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    I'm a pvper? you haven't seen the kinds of malicious intentions on pve? are you that new to the game or just ignorant on what can griefers do in pve? let me enlighten you then 1) pillar spam with multiple account in alliance. very easy to do when you can transfer character out and make another to continue your work 2) bronto blocking. you can't kill them and a few of them can block all exits of your base. but of course they'll be smart enough to avoid making it a ticket-able issue 3) giga raid. air lifting wild gigas are the in thing. you'll never see it coming. 4) titan raid. more like a nuisance but still interesting enough to see. also will never see it coming since titans can clip. 5) teleporter raids. flawless. just warp whatever wild to wherever. cheap. 6) rocketing the wild you're tranq-ing. 7) following you around 24/7. including logging out at your human door. yea go ahead and drown them but they'll be back. and they'll increase in numbers. 8. argies can pick some wild dinos up in pve now. would be a shame to see a bunch of wild pegos randomly in your base 9) weaponised tickets. ever heard of the pillaring person gets reported but the reporter got wiped? its a thing. also don't expect gm to come in any time soon. takes about 2 weeks or so. 10) blocking beaver dams. 11) blocking all underwater caves. the ones with just pearls and oil. 12) last but not least, doing whatever you're doing but the opposite just to create enough attention and hindrance because they don't like you. call them cowards call them whatever. its not stopping them from being annoying and xenophobic. the actual most annoying ones are the people who buy this for their 9 year olds resulting in a lot of spam in global chat for "help me"
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    Can please fix aimbot? So many hackers
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    Dinosaur gates and ocean platforms. Also spider jumping. Metal and tek dinosaur doors cannot be placed inside the gate frame on the ocean platforms that are placed above deep ocean trenches. You get the message "you are too high above ground". Placement acts super weird and lets you place it at random points around the platform but not on ceilings placed in middle. This only effects the door itself. You can place the gate frame freely but as soon as you try to place the door in the frame you get this message. Incredibly annoying when trying to build in the ocean. Edit: It appears to specifically apply to ceiling placed down even when placed over the platform itself. Bog spider jumping is super buggy and constantly rubber bands you backwards. Makes traversing on them difficult and causes a lot of unintended falls into aggressive dinos/lava ect.
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    No, its not a pain.. its litteraly unplayable! When I attack with my dino it takes like 1-2 secs for it to finaly attack, mobs are lagging around my dino impossible to hit and so on.. For this reason I stay in my base, doing breeding.. oh speaking of that.. imprint is always like 2-3 hours of the timer I set on my phone.. but not even in base it is "fun".. I lag more often than the 15 min autosave back to the place I ve been like 5 secs before.. I walk to a gate, open it, walk thru, close it, keep on walking suddenly I m outside again running against the wall.. it toke me 3 attemps to walk finaly thru this gate....
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    I would say that these crashes might be made on purpose by some people who want to duplicate their stuffs but of course that we don't have people like that on official right?
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    You reminded me of my first time seeing an alpha raptor, I was like ooooo - i wanna tame that! so i got it in my raft trap and boy was I surprised.....bye bye raft trap.
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    yup seen em all but u was on about turrets firing on people .. kinda made me think pvp AND i have been afk for a good year now hence why i am still puzzled at so many parking lots hey ho game hasnt changed too much in some areas it seem
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    Water Skin: Able to keep water in it without the leak Personally I think that while it is annoying that the water will leak/evaporate from the skin, it sort of makes sense. It pushes you to upgrade to the water jar. i kinda feel the same but water skins (through out history) have been very handy, i understand if some things leak and evaporate but too me, the water skin is a Effective to hold water as a Wet paper towel well I think that they should maybe half the speed of decay Perhaps a lowering of the speed of decay/evaporation then would be a compromise. Most of the maps I have played usually have water often enough it has not been a massive concern. And when I do travel - I have focused on using jars. Changing that decay time may be the right move. I would want it for when my waters at 10 and my skin has emptied in a cave Spear: has Debility and can set on fire for damage: (leave it in a fire for a Minute) then it will be like the fire Spear from Genesis I have no issue with the ability to set a spear on fire depending on a method and conditions. Do you use a separate recipe for it? Do you wave it over another's torch or campfire? How long is it expect to last? this i have been debating. ether A: Leave it in a Fire and it would last like a Minute before "spoiling" or make it like SE were you need proponent but at that tier you don't need spears Durability soooooo YES. I’d like to use my spears more than 5 times when lucky, but i think maybe like for fire spears make it hard to get like sparkpowder and torch and spear or something Using Spark powder would give another legit use for the resources. So I am good with that recipe. Plus it is pretty early game stuff, so it fits in line before a sword. This would make it so there’s less spark powder, maybe you have to re sparkpowder it after every use because well dur Slingshot: Should be Replaced with a Sling that is thrown kinda like a Bola but you Fling Rocks or Flint (Rock for Torpor and Flint for Damage) I can't say I have ever use the one available in game. I have always skipped over it - so I cannot really comment on this one. thats one of the main reasons. to me is would be easier to make a sling then a Sligshot, and plus gives Very early one players a ok weapon for range I don’t know what the difference is but I like the slingshot, I think flint for damage is a great idea. Maybe there can be a sling and a slingshot. I would imagine that having both would be better than one of the other. I don't use the Slingshot, but for those that do, removing something they are used to could do more harm than good. Having options though to try new things is not a bad option though. It allows players to build that preference and choose what works best for them. But getting both weighs on the engrams Club: Able to add stone to make it do more damage like a Tier one sword I am trying to imagine how this would be constructed. Are