger scroll area to see more dinos at once Over-the-air updates that happened since the last update: Crystal Isles Maps Primitive Plus support Trophy requirements for bosses BUG FIXES: [iOS] Finally(!) fixed issue where app would reset every ~30 seconds or so. (Initial reports confirm that this is fixed, but if you run into the issue, please let me know! This has been the most annoying bug.) [iOS. Previously fixed on Android] Increasing a recipe’s quantity would multiply the ingredients exponentially Other minor updates and bug fixes
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    please either increase the number of overall combined tames allowed on a server at a time or LOWER the number of tames all players can have active in world at the same time. 500 tames per person / tribe is a little ridiculous. we have cryopods, its about time to make use of them rather than have hundreds of non-breedable vanity dinos clogging up servers. ((talking specifically about the people who have every single fire / lightening / poison / ice wyvern they have ever tamed just sitting around collecting dust for MONTHS! why do they need to be sitting around using up server resources and lagging everyone else?))
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    What about 2x breeding permament? You make all permament except 2x breeding thats not amazing
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    So happy to hear that! ARK is pretty complicated, so it's always difficult to keep the design simple and clear. I try to put a lot of thought into it and improve it based on user feedback, but I think it still the one area it's lacking is making it easier for players who are just starting ARK. More updates soon! I have the new breeding timers coming out hopefully within the next week or two!
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    Thanks to Dododex I think someone here recommended it to me when I started a couple of years ago and I can't imagine playing the game without it to be honest. Went on the website just now and nearly fell off my chair. Do you know how many supporters (how many people donated) it's got? Go on, guess. I'll give you a clue, Until very recently it was eight. As far as I'm concerned, credit where it's due. It's gone up by one. I'm absolutely no way associated with the app bythe way but if anybody here thinks I'm out of order, if you've never used it, my apologies. I love the fact that it is available for no cost but as an old git who grew up with the shareware principle, I have no issue with chucking a fiver at someone who made my day a little easier.
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    This is NOT monopoly the board game. Good bye and please don't come back. Servers would be a lot better off without pillar spamming / land claiming players like you. Its just a shame they didn't permanently ban you too.
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    Planning some iterations on mating and feeding intervals to improve breeding QoL. I made the programmers cry with the list of changes for this patch, have to space it out a little
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    A few people have asked, so I thought I'd share here: Dododex will of course be updated to match the new 2x rates. I'll provide a prominent notice on the app (and website) when the update is live so that it's clear when the switch has happened on Dododex so that you can configure your Dododex multipliers. This change will have to be made through an App Store update, so there might be a bit of a delay. I'll also be updating the breeding and other balance changes this Thursday. If I miss anything, feel free to report it through the app/website!
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    Please make it 2x breeding permanently. 1x is not only unhealthy, it's incredibly boring.
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    wrf wc, only 2 creatures, i can name at least 5 creatures which direly need a tlc megalodon mosasaur plesiosaur carno bronto quetzal pteranodon mammoth spider onyc dilo icthy with such a large roster of creatures that NEED a freakin tlc, you only chose 2. i bet ya they are not even ones that need a tlc.
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    @StudioWildcard All pretty nice changes its a shame breeding didn't become x2 the new normal as well, its a pain in the butt as it is. Giga raising is the bane of any official server Nice to see that most of the changes are for the better, but whats the point in cryo recharge when in tek sleeping pod, I mean who sleeps with cryos in their inventory especially if they have ur prized dino in them. U guys kinda missed allow transmitter to summon bosses at least on PVE, we was looking forward to that switch being turned back on its already implemented from the past, turn it back on plz for crying out loud, we are sick and tired of waiting for people to move tames from the obelisk or we remove for them which is our last resort, the last resort is always the only option to remove them tames blocking. Other than that all happy ish
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    ark survival museum build starting with my new museum on the center . first building is almost completed almost done with the second part of my museum . this part is with fantasie creatures i hope you like it
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    wow honestly this have gone from trash to just ooo post pics -.- why even have it at this post if theres no info what so ever
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    Last few days really but I've been getting back into ARK and finding inpsiration in the new Crystal Isles map so been doing some builds. I did a tree house, an ocean platform fish pond fort and just completed my house in the cold zone to keep us warm and provide some comfort when doing gem/black pearl runs. Couple views from the edge of the ledge looking onto the house. Ground floor view with under stair storage. Under stair storage View out to the world Upper deck - cooking and bedrooms. 4 bedrooms - 2 each side in the wood towers. My bedroom - others similar but different furnishing layout.
