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  1. (Official, Lost Isle) More building. Enlarged the fenced off area slightly so that maneuvering he stego would be easier. Named the stego Jiggles. Decided to get a ptera, first knocked out one, but it was 25. Then knocked out a different one - 150! And then lost Jiggles to a level 15 rex. The rex also killed the 25 ptera (hey, good thing it wasn't the 150!) Knocked the rex out out of spite and tamed it. Tamed the ptera, rode it to the nearest crystal spot and finally made a spyglass. Saw a level 20 male carno, decided to get it - sure, carnos are unpleasantly loud, ugly, and this particular one is bright green, but I needed something fast, strong, with more weight than the ptera, and capable of fitting through a dino gate because like hell I'm building a behemoth. So I knocked it out, got some metal because I wasn't sure I had enough ingots for the saddle, killed an ovis, and tamed the carno. His name is Fir and he is very useful. I just finished the house - only had to install a door, as the unpleasant news of a rollback happening in a few minutes were shared in the chat, so I have no door and, honestly, not sure how much stuff that I've built I do still have. ... (Official, Lost Isle) Only logged on to see what I have now. Yep, old house, less land, and nothing but an once again unnamed stego to ride. Guess I just wasted my time building and taming. (Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, went to the Sunken Forest to tame gachas. No dust again. (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, put eggs into the hatchery, unpodded wyverns, gave bees more flowers, went for milk, got it and fed wyverns. Enabled mating on gigas, but Raptor Claus arrived, so disabled it, grabbed my tropeo and went for the gifts. Managed to get two, nothing good in them at all. Returned home, finally bred gigas. Yuty eggs hatched, nothing good, killed. One of the giga eggs hatched too - twins, no mutations, but kept because at some point I'll have my almost-all-gray wyvern, and its better to have some baby gigas for leveling. Picked up the rest of the eggs, podded younger wyvern, older one should be fine, and that's all for today.
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  2. Running an unofficial cluster of PVE servers (Nitrado) for Xbox/PC Microsoft players. Looking for casual players and even beginners just wanting to build, tame, breed and challenge themselves with some bosses. Current maps are the Island, Scorched Earth, and Ragnarok. Much more to come. Current number of active tribe members is 6. Looking for at least 4 more.
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  3. It hasn't been released for unofficials yet.
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