you suggesting your player pick up a large rock and carry it around or are you thinking they are tying rocks to the already existing club to give it some added damage markers? And if so, how does this effect the durability of the item? tbh i don't know. but i was thinking, maybe as a Tier for a early one player would be a Warclub, just like a Rock in a Thick piece of wood as a "sword" for early players but then the club would have no uses. I say make a metal club that does double the damage as reg but triple the torpor, the recipe would be wood metal and fiber. Maybe a ten club too. Thatch Structures: A slight visual upgrade. Walls, Foundations and Doors look like Very Crapy Bamboo Tied together. but the roofs look the same. Personally I am all for leaving thatch as it is and adding a separate tier for bamboo. We have a lot of bushes in game that look like it and it would be nice to have another building tier to play with. We haven't gotten one in ages. As for it's durability... it could fall between thatch and wood or be the same as one or the other. this is just kinda a nit pick cuz "realistically" that would be hard to stand one without you falling through it like a Carton! New bamboo sounds good and most thatch looks terabal but i think it’s supposed too. Well, thatch is a pretty basic product. Not meant for long term survival. At least not in my mind. So if it looks horrid, all the more reason to move by. That is not to say if they decided a a Structure TLC that it couldn't use one. Yes only for Decorative roofs or scaffolding Smoke bomb: Able to change Color of smoke and can make dinos "loose you" Dying the smoke could be a fun way to do events or games. Giving the smoke bombs unique abilities based on unique recipes could be a way to generate more usage from them. thank you! and plus you could scare people with green gas lol YES SO COOL THROW 50 AND YOU WILL TRIGGER HALLOWEEN, or at least It’ll look like it. Simple bed: a slight new look This is another item where I kinda prefer the simple bed where it is at, however, I would like to have an upgraded version of it. It seems odd to me that we go from a simple bed, to a bunk bed, to a tek pod. It seems as though we missed some steps in between. another nit pick cuz LOOK AT IT! that would suck to sleep on! the sleeping bag looks Conferrable, the simple bed looks like wood! Maybe a mattress would be nice. But blue, there is not much more too add in between them, res pawn destroy bed, 5 respawn 2.5 respawn And tek. Maybe an insta respawn but not much else. I was thinking from more a decorative and progression standpoint than what each bed will do for you. There could be a double bed, or a feather down bed (another use for feathers in Primitive Plus), etc... Additional benefits could be healing while sleeping, healing while laying down on the bed (not sleeping but a way to gain health while inactive), or frankly, just for some personality. Oh well ok maybe. Maybe rapid stam and slowed food/water Training Dummy: Able to count range damage , Special damage (torpor , Fire , Gas etc) A way to measure skills. I am good with that. No opinion Not that I use them but I like this idea, also maybe a way too track history of attacks. Flags: Able to unlock all of them by one Engram On Atlas you could word it as having one flag in which you can flip through different designs, but on Ark where they have separated everything out, I do not see them doing so without a complete overhaul. That said, I can see what you are getting at. Engram Points are limited and having to purchase flags individually is not exactly cost effective. this is true. i love building in altas, to me its better sense "hey i have a wall! i can turn it into a Window and it makes sense. but maybe it could be a way to unlock a tone of flag types like wall flags , Flag poles etc Aren’t flags just decor, no purpose? Anyway, maybe unlock flag the have a painting station where you put in stuff and it uses half the paint and can paint everything. That could be a method you could use to keep all the engrams linked under one. A flag station where you choose the looks, colors, and can paint the flag. If the goal is to limit a "flag" for decorative/tribal marking purposes to a single engram to learn rather than to require you to spend your hard earned engram points on a variety of items. so it’s only two items I think this could be a more common theme so you unlock one thing and customize it using stations to save engrams including pipes and lighting as mentioned below Standing torch: Able to place underwater with Angler gel I had been hoping with Genesis and their Ocean Biome we would be getting more for the underwater building options, but low and behold... building once again takes a back seat. Had they done so we may have some lighting options for the underwater territories... but that was not meant to be. As such, I would have to agree that your torch method is a decent idea. Plus it gives another use for Angler gel. Another was one I spoke on another post where adding it to colors before applying them could change them to a fluorescent variety to match to colors of aberration. yes. Ark needs some more things for those that wan't to live at sea! like a Food chain to balance out the animals so its just not ENDLESS SHARKS!, or something No more Excessive sharks! Also more lighting, maybe anglers rarely drop angler bulbs to make an aqua lamp that’s blue/white A little off the initial topic on this one, but I agree, no more sharks! There are more than that in the ocean today and I am pretty sure the same remained true once upon a time. Even it you don't go for realism, there are always fantasy creatures. There needs to be a bit more variety. And the angler bulb is a unique idea. Can't say I have seen that one here in the forums. Could be interesting to use or create a light with it. thanks I think more creative lighting like this would work Compost bin: Adds a Buff for Plants (can't stack) and can place any Organic Item like Eggs, rotten meat , Chitin, thatch , fibber etc to make fertilizer I have used it before, and honestly, would be happy to simply have the thing hold more line items. Adding the items you listed however, would make sense as those are items you may normally placed in a compost bin to a degree so it makes sense. i had this idea sense iv been using a Composer in real life. and also maybe "rarely" rare mushrooms would grow on it. I never really use it I find it easier just to get a dung Bette or just use a phiomia but rare mushroom good idea Cooking pot: Able to Set it to "cook mode" or "Recipe Mode" cooking mod allows you to cook meat and with a bottle and Berries (50) you can fill it up half way Personally I think the entire "cooking" and "farming' of Ark needs to be revisited. It is all very basic and rather sad. We can teleport and transmit... but can't cook anything beyond a basic cooked meat... Yes I know you can build your own recipe's, but they too have limitations and honestly it seems as though Ark had taken the easy way out after seeing what Primitive Plus and Atlas have. yes agree 100% and maybe you could get wellness buffs for cooking and eating better