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    Not sure you can blame Wildcard for the download from Steam/Microsoft/Sony taking ages. So many other things you can blame them for (and you do seem to make a hobby out of it), but download speeds from a third party is not one of them.
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    I think you guys should start working on updating the survival of the fittest dlc and maybe even turn into a battle royale based game mode (quetz with chairs and wingsuit on cloth chestplate would do most of the drop off). I think sotf can have a lot of actives, king of the ark mod also had till they quit the work... Hope its a valuable suggestion
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    When you die only you can see the green light of your dead body. Sometimes if you crash when get back to the game you are dead and can’t find that green light of your body. Would be awesome if a tribemate could see it too to find it faster (even a different color so they know it ain’t their dead body incase both players died).
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    Classic servers should come back Official servers need a primitive pvp servers. Everything going to teks. I dont like it. I have almost 5k on official pvp and i started this game in 2016. When ark started, everything were primitive.. But not same now. Devs have to change their mind. We didnt play with 10 players then classics wiped.. We want classics back!
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    Frame Drop Problems on Xbox I've made a post about this before but I Feel the need to Reiterate this Problem Frames seem to Drop when: - Crafting Large Amounts of Anything in Inventory/Smithy/Fabricator/Industrial Grinder/Chemistry Bench/Tek Replicator/ETC. Basically any Crafting station - Hovering over HLNA Skin In Inventory If your on a Different Platform having the same problems let me know
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    Can please fix aimbot? So many hackers
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    They might be breeders or sellers or have dinos out in case someone likes one of their pets and wants to breed with it.
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    Disable Tail Swing Toggle(Similar to Ally Looking) Allow the option to toggle on/off tail swing animation like we can for ally looking animation.
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    Well here I’ll update the list! Water Skin: Able to keep water in it without the leak Personally I think that while it is annoying that the water will leak/evaporate from the skin, it sort of makes sense. It pushes you to upgrade to the water jar. i kinda feel the same but waterskins (through out history) have been very handy, i understand if some things leak and evaporate but too me, the water skin is a Effective to hold water as a Wet paper towel well I think that they should maybe half the speed of decay Spear: has Debility and can set on fire for damage: (leave it in a fire for a Minute) then it will be like the fire Spear from Genesis I have no issue with the ability to set a spear on fire depending on a method and conditions. Do you use a separate recipe for it? Do you wave it over another's torch or campfire? How long is it expect to last? this i have been debating. ether A: Leave it in a Fire and it would last like a Minute before "spoiling" or make it like SE were you need proponent but at that tier you don't need spears Durability soooooo YES. I’d like to use my spears more than 5 times when lucky, but i think maybe like for fire spears make it hard to get like sparkpowder and torch and spear or something Slingshot: Should be Replaced with a Sling that is thrown kinda like a Bola but you Fling Rocks or Flint (Rock for Torpor and Flint for Damage) I can't say I have ever use the one available in game. I have always skipped over it - so I cannot really comment on this one. thats one of the main reasons. to me is would be easier to make a sling then a Sligshot, and plus gives Very early one players a ok weapon for range I don’t know what the difference is but I like the slingshot, I think flint for damage is a great idea. Maybe there can be a sling and a slingshot. Club: Able to add stone to make it do more damage like a Tier one sword I am trying to imagine how this would be constructed. Are you suggesting your player pick up a large rock and carry it around or are you thinking they are tying rocks to the already existing club to give it some added damage markers? And if so, how does this effect the durability of the item? tbh i don't know. but i was thinking, maybe as a Tier for a early one player would be a Warclub, just like a Rock in a Thick piece of wood as a "sword" for early players but then the club would have no uses. I say make a metal club that does double the damage as reg but triple the torpor, the recipe would be wood metal and fiber. Maybe a ten club too. Thatch Structures: A slight visual upgrade. Walls, Foundations and Doors look like Very Crapy Bamboo Tied together. but the roofs look the same. Personally I am all for leaving thatch as it is and adding a separate tier for bamboo. We have a lot of bushes in game that look like it and it would be nice to have another building tier to play with. We haven't gotten one in ages. As for it's durability... it could fall between thatch and wood or be the same as one or the other. this is just kinda a nit pick