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    Just use dodoex. U can put inside % of yours weapon and u can see. Example, with yours crosbow u need like 30 arrows to put down a rex 150 lvl, with primitive longneck u need 70 darts. There is some situation where u must use longneck for taming, because crosbow does more dmg to dino, so u ending killing it.
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    why not call them "tek ion ejector" and "tek mass accelerator" ……. welp, I guess the rail gun is also an accelerator......
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    IMPORTANT: Active Enforcement Initiative In an effort to maintain a healthy playing environment, we will be doing active enforcement on the servers listed below. These servers will be down for a few hours while this initiative is ongoing. NA-PVP-Official-Valguero-SmallTribes80 EU-PVP-Official-GenOne-SmallTribes108 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok418 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration261 EU-PVP-Official-Extinction475 EU-PVP-Official-Valguero538 NA-PVE-Official-Extinction504 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok66 NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth41 EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland6 NA-PVP-Official-Valguero575 NA-PVP-Official-TheIsland26 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter365 EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth204 EU-PVP-Official-Aberration232 NA-PVP-Official-Extinction451 NA-PVP-Official-GenOne611 NA-PVP-Official-Ragnarok37 NA-PVP-PS4Official-GenOne1174 NA-PVP-PS4Official-GenOne-SmallTribes127 NA-PVP-PS4Official-Extinction951 NA-PVP-XboxOfficial-GenOne-SmallTribes127 EU-PVP-XboxOfficial-TheCenter-SmallTribes26 EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-SmallTribes38
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    Same implant sample on every character on same steamID Hello everyone! I am looking on situation that most people is lost characters due that i want to suggestion my idea what will prevent this and most support tickets will be gone about this problem. When you make new character it's will be same implant sample ID like your previous characters it's will be effected STEAM ID so, same STEAM ID will be same sample ID every character. That will prevent that GM's don't need to every dino change sample ID on imprints because we all are know when you lost character you get new sample ID and GM's should change old sample ID dinos imprint to new sample ID. When you will lost character due the some bugs/server lags or rollback with new server database will remember your STEAM ID and your character progress/datas that will prevent you not will loose your character progress, implant progress, chibi progress, tek engrams, tribe, chibi progress and other character things when you will make new character on same server where you lost your character you will get back all your character progress via new server database what will remember your STEAM ID. When you have same sample ID on every characters and new characters you don't need make every boss fight again just you need pass them once time and server database will remember that you wass pass boss fights and when you make example new character on another server it's will be same implant with implant progress but level 1. Which plus devoloperments and support tickets will get from that new functions that it's will prevent people will not lost anymore they characters and if they lost they can get they progress back easiest way also sample ID will be same for steam ID so when you have same sample ID GM's dosen't need to make imprints to another new character and you don't need rise alot dinos with other sample ID for everyone maps so your same sample ID imprint will work on every dino what you was rised before. In my opinion this functions should be added in-game and its will be prevent many problems with characters and with this new functions most people not need to wait 1-3 weeks for support ticket that you get answer then you will make appointment with GM then you need again wait some weeks and then only you will get help from GM that he will assist you get your progress back, tribe, your imprint dinos to new character and etc. Most times it's will be too late that your half base will be auto decay due that you need to wait alot weeks before you get assist.
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    No idea. There is currently no official response from them on this. I am assuming they are waiting to see how many people were hit with this. If it is under a hundred or two, they will just not respond, pretend it didn't happen and we will just need to get engrams again. I am not being disgruntled, that is the cold hard truth. Take a look People are missing hard earned engrams due to their lack of testing and there is no response, period, none. nadda... Love the game, have no respect any longer for the team behind it.
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    BTW @everyone You guys do know that they accidentally deleted genesis and trying to patch it up with new update? Good dev's. The same dev's created these stupid servers too. Not surprised for deleting their own files.
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    Well their 5 year anniversary is coming up. And I've played this game since the start, But 5 year's is ALOT of time to still have the original bug's/ error's/ poop? Happening all the time. Ext 458 is like that. lot's of lag lot's of dc's, you don't dare to do anything due to the crap that happen's. Great game with ton's of potential... just lack luster presentation.