food. like extra Stamina Yes advanced farming and advanced cooking would be cool. And more custom food variation ad tools, maybe you could enter the perks you want and it tells you possible combinations to make it. Wood: Slightly Stronger and maybe a new look. Too look slightly better This is another where I would say leave Wood as it is, but add new types. Such as: Lumber (primitive plus), Log (as in a log cabin), or Paneling. They would take extra steps to create and have their own durability. It would give us more to work and play around with. i agree with you on this and i had a Idea about it called the "BMK" Building, Maintenance , Kit! and you uses it to repair buildings better and upgrade them. so ill list the tiers that could be in the Kit. Lumber: Better HP , more resistance agent the cold , and Reinforced wood that looks kinda like the "reinforced wooden parts" on a Stone build. for the Stone buildings its the same but with theReinforced wooden walls, are slightly better then stone, due to it protecting you better from the elements and has equal HP to stone. or on AB you can get Fungle wood buildings that very slowly "regrow HP" however they are not as good as Stone but better then wood! BMK upvote! Water Well: able to place anywhere but has a Placing Range like a Tek Bubble shield Like it. this was listed in the Google doc Ark does and i saw it! ...netral Raft: Able to decompose overtime and needs Maintenance or it will break Agreed No I hate the decomposing function and can’t figure out which setting turns it off also FIX THE BUGS FOR THE RAFTS! The reason I I agree isn't because I want to go out and fix the boat every once in a while, but because there are usually so many left behind when people get to where they are going. This would force them to become a bit more aware of their boats. I would say though, for those that intend to keep a boat, perhaps an ungraded version that has a slightly higher cost, but not as high as the metal variety could be an option. It would have a much slower maintenance if any at all. After all, it is sort of weird from a progression standpoint to go from log raft to metal powered raft. Ok well maybe some sort of upgrade like ‘water proofing’ to stop that Pipes and Wires: able to unlock them all with the the 3 Engrams (Stone Pipes, Iron and Wire) to save points If Ark were a bit more skill based... That would be easy. Unlock "Stone Piping" and it would unlock all. Same for metal pipes, wires, etc. Of course, that would be a major change over of the engram system. So I guess adding Engram Packages, where some items are grouped together could help simplify the menu system as it is currently. i agree. but this is just to make stuff easier Maybe an anvil so you unlock pipe/wire then take it to an anvil And change it, or... have a pipe molder and a wire molder and the engrams are pre unlocked like the ax and maybe sparkpowder. Something Water Tanks: Better Water Storage, stone 500 and Metal 1500 Agreed. If not as better storage from the start, that they need to have additional upgrades available. I am all about to cutting lag, but if you can't build near water the shear number of tanks you need can be exasperating on some maps/areas. agree Never had this problem. Through: shows Range but can Disable the range, There is another post on this and I completely agree. Troughs, like tek generators, should have an option to show the range. I know there is a foundation spread, and that does work for now, but it seems like a simple QOL adjustment to me. i feel the same for anything that has a AOE effect, and nearly everyone has this idea yes please range! trophy wall mount: Able to put any alpha drop , Special Dino drop and implant on the wall I would like to add to this one to include a "Display Case" where you could display things like Chibi's or Tributes. agree Yes also weapon stand, Display case, the armor dummy... ect. maybe a little more customizable so you can adjust head angle, pose, ect. Agreed. Perhaps unnecessary to game play, but it would allow you to decorate and personalize your space. Primitive plus has a few items and if they added to those and perhaps created some updated versions to move primitive plus items into a modern set - it would be a nice way to play around with your space (and a way to store items of certain types rather than relying on storage boxes and vaults all the time for the non-resource set) Yeah I was just thinking displays but storage works too. Behmoth walls: With the behemoth gates you can unlock behemoth walls that has more HP They are AWESOME in Atlas. No more doors for walls or incredible lag from the wall it takes to cover a distance. There is another post on this subject that goes into tall walls, larger ceilings and foundations etc, all of which would assist with the decrease in lag for large bases. YES Noting wrong with less lag, DO IT GAME. Stone: Slighy Better (can take at least 2 or 3 C4 for a wall) As with wood and thatch, I think we just need more options. Cobblestone, Cement, Cinder block, Granite, Marble... etc.. All things that have been used as building materials and skipped over as building tier items. Some could be stronger than others and require harder to find or new resources, but the build would be worth the work. same thing with the Building Kit. Brick is stronger and has much better insulation (same for adobe buildings) and Cement that is almost equal to metal but is not as strong but has better insulation and has better blast Yes more options but maybe just two or three more options per tier no need for 10000 different ones Personally, I am all for bring on the options, as opposed to applying limiters. We have had limiters, at least on console and vanilla gameplay, for far to long. Building with the same items year after year, map after map... Now that doesn't mean I want them to add things willy-nilly. I prefer fantasy-realism. Basically, has it been used or is used now and where and when. The eco-mods have some great examples with the empire additions and so do a few other mod authors. Maybe a ‘tier group’ where you make a wood wall and spend extra resources to customize its properties and looks at a station and a station for each group Lance: Able to Hold it on the ground but its not as good As I have never used one as my creature does more damage than I... It would give the item another purpose and that I am all for. agree so like lay on the ground with it pointed up? No opinion I prefer sword except this one lance that does 101 damage so I kill dodos and say dodo killing 101 Tree Platform: Able to place it on trees in AB Agreed. agree There is no reason to disagree unless your a lazy developer, AGREE (ark devs are not lazy don’t. Ban me) Cannon: able to "ride it" Like in atlas and can fire it! Agreed agree LOL Sure Dino leash: Able to disable the Range Ring Agreed you get the idea! Yes always able to disable and able range things Chitin armor: Need to craft it on Smithy but Can Repair it on the go! Personally, I am more of the frame of mind that we already do too much in our own inventories. I can see throwing together a thatch build with what you can find, but even wood should require