cuz "realistically" that would be hard to stand one without you falling through it like a Carton! New bamboo sounds good and most thatch looks terabal but i think it’s supposed too. Smoke bomb: Able to change Color of smoke and can make dinos "loose you" Dying the smoke could be a fun way to do events or games. Giving the smoke bombs unique abilities based on unique recipes could be a way to generate more usage from them. thank you! and plus you could scare people with green gas lol YES SO COOL THROW 50 AND YOU WILL TRIGGER HALLOWEEN, or at least It’ll look like it. Simple bed: a slight new look This is another item where I kinda prefer the simple bed where it is at, however, I would like to have an upgraded version of it. It seems odd to me that we go from a simple bed, to a bunk bed, to a tek pod. It seems as though we missed some steps in between. another nit pick cuz LOOK AT IT! that would suck to sleep on! the sleeping bag looks Conferrable, the simple bed looks like wood! Maybe a mattress would be nice. But blue, there is not much more too add in between them, res pawn destroy bed, 5 respawn 2.5 respawn And tek. Maybe an insta respawn but not much else. Training Dummy: Able to count range damage , Special damage (torpor , Fire , Gas etc) A way to measure skills. I am good with that. No opinion Not that I use them but I like this idea, also maybe a way too track history of attacks. Flags: Able to unlock all of them by one Engram On Atlas you could word it as having one flag in which you can flip through different designs, but on Ark where they have separated everything out, I do not see them doing so without a complete overhaul. That said, I can see what you are getting at. Engram Points are limited and having to purchase flags individually is not exactly cost effective. this is true. i love building in altas, to me its better sense "hey i have a wall! i can turn it into a Window and it makes sense. but maybe it could be a way to unlock a tone of flag types like wall flags , Flag poles etc Aren’t flags just decor, no purpose? Anyway, maybe unlock flag the have a painting station where you put in stuff and it uses half the paint and can paint everything. Standing torch: Able to place underwater with Angler gel I had been hoping with Genesis and their Ocean Biome we would be getting more for the underwater building options, but low and behold... building once again takes a back seat. Had they done so we may have some lighting options for the underwater territories... but that was not meant to be. As such, I would have to agree that your torch method is a decent idea. Plus it gives another use for Angler gel. Another was one I spoke on another post where adding it to colors before applying them could change them to a fluorescent variety to match to colors of aberration. yes. Ark needs some more things for those that wan't to live at sea! like a Food chain to balance out the animals so its just not ENDLESS SHARKS!, or something No more Excessive sharks! Also more lighting, maybe anglers rarely drop angler bulbs to make an aqua lamp that’s blue/white Compost bin: Adds a Buff for Plants (can't stack) and can place any Organic Item like Eggs, rotten meat , Chitin, thatch , fibber etc to make fertilizer I have used it before, and honestly, would be happy to simply have the thing hold more line items. Adding the items you listed however, would make sense as those are items you may normally placed in a compost bin to a degree so it makes sense. i had this idea sense iv been using a Composer in real life. and also maybe "rarely" rare mushrooms would grow on it. I never really use it I find it easier just to get a dung Bette or just use a phiomia but rare mushroom good idea Cooking pot: Able to Set it to "cook mode" or "Recipe Mode" cooking mod allows you to cook meat and with a bottle and Berries (50) you can fill it up half way Personally I think the entire "cooking" and "farming' of Ark needs to be revisited. It is all very basic and rather sad. We can teleport and transmit... but can't cook anything beyond a basic cooked meat... Yes I know you can build your own recipe's, but they too have limitations and honestly it seems as though Ark had taken the easy way out after seeing what Primitive Plus and Atlas have. yes agree 100% and maybe you could get wellness buffs for cooking and eating better food. like extra Stamina Yes advanced farming and advanced cooking would be cool. And more custom food variation ad tools, maybe you could enter the perks you want and it tells you possible combinations to make it. Wood: Slightly Stronger and maybe a new look. Too look slightly better This is another where I would say leave Wood as it is, but add new types. Such as: Lumber (primitive plus), Log (as in a log cabin), or Paneling. They would take extra steps to create and have their own durability. It would give us more to work and play around with. i agree with you on this and i had a Idea about it called the "BMK" Building, Maintenance , Kit! and you uses it to repair buildings better and upgrade them. so ill list the tiers that could be in the Kit. Lumber: Better HP , more resistance agent the cold , and Reinforced wood that looks kinda like the "reinforced wooden parts" on a Stone build. for the Stone buildings its the same but with the Reinforced wooden walls, are slightly better then stone, due to it protecting you better from the elements and has equal HP to stone. or on AB you can get Fungle wood buildings that very slowly "regrow HP" however they are not as good as Stone but better then wood! BMK upvote! Water Well: able to place anywhere but has a Placing Range like a Tek Bubble shield Like it. this was listed in the Google doc Ark does and i saw it! ...netral Raft: Able to decompose overtime and needs Maintenance or it will break Agreed No I hate the decomposing function and can’t figure out which setting turns it off also FIX THE BUGS FOR THE RAFTS! Pipes and Wires: able to unlock them all with the the 3 Engrams (Stone Pipes, Iron and Wire) to save points If Ark were a bit more skill based... That would be easy. Unlock "Stone Piping" and it would unlock all. Same for metal pipes, wires, etc. Of course, that would be a major change over of the engram system. So I guess adding Engram Packages, where some items are grouped together could help simplify the menu system as it is currently. i agree. but this is just to make stuff easier Maybe an anvil so you unlock pipe/wire then take it to an anvil And change it, or... have a pipe molder and a wire molder and the engrams are pre unlocked like the ax and maybe sparkpowder. Something Water Tanks: Better Water Storage, stone 500 and Metal 1500 Agreed. If not as better storage from the start, that they need to have additional upgrades available. I am all about to cutting lag, but if you can't build near water the shear number of tanks you need can be exasperating on some maps/areas. agree Never had this problem. Through: shows Range but can Disable the range, There is another post on this and I completely agree. Troughs, like tek generators, should have an option to show the range. I know there is a foundation spread, and that does work for now, but it seems like a simple QOL adjustment to me. i feel the same for anything that has a AOE effect, and nearly everyone has this idea yes please range! trophy wall mount: Able to put any alpha drop , Special Dino drop and implant on the wall I would like to add to this one to include a "Display Case" where you could display things like Chibi's or Tributes. agree Yes also weapon stand, Display case, the armor dummy... ect. maybe a little more customizable so you can adjust head angle, pose, ect. Behmoth walls: With the behemoth gates you can unlock behemoth walls that has more HP They are AWESOME in Atlas. No more doors for walls or incredible lag from the wall it takes to cover a distance. There is another post on this subject that goes into tall walls, larger ceilings and foundations etc, all of which would assist with the decrease in lag for large bases. YES Noting wrong with less lag, DO IT GAME. Stone: Slighy Better (can take at least 2 or 3 C4 for a wall) As with wood and thatch, I think we just need more options. Cobblestone, Cement, Cinderblock, Granite, Marble... etc.. All things that have been used as building materials and skipped over as building tier items. Some could be stronger than others and require harder to find or new resources, but the build would be worth the work. same thing with the Building Kit. Brick is stronger and has much better insulation (same for adobe buildings) and Cement that is almost equal to metal but is not as strong but has better insulation and has better blast Yes more options but maybe just two or three more options per tier no need for 10000 different ones Lance: Able to Hold it on the ground but its not as good As I have never used one as my creature does more damage than I... It would give the item another purpose and that I am all for. agree so like lay on the ground with it pointed up? No opinion I prefer sword except this one lance that does 101 damage so I kill dodos and say dodo killing 101 Tree Platform: Able to place it on trees in AB Agreed. agree There is no reason to disagree unless your a lazy developer, AGREE (ark devs are not lazy don’t. Ban me) Cannon: able to "ride it" Like in atlas and can fire it! Agreed agree LOL Sure Dino leash: Able to disable the Range Ring Agreed you get the idea! Yes always able to disable and able range things Chitin armor: Need to craft it on Smithy but Can Repair it on the go! Personally, I am more of the frame of mind that we already do too much in our own inventories. I can see throwing together a thatch build with what you can find, but even wood should require more that what you can carry on you. Yes, I realize that this statement probably isn't agreeable to many as it would require the use of building stations earlier in the game - however it is simply my opinion. It would a bit more fantasy realism to the game if we had a few more steps to make things works. And this goes for craftables. To make it seem a bit more "on the go" for nomadic players. I would suggest that a smithy saddle addition be available for most creatures. It wouldn't mean that creatures would all get a smithy like the Argy or Beaver, but that more saddles could have the smithy addition. Limitations would apply however. It would have a separate inventory from the creatures, the creatures could not be ridden while the smithy is placed on the saddle, and it would have a weight limit tied into the creature. yes agree with this with mods to saddles ( i may do something like this as a Request) but its just to give chitin more of a uses because i rarely see anyone with it. Yes with the original idea Greenhouse Buildings: CHEAPER IN ENGRAM COST If grouped together as with some of your other suggestions, I would say that yes, the cost should be lowered. However through trial and error I have found