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    The poop could be explained as the left overs (like how an owl eats a whole mouse and coughs up the pellet) I however HATE how flesh animals eat tek animals THAT makes no sense.
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    Got one solution for anyone complaining these kind of things. Make some special PVE servers, limit tame cap and building cap both down to 50. Oh well, let them have the ability to download items from normal official servers, I can imagine that no breeder will play on these servers, so let them trade dinos from breeders. But disable upload to normal servers, so they commit to their play style, not just wasting servers. Also, increase food consumption rate for adult dinos up to 50x, so everything will starve to death in one day, and no one will leave dinos out of cryopods. Just replying to OP's doubt, I personally know lots of builders and breeders in ark. Some people just enjoy building their dream structures. And some people just want to log on and see their favourite dinos standing alive in front of them. If you have the right mindset to play PVE, you should be able to make friends with them. If you are just toxic, you can't accept different play styles, you should play PVP, there are tons of mega tribe with even more dinos standing around waiting for you to kill. For server lag, that's more like a development issue. I've seen many servers went from normal to unplayable, then back to normal with all the tribes stayed the same. If you play this game long enough, you should remember those days when every PVE servers constantly stayed on server tame cap. Are we hitting the server cap anymore? Are servers faster these days? That's questionable. If anyone is actually abusing game mechanics, the server should crash consistently. If server lagged and crashed randomly, that's more like a server issue.
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    I keep my adult dinos not podded because 1: if I pod them, I might actually forget about them and that just wouldn't do. Because if I forget, I won't breed them and if I don't breed... Well, nothing really would happen, but waiting to see what hatches out of a new egg is one of my main sources of excitement in this game. 2. Some are painted. Single color (white on whatever is the dino's natural ones), but annoying to load back onto them. 3. I'm too lazy to make enough pods. I have a bit less than thirty overall, with at least five of them occupied nearly always by babies I'm saving for later and one occupied permanently by my megalodon because I like him, but not enough to find a place for a water pen, build the pen and regularly visit the megalodon to feed him. 4. The number of my dinos is always below 80. Can't imagine them creating that much lag, I would have noticed that first (my computer is not exactly the strongest one)!
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    NO more Pod timers on PVE!!! Thank you! Holy crap! No more Cryopod timers on PVE!! What a game changer. Seriously. Cut down on lag, less dinos out ready to be pregoed, less dinos out for boss fights. No more worrying about feeding boss teams. Faster to unpod than to leave them out and move them around in place. What a freaken concept. FINALLY! You know how much time this will save? How much lag it will actually save across all servers? Just wow, finally! Something promising in a change! Good lord, took long enough. THANK YOU!
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    no you can't pod the dino if the personal owner is set to someone else that is if your tribe settings allows it to have personal owner which is the better way if you're partnering up with people on the internet otherwise you're going to get insided and extreme amount of lag is subjective. dino renders are CLIENT-SIDE. if you don't want a certain group of people to come to your base or whatever that should help also wc introduced some new rendering measures to combat dino massing. you should try that.
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    I hate that too. Not only does it not make any sense, but the way they sometimes rush to devour a tek corpse I intended to harvest... Like, what could a random wild raptor possibly need metal, electronics and oil for? Nothing! Then why does it insist on denying me the right to have them?
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    Pteranodon needs a model update. Its face is unpleasant, but the wings are godawful and need to be redone. It's also kind of odd that it doesn't have pycnofibres. I understand that not everything in ark has to be accurate, but all other pterosaurs have pycnofibres and pteranodon looks sort of slimy without them.
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    Today I learned that I'm nobody.
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    Lol, I've seen people complained about others' bases, then people complain others' dinos. These people are always complaining. They don't have the mindset to play PVE and no guts to play PVP. If you are constantly thinking about killing other people's dinos, PVP always welcome you. If you play PVE, you make friends with people instead. If you don't like anyone at all, just go and play single player.
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    Things to help you in Genesis things we know about genesis: [10:08 AM] best source of electronics is luna biome, kill tek creatures, mining drill /chain saw their bodys [10:09 AM] element shards can be farmed from red gems inside the volcano and in the rocks in luna area [10:09 AM] black pearls can be got from sea scropians real easy using frog [10:10 AM] get paste using frog to kill bugs in bog (drop your mesh density down to find them easy)o bsiden is everywhere in snow area, use it to make poly with paste blue flower in bog or any normal vines in volcano area best for narco berrys [10:15 AM] blue flowers in bog also drop plant x seeds [10:15 AM] silk and plant y has been farmed from plants underwater in water biome [10:17 AM] green gems and fungal wood spawn in bog near the big trees (willow mainly) [10:19 AM] crystal spawns in bog near the big trees (willow mainly) [10:19 AM] crops seems to irrigate themselves in bog [10:20 AM] windmills can be used but wind comes and goes [10:20 AM] oil veins spawn in volcano area, can place oil pumps on them [10:21 AM]get a mining drill, use it on everthing, see what you get [play the mini games, they are actually fun and give you quiet a bit of hexagons
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    Reaper gestation timer not moving and i cant get no exp for my baby reaper Logged off with my reaper king inside me, and now the timer has just stopped and i cant level my reaper king either
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    I accidentally ate a 150 Magmasaur egg. my tribe was not happy with me
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    Backup Characters Please add an option to allow us to backup Characters in case it accidently gets deleted.