more that what you can carry on you. Yes, I realize that this statement probably isn't agreeable to many as it would require the use of building stations earlier in the game - however it is simply my opinion. It would a bit more fantasy realism to the game if we had a few more steps to make things works. And this goes for craftables. To make it seem a bit more "on the go" for nomadic players. I would suggest that a smithy saddle addition be available for most creatures. It wouldn't mean that creatures would all get a smithy like the Argy or Beaver, but that more saddles could have the smithy addition. Limitations would apply however. It would have a separate inventory from the creatures, the creatures could not be ridden while the smithy is placed on the saddle, and it would have a weight limit tied into the creature. yes agree with this with mods to saddles ( i may do something like this as a Request) but its just to give chitin more of a uses because i rarely see anyone with it. Yes with the original idea Greenhouse Buildings: CHEAPER IN ENGRAM COST If grouped together as with some of your other suggestions, I would say that yes, the cost should be lowered. However through trial and error I have found that only ceiling tiles are needed to get the effect so as is, the cost is not that high for the one piece. I would also suggest adding an upgraded tier, possibly "Obsidian Glass" as the rock is typically glass like and it could provide a shadowing effect in bright areas. my problem with greenhouse buildings is "for what they are worth" they are not worth those points, i would rather uses those points on a Saddle or another building part! and yes with the BMK i would like to see that Keep it it’s fine also obi glass is cool Harpoon Gun: 100% chance to get spear bolts back and can Find Better Quality's can be found Better Quality yes, Spear bolts no. agree Fully agree IED: instead of a trip wire its just like a Mine Simply adding a "mine" you can place under bushes and such so that the bush will grow over them and hide them would work. A new item as opposed to replacing one. Agree and maybe some animals like parausars , troodons and wolfs can track them Cool I’m not pvp though so... Neither am I, just trying to put myself in their head space. Hiding them in bushes makes sense as putting them under the map probably wouldn't work. Unless they wanted to apply a leafy/grassy pattern that changes where you place it. So just add fiber to the recipe and on top it will look like a bush Metal: A slight new look (at least make it look even with the Plates) and somewhat stronger (5 or 7) Again, I would add building tiers... Steel, Silver, etc... (these are more random than the others, but mostly because I prefer the look of the items earlier mentioned. agree but not with the tiers. with the BMK you can get these tiers. Blaststeel that is very stronge agent explosives and has a almost "industrial look" but has the same HP has metal. Reinforced metal, is stronger the normal metal but tek is still better. Steel blast proof and reinforced also agree Honestly, as PvE player I am far more interested in the early game materials that I am the metal and/or tek tiers for building items. So the suggestions on this step are far more random than the others. The early game tiers are just far more entertaining to work and decorate with than the later two. I’d be nice to have nicer metal stuff not just ‘rusty factory’ look also back to my tier group idea above Lights: able to unlock each one by one engram Another example of a possible skill to learn "lighting" and/or "advanced lighting". Or as a possible group of engrams as mentioned previously. agree and maybe able to unlock stuff like wall lights! I think it should be cheep for such an decorative things Items without an official use could be termed as straight "decorative" and have a far cheaper cost. If they aren't willing to group things together by type, that would be a method that would allow you use use more of them without straining your engram too badly. I think maybe a light station like fabricator but small and no need to unlock the engrams Grappling Hook: can hold it and throw it (like in atlas) or Crossbow for more range Agreed. I LOVE the grappling hook in Atlas. I use it more than anything else. agree Sure That would be fun Fabricator: Able to Craft any smithy item on it faster. (to save space) Honestly, I am sort of over the whole "one thing crafts all" experience. I would prefer they break it up and have at least a basic and upgraded version for each crafting station. For example, Construction Bench (building items), Chemistry Table (mortar and pestle items), Anvil (swords, knifes, arrows, tools, etc), Sewing Station (Armor), etc... A simplified version of what Primitive Plus has with a few more options. i agree but if you can build anything with the rep then you should at least be able to craft smithy items on Fabs like this You first able to craft, then smithy , then fab and you can craft some of the smithy items like metal walls , armor , weapons etc. and the rep would I think more diverse, armor, weapons, structures, Powders, food, but the Better versions can make the previous stuff. electrical outlets: Able to Hide wires Agreed. As long is it is required that they are powered and become visible when not or you might forget they are there. agree Hide wires and pipes Chainsaw: reduced wight on wood and other items, A super good gather rate and can Use Underwater (same with Drill) As chainsaw put items into your own inventory, I do not think that this will work. it would work just like a Drill, but for wood. Nah just use a beaver Any Harvesting item: Like the Oil Pump. some times you can get aton of oil or sometimes it will take longer Adding variable to the collection may be more code that is needed. Personally I just go out hunt rocks or creatures that drop the oil that i need. this is so that sometimes your oil from your oil pump may not get as much, same with water and gasballs and sometimes you get even more! Never use much of these so no opinion, would this apply to windmills, just curious It's all fun and games, until it doesn't collect what you need... j/k. I would imagine that if the formula was changed for the other collectors, the windmill could be done in the same manner. I don’t think people would like this much but maybe AR: Does slight more damage per shot on the same target I am okay with that. sounds cool but what’s ar auto riffle? yep Thanks AC: Able to shut off, can Pin code, Can Place on a window Frame Agreed. I would also like to put in for an upgraded version, perhaps a tek AC that covers more area? yes maybe a Tek Humidifier that is better and you don't need 500 ACs , Able to change the Temp of the area around you! too but cost element and has sizes Agree with all Grinder: Able to Turn Rock into sand on SE or rag, and Able to auto grind everything! Not sure about the rock into sand... but the auto grind PLEASE! they put this on PC (i think it said it in the patch notes) about the Auto grind everything agree with rock and auto, sand would be an Engram though so you can’t get SE stuff on the other maps Tracker: Able