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  1. loadout manny is dope. would ''doper'' if there was a metal variant
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  2. SP Scorched Earth Defeated the Alpha Manticore late last night. 😀👍 I want to finish redesigning the base a bit. I am not going crazy, I just want to clean up some things that were hastily built in the beginning... poor design bothers me. And I would like to grab the remaining explorer notes to read the story... but other than that I am pretty much done with SE and need to decide what to do next. If I remember right, think Aberation is the next map... but I think Rag sounds cool too. IDK
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  3. LOLLL how it will play out? Bro.
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  4. Im totally mad at the disgusting Seed Spoiled Timer, i now cant use my unique Gacha to make dust... All bc the dam idiots with the full towers of gacha ruining the entertaining of the game and wasting the damn servers over and over... NOTE to WildCard: The Gachas Towers people uses Metal not anymore Seeds... so... you will put a Spoiled timer in Metal too? What about with the damn fiber or rocks that peeps are gives to gacha to produce faster?? Those materials will have Spoiled Timer too? Any kind of damn material will have SPOILED TIMER TOO?? WildCard is completly lost now guys... good luck. Time to Buy Valheim
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  5. thanks for adding a nobody asked or liked change about seeds.
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