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    They should use smallest poop, but every 0.6 seconds.
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    So I will reply to my own thread in case anyone else comes up this question. I would recommend ARK Server Manger google it - I got it from arkservermanager dot freeforums dot net.
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    Hyper-efficient digestive system that leaves very little undigested parts to be excreted, maybe?
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    The real question is why Giant Turtle's poop so small.
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    Yes you do have damage and weight mutations. Same as any other stat mutations. Mutation goes to one stat(or up to three stats or all in same stat if you are extremely lucky. Mutation happens and goes into weight its a weight mutation. Speed and oxy mutations you can put into adverse effects. Wasted points and mutation counter.
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    Your being treated no different to the rest of the ark community your entitled to nothing but the game as they design it plain and simple
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    Done, My problem is now solved. Thank you so much for your help @caleb68 !
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    You can dump the stone on the ground in front of them and they over burden themselves making weight less useful. I believe I did some tests like a year ago and increasing crafting skill gave an increase in the amount of resources each crystal produced, I think you get the same amount of crystals pooped out but they each give more mats. Anyways I always lvl crafting skill on them now and I don't specifically remember the test results.
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    Meaning that re-writing old code is more trouble than it is worth and making a whole new game is a better option.
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    Thanks for all your input it means the world to me. I will now try the settings out and see if it works.
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    @PertySlick As mentioned by op, this is pretty much only a pve problem. If someone manages to build up 500 tames on pvp and keeps them out for this reason, more power to them I say lolz. But your point is moot in pve which is what this post is about so... @AllOfTheAllos You're probably not part of the problem if you don't have that many pods, seems this is more about mega tribes...
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    Alas, crafting skill only affects loot quality, not quantity.
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    You keep sayin “MY server” yes it is your server to set rates and whatnot as you see fit but the game and how they program it is there’s to do with as they want to. Don’t like the added grind it makes then increase your rates. At the end of the day they can do whatever they want with the game they don’t owe you anything just because your renting a server
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    You did absolutely nothing to the cheaters and you screwed the players that dont cheat. AGAIN.
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    tell me again...what's wrong with parking lot now? why can't people have a base with 500 dinos? pods don't keep warpaint and the name of the original tamer pods also allows tribe mates to steal the dino pods also don't allow the dino to have anything on them besides the saddle wyverns are also low maintenance dinos they eat like once a month is this a holier than god kinda post because its certainly looks like one
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    kill yourself and re-spawn. Should be in your inventory.
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    Try killing yourself and re-spawning. Any skins available for your character should automatically be placed in your inventory. Just remember to put any items you want to keep in a box next to a bed before you die.
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    Sorry, mate, I'm not reading this novel. Skimming through: 1 pve is almost fine as it is and most of all needs to be separated from pvp 2 can't comment on pvp, out of the loop for too long. Though whatever you do with its ruleset and balance, will get shred to pieces by next DLC 3 TLC was promised 4 would be nice I guess, but I won't get upset without those Imho. What ark really needs is to move on latest version of UE4 and huge chunks of engine rewritten from scratch to get rid of years old hacks and crutches piled on top of each other. Would do more good than any little tweaks or new items.
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    When you accidentally deleted your ARK data you have 200+ Hours of game time on. Time to get collecting on those explorer notes again. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-
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    People make mistakes, especially people new to the game. You can still be helpful to the tribe by working hard at what you do know. Gather resources or craft up needed things, like sparkpowder or narcotics, etc. Show your tribemates that you aren't lazy and a noob, just a noob that is willing to learn and work hard. Most will forgive you, and should take the time to help you learn more things. As far as losing dinos. I would strongly suggest working towards trading with someone to get yourself some of your "own" dinos. Then you don't need to put your tribemates dinos at risk anymore.