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    Just from a logical standpoint, the Glider and Zipline-Motor are Accessories/Attachments for your Armor, so why are they skins? This blocks the usage of Skins to customize your appearance, and also creates ugly combinations just because you want to use a glider/motor. As an example, you wear the full homodeus skinset except for the chestpiece because you want to fly around in aberration from time to time with your glider. And it seems that every equipment item already has these slots since they appear on the remove selection.
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    9+ hours down today. 7+ yesterday. 12+ the day before that... 88% uptime in the past week? Ridiculous. Let's hope the Official Server Report Form gets those "engineers" furiously working on our problem. Yeah, right.
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    "IT IS TIME to take a pause from new DLC's, new dinos, and all those others things you are focused on and MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE" This is an amazing statement. I cannot agree more. 2 more DLC going to drop this year just so they can make an extra buck. This game needs to be fixed and Devs dont care about their players clearly. They are losing players everyday and I dont blame those people from leaving. I could give a list of bugs and issues with this game a mile long. They need to update the game all together and get rid of these terrible servers they call official.
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    First off, no matter what advice anyone here gives you, 9 out of 10 times its going to be a situational thing, not a solid tactic to clear the cave and get down to the den for egg/element farming. What you have to understand is, the lava golems are going to be moving around occasionally, and lately I've noticed more than usual in the volcano, so you have to keep that in mind at all times. My general tips would be this: 1. Bring a bloodstalker (if you wanna try swinging by most everything) and/or a basilisk (the poison attack works well in clearing), 2 magmasaurs, and an anky. 2. When you enter the cave, turn your gamma up to 4 and watch for the oddly shaped rocks (lava golems). Your task here is to avoid them and try to make your way down to the small stone rampway leading into the den, in most cases if you can get there without aggroing the golems you can start your clear of the magma pit. 3. Bring 2 friends, you'll find that the respawn rate on the den is fast, you'll end up having little to no time at all to actually clear it out, then get off the magma and onto the anky to farm the element. 4. load your Magmasaur up with plenty of ambergris, force feed it to the magmasaur when they start taking too much damage, it'll save you from having to raise another one that night. 5. Use your location to your advantage, if you sit on the high rocks near the rampway you can avoid being shot in the face with fireballs, you don't want to get hit by em. Strangely enough the wild dino damage will melt your face, but raised ones suck lol. 6. Do not grab eggs unless you are prepared to fend off the onslaught of Magmasaurs that will attack, I never touch them until the clear is done, then and only then do I grab eggs if I have time or need more Basilisk taming eggs. 7. Keep your head on a swivel, Magmasaurs will creep up behind you along with golems, the minute you think your safe it usually ends in being dead. Other than that, it's a coin toss, you could get lucky and clear the den out long enough to get the element, or you could end up losing your dinos, make sure you do everything you can to prepare for the attempt before you set foot inside the volcano.
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    I love the missions. I think they re-vitalize the play experience for ark. You don't have to complete all the missions, just a certain number for each difficulty. While yes, you could just do 100% of the gamma missions, you can also mix and match--say by doing 70% of gamma missions, and 30% the easy beta ones. Gamma missions are also (with few exceptions) very easy. You take 5x reduced damage, but deal 5x increased damage. Each biome has the same types of missions: exploration, checkpoint, gauntlet, races, hunts. If you have a single boss rex, you can complete all of the hunts easily. Why do you think the normal ark experience is any better? It's just tame > breed stats > get army > fight boss, then you're done. With Genesis, you actually have to play in all the biomes to progress, and the difficulty of each mission tier forces you to use different strategies & teamwork to win.
