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    Introducing Summer Bash 2020 Break out your shades and catch some rays in the 2020 Summer Bash event. If you ever needed an excuse to celebrate summer and soak in some sun, we've got you covered. From June 25th to July 14th the second Summer Bash event will be underway. Spend your time relaxing by the beach in the new Hawaiian shirts or have a fight your tribe using the new water-gun skin. However you choose to spend your summer in ARK, Summer Bash is bound to cook up a lot of entertainment. Rate Boosts 3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) 4X Player XP 4X Harvesting 4X Taming New Emotes Guitar Riff Drum Solo Head Banger New Skins 4 new Hawaiian-style shirt Skins 3 new Swimsuit Skins BBQ-themed Grilling Spatula (Club Skin) Frisbee Skin (Boomerang) 1 Sunglasses Skin w/ customizable lenses Super Soaker style Squirt Gun Skin (Flamethrower) New Chibi Pets Manta Ammonite Cnidaria Plesiosaur Astrocetus Event-Colored Wild Creatures Dino Dark Blue Red White Dino Sky Blue Dark Red Blue Light Grey Cream Cammo Orange MediumTeal DarkBlue LemonLime Peach Coral We at Studio Wildcard wish everyone a sun-filled summer with tons of fun. Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    If you take it, keep it in PVE please, best way to take dino selfies.
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    It was called Summer Bash last year, which means it hasn't been called 4th July event for at least 2 years now. Also, this is a much longer event that spans a much wider length of time than 4th July. Rather than make a fuss about it just be happy, because there's been absolutely NO signs that anyone in this community cried about it being 4th July before, therefore that means that YOU are the only one that crying over the situation, a situation that didn't exist in the first place.
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    That requires actual coding and effort. Devs aren't too keen.
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    yes, i've seen basilisks near there. But not too often so far, not like how many show up on genesis.
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    PLZ PLZ PLZ let us hide gloves and boots!!!! Or naked skin them
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    Is this the new Vicecity trailer Nice work WC
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    In PVE, if the structure isn't yours you shouldn't be entering unless invited. Whatever happens to you if you do enter uninvited is a direct consequence of your own actions and no-one can be blamed except you. If however they invited you in with the intention of trapping you then I would think they would be in breach of the COC
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    BAN player use of INI Fix the PVP in this game, fix it so no one can use INI, its ruining pvp in this game
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    With the advent of tames like the snow owl and mana which can be given high end saddles and bred, we need to buff the older non-saddled dinos to have other counter options and so the meta doesn't stagnate Making wyverns breedable or a saddle option similar to equus (ride with or without) would mean more effective and varied counters to manas maneuvering Griffins similarly would be pull out of just being a quick flight tame and become properly effective again
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    Taming a Tropeognathus! So I went ahead and tamed myself a Tropeognathus. This is the method that I found working best. Only 3 chain bolas were used. Pay close attention to how fast the food drops after he tries to bite. Also it drops even more after I was bitten by him and had hurt him a bit. Remember he can only be fed when Chain bolad. See video down below:
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    Mods for console have been heavily discussed, a quick response would be no, albeit would love to see but just not feasible with what mods are for steam and how they translate for console.
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    And for mods in general... Xbox would have a heavy screening prosses that would make it painful for the Modders, and even if you ended up not liking the mod, Xbox would charge like 10$ or pounds for each one! And there are other road blocks, and there would be restrictions only allow ping like 3 mods... and it would lag out a lot, and Xbox(console in general) prob. Wouldn’t let them for various reasons.
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    This kind of post happens every event, people wants to complain. 4th of July . "Why American colors, Christmas why Christmas theme" so on and so forth. I saw the event colors and knew the complaints would start.
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    If not completely remove then I would suggest making some of the following changes: -Reduce the range of which the parasaur detects -Reduce the range of which the pararsaur notifies -Remove the "XX parasaur has detected an enemy" at the top of your screen and leave us with the red dot. -Remove turret mode and have the parasaur only work if it is being mounted and using right click. -Only detect enemies that are in line of sight, still see people in the mesh but could not have parasaurs in a 1x1 box. Would let us knock it out/kill it. -Make the red dot an egg hat. Discord bots and cave meta sucks and parasaurs are big contributors to that
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    Anyone getting crashes trying to play Singleplayer on PC?
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    A while back Ark brought us the "Homestead Update" which was essentially all the parts of the S+ mod that they were willing to give us. It was a severely watered down version of the mod at best, but it was all they considered necessary. So I don't see us getting anything more. Would I like to see more? Yes. They likelyhood of that happened? I would imagine it is pretty slim.
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    Hi there sir. I'm your customer rep Dave from ARK Insurance Co. If you would like to file a claim for lost dinos and or material and have an account with us please submit a completed ALT_F4 form and our customer service team will look into it. Alternatively you can buy our Gold insurance package and be covered for the next time your base is deleted for just one easy payment of $9.99** Sincerely, Dave Customer Service At ARK Insurance Co we really care. Join today **Terms and conditions may change or service may cease to exist.
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    Yeah that and it gives you something to keep you occupied on long dino back journeys. Its such a simple fix but we all know that they would screw it for PvE too.
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    Need new flak style! update plz
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    Looking for tribe Level 103, experience on the island and genesis. Still need to unlock tek turrets and skiff but have the other needed engrams. Message on xbox HootieHoo3961 or discord jimmy1015#5007
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    Its a pvp server. They are doing pvp. My advice is team up with 4-5 other people and work together, as they are doing unto you. 1 tribe that works well can easily overcome all obstacles.
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    i never see carbonemys mentioned in posts like these :c
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    Bright colors, musical emotes, new chibis (astrocetus)... man this is the kind of event I could go for all year.
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    Why would you go into someone house without permission?
