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    So Jat, would you like to face your paying playerbase and explain to them WHY you and WC are ignoring all the down servers?
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    can you please answer on why my character disappeared on server transfer? i've not been able to play for 5 days now and i want to know if i need to create a new and level up again or if it's possible to get the character back? really is annoying waiting this long for a response. ticket was posted literally the second it happened. please let me know asap what to do
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    Good afternoon everyone ! Well this is the problem launching updates without knowing if everything is okay for sure or there is waiting for VALVE approval. As the past has already shown the direction of ARK should not launch updates without actually being prepared for official servers. For then do not pass the embarrassment of trying to put the previous update back and clear in the wrong way as they have demonstrated. This is called incompetence of leadership functioning. The game is great and I know they are committed to doing a good job in the ARK game, but be more careful because the game is paid and should have more professionalism. thank you!
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    I remember a weird feminist girl who would write entire ranty paragraphs. She accused me of wanting to suck up to the staff to become a mod. She accused Casanova of being an orwellian admin and erasing anything. She made a thread in response to one of my threads "Should Griefers be Banned" being locked and soapboxed in the Off-Topic section around Jan 7th - 11th. I scanned my previous posts and she has completely ceased to exist, deleted off the face of the earth. Her threads, her replies to me, everything. I wonder what she did to get nuked off of this sight, well besides trying to turn this place into her soapbox.
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    Hey good work on the update, just was thinking you should change the inventory/crafting maneuverability to r1/l1 again. Its really frustrating clicking so many more times. its pc friendly, not console friendly.
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    Hi Jat, i have an idea to do with the flyer nurf that i think could work well. if flyers had 2 modes, say a gliding/fast flying mode where once activated the fly keeps moving forward and is unable to attack or pick up players /dinos but uses less stamina and can fly at a faster speed, then you could change to a utility mode where you are only able to got the slow 100% base movement speed but you are able to attack and pick up players and dinos and use more stamina. i think it would be more balanced way of combating the pvp issues without making them almost useless. this way you can use them for scouting and traveling but if you want to haul dinos or fight you can only do so in the slow mode and use more of the stamina. you couls also have it that once the carry weight reaches a certain lvl hay 80 or 90% you can not use the fast mode and maybe have a 10second cooldown between mode swaping. just an idea if you haden already thought of something like this
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    So, I've submitted so many tickets nearly half OCTheCenter40 PS4 players have aswell. A user Tokadaddy is using exploits to cheat and duplicate items and then selling them on for real currency, he is constantly using a ddos application to send thousands of packets to the server to overload it to roll it back. The user tokadaddy has been doing this for almost 7 days making the gaming experience Unplayable. He is well known on forums such as reddit and the official Ark survival evolved forums. Seems like nothing is getting g done about it. I have sent countless tweets and requests to the Development team on Twitter and submitted images, he has items and bases on various servers such as OC38 and 347 and was originally from 790 from what my investigation has found. So please investigate him and his account he is clearly voiding the terms of service from both Sony and Wildcard I have contacted Sony directly and they suggested to block and report which I have done
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    Please look into request 351866 and 351666 known cheater and duper TokaDaddy
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    I have never ever abused anything about this game - not one glitch. I'm rewarded by having my imprinted dragons, 300+ pteras 14th gen and mutated rainbow argies taken away from me because they were in the ark. There's literally nothing I could do, how could I see 30 hours into the future? I can't get back the sleepless nights it took to raise those dragons and birds, the many many hours of breeding and feeding.. I know the game isn't fully released yet but I as a gamer paid full price and supported the game and this is how I'm repaid? If there's no way to fix this I want a refund.
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    Don't Deal with this guy, his steam names were rity38, then Alicran, now Scorpion, after he tried to scam, he then blocked and deleted me, i spoke to a few others he has tried to scam, anyone reading this has a right to make their own decisions, but if you trade with this scam artist, im sorry for your loss, you will get burnt.
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    Hey are you New ? Do you want to join my tribe ?
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    Browsing through the trading forum when suddenly sees a profile picture GIF... "What is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more..." Thanks, now I'm stuck with that song in my head
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    It isn't everyday that you get one of these is it?
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    Welcome to all of you who have joined so far! I really appreciate all of you that Join and expand on the rp aspect of this sever. All i ask is for you guys to use the radio more to stay in contact with everyone on the ark. That way more trading and help is more accessable to all. Thank You!
