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    Our upcoming April Update will bring some changes to the Soothing Balm economy - both major and minor. Over the past year since we first released our Beta, we’ve noticed that many players do not need the full 10x power of a standard Soothing Balm. As such, we are introducing the brand-new Minor Soothing Balm, which provides a 3x taming boost for the lower price of just 10 Ancient Amber. On the flip-side of this, we are also introducing Major Soothing Balm to better help those of you who are taming more difficult creatures, such as the Giganotosaurus and Brontosaurus. Major Soothing Balm will provide a 15x taming boost and cost 40 Ancient Amber. The standard Soothing Balm will be replaced by these new Balms in the in-game store in the April Update, though it will remain available from other in-game sources such as Free Gifts and Pursuit rewards. You will still keep any that are currently in your inventory or storage containers when the update is released. See you on the Island, Jordan War Drum Studios
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