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    Bro, I'm sorry to say, but you have no idea how to make a review. I marked quotes, where you are positive about this map and also these parts, where you dislike it. So you say that new items are very nice, creatures are various and unique, music is great and map has many awesome looking places. However, it is kinda dull and boring because of only one biome existing. And the story lacks a proper ending. Tons of pros with a few cons. Score: 1/5, avoid at all cost. Really? Like... really? People who play ARK for a long time already visited Scorched Earth and were excited during their first days on the desert. And people who just start their adventure with ARK will be satisfied with Scorched Earth, because it's something unique to The Island. Scorched is quite small map, that's the fact, but as long as you explore it without using fun-ruining flyers, it suddenly becomes huge and dangerous. There's no point in comparing SE to Ragnarok, because Ragna's desert is huge, empty and boring (I'm still disappointed that they wasted 1/4 of a map). SE is different. Better. Worth its price then, when I first bought it, and now, when a newbie thinks about purchasing it.
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    After almost 2 years of constant breeding, every larger group now has incredibly mutated dinos that are nowhere close to what the game was originally balanced around. This means that dinos like Rhinos or Therizinosaurs deal much more damage and are much harder to kill than they were 1.5 years ago when the game released. Politically, the game is currently very stale, with alliances constant, no big conflicts and many people leaving the main cluster for others clusters or other games for a fresher and more exciting experience. A wipe would easily reset breeding back to its original state and bring these dinos back down to what they were originally, and bring back many players that have left over the last year. edit: im talking (mostly) about the Official PvP network, non-legacy, main cluster)
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    Hi LoadedCrysis here, Who remembers the days of early access? When we would get New Dinosaurs on the PC and Console every single month? Well I have thought of a really awesome idea that would defiantly be one step to growing Ark even more and bringing fresh content constantly to the game. So I believe there is already a lot of Dinosaurs in Ark survival evolved, which is great, but i think there are a lot of dinos that are not used that much anymore or are just a bit boring, especially if your someone like me who has played the game for over 3 years. It would be fantastic to see some new Dinos, but If its not possible just to keep adding new dinos on top of the old ones (maybe due to memory issues or something) then why not vault some of the less popular ones and bring in fresh new dinosaurs to take there place, similar to how fortnite vaults old guns and bring in new ones. I just feel like the game needs something new every month or so and something that gets us survivors excited because change can always great. On top of this us survivors can always look forward to other bigger projects you guys work on, such as new maps, DLC's or new fun game modes but enjoy the smaller changes in the meantime. If New Dinos couldn't work, then maybe a TLC until all the Dinosaurs are fully up to date? Let me know what you guys think, Thanks for the chance to let us share our suggestions, LoadedCrysis
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    You mean server restart not update, servers are forever crashing so a lot more chance than just waiting for updates.
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    Yes, that can be seen even on in-game map. It's clearly unfinished and lacks of details. That's why comparing Ragnarok with SE is pointless.
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    That's because Rag was only like 75-80% finished, when they just stopped and said its done.
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    Our ferox's has been sitting in Cryofridge collecting dust since day 1... I don't even care about using them anymore, because of how bugged they have been
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    Make spawn commands shorter I was thinking we could make spawn commands shorter. Like make it just the creature´s name. Like "summontamed moschops" It would make things alot simpler.
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    Add nigersaurus Nigersaurus is a medium sauropod the size of a diplodocus but shorter. It has 500 teeth. Nigersaurus is capable of running at high speeds due to it´s small size compared to other herbivores. It eats from palm trees and lives on the beach. Nigersaurus can be tamed and support a small platform. It also has the ability of a moschops, it can be taught to harvest certain things, but only things that do not come from creatures, including wood, thatch, sap, fiber, and seeds. Also berries and veggies. The nigersaurus also has a strong beak, allowing it to crush right through storage boxes and vaults, making it a good raid creature. Overall a beast of burden combined with a moschops and a raid dino.
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    So damaging over time, dot?
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    Shadows on local multiplayer (ps4) Fix the shadow bug in local multiplayer for the ps4 it makes buying your dlc a waste of my time and money
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    up the range of the tek railgun as the title says up the range on the tek railgun, it's a sniper right? Then give it the range of a sniper because right now the normal tek rifle has a better range...