to place it on a Dino but it will stay on it FOREVER, like a imprint I would prefer an upgrade to the current transponder. Perhaps a collar of sorts? or something you can add to a saddle? agree but that what the transponder should be. place it on your dino , you can name it and if you lose the dino, find him! Agree Tranq Spear bolt: Does 4xs more Tranq Damage to Sea dinos I would hope the do something for it some day. Honestly the reload is faster on my crossbow... so I have never really used the spear bolt. agree 100% 2x I say Fab Sniper: able to have Iron sights and can put a Holo scope If you can upgrade it as such irl, then I would say you should be able to do so in game. yes and it makes no sense cuz you need cristal to make a Scope but for a Fab sniper you don't need it.... Iron sights automatically and add scope or holo Gas mask and Night Vision goggles: Cheeper Agreed yes Yes Rocket launcher: MUCH BETTER DAMAGE and can have Specal "rockets" that can be used as a Tranq N/A for my gameplay i was reading the Jurassic park book and this idea came to mind (worth a read BTW) but one of the characters (Robert Muldoon) had a Special Rocket launcher like item but instead of rockets . it shot Rocket Tranqs, and he used it one the rex. so it would need a Shock dart and a Rocket with a LOT MORE DRUGS and maybe Ammonit bile to make a Super Tranq! Yes electrical Prod: Two modes. Attack mode: does more damage then Pike and you can keep attacking without breaking insistently and Stun mode: One shot use and does A TON of Tranq damage Could be interesting. yes cuz why is it just one hit? i want to have a Stun rod to beat dinos to death with! Yes Riot Armor: 2 times better so its worth using. in terms of Armor (at least 175) If they do not fix the riot baseline, they should at least add something between Riot and Tek. yes Riot gear is underpowered -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek Tek Armor: MUCH better armor (like 250 each) Tek Saddles: MUCH better armor like 90 Tek Rifle: 2 modes: Assault Mode, super Fast fire rate (small projectiles) and can't damage buildings (uses less Ammo) and DMR mode: The base Gun Tek Railgun: able to activate a Normal scope, and A slighy Faster charge rate Tek Mek Rockets: homing Tek Claws: Much better damage and Does 50% AP damage Tek Rocket Launcher : Able to Craft ammo but Not cheap and Can Have a Gauss Cannon mode (uses Element Do I have tek? Yes. Do I use tek? No. Personally I find it cumbersome. If I go to jump, I fly. If I want to throw my little guy, the helmet resets. If I want to keep it powered, I have to carry element. Plus, it isn't as "end game" as it should be.Nor am I interested in being one of the many who all go around wearing the same suite of armor because skins don't work on it and to me, it doesn't scream "survival game" but "scifi game" so I am going to go and leave this one as is. Not saying your suggestions are good, nor that they are agree tek is hard to use especially on console where your controls are limited agree with this and i think their could be ways to make it better. what idk yet. Also here are some other TLC ideas for you! Fishing rod: more kinds of Bait, Ammonit bile (the best), meat (worst) and maybe a Better system of fishing. and more worth it to fish with better baits! yes I never find the stuff to use fishing rods God I hate fishing... In life and in game. But I have done both, and the latter needs some work. They should also upgrade the rod in my opinion. It is another tool that never received care. You can teleport to the fishing pond... but you are stuck using and old stick with string to fish... Net might make it better idk Re-fertilizer: SUPER FERTILLZER! and it Boost them! Sure Using more than feces and thatch or a dung beetle could be the key to creating upgraded versions. As with your idea for consumables in the box. Use better items, create better fertilizer that can then create better re-fertilizer. So quality? I don’t catch you meaning Shotgun: able to hold Trigger to fire both shots! and able to put Simple Rifle rounds (like a Elephant rifle) and is Stronge damage but not good range like the Longneck rifle great ideas I generally only use the long neck... Mostly because I tranq creatures with it. Nothin better than taming so... small and large rafts: for small places and for building more! It would be nice to be able to get as creative with the boats as you can on Atlas. Perhaps not all the super large boats as there isn't enough water to go around, but for some of the smaller boats or at the very least, a better platform to build a boat on. Not mammoth ones just ones a bit bigger like another foundation out on each side diagonal supports: for building bridges and stuff and I looks good Horizontal supports for bridges... Literally just talked about this in game yesterday. PLEASE. II believe it’s in prim+ but didn’t survive the update support: make the range structures can go without pillar bigger Honestly it makes sense, you can't build out in irl without the support to do so. What they could change however, in my opinion, is how far each type of material can reach out, and if the horizontal supports as listed above were added, that they could be used to further the reach. Well maybe they could add a function where supports near each other compound in a way or add like supports that sit underneath the celing, I just hate bridges with 1 million pillars ect. something so things can fit perfectly to spaces or just clip a lot This is something that both Ark and Altas miss out on. Auto-snapping. Basically any storage unit, box, or decorative, could be set to have an autosnap function to walls so that the could be neat and straight. The option to turn them off would also exist, but this way the frustration of crooked vault could be minimized. I meant walls and foundations and stuff but ark needs a lot of work on auto snapping, most of it is glitched or hard to use and much more is needed storage: gargantuan storage chest, I would prefer a more split storage as opposed to larger storage. A different storage box for each type of storage item unique to the item. Such as "Weapons Rack". Basic holds 100 items, upgraded versions could hold more. etc. It would be a way to quickly sort your inventory as with the dedicated storage while giving the space some decorative and customization options. I get the idea but still I’d be nice to have a big junk chest maybe specified storage so it’s holds more and costs less but it can only hold one type of thing ex: wood thatch meat buildings stone(flint metal) fiber berries Are you referring to a downgraded version of the dedicated storage or item type storage as somewhat outlined above? Precicly because PvE players have to wait a long time to get that so something like a firewood stack(wood) for example. foundations: a way to snap foundations down or up a half or full wall side for builds map: a map that’s has a giant plains and a few perfect platues For custom building with no creatures and stuff snapping: about a million things go here More variation of meats not too much but like meat grounfd meat, rich meat, ect. Way more stuff ill submit more ideas later.