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    Antidote Nerf: From Beautiful to Brute Force Hey everyone, good morning! I'll be short and to the point. The Antidore Nerf killed beautiful crafted strategy and now the meta is bruce forcing the boss fight. Like everything else. Now hear me out. Master Controller Alpha was thought with a purpose. To assign roles. To listen to your tribemates. To pay attention. Stay sharp. That would mean a team of 1 ferox and 7 rexes, 8 people. Plus 2 runners. Ferox would deal with drones and the eventual giga. Rex riders would care about dps and covering their asses with antidotes. Runners would do the key job. It was perfect. It was a beautiful strategy. Sometimes 1 person would die, and it'll be challenge mode, but still doable. What did the nerf/"balance" brought? That the only way to succesfully doing it now is 19 rexes and 1 yuty. F*ck it. Go bruce force. Riders will have their ass covered because if their rex die, they could jump on another one. Clusterraptor of dinos? Not whistling them? Doesn't matter. As long as they do enough dps and there's enough keys, the fight is still doable. Is that the way it was intended? I don't think so. Even now doing the 168 missions isn't an easy challenge (try to do the skiff alpha without lag to win, or alpha fishing, or giga alpha on lunar), and they were "training" for what's to come, that's the main purpose of the missions, training. Now if you just teach people to bruce force a way into a boss fight... well... lesson not learned.
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    Newcomers story Hi all, I suppose those who are reading the forums have played for a long time, but I felt like telling a newcomers story might be fun for some of you guys. I'm completely new to the game, downloaded it perhaps a week ago and decided I'd start playing local to find out which buttons to press and what to do to survive. I suppose there's always something left to learn, but to get started it was probably a good idea. And while I did die a few times, the recent story of a survival might be much more interesting. Ok, so I started out alone on that island (well it felt like an island - I haven't been around it, yet) and started learning. I crafted some clothes, basic tools, built a first hut, a campfire. Good. Things started to work. I started taming a few dinos. Things seemed easy. There were plenty of berries everywhere - so I never felt short on food. Stone and wood were a plenty. The only shortage was on hide, so I could never come up with a saddle or a workbench or anything that requires large amounts of hide. Creating a hide-set or armor was a major undertaking, but I did it and the dinos supplied me with plenty of carrying capacity, albeit not riding possibility. My little family had grown to consist of a stegosaurus, a trike, a friendly parasaurus and 2 friendly little Lystrosaurus, a pair to be precise. I have set them to breeding, but nothing has happened, yet. I started to feel confident, despite some unfortunate deaths. I was still lacking hide and I desired to saddle at least one of my dinos. So I eventually decided to explore a nearby swamp. I had noticed this area to be more dangerous for several reasons. One of which was I had died to a Titanoboa when I had got lost a few days earlier. However I had also seen instructions on how to get a lot of hide from these animals and I was willing to take up on them. This time knowing what to expect and being prepared (with stimulants and weapons and tactics and most of all my trike, who had proven a capable fighter when attacked by a raptor on the beach). So I took my usual exploration team (Trike + Para) and went out into the swamp, as usual collecting some stuff along the way. I was amazed when I stumbled upon those huge Paraceratherium, that felt very peaceful there. So I slowly made my way forward into the swamp. Everything seemed fine, but my prey (the Titanoboa) was nowhere to be seen. Then, suddenly everything changed. I literally stumbled upon a Sarcosuchus. It was suddenly in front of me and attacked. I immediately retreated trying to find a tactical position, but my trike attacked selflessly while my parasaur (though set to flee and follow at distance) seemed to hug me in fear. It was permanently in my way not allowing me to fight. I had no idea how the trike and sarco would match up. Despite the fact that it had proven it's fighting ability this was certainly an enemy of a class I had never matched up again. I was not willing to run - I liked my creatures and I had spent some effort taming them. Besides they were stuffed with goods. I started shooting the sarco with arrows. Despite many words here, these events didn't take very long and soon my trike went down. The victorious Sarco however ran around the body of my trike and I kept shooting. Then I