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    Migrating the servers to Chinese datacenters so they have less lag
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    I LOST HOPE. Worst Developers I've ever met in any game. The Developers of ARK is the worst I've ever met in any game. They will never Repair their servers, instead they will give you new maps, which will not be playable in few months like other maps. They didn't even care about our reports/tickets. They will never address your report/ticket. They will write you email saying that they are closing it. Server lags in every 3 mins for the last 1 year, Crashing occurs every 15 mins. They still saying that it is playable. If you look at the total server crash in 1 day, You will get the picture about being playable. btw I play on EU-PVE-Valguero517. Only thing i can say to the Dev's is to "Go raptor Yourself". How can u still be called as a Dev if you can't fix servers?
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    @Dinobros2000most server lag like crazy even with just 10-20 people on them. 100-200 ping is the standard on every Ragnarok and on a lot of extinction and island servers. Valguero servers have also become unplayable if there are 20+ daily players on them and those severs are pretty new. Some servers even lag with less than 10 people on them. Random and heavy ping spikes all the time are nearly always there. You won't be able to play some minutes without some random lag spike. If big bases are such a big issue for this game, limit the players on official servers, if many dinos are an issue, limit the amount. No older server PVE can handle 70 players on them,. Even empty servers as you often see in PVP with just a couple bases become unplayable if a bigger raid starts and 50+ players go to that pretty structure vise empty server. They need to drastically reduce some numbers on official, even if it limits the players it would benefit the whole community. There doesn't seem to be any other cheap way to handle this issue. The solution could have been an ARK 2 but Wildcard/Snail Games shot themselves in the foot with ATLAS. So there is nothing else to be done, sadly.
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    Lol so when is Genesis Part 2 going to be released or how about some new information on it? Will we get it before the next generation of consoles come out which is starting in October of this year? You clowns have not mentioned Part 2 since you failed to make the Part 1 deadline last year. This is the number one reason to wait before you buy, thrilled i didn't buy it lol, looking forward to playing crystal isle on console this winter because I can only assume that's when it will launch on consoles lol.
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    Hey! I'm the developer of Dododex. Dododex's breeding information is all up to date. I'm currently working on a revamp of the Breeding Calculator, turning it into a breeding timer, and then I'll be adding foods (trough calculator) and imprinting features soon after. Here's a mockup of the upcoming Dododex breeding timer! More to come!
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    To be fair if the playerbase would stop breaking the game by duping and going out of the way to find new exploits the servers would run smoother.
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    If we were to have a furniture TLC, what would you like to see? For me, some of the things are: Metal/modern and tek/futuristic tiers for tables, benches and chairs. Metal/modern doesn't mean that the furniture has to be out of metal, but rather that they have a more modern look so that they fit into a more modern or a metal house. Similarly, tek/futuristic doesn't mean they need to be of the same material as the tek parts (although it could be cool) but that they have a more futuristic look and fit the aesthetic of a tek house. Underwater lamps. Ceiling lamps. Modern/metal tier single bed. Now, there only options are a ratty looking bed on the floor or a bunk bed. I'd like to have a proper bed on legs, maybe even a double bed version (or that they can be put together to make a double bed. Different frames for paintings (and even better if there were paintings of different sizes!) Table lamps. Maybe a torch and a modern lamp that can be placed on a table. Like a standing torch but half or less than half the height. All creatures drop trophy. Or let the dermis double as a trophy when putting it in a trophy mount instead. That way, we could cover our walls with Trike heads we liked. Simple wooden cross for graves. Let me explain why When I start out, I often want to keep a record of tames that die, but they start dying before I get to the headstone. It'd be cool if there was a very simple gravestone, like a wooden cross, that you could craft early (and pick up and move!). End tables: maybe slightly lower than the current table and square. I'm trying to think of the simplest things that would do the most. For me, that's a little bit more to choose from when it comes to the furniture we already have, but I'm also missing light and wall coverings. Especially more in terms of wall coverings would do the world of difference, I think, since it's so customiseable it would go a long way of making bases look less like all clones of each other.
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    got a response. devs are aware and working on a fix
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    They aren't like normal wyverns. Not apex.