  9. 1 point
    also 651 l same situation, crash kick ping 250+
  10. 1 point
    Guess you’re going to have to go into single player mode, turn on your damage numbers, spawn some in and find out for yourself. Where do you think the Wiki numbers come from.
  11. 1 point
    Ferox taming So I perfect tamed a 150 ferox and it didn’t gain the levels once’s tamed but it says in the tribe log that I tamed a 225... what’s the go?
  12. 1 point
    An Argentavis on follow? Otherwise the Magmasaurs have a reduction on metal like the Anky I guess, then you have the Astrocetus, Brontos, Paracers, Megachelons, Basilisks and Gasbags...
  13. 1 point
    Happened to me too with a 130. Tamed with element, came out as 130 but in the tribe log it says I cryo'd a 190+ and then when transforming, it would suddenly lose all its applied levels like as if it was mindwiped through transforming. The health was also significantly lower than usual... I think they're badly bugged.
  14. 1 point
    Here are a few of the options available. By hand/whip : - Ragnarok, near the SW spawn. There are a dozen clams to be collected by hand. - Aberration, on the shores of the element lake all the way down the rad zone (next to drake nests). - Genesis, inside the volcano. There are a few spots during the trip down to magmasaur nests as well as surrounding said nests. Killing : - Dolphin is immune to torpor and thus a good way to easily farm eurypterids. - Mass murdering trilobytes in aberration green zone rivers. - Basilo and farm alpha mosas in the easy underwater cave on the Island. (West one). These stupid IAs hardly ever attacks you and the whole cave respawn within 15 mins. - Basilo to kill alpha squids on any map with an ocean.
  15. 1 point
    What I usually do is tame/breed a strong mosasaur or slowly gather enough to tame a squid, then go on squid killing sprees for pearls (avoiding alphas)
  16. 1 point
    Please Wildcard fix this. You keep fixing all these Genesis bugs but have still not fixed the events that broke when you release Genesis. Or did you do this on purpose?
  17. 1 point
    Judging by the dinos they have out I would assume that as well.
  18. 1 point
    They might be breeders or sellers or have dinos out in case someone likes one of their pets and wants to breed with it.
  19. 1 point
    If i remember well half the dinos survived ( but only the tribe that start the boss can take dinos inside) most of the rexes were around 30k hp and 500-570 dmg , the ones with riders had good armor saddles (80+) and the others mostly primitive
  20. 1 point
    nope. completely don't care. why do I want to have so many people coming over to my base? what do they want to do in my base? my base is not an airport neither is it a community structure. my server has a bunch of those built around places with rich resources they can use the free porter to get there and make it an airport. they can thank the ark gods I have not set all my plant x to strike nearby players. they can also thank the ark gods I did not set my overladen bee to be on aggressive high range and the rest of my base on neutral. i didn't make my base in the middle of nowhere without a purpose. don't render in my base or suffer. you may think this is a very snobish thing to do but you have to understand how people in pve play pvp with each other. the game does not need to cater to everyone. the game only needs to be marketed to everyone so they know such a game exist. the game does not need to bend over backwards just because someone can't afford a decent pc to run the game on low. ark has always been a resource intensive game, and it is good that it remains this way. people who often do malicious stuff on pve runs on these specs. I'm not going to name names or countries but you should get the idea. wc does not have to make anymore adjustments to the cryopods. either you adapt to it or you get insided. this is a survival game. you survive whatever's thrown in your face. or go get your money back from steam. and fyi 1k computers = run on low. the recommended spec has been a lie 5 years running.
  21. 1 point
    It takes time to break things, be patient!
  22. 1 point
    all the cave structures in the volcanic biome got wiped on our server but the ones in the lunar biome still exist.
  23. 1 point
    I would like to see a x3 on everything permanent.
  24. 1 point
    Well life has taken a very odd turn being in quarantine... I was still bored with ark but discovered tik tok.. I've so far kicked my hubby in the shin six times attempting a foot tap challenge.. I'm not sure why this helped relieve some ark boredom but it did.. His shins hurt but did every island cave today.. I need to get out of the house!