didn't trust my eyes as the Sarco stopped moving. I was expecting it to be unconscious, since I thought I was shooting paralyzing arrows. It was quite a while later that I realized I had switched to stone-heads (since the paralyzers are useless against the boa anyways). In the inventory of the Sarco I found a full leather suit and some other stuff, indicating that it had fed on another non-survivor earlier. Well - my Trike gone and probably my para, too (or maybe the para died in the oncoming events, I don't remember exactly) I was panting. That's been way too exciting for me. Well - I was alive and I had a dead Sarco and a dead trike in front of me - so make the best of it and harvest them. When I pulled out my axe, the boa attacked. The most unfortunate moment. I was poisoned immediately. I switched to spear and stupidly opened my inventory, since I thought I had the stimulants packed there. I then realized I had put them in the quick-access for convenient access. Well - things you do when you get rushed. Second time within a few minutes. I was nervous as hell. But after activating my stimulant, I switched weapon to spear and applied the tactics I had learned before. Move backwards and keep stabbing. It worked. I was drained (from the stimulant), panting and felt exhausted even from directing events here at my keyboard. But I was still alive. The poison had vanished, the Boa was dead, too, and I was alive. Oh well. The family had lost two of it's most reliable fellows, though. But I was still in the swamp. So I harvested the boa and tried to find my way out, keeping away from areas that looked even remotely dangerous. Without a suitable transport, the valuable prime-meat perished on my way home. I hadn't had any before and now it went to waste. But I made my way home. There I was ... trusted stone walls and inventory intact (except for the stuff on my two dinos) I was home. Now I have to mourn my two fellows. Oh... and get new ones, of course. And hopefully, finally get a saddle. So that's been my first days on Ark. What do you think? Should I abandon my local play and join a server? I like to coop.... and there's soooo much to learn, still. Anyways - I hope you guys had some fun reading. Regards, Eleusius.
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    I suspect you are missing the point. No one doubts that 65>47. Yet, overall basilo is still strongest if you compare these creature's practical use and you didn't provide any evidence or proof of the opposite. Since you obviously didn't read my comments I will try different approach this time.
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    All the buffed creatures probably won't be getting full TLCs, they seem to be popular choices for it, but instead of actual TLCs, they're just getting buffs. That means carbonemys, carnos, liopleurodon, and dunkies (did they need one in first place?) will not be getting one. The two worst creatures who need one are the female megaloceros and araneo, I would say. Megalodon are pretty bad, but they're still functional. That being said, there was a list of creatures a while back, that were supposed to be getting TLCs, I think some were buffed recently, but the two that weren't are probably the ones that will get them. Hopefully they do a really, really good job on the two creatures. I mean comparing a female megaloceros model to a TLC'd/newer creature, like ovis, raptor, megalainia, dire wolf, argent, yuty, thylacoleo, or trike, is like comparing a gold coin to a really old, rusted penny, that is in such bad shape, you can't even see the year it was made in.
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    I really hope that there wont be boarders between bioms on Gen 2 like on Gen 1. It made the map feel very small and limited for me.
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    Breeding should be address.. almost 2 days to breed Snow Owls or any other dinos. Thats crazy and takes the fun out of breeding anything. Might as well buy dinos off of other people. Also, should address all the Lag on 90% of the servers. This lag makes the game almost unplayable at times. I've even had a GM comment on how bad the server lag was, and they were only there for 5 mins.
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    making the evolution event standart is nice, but doubeling the mutation chance would have been SEXY!
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    Annnndddd still not addressed the breeding timers haven't played since the event ended and honestly don't know if I want too, up too 48 hours between breeds is verging on mobile game bullpoop designed to make you pay to speed up the process but you forgot to add that part in
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    Tuso maturation reduction, but not Giga. Sad Everything else looks great!
