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    what happend to ARK? i normally don`t leave any bad comments about games but OMG what happend with this game???? Devs are u for real? so many years of ARK so many maps and now you bring us Genesis a new small map divided by walls and works like complete garbage (and u need to pay for) and now new servers with new transfer possibilities which i like a lot, but we cant even play the damn game. Players are just spamming pillars ALL over the map and Dinos are not even respawning anymore, people doenst even have a place to build their base ( i know im one of them it took me 3 days for a poopty place to find), and the LAGG is more real than ever.... did u guys just quit on this game or what? P.S. I DO love this game, ive got 2.3K hs by now. So this is not a hate comment. I just want this game to run in the way it suppose to run.
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    Spawn in ridiculously over leveled titans as a separate tribe and set them to aggressive/wander on the map before making your character.
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    Bloodstalker Controls (Xbox) Here's my list of bloodstalkers controls for Xbox I think I've figured out most of them. Bloodstalker Controls (Xbox) Basic Shoot both webs LT Shoot single web RT (Aim somewhere else and press LT to shoot the second web) Reel yourself up by holding LT (alternatively look up and hold RT to reel yourself up without the stalker letting go after) To reel yourself down hold LB + LT Web a creature RT (hold RT to reel them and auto attack) creature must have a magenta target reticule to be grab-able Melee press Right Stick (also used to make your webs release the surface or creature they're holding) Parachute mode hold RB (hold LB + RB to prevent switching between 1st person and 3rd person) Swim mode hold LB + press Left Stick (use again to return to water walking mode) Grab walls while reeling in hold A Super jump hold A on the ground to charge Double jump (directional) press A mid air Advanced moves Slingshot: target two structures (trees, buildings or rocks) with your single web placement, start backing up once you're as far as you can back up release the control stick and press jump. If done right this can launch you very far very fast. Rapid landing: this is useful on the lunar biome, though not really advanced it's a good movement trick. Look where you want to land use RT to launch both webs and hold RT to reel yourself in. While you're reeling in hold A so the bloodstalker grabs the ground instead of bouncing off. Spider-man: this is useful for climbing, when your reeling in on a structure, wall, cliff. You look away from the wall and press A to jump away from the wall and you will jump back enough to web a higher point. Alternatively you can look to the sides and jump, if the structure is small enough, to launch yourself out and to the side building up momentum while you web the structure again. (Thanks SirStjertensen) If I missed anything please let me know.
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    More Colored Dinos n Events There has never been an ark event done in January, May, August, or September. This Easter was bad because servers overrun with to many players, dupers and ddos'ers crashing us so hard we never had a chance to get any colored pets. And Easter has the best colors. Could we get a few more tiny events adding the less used colors on dinos? As in no more red and green. Blues, purples, yellows are missing from most events. AUGUST - How about Friendship Day? August also sports a Campfire Day and a S'mores Day.
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    Robbed I don't know what to do, my tribemate (is the leader) invited a new person and he stole all my stuff (I transferred some stuff and dinos) how can I report him or something?
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    i take it thats agreement
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    think WW1, ARK version. or think WW3 virtually. anyone agree, or disagree?
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    aberration has a chance, but rock drakes STAY!!! they stay, or i not happy!
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    How to tame X-RockElementals The ones inside the volcano are X-Rock Elementals and the ones in the blizzard zone of ice biome are ice colored normal Rock Elementals. the X ones have boosted stat values and have a flame effect on their boulders unless they changed it. it is alot harder to K.O. any of the X type variants. For taming them on genesis I have been using the skiff to move either type to a better location and handling it there. for X-Rock Elementals this is an absolute necessary as they will not eat in or near the volcano. You want to have at least 5 element in your skiff at start of the whole trip. You need a skiff, a Tapajara on flyer enabled maps or a bloodstalker on official, and a MEK with siege cannon, and 5-20 cannon shells depending on lvl. I found a spot on the SE edge of the Volcnic biome that has a small island with a tiny moat like spot. Any area on that edge of the map will work but this site I have tested and I like the island as a target. The island is about 2x2 foundations and has a nice straight run path on one side and a small hill on the other. Pull the Lava golem out of the volcano carefully to not bump the bottom of the skiff as then you will drop it under the map. the golem itself can dip under the terrain a bit however. you need to go out the largest crystal tunnel that leads to the big lava lake. and then fly over the lake to the south exit from the volcano. Take care to try to stay about 20 meters from the surface over the lake. Once you Arrive put it down a ways away from the 'island'. Park the skiff behind the hill. To note, you should clear the whole area of all wilds before taming to make your life not a headache. Now on flyer enabled maps just take a tapajara and kite it forward to the island keeping the feet about level with the top of the golems head. You need to have the flyer on passive and follow with the highest follow range and be able to know how far you can go from the tapajara before your out of range. The island site works for this as the valley next to the hill will still be in range if the golem is about on or near the island. Once the golem is in place and staring at the bait, jump off. It might be a good idea to have a parachute or wing-suit to avoid damage from the fall. If done right the golem will be standing staring dumbfounded at the bait. Then just run a bit away pop out the Mek and and use the siege cannon to target the head easy until K.O.ed. Other methods include building a trap at the site and timing the shot with the golem punching, putting something the golem will attack on a ramp off the back of the skiff and hovering at the right height, Building a Hangman at site and then using a bloodstalker or second person with grapple to shoot up and dangle themselves the right height. I prefer the baiting from height methods because you end with a golem holding still ready to be hit. I'm a LONG LONG time Arker, with only 15,500 hours in the game. I started streaming ark this year. If you have any question about ark hit me up except for the upper boss fights since they changed alot since I did them years ago. I normally stream in the evenings starting anytime from 5-8pm to 5am est. You can message me on my discord server and I will try to stream a solution I come up with. https://discord.gg/jACAA83 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Arachia https://www.twitch.tv/arachia_botanical
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    i cant play multiplayer on my ps4, when ever i play online on ark, its at my friends place.