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    I think most people would agree that the more creature people cryo, the less lag there will be. Reasons why a PvE player may cryo creature: cryoed creature does not take up space cryoed creature does not need to be feed Reasons why a PvE player may NOT cryo creature: cryoed creature can be stolen by an insider, or if someone destroyed your base with wild creatures solution: assign tribe ranking to death cache of structure (unless decayed or demolished by its owner, death cache of structure will only be accessible to the players in the owner tribe who have access to the original structure) configurations (behavior settings) are cleared upon cryo solution: don't clear them for breeding creatures, you do not see the mating timer, colors, and mutations on cryoed creature, nor can you export it. solution: add mating timer, colors, and mutations on cryopod information and add export option in right click menu it takes too long to cryo and uncryo mass amount of creatures solution: reduce time cost for cryoing and uncryoing creatures. (Perhaps also add a "cryo hub" structure that can mass cryo/uncryo nearby adult creature with full health?) to leave it outside and show off no solution cryopods are too expensive no solution
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    You all need to stop expecting pc/console level gameplay from a FREE mobile app. Sure, maybe you paid a few bucks for God Console to make life easier and reduce the grind. No problem, no judgement. THAT is why they made it. It says in the description that it turns the game into a sandbox, which it does. Ark isn't a pay to win game, and therefore you should expect to have to do a little work once in a while. It is a survival game for a reason! SIDE NOTE: The devs aren't required to tell you what God Console can and can't be used for, if you were smart, you would've checked on a forum or on YouTube before buying it. Regardless, it sounds like it's served you well up until now, and probably saved you HOURS of grinding, so stop complaining. If you're not ok with a difficult game, then continue to cheat your way through the caves, until you get good enough loot to run the dungeons like a normal player. If that's STILL not good enough for you, the devs gave you the added option of "casual mode" (which I presume you're using, if all you want from a game is easy, pay to win, endgame access) and is ONLY on mobile. Basically it means you don't lose anything important when you die. If that's STILL not good enough for you, the devs were generous enough to put in a backup save option, so you can get all your stuff back and try again if you die in a dungeon. If all of that still isn't good enough for you then you have two options. 1) Wildcard is hiring! If you think you can do their job better than they can, good for you, go ahead and try to prove it to them. Or option 2) Go play another game that is built for players like you, who "don't want difficulty" (like Minecraft for example) and can get instant access to all content. I have a feeling your going with Minecraft, so have fun with that chump, as clearly this game isn't meant for you. Although now that I think about it, I guess you'll be mad with that too, as there's things you can do on PC/console Minecraft that you can't on mobile. Shocking I know. In regards to your second to last sentence, ALL devs of ANY game have to select which issues are the most pressing, and deal with those first...DUH! They don't have all the time in the world, hence they can't do everything. They can't fix every bug, add all the content that users want to PC, Xbox, PS4, and Mobile, and still work on Genesis. In ANY game EVER, all content goes to PC first, then console, then mobile last, let alone a free mobile edition. Back off the devs. They're working their butts off, just to give us a more enjoyable gaming experience.Your SLIGHT inconvenience on the FREE mobile app is the LEAST of their worries. And this is ALL without even mentioning what is going on in the world right now. Have some empathy, and kindly keep your MINOR annoyances --with the game we all love-- to yourself.
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    To be fair if the playerbase would stop breaking the game by duping and going out of the way to find new exploits the servers would run smoother.
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    Servers are back up, but now all tek engrams are missing. I just... dunno Maybe I should call it a wasted Friday and just go to sleep. In the morning this will have all been a bad dream.
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    They censored the name Karen Did y’all really censor Karen? I can’t name one of my Dino’s That name. If it’s true, geez man... that’s really dumb...
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    I think I took like 6 or 7, got tired of breeding the sloths. And I typically heal "during" the fun, my theory is that hopefully everyone makes it out, or if Iv underestimated and trying to makes sure that we make it out of the arena alive. Sides, its no big deal to roll in on the backside of everyone, use all the reserves the pig has, take a step back and devour whats in the inventory for another roll up. Now with that said, mom was on one of the yutys doing the roaring. So the plan is still implemented the same as a megatherium setup, just with a little variety. The yuty's wasn't as high as I was hoping, wanted them over 8k health, I think. The one I gave to mom however was nearly 20k.....literally spent every single point in health and nothing else.
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    What a way to celebrate your 5th anniversary. instead of gathering joy you are causing extreme grief with this negligence. The person rolling out the patch seriously need to be punished
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    I think its good time to find another game that dont waste our time and not spoil our blood.
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    For PVP the ptera, fast picker. Easy to get in tight spaces, the barrel role attack once mastered is lethal. PVE a solid weight and mele Argy and doedic is all you need for a while.
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    If only Wildcard didn't already have your money.........
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    Not sure that FPS drop when rendering a base is actually lag. Seems everything is just lumped together and called lag.
