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  1. Should region lock servers. NA people on NA servers etc etc. Whenever there's box tribes its like clockwok the server starts to lag to poop and crash. I had a server suddenly light up with [][][][][][][][][] and then it lagged to poop then crashed for almost an entire day. Not even the first time that's happened
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  2. Servers now say 4x harvesting through the 21st.. But event says 2x everything.. Dare I hope tomorrow we get 4x everything?? Crossing fingers...
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  3. Also today we have a ping between 210 and 255... Imprints getting delayed: not even possible to do 2 imprints on a full day playing ark... This is becoming a bit unacceptable now if i may be honest... This is your new dlc for crying out loud. This should be your game where you attract ppl with in stead of scaring them off with this ping and state of the servers.. I seriously can't see why you are not taking action here as a dev team... @Cedric come on man, you always say you are listening to the players.. Show us some reaction so it results in playable servers....
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  4. They've boosted the current EVO rates due to the fact that a massive proportion of the global population are in lockdown and can't go outside socially. Doesn't really matter whether the breeding rates are higher before or during the event really.
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  5. Ya know, the cute little promos are just adorable... but not as cute as black screening on genesis only to log back in and your tame is gone. no record. nothing. gone. this game will violate your private place where you go number two.. just sayin. i will tell everyone this game is a ripoff oh wait thats right noone plays ark unless they are forced to stay home in quarantine
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