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    Add gorgosaurus Gorgosaurus is a medium but not small theropod carnivore that likes to eat large amounts of meat. It´s scales are smooth and it has almost crocodilian scales on it´s back and head. Gorgosaurus lives in packs of 2 to 4 and is capable of hunting massive sauropods with it´s sharp claws and teeth. It would be a good tame because it lives in packs and it has a passive bonus:It gains xp faster as it kills more creatures. 1 creature killed equals a permanant 1% xp boost which stacks as you kill more. Could be in a future dlc or an update to the island.
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    Add tek wyverns the tek wyvern is a mechanical version of the wyvern. It shoots blue plasma beams which incinerate prey. Just your garden variety tek creature.
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    yep! I think my first anky was a lvl 6 or something, very pitiful melee stat. Almost got the same amount of metal that my metal pick did. After 20 lvl's, and all the points in melee, I was getting 3-4 times as much. In fact, this is true for all tames.....if you got a theiz for wood, more melee damage = more wood Bronto for berries, more melee = more berries. Mosschops for organic polymer, more melee = more organic polymer. With that said, some tames have a special harvesting stat that can also be added AFTER the normal stat. Mosschops and theiz is prime examples. These additional points can be put into specific areas to help with certain harvesting. The mosschops literally has an additional bonus specifically for organic polymer. However the theiz doesn't have specific areas to improve on, just general areas of improvement. Gentle harvesting and power harvesting. So build your tame accordingly
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    Can we get the S+ Item Collector added to main game? We seriously need a break from poop collections. Please add to game. I've played for two years now and the eggs and poop collecting is my only beef. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Mod:Structures_Plus/S%2B_Item_Collector
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    Have you seen the carnos fingers they at disgusting but no disrespect to the devs
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    On aberration, I find the benefits are not on every point spent. It goes up on a graph like steps, some points spent do nothing or even worse you get less, but then a couple points later you see a bump up, then a few points spent nothing , then a bump up.... I took averages of 100 swings at each point spent on top of an imprinted ab anky on 2x. I even did a test run at various stages on 1x to see if it averaged out occasionally and each time I got results that were predictable. I haven't tested above 1200 yet, but I run ones w/ over 1400% and i get more w/ those than i do w/ one at 700%. Certain nodes like the element ore gives you quite a few different materials, I think* that reduces how much you can get on any one of those materials, that's why it works better to take more swings at an element ore node as you just get more chances to get some. I found a good 20% more ore w/ just a primative pick over one i had over 200% damage. I'd see much more ore if i got it from the higher damage pick, but i got less overall because quite a few nodes just dropped no ore. For the OP , hand tools will always pale in comparison to animals except a few tiny exceptions. High damage picks in the hands of a mantis is how we farm element on extinction. Doeds, ankys are the main tools, but they all have their strong suits and it isn't always consistent which is used when. like on aberration, doeds are fine for green and blue gems, but you have to use an anky for the red ones or a pick., maybe the new mining drill would be usefull i dunno.
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    That's not a solution to the balance issues, we have already addressed your reply. Come up with a solution then do the hard part, which is getting WC to implement it.
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    Depending on metal node you are mining ankylos have same thing as with picks. You get more with less melee. Especially on those bright yellow rich nodes. In my tests you get more metal out of it if it takes 2 swings to smash than one hitting it. On normal metal nodes you gain tiny bit more from every increase of melee after certain point. So there is dimishing returns on metal nodes.
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    I have good news, finally! On Sunday I finally, finally popped that last rex I needed. We are now sitting ugly with a base bloodline hatching with 20k HP and 608 melee. Imprinted we end up with 24k HP and 727 melee. By contrast, my very first generation of boss rexes that saw me all the way through gamma Dragon maxed out at 35k HP and 600 melee. These rexes have a total of 45 mutations, hatching at a base level well over 300 and have honestly far exceeded my expectations from when I started this SP run a year ago. I spent the rest of my Sunday hatching rexes. I raised 30ish of them, honestly I lost count after awhile. I'm not hatching 50 of them because I still have plenty of previous gen rexes hanging around that I can still use. The 5 that survived the Beta/Alpha Dragon and the rest from my first generation army. I'm literally going to throw all of them at the Overseer, along with my 2 bred yutys Grito and Rira. Not going to bother bringing either of my pigs in since I'm solo. Just going to be me, the yutys and as many rexes as I can cram through the door of the Tek cave. It seems so close and yet so far. I have my final army, but I only salvaged a handful of saddles from the remnants of the Dragon army. So I need to make dozens of extremely expensive saddles, not to mention level up the rexes, and I still need to farm for Tek armor and the last few tribute items I need. Plus actually setting up the FOB on the volcano to get ready for the final assault. I'm just going to go all in on Alpha, I don't feel like doing this one 3 times. I just want to move on to the next map. I've had it since the day it released and I have never even set foot on Scorched Earth. For now, as of today I've finished raising all the rexes, they're all fully imprinted of course. I think leveling is probably the last thing I'm going to do since I can take advantage of the passive exp gain.