that only ceiling tiles are needed to get the effect so as is, the cost is not that high for the one piece. I would also suggest adding an upgraded tier, possibly "Obsidian Glass" as the rock is typically glass like and it could provide a shadowing effect in bright areas. my problem with greenhouse buildings is "for what they are worth" they are not worth those points, i would rather uses those points on a Saddle or another building part! and yes with the BMK i would like to see that Keep it it’s fine also obi glass is cool Harpoon Gun: 100% chance to get spear bolts back and can Find Better Quality's can be found Better Quality yes, Spear bolts no. agree Fully agree IED: instead of a trip wire its just like a Mine Simply adding a "mine" you can place under bushes and such so that the bush will grow over them and hide them would work. A new item as opposed to replacing one. Agree and maybe some animals like parausars , troodons and wolfs can track them Cool I’m not pvp though so... Metal: A slight new look (at least make it look even with the Plates) and somewhat stronger (5 or 7) Again, I would add building tiers... Steel, Silver, etc... (these are more random than the others, but mostly because I prefer the look of the items earlier mentioned. agree but not with the tiers. with the BMK you can get these tiers. Blaststeel that is very stronge agent explosives and has a almost "industrial look" but has the same HP has metal. Reinforced metal, is stronger the normal metal but tek is still better. Steel blast proof and reinforced also agree Lights: able to unlock each one by one engram Another example of a possible skill to learn "lighting" and/or "advanced lighting". Or as a possible group of engrams as mentioned previously. agree and maybe able to unlock stuff like wall lights! I think it should be cheep for such an decorative things Grappling Hook: can hold it and throw it (like in atlas) or Crossbow for more range Agreed. I LOVE the grappling hook in Atlas. I use it more than anything else. agree Sure That would be fun Fabricator: Able to Craft any smithy item on it faster. (to save space) Honestly, I am sort of over the whole "one thing crafts all" experience. I would prefer they break it up and have at least a basic and upgraded version for each crafting station. For example, Construction Bench (building items), Chemistry Table (mortar and pestle items), Anvil (swords, knifes, arrows, tools, etc), Sewing Station (Armor), etc... A simplified version of what Primitive Plus has with a few more options. i agree but if you can build anything with the rep then you should at least be able to craft smithy items on Fabs like this You first able to craft, then smithy , then fab and you can craft some of the smithy items like metal walls , armor , weapons etc. and the rep would I think more diverse, armor, weapons, structures, Powders, food, but the Better versions can make the previous stuff. electrical outlets: Able to Hide wires Agreed. As long is it is required that they are powered and become visible when not or you might forget they are there. agree Hide wires and pipes Chainsaw: reduced wight on wood and other items, A super good gather rate and can Use Underwater (same with Drill) As chainsaw put items into your own inventory, I do not think that this will work. it would work just like a Drill, but for wood. Nah just use a beaver Any Harvesting item: Like the Oil Pump. some times you can get aton of oil or sometimes it will take longer Adding variable to the collection may be more code that is needed. Personally I just go out hunt rocks or creatures that drop the oil that i need. this is so that sometimes your oil from your oil pump may not get as much, same with water and gasballs and sometimes you get even more! Never use much of these so no opinion, would this apply to windmills, just curious AR: Does slight more damage per shot on the same target I am okay with that. sounds cool but what’s ar auto riffle? AC: Able to shut off, can Pin code, Can Place on a window Frame Agreed. I would also like to put in for an upgraded version, perhaps a tek AC that covers more area? yes maybe a Tek Humidifier that is better and you don't need 500 ACs , Able to change the Temp of the area around you! too but cost element and has sizes Agree with all Grinder: Able to Turn Rock into sand on SE or rag, and Able to auto grind everything! Not sure about the rock into sand... but the auto grind PLEASE! they put this on PC (i think it said it in the patch notes) about the Auto grind everything agree with rock and auto, sand would be an Engram though so you can’t get SE stuff on the other maps Tracker: Able to place it on a Dino but it will stay on it FOREVER, like a imprint I would prefer an upgrade to the current transponder. Perhaps a collar of sorts? or something you can add to a saddle? agree but that what the transponder should be. place it on your dino , you can name it and if you lose the dino, find him! Agree Tranq Spear bolt: Does 4xs more Tranq Damage to Sea dinos I would hope the do something for it some day. Honestly the reload is faster on my crossbow... so I have never really used the spear bolt. agree 100% 2x I say Fab Sniper: able to have Iron sights and can put a Holo scope If you can upgrade it as such irl, then I would say you should be able to do so in game. yes and it makes no sense cuz you need cristal to make a Scope but for a Fab sniper you don't need it.... Iron sights automatically and add scope or holo Gas mask