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    I am not one for tek, but the idea has merit. As it is as I have little interest in most of the tek items as far as weapon and armor, but a tek bow? That could be a little fun.
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    100% agree. This is actually a line of conversation that we have has several times over the last few days on the server I play on. We all like and fully utilize the wing-suits constantly. They are the best when not using tek to slow falls and travel distances from a height. However, they do severely cut out on on the number of full costumes you can wear with them. Either adding them as you have described as an accessory, as their own suit piece that can then have a skin applied to it, or the allowance of stacking costumes and skins on top of them are the other three methods I can think to make it happen at the moment. Though I honestly prefer your described method. It could not only fix the issue with wearing skins, but work as an expansion of sorts to the character that could be used if other items were later added to the game.
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    Hello, If you are coding in a griffin and simply want to apply imprinting to it, this is an admin command that will allow you to do so: admincheat SetImprintQuality <Percentage> The <Percentage> for a 100% imprint is "1", and as such would look like this: admincheat SetImprintQuality 1 Now it doesn't always show on the creatures screen that it is imprinted, but you will know it has been applied when its health suddenly drops a percentage. Hit it more than once and you will start stacking imprinting. I have also noticed that it will sometimes have a delay, so I will step back before attempting it again. Hope it helps.
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    I think we still have to wait a bit more until someone advances an x Dino line to lvl 450+.
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    You would be wrong, on some levels and right on others. The technology used to process and render mesh is dated, ask any of the devs, and it does cause an excessive amount of lag depending on the activity on the server and what's out and standing there. Is it the end all be all of why the servers perform that way? nope. But it heavily contributes. I'm not saying we can't through development improve the situation, but the decision to design a mesh renderer that uses variants that are dependent on the individual causes complications on real time rendering.
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    Did you submit a support ticket appealing the ban?
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    we are tired, it is modest to say 30s to stop every 5min. sometimes 1 minute late. Often, when we return, we die of antimesh because, when we return, we are off the map. we die, we lose rare items and dinos we work on for days. wildcard, look at us and put yourself in our place.
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    guys i dont know how quoting works in response to dinobros2000 ive been playing ark since moblie came out (i dont realy play moble because i now play ps4 )
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    Yes it should also increase the insulation.
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    Tek Light = Greenhouse Effect Vacuum Chamber Underwater Tek light could function as a greenhouse effect or perhaps not have fertilizer needed at all. Plants could grow off of the element fuel from tek generators powering the underwater bases. Either that or add a Tek Crop Plot engram to get rid of the chores caused by farming plots which should only be an early stage game struggle
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    Do you guys not understand that the fresh servers are only good at the beginning but will turn into the same garbage as all the others in some months? They don't lag now because there are nearly no structures on them but it will look different in a few months from now. Is the solution to wipe the servers every few months? I'm not a fan of getting my progress wiped and starting all over again. That's also why I don't play games like Diablo 3 or Path of Exiles because the seasons render all your reached progress useless and everyone has to start over, wow so fun, doing the same thing over and over again every few months. Some people may enjoy this kind of system but I would bet that the overwhelming majority of ARK players do not enjoy getting everything wiped and starting over. I said this before but official servers can't handle the numbers if they get older and people build up. What could help are harder restrictions, lower dino numbers, lower structure count numbers. A really big help for everyone who isn't hogging the whole map would also be to set the structure limit to the whole tribe instead instead of just the area for a single building. Give each tribe something like a 15-35k structure limit whatever the current number is and prevent them from building 10 gigantic bases on different locations. The dino limit can be way lower now without cryo cooldown and with cryoballs and fridges. Everything I said is merely for PVE where the majority of the playerbase is. No one needs more than 200 dinos outside of their cryos. PS: Just a reminder that some months ago some idiot complained here that Wildcard wiped half of his base. He cheated the structure limit and was even proud that his gigantic pile of garbage managed to crash the server multiple times. Such people are not rare on ARK, selfish pricks who hog gigantic areas or put 500 dinos on display because it looks nice.
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    Zero chances. But let's just imagine that the devs. actually took the challenge to upgrade the engine, then it would most likely take them some years and it would feature even more bugs. Let's just face it, that the devs. behind ARK is not the most competent in the game industry.
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    You see a lot of crappy ridiculous requests but this one “I thought” was truly viable and worth the devs looking into
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    That's exactly what I was thinking.