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    Still today, but in separate comment because very exciting: I found a male giga and managed to knock him out! Soon he'll be mine (if antimesh doesn't kill him, because he's in the rocks, so might happen. But I'll try to pod him right away to avoid it). Tamed! And he's alive. Level 142 (wild 95), 17720 health, 125% melee, stamina suck but far as I know, stamina of gigas always sucks unless they have a lot of mutations on it. Brought him home, named him Diablo (might rename to Green Devil, not sure yet), bred him to Elisabeth, hope the baby gets his stats and her colors. ... So, that's how things went with Diablo: when I found him, he wasn't stuck. Not even a tiny bit. Running free as a raging wind. Yet I really wanted to get a mate for Elisabeth, so back to my base I went. Two woodruns with a therizino, two metal runs, three narcoberry ones, and a retrieval of all the spoiled meat from troughs and inventories, I had about 160 tranq darts and was ready for the next step: biotoxin run. Naturally, I used my pelagornis. The hunt wasn't very interesting, almost no risk. By the end of it I had 4 full stacks plus a bit more. Back to the base, and I made the shock darts. 145 of them. Retrieved my trusty 209.4 longneck (this time it was in the industrial cooker. I tend to sometimes leave valuables in whatever container happens to be the closest), unpodded Rose, gave her four Quetz cakes (100 stimberries and 1 element dust, just because) and 30 basic kibble, grabbed the kibble I'll need for taming as well as 12 stacks of narcotics (yes, it's an overkill. Yes, I already know FROM EXPERIENCE that it's an overkill. But I would be very nervous without a ton of narcotics on hand while taming a giga), and back to the giga we (me and Rose) went! First I wasted a few (no more than ten) darts because it sometimes looked like he got stuck, but then he got free. Then Rose needed a stam landing (or a cake, but I didn't want to use it just yet) so I headed to some player's base for that. Then my game froze so badly, that killing it in the task manager and logging in anew was the only choice. Miraculously, me and Rose were fine, within the borders of that exact base, and I didn't doubt a second before expressing my joy in the global chat, in rather crude terms. That was met with concern (and possible hope for a giga heart) from another player, and I made a promise to share the coords if I ran out of darts before the beast falls asleep (but I didn't have to because as you already know, everything went fine). I hopped back onto Rose's back and went lo look for the giga again. He was between the Lake and the Aberration cave, a dangerous place for he could easily drown, so all I could do was watch him wandering, killing everything in his path. But then... He walked into the cave's entrance. And stopped. Yes, indeed, he was well and truly stuck. It took me several attempts to get Rose into the proper position, as I didn't know how close I can go without being dismounted (I haven't checked if I could still stand on the wyvern's back while force-dismounted by the Aberration cave, and between the giga in front of me and the jellyfishes possibly under me it wasn't exactly the great time to check), and often I ended up too far to left or right, or too high to hit the giganotosaurus, but in the end I found just the right position and just the right angle, and all I had to to was dismount, turn towards the giga (and Rose's tail) and shoot. When he fell, I still had 44 darts left, not counting the one still loaded into the rifle. For a giga taming without artificial traps AND without the giga being stuck from the very beginning, it went perfectly fine.
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    Constructive criticisms is fine, but what you have put is not. If you don't find it useful, then don't use it. Yes it may take time to load and i'm sure if/when it can be improved it will be. Regardless it's still extremely useful getting visibility of our map saves.
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    Not much going on over the week but I found some time on the weekend. Lots more building, of course. I don't want to even hazard a guess as to the raw cost of this base... More importantly, I successfully acquired a pair of yutyrannus. I would consider them a keystone tame, as important as argents or ankys in the grand scheme of things for their overall impact. A source of yuty eggs means kibble time, so I got a hive up and going, boy was that tedious and annoying. And crops, of course. I also made a huge discovery. I found the phoenix! Unfortunately I've failed twice at taming it. My wyvern isn't powerful enough and I've been having trouble using the pillar trick to find the ashes, even seeing where it fell. So I'm both excited to have it nearby and frustrated that I can't seem to tame it. It's event colors too... That's pretty much it. As far as builds go this base is rather intricate so most of my time is taken up with that. I'm quite happy with how it's turning out, but it'll be a long time before I'm ready to share the finished base.