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    Introducing the Crystal Golem: Lava golem size with a single large crystal coming out of its back, and several from its joints (elbows, shoulders etc) like tonfas. Thinking Neon pinks and deep purples in colour. Ground slam attack that causes crystals to shoot up from the ground and can knock back dinos. Chucks large boulders with crystals protruding from them, with a chance to cause bleeding debuf. Any other ideas?
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    Completely true. Same with small family and friends servers.
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    10 day release window? Dude, you need to chill and think before you post. Winter lasts for 3 months. Therefore, Winter 2020 runs from 21st Dec 2020 to 20th Mar 2021. Just because they started selling the season pass in Fall of 2019 doesn't mean that Part 1 was complete and Part 2 nearly finished. Why would it make you think Part 2 was nearly finished? It's project development, they have a timeline for development, which they provided you with by saying Winter 2020.
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    Really? How many developers have you actually met? In how many different games? Name them. I'm guessing none. You want server support? Go find a game with a subscription plan. Those games have the resources to staff and maintain servers. I'm willing to bet your PVE server is absolutely crowded with ridiculous bases, probably hogging incredible amounts of server resources. You think the Unreal Engine 4 was designed to handle all of this, including the server architecture issues? HA! How many of the problems in ARK are engine related? How many identical issues can you see in other Unreal 4 games? Take a guess. Then hazard a guess as to how many people use the Unreal 4 engine in their games without fully mastering the code. The problems you face are non-existent on single player. Free servers. How is a company able to employ people to police servers when said servers generate no money? Of course the developers don't respond. Would you? Why subject yourself to such nonsense.
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    So according to your BS wildcard will have a ten day window to release in winter 2020 given the first day of winter is December 21st. Also that they announced part 1 and 2 and began charging for genesis back in fall of 2019, would leave you to believe that part 1 was complete and part 2 was nearly finished. Honestly if you couldn't give out any new information you could have just kept quiet. You are on here to keep the forum running and to keep potty language off not to start pissing matches with patrons of this site.
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    I have 3 members looking to join a tribe on the island. 2 of us are experienced the other is new. We would just like to be able to progress without getting wiped every other day. discord: Marsh420#0438
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    most of the traps i see are the ramps. and i use them weather i can open the doors or not tame them then cryo them.
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    Before using your very first post on here to asking whether someone can read, you should first fully understand the post you are responding to. Crystal Isles is releasing on 4th June on PC Steam ONLY and will be coming to other platforms at a later date. This is why Elgar asked about the new dino being exclusive or not to Crystal Isles. @Elgar if you are not already aware, the new dino will be spawning on other maps on console as of 4th June, until Crystal Isles is released on console. At that point the dino will then revert to being an exclusive spawn on Crystal Isles.
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    There are plenty of well-run unofficial communities out there. Something for everyone. It just takes a bit of effort on your part to find the right community for you.
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    Not sure why people keep saying your dinos phased through the walls, although that does happen its obviously not what happened to you here. Your dinos can absolutely use your jump pad without you riding it. I have watched it happen, and it was basically advertised as being able to do that before genesis came out. They eluded to being able to setup an elaborate trap system where you could lure a dino to the jump pad which could shoot it from pad to pad till its dropped into your trap setup somewhere. Also Im sure the pin coding is so other people outside of the tribe can not change the settings on the jump pad and has nothing to do with being able to actually use it if its on.
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    I guess you've missed the last few months of patchnotes where they have been working on exploits.
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    Troodons are friends, and friends don't lie. Troodons eyes and megas sleep cycle are the "official" start and end of night. My megas wake up at the same moment my troodons eyes start to glow.
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    Go to the surface at 5 30pm and you won’t get roasted. I always start drop hunting at 6pm on abb, and I always go back at 4 am. Never been roasted. Ofc other map maybe different but that’s it for abb
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    When shooting webs: Left click shoots one web, right click shoots two. When swinging: Holding left click swings you in the direction you are looking, and will reel you in if you are looking at your web. Holding right click reels you in between your two webs like a slingshot. To break web: Press X, or jump/double jump. To latch on to surface: Hold down space bar DURING reeling in to surface. At end of web, your stalker should latch on to surface. Be careful not to hold/press jump after you have latched on, or you will jump off. To walk onto surface: Hold shift while walking from ground to wall. To parachute slowly in air: Hold C. You can double jump repeatedly in a direction while holding C to slowly move through the air. Practically, I find the best way is always to use right click to pull/slingshot yourself in the direction you want to go. Aim at a high point, right click and hold down to pull yourself, then jump right at the top to break the web and keep your momentum. Repeat to keep web slinging!