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    These 2 theories sound like great leaps... Arat Prime is confirmed to be on the other side of the Earth from the Extinction City. Plus it looks like the station crashed. That's kind of a leap too, but it DID brace for impact with the covering of the window.
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    Yes. It does increase what you get if you pump melee. The rewards for this have been muted by the developers but there is still a gain by pumping melee over 1k so far as my testing has shown. If you farm metal as a duo, kark rider can toss the Anky and rider to the metal so weight is not needed. Pure melee is best for farming metal as a duo, solo farming you should switch to a magma, but as a duo anky and kark will still be king.
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    A tribemate of mine had this exact same issue - His wiped, mines didnt. So im sitting on 122 completed, and he's on 3 (yet scoreboard still shows him on the other 119 missions) Admin seems to think its corrupted player save; as your players stats/engrams etc are saved client side on your own pc. run a diagnostics; or just re-do the missions. It sucks, but there's no fix ive found so far. Also, you'll lose the Tek Skiff engram randomly btw after getting it. i've lost it 3 times (Ran gamma, got skiff engram, made skiffs) - lost the engram shortly after (a day or 2?) - Did beta, got it again... gone again.. Yeah. WC needs ta fix some things!
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    Arat Prime could be the part 2, After the simulation was defeated, I wouldn't be surprised if the corruption corrupted the space station, maybe the new map is the space station but with special features, teleported, small worlds, etc? Long shot, but maybe this is where we get to explore the Arks.
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    I noticed this aswell. I had 15 Golden stribes Megalodons swimming around in the ocean yesterday, nobody was doing mission and I haven't been doing it for a long time. Luckily it was a gamma mission, so it was easy kills. But yeah, I think they messed up something in the recent patch.... again.
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    I can promise you the map will be called arrat prime that much is pretty much certain, also tempted to say arrat prime is the space station in the sky on genesis, unsure why you can see it in the simulation when array prime is the real world control station for the arks
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    Fishing definitely needs a rework. At this point in time my version of "fishing" is to have my thyla walk though the lake and kill the fish it can catch. There needs to be something more to it and a way to upgrade your requirement and/or use the fish catchers from Primitive Plus
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    So I should be pumping melee into the anky because more melee means more metal?
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    Well, It took about 2 hours to finally fix my SP game. First, one of the updates since I last played reset all my settings again, grr. Second, I had to clean up yet another large pack of wandering hatched rexes. Then I logged back out, backed up my save file, and got to work. I ended up switching from S+ to Super Structures and having to go through and fix my ini files again too. And I did something I've been meaning to do for ages and added all of the level equalizers straight through Extinction so I won't have to worry about vanilla weighted levels for a long, long time. But it worked. My hatchery is working properly again and we are back in production for the final melee mutation I want on my rexes. I'm at 20+ on one side so progress has slowed considerably. Ended up hatching a male and raising him to put with my females, tripling egg production. No results yet but at least I can idle and collect eggs again, so we're officially back in business. Unfortunately that's literally it. I'm running into the same issue Saltire is, there just isn't anything interesting about popping hundreds of eggs. I know I could roll with the build I have but I'm stubborn and want that base 600% melee damage. I know it's not particularly impressive as far as rex lines go but I'm pretty proud of it right now. Even if my rexes are still ugly.
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    The following should happen: # backup cron 1/ A daily cron should run which automatically backs up every character # automatic restore cron 1/ A daily cron runs which checks for characters that have been lost 2/ Restores character automatically to last known official server if it doesn't exist. 3/ Automatically emails a survivor the character location and that a restore took place.
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    I just purchased them today and they never showed up. come on wildcard. let's make this right.