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    So the BabyImprintAmountMultiplier, The idea behind it was this: You can scale and tweak the cuddle interval & maturation times as you would before, the BabyImprintAmountMuiplier works on top of that to give you the ability to make imprinting less strict about being perfectly on time for all of the cuddle windows. say you want to make it so they player only has to hit half the windows? just set the imprint amount multiplier to 2.0 The imprint amount multiplier does not affect the number of cuddle windows you get, just the amount of imprinting you get from each one. It is impacted by the CuddleIntervalMultiplier, but not the other way around
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    I HATE YOU DEVS My Ab server just rolled back and I lost my 134 character that I have had since before Ab came out, hundreds of tames are imprinted to it and I am owner of my tribe! I'm so fkn done with this bs. You continue to provide a broken game with no actual showing of trying to fix it. Now there is a new meshing technique where all of Ab can be meshed. Thought you fixed meshing?? Nope. You wonder why ppl dupe? They dupe their characters so when stupid poop like rollbacks happen or they lose their characters transferring, they have several duped chars so they don't lose YEARS of progress, imprints on tames, and THEIR TRIBE! They dupe tames and structures so that when they get meshed they don't lose all that hard work! You want ppl to play legit? Than provide a non broken game that doesn't force ppl to cheat to keep their progress in the event bs happens that is beyond their control and the fault of the devs! AND PROVIDE ACTUAL REPLACEMENT OF LOST poop! Everything is coded, there is no reason you can't give back the same exact code. Otherwise how else have you been able to delete certain duped meks and tames but not others?? Hmmm?? Yeah. In the event of meshing, servers should be reset to before the meshing so that no progress is lost! You devs aren't worth the time and money I've invested in this bs game.
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    Unjustifiable Abuse of Power This is an follow-up and update to the post I made earlier entitled "My Story." To summarize from earlier I have utterly and completely stopped playing ARK due to recent action taken (by the ARK GM's) against my tribe and I for unknown reasons, in which they completely wiped out a massive amount of structure (namely around 30-50 behemoth gates and about 200 pillars to claim land) which we worked hard to obtain over a period of about 2 years. I further reached out to them inquiring the nature of the violation only to immediately have my "ticket" closed back out with the statement that they have NOT heard further from us and as such the ticket would be closed out and they hope our issue was resolved. A final attempt to get them to explain and justify this action taken was made only to receive the same response again and once again close out the ticket. How can players learn where they violated a rule and make steps to correct a problem if they cannot be made aware of what violation had occurred to begin with??? This has me concerned that the real reason they did what they did was because of the pillaring I had done (no less than any other large tribe on any other PvE server does and no more than usual either) and they only responded because someone took the time to fill out a report. Again it was probably my nasty neighbors who then went and pillared every square inch of what they could after the wipe themselves. If this is the case then the action was done unjustly as pillaring isn't anything new or any new problem. I hope they realize that they have lost 2 dedicated players for good and potentially further ones as I will be moving to dissuade anyone I ever meet (in-person or inactively through the reviews I make) from buying or getting involved with a company that unjustly does these kinds of things to its players. As it is I realize the vast majority of the people who will read this post, if any at all, are the already dedicated players who have spent many countless hours on this game as I did; in which case I forewarn you to be aware of the potentially unfair and unjust treatment this company imposes on it's existing player base and recommend you get out now.
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    Who cares ?? Everyone in PVP thinks their "Alpha" lol
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    Losing characters, how is this acceptable in a multiplayer game? As title suggests a lot of us have a beef with constantly losing character we have sometimes worked on for years in this game. It usually happens on server transfer which is encouraged when we explore new content. Unfortunatly, if server you just transfered to crashes, and hasnt had the server save , your toon is immediatly lost for good with almost no recourse in getting it back. you lose all the engrams, levels, imprints , missions which take a huge chunk of time and even if restored you get a shell of a character with only a tiny portion of the perks you took months to get. Question is, how is this even considered acceptable at all in a popular multiplayer game? imagine if other studios took such little care with the characters that represent their customer base. Why no fail-safe or cloud save for transferring characters so they can be easily restored if something goes wrong? most of us see this happening with tribemates and friends and our own toons on an almost daily basis and wont even transfer with main characters or anything we dont want to lose, it has become a massive issue but always seems to be an elephant in the room when anything comes to solving the problem.