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    Fixed that too now. Had been trying different cluster setups like activating and de-activating cluster directory override. And giving it a separate folder name, went back to standard and now it working.
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    From running some of europes most popular servers, below servers like MTS and Salty bay. My experience and looking at Unreal Engine 4 forums the servers run all calculations through one single core and thats why single core performance is key to lagfree server. Ram and Hardrives come second to single core performance but M.2 disks are best, have either raided or 2 seperate 1 for actual server and 1 for backups. And Ram i usually calculate 4+ gig per server/70 players it also depends on settings and such. One thing ive learnt is to check your power scheme on your machine usually its set to balanced instead of high performance and that can have a big impact on your server performance.
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    Brilliant! and well done. Sometimes you DO get lucky. Try to remember the lucky bits for all the times when you get ARKED instead.
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    A message to Wildcard, please listen to your community Hello. This is a message directed towards Studio Wildcard. ARK is pretty much 5 years old now, and with that being said, it is nowhere NEAR completion. We don't need more maps, no, we don't need useless creatures. What we need is small details, fixes, and improvments. Better management, more communication with the playerbase. I'm not sure how much this has to be said, I'm really not sure, but I do know for a fact it has been said a lot. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen someone complaining about ARK / Wildcard, I would literally be rich. Listen to you community. Honestly, we aren't idiots. You're a money hungry company and that's that. If you weren't, you wouldn't pump out half-ass DLC's just for the money. You released a paid DLC while your game was in early access. Wildcard, we are not dumbasses. We are not stupid. Fix your game, improve upon the small things. Stop pumping out unfinished DLC's only to never come back to them again. Listen to us god dammit, listen to your community! The problem is that you DON'T listen to your community. I know that you're not going to fix the game! I know it! I know you aren't going to take this post seriously! It is a proven fact that you don't care, otherwise you would listen to us! You know why I know this? BECAUSE IT IS TRUE THAT YOU DON'T CARE. YOU ARE A MONEY HUNGRY COMPANY AND YOU DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR COMMUNITY. We want to see the game improved, Wildcard! That is my rant. I know Wildcard is not going to take this seriously because that is a classic Wildcard move with these types of posts.
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    If that were the case wouldn't it be great if it was made clear to the community. Instead of everyone always trying to guess?
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    first off type in console while the game. cheat enablecheats pass123 (this is default if memory serves right). ive changed mine years ago for my server. setcheatplayer true (to turn this off after is setcheatplayer false) (the amount of hibernation creatures will be at the bottom. mine says 38133 atm on the map, now u know how many are on the map) next is either via single player slider bar called dino count (1 is enough) just increase by tiny amounts even 0.2 at a time will increase by drastic ammounts the number of creatures u have on the map. Or on your own server settings as like i run mine, i use Ark Server Manager and the setting is Dino Spawns: again this is set to 1 via a slider bar in the dino settings section. but as i say tiny increases will cause huge amounts to spawn, so test out 0.1 (1.1) for yourself, mine is set to 1.4. hope this helps in any way.
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    PVP it's a legit war tactic. PVE it's a lame tactic carried out by losers. Unfortunately it's one of lifes harsh lessons where you need to learn and adapt.
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    Been having this issue since the release of Genesis. The issue seems to be connected with the story explorer notes. HLNA would repeat the same dialogue from Story Glitch Discovery #1 every time you find a glitch that i suspect contains the different story related notes. You won't get the XP bonus from any of those either. Was hoping it would've been fixed by now.
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    Legacy server have never been intended to be permanent, so like I said they will eventually go and be used for other maps.
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    Let me translate it for everybody: Fortunately, the current situation in the US serves as the perfect excuse to postpone this update. I cannot remember a single early access update delivered on time. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate all those delays during the last 5 years.
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    They threw the map together for extra $$$'s. Its not had much thought put into it and you can't go back to an older map because they are all locked down by a mega or Alpha tribe. The game is dying. If you arent in a mega, you are basically not welcome on any server. You can't even ask on here whether you can join anybody because you get a warning. Feel like the mods here are just the same as alphas in servers. No freedom to ask a question.
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    I am not one for tek, but the idea has merit. As it is as I have little interest in most of the tek items as far as weapon and armor, but a tek bow? That could be a little fun.
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    Would reduce need for transfers, which would be nice. Also would add more to gardens!
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    I agree on griffins. Not rly wyverns/drakes though, but perhaps it could be a server setting for sp/unofficials! I do think wyverns and drakes should drop unfert eggs though and female wyverns should produce milk in their inventories, even if it's a small amount.
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    Several topics for this, personalyl I'd love to see a super thread for a crop overhaul that includes all mushrooms Rare flowers Cactus sap Some kind of silk unless they add it to lymantria Different plant model for each berry in a plot And other crop advancements
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    "-Remove turret mode and have the parasaur only work if it is being mounted and using right click." That sounds like the best option tbh
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    Also if we are going off of what the explorer notes say, this is #29 of Helena's from SE. The transporter that can take us back to the "control center" station is in the ruins of another city, south of the mountains. Wali believes that it was destroyed by the obelisks, just like the city in the southeast. I didn't press her for details, not that I'd have gotten any. Wali's more tight lipped about those ruins than anything. I had to practically beg her to take me to the southeastern city, and while we were there, she spent most of her time just gazing out into the distance. No sense in bringing her mood down with that rubbish now. After all that she's done for me, I'd like give her a nice, proper farewell. At least add in the ruins or make it more obvious which ruins they are talking about so we can follow in their footsteps.
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    Yeah! Maybe if they ever did add scorched earth ascension the tek wyvern saddle could be an engram you earn once completing and of course a new implant because an ascension isn’t an ascension if your implant doesn’t get a new look.
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