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  1. Their bps have been added to the loot table, i got a journeyman carchar bp in iceworm queen cave on the 1st day.
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  2. (Official PVE, Valguero) Planned to do something, but immediately forgot what, so just bred rexes. And imagine that! A new health mut, bringing them to 45 health! That egg went into the incubator with carcha one, while the rest of them stays in the other one. Just so I don't use the baby as next carcha bait by mistake. For now that's all. ... Unpodded drakes for raising and went to check the spawns. no babies on me this time, I was literally just checking. But a 90! Male! Nice green (carchas, apparently, are among dinos that don't look like cheap plastic toys in green)! So back I went, took three rexes and a few spinos. Started taming. At first things went fine, with a lot of killing and a sanguine elixir got him to around 60%. Then next rex I wanted to give him was eaten by argents. I killed them, but that's still -1 rex, with no benefit to me at all. Then I did a stupid thing that I REALLY should have kept for SP testing an not for actual, on-server play: I hopped off of him early an gave him another baby to see if you can just extend friendliness instead of waiting for it to run out and befriending the carcha again. You can't. Well, at least with this waste of a perfectly good dead baby new knowledge was gained. Then gave him a spino, with friendship form that got him nearly to 90% Then another, but that one popped out of existence when I shot it. And that was the last baby. Tried killing wild dinos, no good, stegos give plenty, but just not ENOUGH. Returned home, took some adults out of the fridge. Two stegos, a pachyrhino, and a mana. Lowered their health, repodded, brought them to the carcha. No good. And had to harvest pachy myself, because I got stuck in it. Back home and rex eggs were ready! Hatched three, went back, he lost quite a lot of progress, was around 60% again. Got him to 91% with two rexes, the third one he couldn't get to quickly enough, so he ate it but gained no friendliness. Also, was almost killed by two allos, but killed them with my shotgun (good thing I had armor and bloodpacks!). Went back, hatched last fail egg, podded drakes so that I don't lose them, as they got pretty hungry during my carcha adventure, returned to carcha, got him friendly with that final rex, he still was at 91%, killed stuff. Encountered a pack of allos, not the same that hurt me (on the account of those being dead), but killing them still felt great. A "look big bro, those are the kids that bullied me!" kinda feel, I imagine. Finally tamed, level 120 (effectiveness was around 60%). 115% melee. Named him Forest Lord, podded, brought home. Tested on a training dummy, no leveling, no rage - 242 damage per bite. Now that's a good boy! For now that's all, i need a bit of rest after all that. Later will feed drakes, kill stuff with my newest carcha and whatever. ... (Official PVE, Fjordur) Got venom, 9 of it. Uploaded it. Fed dinos. (Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded drakes, downloaded venom, fed them. Remembered I saw some abandoned-looking vaults back when taming Forest Lord, went back there, and yep. Abandoned, decayed. ready for harvesting. Looted them. Nothing great, but an extra incubator is a nice thing to have. Even if I don't need it, I can just break it for resources. Returned home, took Forest Lord, went hunting. He's so much stronger than the previous two, that I was able to get 100 kills right outside the base, running out of prety was more of a problem than not killing it fast enough. Tested him, still unleveled, at 100 rage - 667 damage per bite. Took him to the Beaver Lake, hunted more, even killed a level 20 alpha rex (that regeneration is something - he wasn't hurt at all by the end of it!). Leveled him to 156% melee. Returned home, keeping that 100, tested - 906 damage. Roared to lose the rage, tested - 329. Nice! Podded drakes and that's all for today.
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  4. But in game currency would kill the real life transactions taking place people wouldn't be able to buy dinos with really money if there were shops with an in game currency and we could buy a cryoed Dino from a person shop. Also we could lose currency after losing and the game allows a random drop of your items instead of all of them. I wouldn't mind if I only lost a couple items but to lose an inventory of items just sucks. The fjordhawk helped but I don't feel it's the greatest solution. I honestly just don't want to see the game die because the smaller guys can't compete with the megatribes which is what happened on ark 1
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