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    TLC 3 Disappointments I'm sorry but I just have to get this out of my system. 2 raptoring creatures? Are you serious, we've waited months for info thinking they were making it exciting and fun and it's just 2 raptoring creatures? Why is it so incredibly low like what the hell and why did it take so long to announce 2 CREATURES They haven't announced which creatures so hopefully they went for something like the megalodon which badly needs a TLC and they at least picked 2 good creatures that are utterly useless currently but otherwise just what the actual raptor I would have honestly been fine with 4, that's lower than the others and still leaves room for excitement but I'm more irritated than I am excited Tell me if you think I'm being ridiculous or if you feel the exact same way as I do I want to see what everyone thinks about it
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    Small Tribes Offical PvP is officaly ruined 22,000 health, 11,000 stamina, 1,300 melee damage, 80-90% damage reduction from most sources. What I just read to you are current mana stats on Small Tribes for Windows 10 and Xbox. These are what I get my manas too, although I've experimented and gotten some manas to ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED 1,600 melee, without max leveling them. I also dont put a single point into health. Not a single. point. And they still have 22k hp, just as much, if not more health than most wyverns. Not only that, WC also decided to give the fastest and most mobile creature in the game a 124 armor saddle that gives them a 80% damage reduction as well! And with that juicy 11k stamina, the so called pathetic "balancing" that is implemented regarding their stamina usage is irrelevant, as you basically wont run out of stamina. And when you do, somehow, you can hop off your mana at any hp % and gain the full 11,000 stamina back in under 4 seconds. Amazing. It is literally neraly impossible to use any. ANY other creature in the game that is a "main battle tame" Griffins, bloodstalkers, 90% of flyers, Tropegnathus, Ferox, Rock Drake. All useless because they are frozen for SO LONG. ELEVEN SECONDS OF BEING FROZEN. And because of the LITERAL ONE THOUSAND PLUS MELEE, it is so punishing. You are usually dead no matter what. Even if manas couldnt freeze targets (how it should be) they would still deal insane damage. Wyverns are on the verge of unusable. Even if you pump literally nothing but health into a fire wyvern, you are dead in about 10, maybe less, seconds of freezing. While manas can tank 20+ bites from a giga with 1.2k melee, 10+ hits from the ice titan, and around 50 fire breaths from a Fire Wyvern. Amazing, What amazing balancing. I love this game so much, I love PvP so much, early game and late game. But please Wildcard, I want to use anything. Anything else but manas. I love using Wyverns, and when manas only had around 400, 500 MAYBE 600 melee you actually could use them somewhat to fight. But now... It's nearly impossible. Manas are really the only creature that need stat caps, at something like 10k health, and 600 melee, with stamina not really needing a cap. Griffins are unusable trash. Because they are frozen for 11 stupid, INFURIATING SECONDS, and MANAS CAN DEAL AROUND ****35,000**** DAMAGE TO A UNSADDLED CREATURE IN THAT TIME, you are dead PEROID when you are froze. Manas were not designed or balanced to have 1,300 melee. The same goes for most creatures. Bloodstalkers and Feroxes are frozen for about the same amount of time, and are usually either dead, or so low after they unfreeze that you can snipe it 2-3 times and it dies. The only reason Wyverns are somewhat usuable is because they are froze for about 2.5 seconds. But they still take FIVE TO SIX THOUSAND F$&#ING DAMAGE IN THAT TIME. This is ridicolous and the best part is that it is only going to get worse. Can't WAIT for 2,000 melee manas in a few months. Oh, and by the way, Gigas on PC one shot enrage each other! Good job Wildcard. Oh, and by the way, no, dinos do not cap at level 450. WC devs don't play their own game and don't realize you can just breed with low level creatures to drop your level by 140, meaing you can get thousands and thousands of more melee : ) Manas desperately need a fix. Cap their stats, 500 or 600 melee, make it so they cant freeze flyers and for the LOVE OF GOD GIVE WYVERNS SADDLES. In a world of 1.3k melee gigas, titans, and manas, WYVERNS NEED SADDLES. Please Wildcard. You work so hard to creature new creatures and put them into the game, but they are all useless and overshadowed by this one mistake you refuse to fix. PvP is so exhausting because it is just the same thing day in... day out... Please