and Night Vision goggles: Cheeper Agreed yes Yes Rocket launcher: MUCH BETTER DAMAGE and can have Specal "rockets" that can be used as a Tranq N/A for my gameplay i was reading the Jurassic park book and this idea came to mind (worth a read BTW) but one of the characters (Robert Muldoon) had a Special Rocket launcher like item but instead of rockets . it shot Rocket Tranqs, and he used it one the rex. so it would need a Shock dart and a Rocket with a LOT MORE DRUGS and maybe Ammonit bile to make a Super Tranq! Yes electrical Prod: Two modes. Attack mode: does more damage then Pike and you can keep attacking without breaking insistently and Stun mode: One shot use and does A TON of Tranq damage Could be interesting. yes cuz why is it just one hit? i want to have a Stun rod to beat dinos to death with! Yes Riot Armor: 2 times better so its worth using. in terms of Armor (at least 175) If they do not fix the riot baseline, they should at least add something between Riot and Tek. yes Riot gear is underpowered -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek Tek Armor: MUCH better armor (like 250 each) Tek Saddles: MUCH better armor like 90 Tek Rifle: 2 modes: Assault Mode, super Fast fire rate (small projectiles) and can't damage buildings (uses less Ammo) and DMR mode: The base Gun Tek Railgun: able to activate a Normal scope, and A slighy Faster charge rate Tek Mek Rockets: homing Tek Claws: Much better damage and Does 50% AP damage Tek Rocket Launcher : Able to Craft ammo but Not cheap and Can Have a Gauss Cannon mode (uses Element Do I have tek? Yes. Do I use tek? No. Personally I find it cumbersome. If I go to jump, I fly. If I want to throw my little guy, the helmet resets. If I want to keep it powered, I have to carry element. Plus, it isn't as "end game" as it should be.Nor am I interested in being one of the many who all go around wearing the same suite of armor because skins don't work on it and to me, it doesn't scream "survival game" but "scifi game" so I am going to go and leave this one as is. Not saying your suggestions are good, nor that they are agree tek is hard to use especially on console where your controls are limited agree with this and i think their could be ways to make it better. what idk yet. Also here are some other TLC ideas for you! Fishing rod: more kinds of Bait, Ammonit bile (the best), meat (worst) and maybe a Better system of fishing. and more worth it to fish with better baits! yes I never find the stuff to use fishing rods Re-fertilizer: SUPER FERTILLZER! and it Boost them! Sure Shotgun: able to hold Trigger to fire both shots! and able to put Simple Rifle rounds (like a Elephant rifle) and is Stronge damage but not good range like the Longneck rifle great ideas small and large rafts: for small places and for building more! diagonal supports: for building bridges and stuff and I looks good support: make the range structures can go without pillar bigger something so things can fit perfectly to spaces or just clip a lot storage: gargantuan storage chest, maybe specified storage so it’s holds more and costs less but it can only hold one type of thing ex: wood thatch meat buildings stone(flint metal) fiber beries ect.
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    This bug is as old as the game. In my experience Is more common in climbers (rock drakes p.ex.), and more rare in others (flyers p.ex.). WC never cared to fix this and never will (or can't). In aberration i had all sorts of complications farming drops on the surface with my rock drake wandering off 100-200m away in one area that almost everything is a 1 hit kill for a player...
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    Yeah... that one. Maybe if you stopped foaming about everything and actually paid attention to what you posted, these "accidents" wouldn't occur. You sound like the type of person who gets angry over something nonexistant at a shop and yells at the employees, wanting to see the manager.
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    If normal rexes are allowed it is safe to assume X-variation should be too and someone simply forgot to include them in specie whitelist.
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    ARK is not slower to update than any other games. Updates are pushed through the same network. A network owned by VALVe. Lower rates are most likely to be expected for top10 games at peak hours, but to download 574mb in 2 hours, that means he is like downloading at 80 kb/s which is definitely an issue on his side. I always average 2-10 mb/s when updating.
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    Yeah its sad because I think the map itself is the best one they've ever done, but I've all but stopped playing since warzone came out. Once I got by the honeymoon period and the new game shine wore off, I really have no motivation to play. The last time I got on earlier this week I did a few manta ray races then TPd to the artic to do the rhino 500. On the way there the game crashed to the main menu. I started it back up and about 30 seconds later it blue screened. Threw my hands up and havent been on since.
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    You must first select which ammo you want to use, once you click on it, you must then click on the bow. Put tranq arrows and bow into your inventory, then click on the arrows, and then click on your bow. Your bow will then switch ammo from stone arrows, to tranq arrows automatically.