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    how about you wipe 99 instead
  26. 1 point
    Ahaha thank you! I'm usually a Yuty Rider as well in my tribe Anyway more drawingssss! Another St. Valentine one. More "serious" than the Syntac one XD And an Art Trade
  27. 1 point
    I'm hearing it's not in the drop table for missions or loot crates, haven't found one myself of course. I'm hoping they rework the loot tables for sure because there's things like stone hatchets as rewards for some fairly difficult missions instead of useful saddles.
  28. 1 point
    I have been having a blast. It's great looking. It has new dinos. It has new core game mechanics, why is everyone so pissed about there being a store? It's cool! I found it irritating at first that there were no flyers and no way to traverse biome to biome, but I found the teleportation with hlna to be fairly interesting so I considered that to balance it out, and after getting used to it I like it.
  29. 1 point
    Don't play official or on servers with big tribes. Only solution there is to join them.
  30. 1 point
    You will never progress unless you are in a big tribe. The only way to survive is in a tribe of 20+ active players, with friends in larger tribes who can help you out with eggs, breeders, element gachas and so on. You will need to find a strong cave like glowtail or shadows on aberration, ice cave or carno cave on island, north ice cave, bear cave or pearl cave on center, etc . . put up a mix of 100 heavy/tek turrets at the entrance and have people online around the clock to defend it. That is your only realistic chance to progress and experience end game stuff. If you can't do that, then you need to get used to living without. This doesn't mean you won't have fun, you can have a lot of fun living a minimalist life, but just temper your expectations. You're not going to have a mek or a tek suit unless you're in a decent, established tribe.
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  32. 1 point
    Oh my gosh! July until my last update? Wow! Sorry, really! But exams and university took me away from drawing! Luckily only the degree is left now so i'll have more time to draw yay! Well, for valentine's day i'm here with a fan art for Syntac XD I wanted draw something for him anyway so why not for Valentine? At least is somewthing in theme and funny XD
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    https://youtu.be/gZfj-N00_KY Figured I'd do a little showcase of the rat. You can see at the end it had 295% speed, which is the normal max speed for an imprinted roll rat.
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  35. 1 point
    To me the worst thing here is that they didn't even succeed in lowering it's capability outside of rather specific cases, they just ruined it for that and made it more annoying and less fun to use. It can still be abused in pvp, and even was being abused more just after the nerf and they had to fix it's pounce damage, it can still cross the map at extreme speed, they didn't change it's health or breath damage. It sometimes seems like they are sticking to their guns on the more silly nerfs they do out of spite for the vicious angry backlash they get from some people. The mana needed and still needs balancing. This is not a balance nerf. This is a mistake, and if the devs can't see that.... I don't know, maybe I'm playing the wrong game. That said, since it was brought up, I don't blame them for the flyer speed nerf - it was needed, but I do think that could have been done better as well, for example does everyone realize it buffed every other stat for future flyer tames? Most knowledgeable breeders likely do. They eliminated points in speed on wild fliers, so more points going into useful stats and more extreme high stat bred flyers even before mutations. That should have been applied to all dinos and stats balanced around it, slightly more work then but more consistency going forward.
  36. 1 point
  37. 1 point
    Paragraphs work very well. It means you can at least have a chance of reading a post without losing your place or eyes freaking out with all the TEXT! Thank you
  38. 1 point
    Now you're just making yourself look bad. I haven't seen one person here claiming the change should be reverted because it slows them down or their damage is too low, or that manas are weak in any way. There are a few going on about how they are 'ruined' or 'useless' but that's ambiguous as to what they mean and mostly exaggerated complaining. I used Manas to quickly move around vertical heavy areas I found awkward or slow with other dinos, and for that this nerf renders them useless. I Have repeatedly stated that the mana breath damage at close range is very good, even too good, and when posts were made about the dive damage issue I agreed it seemed far too high, but I don't generally use manas to fight, I have better dinos for killing things. As far as reducing it's air speed, as I've already said the speed stat shouldn't effect it's air dash, and it can be reduced other ways that don't impact it's usability in general. Many people are complaining because it makes them less fun to use and makes some areas of the map they are native to, and used to be a good mount in, inaccessible. And yes there are people whining without even trying to use them, but don't use that as an excuse to dismiss and ignore the valid complaints, all you do there is give PvE players reason to do the same to PvP players as 'whining PvPers who got killed by xxxx and cried nerf'.
  39. 1 point
    Solo killing desert titan with mana takes 1 hour, solo tame with quetzal takes 15 minutes, what is more game breaking? Edit I talked about desert titan all the time, idk where you got the ice titan from Also edit: lightning wyvern can solo kill desert titan too, even faster than mana
  40. 1 point
    How can you "like this move for PvE".. You dont have to worry about a mana killing you or whatever on PvE, just use whatever dino you feel like using. Why would you need a destructive mana nerf to motívate yourself into using griffins, wyverns and snow owls? All of these are fake dinos too btw, wanna nerf them ao we have better motivation for using pteras and play the game it was meant to be played lmao? I have 2 bases, one near the top of the highest exti tower and another one on a platform like 5-6 jumps from the ground. I used manas all the time to get there and for travel in general.. Now they are useless for that, back to wyvern days.. Another use I had for my manas was killing the desert titan. Me and my niggas just came there, jumped up and dashed through him 5 or 6 times before landing again. Its not the fastest wat, but pretty good since it doesnt need any preparation, eg putting dinos on quetz. This is gone too now, thanks. These are all PvE uses.. Rarely ever killed a player with my mana, i think I only killed 2 players in past few months, both of them because they damaged my kitty mc gees irish pub (wooden/thatch pub for fun). Please for the love of god, make this nerf configurable in server settings, so that they can disable it on my unofficial server, where everyone hates it too... you just took away my main reason for buying extinction in the first place. Its too late to make a change like this year after you sold the product to everyone.