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    Checked on the wyverns on Crystal Isles (they're fine, not escaped or anything), gave Summerwind a bit more crystals to munch on until I decide to check on her and Lilac Wind again, built water pipes leading to my house and ending with a tap. And then I logged onto the server I actually play on to check on the giga eggs. Giga eggs are fine, older one will hatch in less than four hours so I'll just keep my character in the hatchery the whole time, watching stuff on YouTube and occasionally checking the game to feed and water the character and check on the egg. ... The egg hatched! Male giga, mom's colors (like I wanted), mom's damage (like I didn't want). Still gonna raise him, unless, of course, one of the two eggs I have in the hatchery now yields a giga with mom's colors and dad's damage (or mostly mom's colors, dad's damage, and a mutated color that looks nice with the rest (so, black, dark gray, or something like that). ... After raising the young giga until he could hold a whole stack and almost-a-half of meat, I froze him and took his mother Elisabeth on a murderwander. I encountered a level 90 alpha raptor and decided to check how good she'll be at fighting something that strong. Very good, as it turns out! Didn't get hurt much, killed it pretty quickly. Then I killed a lot of brontos, trikes, carnos, allos and rexes, and then I found an alpha carno, level 15. Elisabeth easily ate that, too. I suppose, as long as I don't throw her at alpha rexes of any level, things will be perfectly fine in a non giga-enraging way.
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    Pointless rant. Sorry to say this. They are giving us a QoL update, for free, and you only complain. You're like the middle aged single mothers who yell at their local Walmart because a year old coupon is declined. Have respect, they could just abandon the game once they are done with Gen2. What would say then?
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    Jumping the gun since you have no idea which creatures are getting a full TLC or what it entails. Discounting the minor TLC's is also mind blowing. The Dunky getting Obsidian reduced weight by 75% means Genesis is now the premiere poly map. Carno bleed effect. Several balancing and buffs to the Bloodstalker. I can't even remember every dino they listed. I will take the Devs to task when they do an obvious lackluster job but you guys are hammering them with no idea how or what is to be added. You are all being ridiculous.
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    I too am a little disappointed but honestly, take into consideration what is going on right now. I dont do the EXACT same job as a developer but I work as a database administrator and with COVID19 going on, having to work at home with LESS resources its really hard. We are lucky we even got 2 creatures remodeled in this TLC. Could they have picked more useful dinos? sure, but its not like its the last one so just try and be a little more patient my fellow survivors!!!
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    the tlc we been waiting for all year is only 2 dino....only 2 come wc that such a copout. it should be 5-7 min i bet there dino no one use or will care about eather and the update wont change it
  45. 3 points
    2x harvesting and xp wasnt even needed, the time we have to spend raising our dino's is insane who wants to spend 12 days raising a giga for it to die in 10 mins. get ur heads out of ur asses fix the exploits and then do balance changes
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    Sorry, I misunderstood I think. I have not seen a titanosaur for awhile and I guess it was just a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. I have not disabled them. And I have only fought one... I was on a rex and tried to bite a saber that ran too close to the titanosaur… bit the wrong one by accident and it did not end well. I don't have a giga either. I have not found one spawn above a level 10 yet and have not been enticed to commit the effort for a small one. I have dino-wiped a few times but still get same results. Both of them are on my list of things to do but have not been a priority at this point. Thanks for the clarification and the point made on pego. I am still learning every day.
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    Once you go Tek, you never go back.