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    i've always wondered whether the tek transmitters flickering would induce a seizure. I'm not epileptic, but have extreme sensitivity to flickering lights, and I often have to turn off transmitters when not using them because the strobing and the reflection on the walls is headache inducing. that and also the electrical outlets.. I have to stuff them inside false walls and under floors so I don't get a headache from the flickering.
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    The Center is a joke. Lightning 🌩 is bad and has a bug that makes it stay even when the storm ends. Then we have a fog that literally feels like a seizure test. I have had seizures in the past but I am in control of the problem. The developers have known of this but they ignore it because of so many other problems. To me it’s a problem that needs a look at. Fly in the fog on the center really brings the problem home. Even if you don’t suffer with seizures, it’s an attack on the eyes. Turn the fog off please as it does nothing but hurt eyes and cause problems.
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    well that didn't resolve the issue... I can attach 1 wire to the generator, and after that, nothing else: let me guess, wildcards stance on this is "Working as intended"? seems kinda pointless to build a base on a ocean platform if you can't power anything....
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    Yes it only cost half or the cost to clone but needs the required amount to start the cloner
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    Not everybody is part of a huge tribe. The game has a single player mode, don't forget. And what about small tribes servers? It is pretty narrow sighted to think everybody HAS to participate in big tribes. It is unfair to a portion of the player base to suddenly have a boss that is impossible with s small group, or even solo. Other bosses have been possible without a big tribe. (and we are talking gamma boss in this thread... not alpha) Yes, thee tribe system is a big game mechanic. But, players have to be choosy about whom they trust. And its easier to build trust with a small group rather than a large one. There needs to be some balances to accomodate different play styles. Thats down to game design.
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    Good server! +1 early in the wipe still
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    rocks on top of cliffs in ocean biome
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    PC Mods really only change the colours of existing dinos and add special effects to them
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    TLC's are a must. 80% of the creatures on the game just don't get used even on PVE. Obvious ones like carnos and pteras that just look out of date and are pretty useless on PVE, but also stuff like mosa's and plesi's for people who want to be an underwater tribe are useless because they're scared of jellyfish. I'd rather see a new boosted mosa with a bigger platform capacity and unrivalled in the water than another robot
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    I agree with a lot of others, a big no to vaulting dinos for me. And a yes to more tlcs. Not sure how I feel about spreading the megalosaurus' mouth grab animation to all carnivores. I mean it doesn't really have much going for it already with the sleep thing it's got going on. And its mouth grab is amazing to watch from a distance. I say one snatch up a shinehorn. I'm never against new dinos, but I would want them to seem different from the ones we already have. I do genuinely believe it's possible to make most, if not all, of the less used dinos more useful. I agree with a lot of others, a big no to vaulting dinos for me. And a yes to more tlcs. Not sure how I feel about spreading the megalosaurus' mouth grab animation to all carnivores. I mean it doesn't really have much going for it already with the sleep thing it's got going on. And its mouth grab is amazing to watch from a distance. I say one snatch up a shinehorn. I'm never against new dinos, but I would want them to seem different from the ones we already have. I do genuinely believe it's possible to make most, if not all, of the less used dinos more useful. SE may not have a dino for gathering pearls, but it does have a whip which works pretty well. Plus I think you're forgetting the otter, they gather pearls I believe. Not as much as an angler, but still... I would like more underwater caves and stuff. Nothing people can build in, because if I timeout underwater, that will definitely be the last time I bother to go down there. But in general, more nooks and crannies to explore underwater.
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    I'd not kill any of the old dinos that "noone wants" because chances are that for each "useless" species there's a handful of people who loves them to pieces New dinos are always exciting, especially when they're DINOS like the Deino instead of made up alien creatures, but there's so many already and (at least in PvE) half of them have no real purpose or there are others that can do the same thing better, or species that are the only ones to use for certain things like anky to harvest metal or angler for pearls. So I think more TLCs would be awesome that add new use to the unwanted creatures and make them more interesting as well as to - maybe - create alternatives for anky & co. so you can choose which one you like better, a land/SE creature that can harvest pearls (like the ones on SE and in shallow water) etc.
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    I say vaulting would ruin the game because you would have to kill all of them on an official server and it would ruin the game, adding new tek creatures and TLCs to them would be awesome though
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