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    Hello LilPanda, I am new to this webpage and have been reading a few of the recent threads concerning xbox one server disappearances. I noticed you are very helpful and friendly and I would like to notify you of a recent Server Outage. The server is official NA 305. It went missing yesterday and it is unable to be found. Not under my bookmarks or in search. I had recently joined a tribe on 305 who has been fighting to increase server pop to 20-30 players so it will not get wiped upon full release. They have been doing a wonderful job. Please can you check into this missing server for us. It would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you guys do! Cheers, Logan
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    So stoked for the upcoming Survival of the Fittest updates!
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    when are they coming out with patch im hoping soon lost alot if not fixed soon our server is good but alot of people talking about how bad the guy messed up prime plus
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    Trading through facebook is wack
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    I am interested in what you have to offer. My brother and I run the server but I work full time and don't have time to build for events nor does he. I would like to chat with you more and see about getting you to help admin our server. It is going up today and will be a PvE PvP RPG style server so there will be a lot of building needed. We are a little particular on what materials are used to be. We don't only want it to be fun but we want it to look good. We are going to try and host a couple of events a week and possible spawn in random Dino's for other maps to keep it fun. We will have to admin the saddles Since not all can be made. Message me on here or Xbox chief1186.
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    Being reported for speaking the truth ........and I have requested a ticket aswell as most my server has requested one to stop this ? Still nothing or no answers.i will have videos of the ping at 255 when they come back and do it again
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    hey 1 question, how u put the recruiting post? im searching in all the page but i didnt find the option. u can tell me how?
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    any chance that server 89 could get a 1day reroll please, i had eggs down incubating as well as mutated babies i worked very hard to get with trades, all will be lost. we waited all day for the server to come back up, i only think its fair that we all get a chance to get the day and babies back. since the server was offline it shouldnt effect anybody negatively. please show a little kindness.
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    Ok jat you get lots of mail but please can you tell us what's going on with server 29 as it's not in server list
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    Any word on whats up with or going on with PVE-NA-PS4ScorchedEarth339? Havent been able to play for 12 hours now.
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    Jacs Ark server (Xbox one) Stats: Gather Rate - 25 Taming - 50 xp - 100 infinite weight. Everything else is boosted slightly. Nothing to over powered. Breeding takes about half an hour so it's not to bad. We are currently on the island but we are doing an event where every Friday we will switch to scorched earth for a limited to get and upload dragons back to the island or if we switch to the center. We have 2 admins. Amc1028 (me) and Elietesavior15 for Dino painting and events for the future. We do not abuse and we are raidable. Rules: It is 24/7 pvp so no whining if you get raided. No blocking off caves or volcano. There is going to be a community forge at the top of volcano. If if you have any questions message either of the admins. To join the server add Jacs ark server.
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    My dinos keep vanishing in CENTER PvE NA 602
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    I'm curious what hc xbox server you started on, I want to know if it's one I played before. If you don't mind me asking.
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    Hey sorry about that. I have to say I wasn't aware that was a rule. And yes I'm guilty of not reading the rules. It won't happen again! ?
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    i moved that topic to PC ts&support--hollar if you need more help
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    Hey thank you for keeping my thread alive i believe that if there is any way to for the problem to go away we as mac community have to keep post about our problems so that it is seen more often
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    Thanks for moving my thread back!
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    Can you friend me and inv me to the sever plz
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    Could the devs add a feature to where the raptor can crouch. I thought it would be cool feature for sneaking in the grass. Please and thank you.
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    Hey i know you said that your server is shut down for now but when it comes back online do you think i could join?
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    I think I need to clean house.. just under 10000 lines of code for a command spitter, a little excessive. Optimize optimize, select chunk - delete.. Lemony fresh! Yes, I'm losing my mind
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    Looking for friends to play ark with in my dedicated server GT: OJ Marco
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    So I host a dedicated server for my friends and I to play on and the other night when I was t home it crashed. I came home 2 to 3 hours later. Shut down the server and went to bed.. the next day, being today, i get on and get it going. It loads up like usual but NO ONE can join.. It just keeps saying "Message Join Failed" with a black background... this is REALLY going to make me mad if I cant fix it.. someone please help..
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    Hello SallyAnn! I've made a few suggestion posts and want you to check em out I like to have someone of a higher rank rating the ideas. Check them out when you want! Have a good day!
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    Will the guns eg snipers get ghillie wraps
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