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    since i am a PS4 player i cant do modded, i have turned up dino damage a bit, i have also turned down player resistance. some engrams i have locked like primitive guns and some other weapons, cloth through to chitin is locked, riot is locked, for defeating all bosses, i have done that already,
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    Yea you can transfer them to gen
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    Xbox: we have Roadblocks to prevent most mods on games. Bethesda: Hold my beer!.
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    LOL, i play both PVE and PVP, its a big difference on ping, on pvp you dont have so many massive bases with 300+ dinos outside on every step, that why on pve ping its higher. On pvp ping is spot on, i can play normal, its like another level. That guy have a point, try pve and convince yourself
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    I'm honestly most curious about which engrams will be available and if there's an Ab area. I've gotten spoiled by Valguero. My tribemate and I are curious about moving to CI, but I'm going to wait to see how the official map pans out first. I feel like I have a lot available to me on Val.
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    I always thought that instead of naming it ARK: anything, they could just name it ARAT PRIME: ARAT PRIME: ORIGINS ARAT PRIME: TERMINUS ARAT PRIME: ASCENSION ARAT PRIME: INFESTATION ARAT PRIME: MANIFEST
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    What I would find cool is having Ark2 after all of this stuff goes down, and we play on the healed earth with new prehistory dinos, scarce tek ruins around and overall more of a "The Island" feel. BUT. Lore would be there, hidden in the dark depths and out of sight, so the story wouldn't get stuffed in your face making it optional. The lore would fill up any lost gaps in the story and we'd have one final threat to destroy as we bring ARK to an end and WC comes up with a cool new game!
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    You have to go to the corresponding map to learn them. Was that what you did? I don't know if "I got on today and they were available to unlock for some reason" means that you went to the map or if you hadn't tried to unlock them until today. As a side note: If you're on PC and can have mods, there's a mod called Structures Plus (S+) that, among a lot of other things, has a setting to allow learning engrams regardless of map, meaning you can learn Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction engrams on The Island for instance. I very much recommend this mod in general as it fixes a lot of issues with the building system and in general just makes the building so much better.
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    Never invite a person into a tribe if you don't fully trust him. You can't report people for this, it's a risk your tribe mate took. If you want to do this again in the future, you should set some tribe groups and ranks, to prevent this from happening. You had the tools to do it, you just didn't use them.
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    I would combine the pego and ichthyornis into one flying nightmare that would steal your soul, your kids & wife and your hopes and dreams.
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    Consider this though. Strong offensive minded changes are defensive as well. Strong offense can be a defenders best tool if they choose to 'counter attack'. So buffing offense buffs both.
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    People aren't getting crushed by game mechanics. They're getting crushed by people. In pretty much every endeavor throughout the history of man, the person who's willing to work harder, sleep less, spend more, sacrifice more, learn more and bring more manpower will usually come out on top. You can change the rules of the game all you want, those folks will adjust their strategy and continue kicking the crap out of everyone.
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    your not wrong, this definitely reminds me of WW2 when you think about it
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    is this gonna be, like, the new tapejara with same and new features? I'd love that!!
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    Most likely a typo. No biggie.
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    if the flak cannon is going to be very similar to the rocket turret than in all honesty just get rid it because the Rocket turret is useless in actual PvP. the Rocket turret is rarely ever used and if so its just used for its giggles and memes. sadly another good looking dino to the useless group
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    Calling it now. This will be way too good for PvP combat and PvE players will suffer for it. It'll be nerfed into the ground, becoming another quite useless creature in the large catalog of creatures nobody bother using.
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    *Vietnam Flashbacks Intensifies*
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    Nothing about Crystal Isles and xbox??
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    Those are generally known as pvp player traits. Besides the toxic behaviour which is usually accompanied. For the record: xmad is still wrong. Just hate misinformation being spread.
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    I made a whole list of controls on Xbox for the bloodstalker. I don't know how it will translate to PS but you can try here's the link to that post.
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    With the advent of tames like the snow owl and mana which can be given high end saddles and bred, we need to buff the older non-saddled dinos to have other counter options and so the meta doesn't stagnate Making wyverns breedable or a saddle option similar to equus (ride with or without) would mean more effective and varied counters to manas maneuvering Griffins similarly would be pull out of just being a quick flight tame and become properly effective again
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    don't forget ps4, xbox boy. though, whats up with this whole war between consoles? its NUTS at my school
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    It is coming to console at a later date.
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    Try to be more calm. Maybe there is too much sodium in your blood and they don't like it.
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