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    Completely agree...not a wasteful request...good call
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    So I tried to translate your words but I think you need to up your meds playing a game for 6 months and still thinking you should get a refund.
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    Yet you can shout N***** in game chat all day and don’t get Banned #logic
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    Just to provide some clarity surrounding the new creature. It'll be found on Crystal Isles on PC, and on Console it will be available on the other maps (list TBD). Once we've released Crystal Isles on Consoles, we'll be adjusting its spawn so it's found there instead. Whilst the map needs some additional time to get it ready on console, the creature will be ready and we didn't want to hold it back. Plus with the launch of CI, we'll still get some new Wyvern variants which'll be fresh at the time.
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    If I understand correctly, that means that the new dinosaur will not be specific to Crystal Isles, since Crystal Isles will be only available on PC on June 4th.
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    Greetings Survivors! June 2020 will mark the 5th Anniversary of ARK: Survival Evolved, and what an amazing five years it’s been! We have some special treats planned to commemorate the occasion with our fantastic community! We’ll be celebrating this momentous milestone with multi-week long revelries which will include a special birthday in-game event, the arrival of a new dinosaur, and the initial rollout of the one-of-a-kind experience of the expansive Official “ISO: Crystal Isles” map! Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ??????? Here’s a little teaser of our new real-world dinosaur primed to make its dizzying mark upon the skies on June the 4th across all platforms! Can you guess what it is??! Crystal Isles Crystal Isles is a stunning, other-worldly map filled with a vibrant display of teeming life scattered amidst its varied landscapes, awe-inspiring floating islands, and breathtaking biomes. Ever since Crystal Isles launched as a mod in 2016, its fantasy appeal has secured its place as one of the most popular maps within the ARK community and we’re thrilled to bring it to players as a fully supported free DLC. Crystal Isles will initially launch for PC on June the 4th, with an Xbox and PS4 launch coming later this summer as the team continues to hunker down and iterate on the console version. We hear you on the Crystal Wyverns and they’ll certainly be making their tameable appearance on the Isles! Anniversary Event! And finally, we’ll be donning our party hats and celebrating with a time-honored in-game event commencing on all platforms on June 4, featuring Party Dodos, interactive cakes, new chibis & surprises, and dazzling unicorns frolicking on rainbows. Yes, really! It’s been an incredible journey over the last 5 years filled with so many unforgettable memories and we can’t wait to celebrate with you once more! Eggcellent Adventure Winners! There were so many amazing entries we found it hard to choose just one winner from each category so we’ve decided to award more prizes. Grand Prize: 100$, plus a copy of the Genesis Season Pass and a special ARK Goodie bag! butwhytho Congratulations, what an epic creation! Winners: 100$ prize each! DodoPandora AlannahJay101 Mitharen Runners up: 50$ prize each! Amitaya1982 MagmaMage Thank you for all your creative entries! Steam Sale: Explorers Edition (75% Off) Want to introduce your friends to the world of ARK? Right now, the ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition Bundle is available for 75% off on Steam! The Explorer's Edition gives you access to the base game as well as the Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction Expansion Packs. Go grab your copy now! EVO Event As mentioned in an earlier post, we've enabled 2x XP, taming, breeding, and harvest. We'll continue to run these rates for the time being as a gesture towards our community as we all deal with the isolation and stress during these tough times. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past five years and we couldn’t have done it without your love and support. Thank you! Stay safe and take care! Studio Wildcard Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    GMDiscriminating against Chinese players(歧视中国玩家)
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    The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
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    or Simply Made the Whole Stuff on an Cloudebase Server where all Character Datas is save like in any other MMO where u can switch ur characters if u need and chouse what server u want to join or something similair
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    if players just spam pillars to block your base/path just report them - GM's will get rit of them, but pillars protect you on official Servers - so not every tard can "box-you-in". Like: You build a base and there are 2 pathes to walk out/in with your dinos… And prob. a troll join the server and just "gate you in" (the "box-you-in" moment). For new players it's annyoing (y ofc.. everyone want to build on the nice spots), but for Players who played 1000 of Hours its's a protection
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    Might surprise some of you, but some PvE players actually like and get attached to our things and don’t view the game as a death arena.
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