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    If you're using custom levels, you need to ensure you have a total of 50 levels over what you want your player max to be. This is made up of three ascensions at 15 levels each plus 5 chibi levels. For example, my servers have a standard max player level of 135, so the total max level possible with all ascensions and chibi levels is 185.
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    I have a feeling you play a different game my friend, as explained in detail in prior posts it so very much depends on the server settings how armor behaves, and for me it was just fine and you were in no way immortal in a maxxed tek suit!
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    Today I shall farm wyvern talons! Stocking up for some Manticore, we are low on element and when this acount can FINALLY access trades, gunna look for magmasaurs
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    My map has a bug with respawning resources , when i teleport to a different biome before resources are respawned i will loose the ressource forever. i use use the -preventhibernation command on startup. i have some barren places that where one ressourcefull places but they are completely barren since 30 real hours. i spend a lot of time to monitor this issue by using the slowmo comand until it respawns but sadly some are gone forever (refertilizer dont work for metal and crystal) my singleplayer map is now officaly broken also when i tranq a dino and teleport to a different biome it will vanish instantly
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    People are crushing it right now with reapers, which seem to be immune to patching at this point , people will still breed the new dino lines, i guess the only reason not to open would be game balance, easy to test/tweak in closed environment.
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    Takes the challenge away from most of the content. For me that’s the fun part the start up and the accomplishments in a new environment. When you roll into a new map with OP Dino’s, it really takes the thrill away.
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    Yes, I have been noticing this too. It doesn't happen every time but enough times to be annoying. Odd thing is, even the flying creatures walk off. They don't fly away. Yesterday my pteranodon started walking away from me when I dismounted. Intrigued as to where he was going I followed him. We were on a beach and he headed into the water. Once the water reached his ankles he took to the air and just hovered there. It was weird. Today my Sarco waddled off slowly when I dismounted him. If I run up to the creature and get back on him and dismount again, he stays still.
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    That is not the way i see it, At the point WC gives us the tools to configure our own servers with the settings we see fit for our community, we are entitled to keep those settings as we see fit and not being overruled by "fixes" that don't even address a problem on our servers but only theirs.
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    I am on server 584 and we too have a high ping, no dinos spawing (unless the server restarts, crashes, or a patch is implamented), and terrible lag that is setting our imprints back 1hr 30mins plus. Can we PLEASE get a daily restart? You are giving us events of 2x, 2.5x, 3x and no dinos are spawning. What's the point? Please look into this issue.. I am sure MULTIPLE servers are affected.
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    You should be able to drag the tranq arrows onto the weapon and change the ammo.
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    No, their buff (or debuff during the day) is only affected by the current time of the map, not location.
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    I think you mistake me for someone who rents a nitrado server, sorry to disapoint you there my friend, i use a dedicated windows server and i have done all the setup work on my own, so yes, it is MY server! And yes, they can change whatever they want on "their" game, but end of the day myself and everyone playing on MY server have paid for the game and all the DLC's so it's not irrational IMHO to have demands about the way i am beeing treated!
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    I am not talking about official grindfest servers, i'm talking about my OWN server where the notorious "fix" made tek repairs not 20% more expensive, it made it 20x more expensive while cutting durability in half! I didnt ask for that change on MY server, i dont have dupers and cheaters on MY server, Grindfest servers have vaults over vaults of duped stuff AGAIN after just a few hours from the "intervention" and MY server is still broken from it! As a conclusion, the point is, i dont mind Wildcard doing whatever they think is right for their grindfest servers, i couldnt care less to be honest. I would NEVER even dream of playing on those completely broken cheater infested monstrocities. What i absolutely DO MIND, is that their effective or not so effective changes apply to PRIVATE UNOFFICIAL servers/clusters that don't even have the problems those so called fixxes are intended to fix...
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    Alright bois I got a lvl 237 but the mutation was in oxygen. But at least I know nothing is wrong with the game. Thanks everyone for your help!
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    This. I did Argy's for a long while. I got mutations in as little as 30 hatches and in as long as 600 hatches. Just keep breeding. Another one will hit.
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    It's just bad luck. Nothing can be done except breeding more and more until a new mutation finally appears (or until you get tired and give up. Whichever happens first).
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    Helped for a day on officials and screw over all unofficials ...way to go WC ! On our cluster we have no problems with dupers and exploiters, if someone comes to our attention doing "bad things" he gets a fair warning and if he doesnt comply he's gone, simple. Still we got hit hard by the STUPID and useless nerf that was meant for official PvP servers in the first place, but hardcoded to screw up everyone... What can i say...WAY TO GO ! It has cost me a full day of tweaking the Super Tek mod settings to get a halfway balanced replacement for the ruined high durability (and most importantly reasonably repairable) tek armor. Still not happy with the result but better than the wet horsepoo WC presented us with!