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    I need members dont matter about experience we all have a good base knowledge to this game and we are happy to teach you tips and tricks or explain the whole game to you we just need active players to help grow the tribe and become well known and get to that point where we can go griff anyone and not get raptored. we are like 16+ players about 6 to 8 active all day just need more and more people. Must be 18+ not a retard please thanks! add me on Discord ( Recruiting BOT#5835 )
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    We are unable to transfer off 107 for like a month now, wild card plz look into this thanks.
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    I mentioned to a [][][][] tribe to perhaps scale back the 2 full map squares of land they claimed yesterday, (I was super nice about it) and they literally acted like I pissed in their cornflakes and punched their dog.. Some people need to be restricted, and can't be relied upon to do the right thing.
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    Alright, thanks, this weekend, I’m going to mass raise a bunch of ovis.
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    THank you for all your hard work!!! I have to say its my 3rd most used app on my phone. Keep on being awesome!
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    yeah, like a crystal boss? something along that line would be nice also, maybe some crystal minions like rockwell did with the aberration creatures
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    Why am I getting a "pending approval" on my forum suggestions? Have you lost your minds? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of suggestions if it run through a moderators opinion first? Then it is not my suggestion but the moderator's suggestion. You took all power out of my hands and gave it to the forum mods. That is not policing. That is infringement of rights. If the moderator does not like my ideas they can kill it before it ever reaches public opinion. This is a communist act.
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    I laugh everytime I read a post with someone talking about PVP and how broken it is. I can't believe people actually play that mode.
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    I've seen 4 (different ones) on official genesis, playing since release. Haven't spend too much time in the ocean. So you have just got unlucky. However they seem to have better spawns now, the spawns were messed up for a long time.
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    TLC 3 please! Congrats on the anniversary. My mate and I got Ark on the 9th of June 2015 and started in the east coast beach area before it became a swamp area. We managed to level to around the low twenties and decided to scout for our first raptor tame. After venturing into the jungle we accidentally found ourselves running away from a level 3 female carno. I ended up crouching with my back against a boulder close by, trying to injure it in a panic with my primitive bow without realising tranq arrows were loaded on my bow. To my surprise I knocked it out and so for the next three in game days we scrambled around farming raw meat and narco berries frantically hoping to tame this beast even though we were far from able to craft a saddle for it. With a happy ending we managed to tame it and we were elated and got it to follow us home. Ark is still special to us.
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    Anyone who pillors too much should have account banned and tribe wiped
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    if you are playing pvp, then nowhere is safe if you are playing pve or single player, then everywhere is safe as long as you build with metal (although...…. don't hit the titanosaur)
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    I understand why people pillar, I am saying that the reason they do that is so that ONE tribe of like 30 people doesn't spend 2 days making 20k pillars and then ZOOM onto a brand newserver and pillar the WHOLE thing by importing the pillars and dinos to do it. Putting off imports allows people to establish themselves first.
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    When out of the water the Megacheleon passively produces a huge amount of rare flowers and rare mushrooms in its inventory.
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    Yeah it will be awesome for a week, then the pvp crybabys will start and by week 2 it will be nerfed.
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    It is easy enough to build a pen under them. The under structure should be built prior to placing the platform though. I did mine as a 16x16 set of foundations with Pillars on top to the top of the water. After, place the platform over that. This is the tough part as you have to get it right the first time when placing.
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    I have been having this issue sporadically for a long long time. I have noticed recently that it only happens to me if I change any graphic settings in game or alt+tab to desktop and back. I do not have the issue at all if i do neither of the above. So, no dashboarding and no changing settings in game. If I need to change settings, I change them, then leave and re-join game. Hoping somebody can try this and see if it helps them as it has completely stopped the issue for me, no changes to my rig. Specs: i5 6600k 16gb ram GTX 970 4gb
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    After reading all that, I feel like I just watched two guys beat the poop out of each other with calculators.