  41. 1 point
    Radical nerfs like this is why we need to be able to use mindwipes on dino's. If you force such an extreme meta change we should be able to relvl our existing dino's without them becoming useless @Cedric
  42. 1 point
    I just had a chance to play around with the Mana and to be fair, their mobility is really not as bad as it sounded on paper. Since their balancing seems to be directed into having them more land focused, there are still few things I'd like to see being tweaked to accommodate that design direction. Notably: Footstep -- The footstep of the Mana should be increased to be slightly bigger than a Rock Drake. Visually, there is more space under its belly, and its palms are raising higher during its walking animation. Yet, it cannot walk over stuff as small as dodos, while the Rock Drake have no issue with it. I believe this would also improve the annoying flicker-walking-lock they are currently suffering all the time while walking on uneven terrains, etc. Drag Weight -- Should be increased to match its end-game role. It doesn't really make sense that small stuff constantly aggro a massive ice draconis that is 10 times its size. Trees -- When sprinting into small-medium sized trees; they should break. E.g. I should not be stuck there, as realistically, that should be as easy to break as toothpicks would for a creature that big: Swimming -- Currently, if you are out at sea and jump out of water and dash, they are exhausted until you reach land and passing from flying to swimming movement state should be considered landing and reset them in my opinion. As far as damage/PVP is concerned: Speed -- That won't win me any friends but I don't care and will say it; they should have been apart of the infamous flyer nerf from the start. A non-imprinted/leveled mana can already bypass turrets in most case, so players having the ability to increase that speed even more is broken. Weakness -- As previously mentioned, make them fear something! This would greatly improve the dynamic of battles if they have to consider twice and be more careful when picking a fight. Damage -- Flat damage nerfs are boring. I understand they are needed to an extent, but yes; boring. What about their damage being scaled based on the current temperature of the biome they are currently at? The colder; the stronger, etc. as in the same ideology of them being icy and weak against fire, this could make sense if they were drawing their power from there. This would adds some new strategy aspects to the game, where they are no longer the kings of the entire map and while they might be the first choice to raid in the snow, they might not be for the dunes, etc. @Cedric As an incentive, perhaps force a one-time re-spec of all existing manas? From what I gathered reading this thread, the majority are frustrated about their already leveled manas being all wasted in stamina. Although, as I previously pointed out, this would means more strong/powerful builds but players can already achieve that with new breeds so would not change the result but might at least ease the mindset of players to step back and realize the changes are not as bad as they seems to be if they don't have to spend time breeding and imprinting new ones. In conclusion, I do not believe they are currently "useless" as everyone are saying. Though, I still hate the fact this is being forced on unofficials, and would more than welcome a configurable option to toggle that off; especially for consoles folks that can't revert that through mods.
  43. 1 point
    I was able to figure it out I actually had to add the [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] to the bottom and put everything under that. Thank you so much for everything!
  44. 1 point
    Oh.. it's been a while I didn't post anything! My bad! I've been busy and I forgot to post here XD Arggg! Ok, A drawing for a friend of mine: His Ark Character. I tried a new shadowing method but I honestly prefer my old way XD Well, here one of my new works Giselle and two of her Deinonychus! I also changed my Logo, I made one from 0 and I looove it! And yeah the Shadowing methos is my old one and... yeah, I prefer it XD
  45. 1 point
    oook! Another Character TLC! Then I'm ready to draw my other characters from zero, we can say XD Lex and his Griffin, grif! I'm rewally in love with the paper texture XD Oh and yes, I know Griffins don't have a saddle. But I gave it one XD
  46. 1 point
    Interesting, i didnt know that. But i know that you can get unlimited mutations anyway, so maybe thats why they brushed it off. Id appreciate it if wc would remove mutations all together, its a stupid mechanic.
  47. 1 point
    Hi! Me again. Congrats on the exam. Love the picture and the new style. It’s a nice contrast compared to your other works. As for the piece itself, it is overall perfect. I don’t see any issues at all. Great work on the proportions. Compared to your other works, the piece is significantly more proportionate. Overall, it is an excellent piece of work. Well done. P. S. One thing I would take from the old style is the lack of solid, black lines. It creates a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing image.
  48. 1 point
    Here with a new work I'm still trying to improve with digital color XD Lex and his Griffin! In my story he's the only one that managed to Cross Travel so he could go to Ragnarok and tame a Griffin (Note: Aberration can't be reached without Ascension). He's also who studies the Explorer Notes to find out what are the Arks and why humans are there. For a while he "played solo" we can say, protecting himself from other tribes so he learned a few "PvP tricks". Then he was asked to join in the "The Defenders" tribe.
  49. 0 points
    So, these are the issues. - Crafted "Ascendant" blue prints repair costs on official is not viable.. - Tek suits on official aberration for most end game players was the go-to armor instead of hazard. Its NOT viable now with the costs. Notes: 1. On aberration armor is damaged whilst in the rad zone, you slowly take dura damage meaning constant repair cost. This was previously acceptable, an increase would have been fine, however the increase is not a good medium between expensive and fair. 2. A tek suit on ab is a better alternative to haz. It was the go-to armor for most end-game players in the know. 3. This topic reflects issues on OFFICIAL servers, NOT private / local or boosted servers.
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    its your disk. its unpacking the downloaded files and arranging it to place on your disk
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