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    Today: on Extinction tamed a carno (level 100 pre-tame, 140 post-tame). A nice step towards building a dino army. On Valguero: finished hatching yesterday's tek rex eggs, killed the hatchlings because no new mutations, plus the only female inherited mothers low health. Half-raised the new bronto, killed the old one because I no longer need him (harvested his dermis, though - he really did have pretty colors, letting them disappear completely would have been a waste). Moved the new bronto closer to his mother (who is also his future mate). Half-finished raising the health mutated tek rex (still can barely believe that I really have him. I mean, HEALTH mutation! On one of my rexes! How awesome is that?)
  34. 1 point
    Lol, I've seen people complained about others' bases, then people complain others' dinos. These people are always complaining. They don't have the mindset to play PVE and no guts to play PVP. If you are constantly thinking about killing other people's dinos, PVP always welcome you. If you play PVE, you make friends with people instead. If you don't like anyone at all, just go and play single player.
  35. 1 point
    Griefing, stealing eggs, stealing other stuff.
  36. 1 point
    I was told by the lead for the support staff that they are instructed to not refund dinos lost to the anti-meshing system. The reason for this is simple. The support staff do not have the tools to investigate whether it was a glitch or indeed you meshed and just want your stuff back.
  37. 1 point
    The listed command is written as true but you want to set it to false. EnableCryoSicknessPVE=false Now if only we could get the same setting for PVP.
  38. 1 point
    Then you are on the wrong part of the forums
  39. 1 point
    Wildcard seems to perpetually fear giving any kind of chance for good loot. I keep expecting water jar, compass and medium crop plot BP’s to show up in T3 crates.
  40. 1 point
    Power Therizin by miles, but you'll want a mammoth on follow to stash it all in.
  41. 1 point
    People jumping into other peoples bases is something that will solve itself once people gets used to it. I personally don't notice much of a difference in the movement. And remember, most balancing is meant towards PvP, as this is where balance is the most crucial. I'm guessing you are a PvE player. The sad thing now, is that experienced mana riders can't easily catch up to non experienced mana riders, cuz the mana riders with experience actually lands in between the jumps to preserver stamina, while the "bobs" does 10 dashes in a row without landing and goes out of stamina immediately. This mana change basicly made it more "new player friendly"
  42. 1 point
    Considering that statistically, the majority of active Ark players are console PvE, it makes very little sense to base nerfs on PvP.
  43. 1 point
    There was a turret tower, the rider was using beer. But thats not the point. The point is if you go out to pvp now on a giga, a rhino, a reaper or anything you are going to die in one shot to a mana. You can not ride any ground dinos right now and pvp. If you are on a mana if the other mana pounces you then your mana probably going to get one shot as well. Fights are going to be manas trying to pounce each other. Exactly what happened last year.
  44. 1 point
    WC has made a poor choice here IMO, too often the nerfs have been heavy handed and poorly targeted. The nerfs they've made to Managarmr since release effectively destroy the mechanics that defined the creature, and yet they keep hitting it again and again because they apparently aren't actually preventing what they want to prevent. It honestly seems like they don't even know what they want the Managarmr to be, except perhaps not used. The range nerf was very excessive, destroying the basic attack mechanic of the creature, a single jump into the air, a core part of it's combat design, put it out of range to even hit it's target. Wild manas look like spastic morons, jumping in and out doing almost nothing with their melee till they die or bug out, if they win a fight it's often because the target was a wild that got distracted by something else when the mana jumped out. With how heavy the damage falloff was - for it to do any real damage at all at a sane range, the point blank damage was rather OP. The range nerf meant that a creature charging you, because that's exactly what the limited npc programming in the game will do, could often get in range and hit you before you could freeze, good luck with that breath then, and the mana's signature movement abilities would instantly put you out of range to even fight. If you want the breath to be used at range, don't nerf it into uselessness at 12ft. If you want it used in melee, it shouldn't be continuously interrupted by damage!! Combat hopscotch anyone? That's fun for both parties. So what's the result of all this? The only real option they left the mana riders for dealing damage, jump in close and burst, jump away and start again if you get hit. I haven't gotten a good look at the damage change yet, but to me the biggest mistake they made there was way the range scaling was implemented. Just keep it simple, something like full damage at point blank to mid range, scaling down from there to perhaps 25% damage at max range, adjust base damage to a balanced level. Going from max damage at melee range to 0 damage at max range was a mistake, and made balancing