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  1. I don't have a pic, but I got this amazing lvl 145 PT tamed up with bright neon green and some other color (I can't remember what it was...maybe purple). The green covers its whole main body, and it's a high level. I'll try to get one next time I'm on.
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  2. My first reaper king on official servers just happened to be a fully imprinted 130 perfect tame with great colours. 😄
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  3. Decided to leave my base for the first time in a few days. Found a raid and I was a little optimisitc so I went to tame an ice titan. Was like an hour in and guess what? Of course Xbox small tribes; Bone wyvern lightning wyvern shows up with speed hacks and 1v3 manas, and a astro with speedhacks and being broken in general destroys our mek and skiff instantly because it's moving so fast nothing can defeat it. We spawn in on our fob with 5 helmets 1600 dura each to die almost instantly to aimbot. We wore NO ARMOR but helmets at one point and of course hit only our helmet. No point to playing this game anymore. my passion for it has died. They used ESP to find my teleporter and soaked it but it's whatever at this point, I'm tired of playing fair
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