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    It's not an excuse. You don't get what I'm saying so I'll say it bluntly: Spending 40 dollars on something doesn't make you important. If Wildcard have to work for four hours on something that benefits you, your money is spent. Do you know what it costs to employ one single person? There's an unspoken social contract when you make a purchase, but because it's unspoken, you have nothing to claim. You got your money's worth and probably more than that, ten times over already. How much is viewing a movie in the cinema? That's 2 hours, meaning for the price of the game you could view 8 hours of cinema. What's your logged in time? It's not an excuse, I am asking you to use your brain and think. In what universe would the thing you expect, which is for them to just comply with your will, even be viable in the long term? Companies would put out a game then go bankrupt two weeks later from having 600 customer support reps working 24 hours a day. Technically, there is no law that says a company even has to have customer support. The fact that they have one should tell you they're actually interested in helping you, when they are able to. Which should tell you that whenever they're not able to, that's unwanted for you yes, but it's also unwanted for them. You could keep that thought going and extract a lot of useful assumptions. In the end, what sparked me even bothering to respond to this and the other thread about this GM, was the language you guys used early in the conversation. It's like you expected this to happen, and when the time approached and it became increasingly probable that this would happen, you just started unleashing. "This is BULLpoop" "You are TRASH". You expect customer support to behave like a charity, but you're acting like a Raptorclaus. Because you gave them 40 dollars and then got to play for 2000 hours. Sorry but you're being difficult. Wanna know what regularly happens in the real world? A thing goes bad, you're in the right, and yet it still isn't resolved for you, and you just have to live with it. That happens all the time in the real world. You're not there yet, for all you know, next appointment the GM shows up on time and everything will be fine. If so, then at the end of it all, the only complaint you have is that it took longer than you think it should've taken. Which brings us back to my original analogy of what would happen to a company if they went to the lengths that you would find satisfactory.
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    Well, it's hard to sum up several days worth of play at once, but here goes: Mostly base building, it's coming along. The problem with doing large, intricate builds is that you can farm and build for literally days at a time without adding to your functional infrastructure. That said, I've made some notable additions. I also love this base location more and more each time I discover something new. The sharp eye will observe a wind turbine to the right. It turns out just a few steps away from my base is the start of a dune area, which happens to have 100% wind all the time. I admit I was excited to put it up just because I've always loved the aesthetic, but since they're useless on any other map I've never had one before. So that's all set up and wired and I have my backup generator hidden within the perimeter of the base. If I was RPing I would play this as kind of stumbling across a ruined temple/palace and rebuilding it, so that's the vibe I'm going for in the build. Maybe I'll do an imgur gallery when I'm done, I can't really showcase too much of the interior like this. Also notable, in the back left corner is an industrial forge. I actually lost my original argent to a rock elemental while farming the metal for that. I am really starting to hate those things, they always seem to pop up exactly where they're the most unwanted. My anky luckily survived. Kind of goes back to what I was saying about loving my base location, metal isn't very far away. We were able to run back with a minimum of difficulty. I bred a new argent from the birds I tamed last weekend too, wouldn't want to risk losing one of them after all. Doesn't have a name yet but he's quite the working bird. Also build a chem bench to make it way easier to make clay. I guess that's my other major issue with a large build, usually by the time I've managed to make the higher tier crafting stations I'm done most of what I was going to use them for in the first place...not that I'm going to stop needing clay for a long, long time. A whole week of farming and building got me a completed exterior wall and my second floor built and not much else. I've also been taking time to run the wyvern trench regularly. Mostly kibble quality eggs but...but...I got a 190 lightning wyvern egg. Not going to hatch it until I've set up a good wyvern trap by the trench for milk. I could be lazy and use a cryopod to reset the imprint if it needs milk but I don't want to take all the challenge out of the map. I honestly feel like I got my fire wyvern too early because of how much it trivialized everything. Ah well, I've still been having a lot of fun here. And I think this is the cleanest build I've ever done. I guess you could say it's my take on a box base.
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    Moderator was trying to be nice. Saying why are you complaining about something that cost you nothing and if you don't like it don't play on it. Very valid point that I agree with. Lots of people love this map. It looks great on max settings that I play it with. It is much improved over the mod version of the map in many ways. Doesn't seem unfinished at all. Take your old argument and put it somewhere it makes sense. I'll let you decide where that is.
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