the damage a problem due to the massive variation across ranges, can't make it do reasonable damage at a sane range without making it OP point blank. The freeze effect on the other hand should fall off a good bit, the closer you are the faster the target is frozen, very slow at long range, but fairly fast up close. Further reduce freeze speed against players and tames if needed. Mild damage at long range, good reliable damage up mid to close range, no sniper damage, no easy freeze from silly range, no massive bursts at point blank, no stream of 0 damage markers from just outside you enemies hit box . The current movement nerf is no different. If people are jumping continuously too much, up the stamina cost scaling you already have in place. If three dashes burns all their stamina, they won't dash 3 times - or better yet, diminishing returns on subsequent dashes, after the first dash or two each gets progressively slower and shorter, and don't let the speed stat boost the dash. There are times when multiple jumps are simply required for awkward bits of terrain, heck, with how twitchy they are sometime it takes me 6 strafes and 2 jumps just to park the blasted thing how I want it if land space is limited, thanks to it's poor land turning radius. If anything improve the land turning radius, If you want us to walk them, then make it less painful to do so, they also handle rocks and terrain very poorly. Have you tried moving them through an even moderately forested area, or rough terrain with stones on the ground? They bug out, start floating, or get stuck frequently, and turn like a bus. On Extinction one of my bases is on a tower in the city, where it was clearly intended as a possible building location, and not even near the top. This change makes it nearly inaccessible to my Managarmr. Well done. Thank you very much. I now have exactly one option for an effective travel and light transport mount there, nerfing that one next? Maybe I'll be able to build a bridge now, did that fix actually work? Another well tested addition that there was. It's one thing to tune a mount's power, and completely another beast when you start messing with things so integral to it's base play-ability, I feel player anger is justified in this case. PS: Heavy restrictions on players and tames that aren't placed on wilds will always feel unfair to your players, as do changes that render huge amounts of time and effort in breeding useless. TLDR: I think this and many of the other Managarmr nerfs have been very poorly implemented even in the cases where changes have been truly necessary, and often seem completely untested.
  45. 1 point
    If the balance is about pvp servers : remove them, it's as simple as that. That's litteraly a nerf that bury them on pve where the last purposes was for travel mount and fighters on aberration.... they are now at the same level as a raptor => good to take dust in a cryofridge...... Maybe there is unknown argues for justify a nerf on pve and i'm reeeeally curious to know them but if it's just a pvp issue.... delete this dino from their servers and leave pve players in peace ^^
  46. 1 point
    Nope, dino will be erased if u cryo him. Yesterday I have tested with one Rex 455 lvl, u can cryo him, but when u want to release him, puff he is gone.
  47. 1 point
    Also if we are going off of what the explorer notes say, this is #29 of Helena's from SE. The transporter that can take us back to the "control center" station is in the ruins of another city, south of the mountains. Wali believes that it was destroyed by the obelisks, just like the city in the southeast. I didn't press her for details, not that I'd have gotten any. Wali's more tight lipped about those ruins than anything. I had to practically beg her to take me to the southeastern city, and while we were there, she spent most of her time just gazing out into the distance. No sense in bringing her mood down with that rubbish now. After all that she's done for me, I'd like give her a nice, proper farewell. At least add in the ruins or make it more obvious which ruins they are talking about so we can follow in their footsteps.
  48. 0 points
    PLEASE make updates faster to donwload. Another update, 80% and downloading over 2 hours now. 574Mb. Imprints where due 90 minutes ago. Why does it take so long? Can this PLEASE be fixed?
  49. 0 points
    Bought a T2 loot crate hoping to get a replicator, got a single primitive flak legging bp and Keratin. DILO?
  50. 0 points
    Holy poop, people are as angry as when they first nerfed the mana. No one wanted their favorite new toy taken away which was able to kill the alpha dragon on island with some riders and freshly bred manas with nearly no stats. I used the mana today and don't think it's as horrible as people make it out to be. You have to land more often but are still faster than any other dino. The only thing that you are not able to do anymore is dash over half the map in mere seconds. All this reminds me of League of Legends and Dota when champions/heroes get nerfed. The people who main those characters will get so damn angry that they don't even want to acknowledge how blatantly broken their champions were. The mana is still the fastes travel mount for PVE and an absolute monster that can kill everything in PVE with the new stats that nearly everyone on official has. For PVP I can only express my condolences for that (must be bugged) charge.
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