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    Was your door pin-coded? That mainly happens with specifics structures. Especially the ones that were released early development and never polished. Stone Behemoth gates are a good example. Most of their settings are wrong and incorrectly scaled from the dino gateway. From the placement particle effect: To the snap points (although hard to demonstrate in a screenshot, you can see it is snapping from the size of a small gateway): And since you can stack unlimited amount of gateway at the same location, as you can see in the following screenshot I placed 63 without moving: It is safe to assume they are also using the wrong collision size for some aspects of the game. I used to have a large stone base with behemoth gates as walls and we were constantly having wild creatures inside (especially raptors). Once we upgraded to metal ones, we no longer had any issue. Either way, there is also a gap on the right side of the gate because the snap point is not properly centered. This is the right side: This is the left: Turrets are also constantly shooting through these cracks, and when a structure is not loaded in, the AI engine along with the client prediction seems to only make minimal detection and if you can move forward in a straight line, you go through no issue. I used to aim for that crack with a wyvern while waiting for the base to render and quite often I was passing through without having to open the gate. For basically the same reason that if you trap a wild creature using pillars and re-render, it will clip out because the minimal ray-tracing detected that it was able to move in a straight line. Some of the regular doors also have that gap and you can easily pass through while rendering especially if you are sprinting with the tek pants. Metal door: Stone door: Giant hatchframes are also known to let stuff pass through, even with the trap. If you build a roof using them mixed with ceilings and try to walk on them with a large creature, you will see there is gaps where you seem to fall or walk on uneven terrain where the frames are snapped to the ceilings just like if the collision was slightly off. I know for a fact that I've had to free players from the last floor of my base multiple times because they passed through them. Or you could simply try to land on them with a wyvern and you will see it will attempts to land underneath. If they were more than one player, then this is also possible the one inside simply dropped bags near a wall and another player outside used a whip to collect the bags. Whips are ignoring structures, and players have been using them to steal incubating fertilized eggs that are close to walls and that, since they have been released with SE years ago. EDIT: This is also possible they simply used cryopods. I've just tested and you can throw pods through the cracks I mentioned above to get dinos on the other side and ride them: Yes, if there is creatures covering them then they will be inaccessible. The teleporters are a completely different mechanism though, as they are not even using pin-codes.
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    Pin-codes are generally not secure as there have been automated macros to crack them being shared around for ages. There is only 9999 possible combinations, and even with the ~1 minute CD between failed attempts that was implemented, people are still patient enough to run them. If a large tribe see a tek storage that contains hundreds thousands dust, you can be sure that they will come 4-5 players each running different range and crack it in no time. Once they found the pin of this storage, they will use it on other storages around as people usually use the same pin for everything. There is really a need for more secure ways to prevent pin-codes from being cracked. Having the ability to set passwords instead could potentially be the best way. Most people use pin-codes because unlocking structures by accident is way too easy. As soon as there is some sort of obstruction, the option becomes [Unlock] instead of [Access Inventory]. As I posted into a similar thread a few months ago: I think it would be great if the unlock option was requiring to hold for a second or two like it is for the demolish one. EDIT: I just tested to pin-code a storage and leave the tribe in singleplayer and turns out the CD is actually shorter than I thought. I thought it was ~1 minute, but it seems to be ~20 seconds. Which means that a solo player attempting to crack a pin-code would need ~56 hours at most. If they are 5 players, they would crack a pin-code in ~12 hours. Of course, this is the maximum time they would need. For example, if you have a storage pin-coded with 6532, and there is 5 players testing all the combinations from 0000, 2000, 4000, 6000 and 8000, the fourth player would crack your code in 532 attempts which actually means under 3 hours. I knew it was easy, but not that bad. There is definitely a need to make that mechanism more secure. Here is some ideas: Remove the temptation by hiding the resource type and amount displayed on the TEK Storage from non-tribe players. If they don't know what is in, they won't be tempted to camp it. Make it so that as soon as someone issue the wrong code, nobody can attempt to issue a code for a good minute on that specific storage. That way they cannot go in gang to crack codes in less time. Make it so that if the same player fail to enter the right code multiple times on the same day, they are restricted from accessing that specific storage for 24 hours even with the right code. That way you make it so that brute-forcing a code would take them months if not years. As previously mentioned, make it so that players can use alphabetical-numerical passwords instead of 4 digits pin-codes. Remove the need for pin-code in most cases by adding a per-storage "unlocked for alliances" option.
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    Somebody was able to empty your pin coded storage? There's still an open bug on the locking feature for PVE.
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    They should do something about duping rather than just letting all players suffer.
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