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    Yeah thanks for the update.....just lost ALL our dinosaurs and kits .....where was the info on the main SCREEN so we knew not to be playing when it started....NOT HAPPY!!!!!! TOOK TOO LONG TO GET WHERE WE WERE AND LOST IT ALL NOT HAPPY !!!!!! CLOSE TO ASKING FOR A REFUND!!!
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    I don't see any details what is going to happen on New years ?. Thanks crownMELBOURNE
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    Merry Christmas everyone! I say it now because well I'll be busy stuffing myself with food on Christmas Day!
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    When will ARK be available in Holland?
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    Ah that helps, I guess it shows the time based on our time zone set on the forum as mine shows 7-9pm. So i'm pretty sure it must be your time zone when you see the times, as long as you have the timezone set correctly on your account.
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    This game CANNOT be here soon enough!! It should, on the day of release, be in the preview games section of the xbox store. No invite necessary. as for the price, it should range between $30.00-$40.00 US currency.
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    I can't wait to get my hands on that t-Rex skin ?
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