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  1. The team is busy preparing for the Genesis 2 launch on June 2nd. Thursday, we appeared on the TwitchGaming Weekly show and dropped a few unseen Genesis 2 teasers: We'll follow up next week with more information on the Genesis 2 rollout across all platforms and regions! Exo-mek Egg Incubator Maewing Federation Crop Plot Shadowmane Shadowmane (Widescreen) Loadout Mannequin Canoe Noglin Minigun TEK Hoversail Ammo Box TEK Phase Pistol TEK Bow Carniflora Stryder Astrodelphis Biome
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  2. Today we stopped by The Weekly TwitchGaming show and talked about ARK and Genesis 2 development. We didn't want you to miss out on all the action, so here's everything you may have missed: Download in high resolution Some old friends will be making a reappearance in Genesis Part 2 -- here's an early look at our GEN-R variants, which include new versions of many previous expansions' creatures! Download in high resolution When a normal bola isn't doing the job, in comes the net projectile. Using the net projectile with a harpoon, you'll b
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  3. We're at the home stretch for the Genesis 2 launch and we're sharing the last few things before you get to hop in and experience it for yourself. Check out our latest post for an update to the Genesis 2 release, and take a first listen at the main theme! Genesis Part 2: Art, Music and June 2 Delay Join us on Thursday at 5/27, at 9:30 AM PST as we go live on twitchgaming for The Weekly show. Come hang out as we chat about Genesis 2 and hang out with the community. Oh, and we'll be sharing something you haven't seen before . And now, onto some things that yo
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