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    I noticed your post a few days ago and liked it. I read over it from my phone and for the most part, I like the idea and thought put behind the different items. Now that I am at a computer, I wanted to further comment on it. I have copied your lines down and put them to bullets in once color while my comments are in another. Water Skin: Able to keep water in it without the leak Personally I think that while it is annoying that the water will leak/evaporate from the skin, it sort of makes sense. It pushes you to upgrade to the water jar. Spear: has Debility and can set on fire for damage: (leave it in a fire for a Minute) then it will be like the fire Spear from Genesis I have no issue with the ability to set a spear on fire depending on a method and conditions. Do you use a separate recipe for it? Do you wave it over another's torch or campfire? How long is it expect to last? Slingshot: Should be Replaced with a Sling that is thrown kinda like a Bola but you Fling Rocks or Flint (Rock for Torpor and Flint for Damage) I can't say I have ever use the one available in game. I have always skipped over it - so I cannot really comment on this one. Club: Able to add stone to make it do more damage like a Tier one sword I am trying to imagine how this would be constructed. Are you suggesting your player pick up a large rock and carry it around or are you thinking they are tying rocks to the already existing club to give it some added damage markers? And if so, how does this effect the durability of the item? Thatch Structures: A slight visual upgrade. Walls, Foundations and Doors look like Very Crapy Bamboo Tied together. but the roofs look the same. Personally I am all for leaving thatch as it is and adding a separate tier for bamboo. We have a lot of bushes in game that look like it and it would be nice to have another building tier to play with. We haven't gotten one in ages. As for it's durability... it could fall between thatch and wood or be the same as one or the other. Smoke bomb: Able to change Color of smoke and can make dinos "loose you" Dying the smoke could be a fun way to do events or games. Giving the smoke bombs unique abilities based on unique recipes could be a way to generate more usage from them. Simple bed: a slight new look This is another item where I kinda prefer the simple bed where it is at, however, I would like to have an upgraded version of it. It seems odd to me that we go from a simple bed, to a bunk bed, to a tek pod. It seems as though we missed some steps in between. Training Dummy: Able to count range damage , Special damage (torpor , Fire , Gas etc) A way to measure skills. I am good with that. Flags: Able to unlock all of them by one Engram On Atlas you could word it as having one flag in which you can flip through different designs, but on Ark where they have separated everything out, I do not see them doing so without a complete overhaul. That said, I can see what you are getting at. Engram Points are limited and having to purchase flags individually is not exactly cost effective. Standing torch: Able to place underwater with Angler gel I had been hoping with Genesis and their Ocean Biome we would be getting more for the underwater building options, but low and behold... building once again takes a back seat. Had they done so we may have some lighting options for the underwater territories... but that was not meant to be. As such, I would have to agree that your torch method is a decent idea. Plus it gives another use for Angler gel. Another was one I spoke on another post where adding it to colors before applying them could change them to a fluorescent variety to match to colors of aberration. Compost bin: Adds a Buff for Plants (can't stack) and can place any Organic Item like Eggs, rotten meat , Chitin, thatch , fibber etc to make fertilizer I have used it before, and honestly, would be happy to simply have the thing hold more line items. Adding the items you listed however, would make sense as those are items you may normally placed in a compost bin to a degree so it makes sense. Cooking pot: Able to Set it to "cook mode" or "Recipe Mode" cooking mod allows you to cook meat and with a bottle and Berries (50) you can fill it up half way Personally I think the entire "cooking" and "farming' of Ark needs to be revisited. It is all very basic and rather sad. We can teleport and transmit... but can't cook anything beyond a basic cooked meat... Yes I know you can build your own recipe's, but they too have limitations and honestly it seems as though Ark had taken the easy way out after seeing what Primitive Plus and Atlas have. Wood: Slightly Stronger and maybe a new look. Too look slightly better This is another where I would say leave Wood as it is, but add new types. Such as: Lumber (primitive plus), Log (as in a log cabin), or Paneling. They would take extra steps to create and have their own durability. It would give us more to work and play around with. Water Well: able to place anywhere but has a Placing Range like a Tek Bubble shield Like it. Raft: Able to decompose overtime and needs Maintenance or it will break Agreed Pipes and Wires: able to unlock them all with the the 3 Engrams (Stone Pipes, Iron and Wire) to save points If Ark were a bit more skill based... That would be easy. Unlock "Stone Piping" and it would unlock all. Same for metal pipes, wires, etc. Of course, that would be a major change over of the engram system. So I guess adding Engram Packages, where some items are grouped together could help simplify the menu system as it is currently. Water Tanks: Better Water Storage, stone 500 and Metal 1500 Agreed. If not as better storage from the start, that they need to have additional upgrades available. I am all about to cutting lag, but if you can't build near water the shear number of tanks you need can be exasperating on some maps/areas. Through: shows Range but can Disable the range, There is another post on this and I completely agree. Troughs, like tek generators, should have an option to show the range. I know there is a foundation spread, and that does work for now, but it seems like a simple QOL adjustment to me. trophy wall mount: Able to put any alpha drop , Special Dino drop and implant on the wall I would like to add to this one to include a "Display Case" where you could display things like Chibi's or Tributes. Behmoth walls: With the behemoth gates you can unlock behemoth walls that has more HP They are AWESOME in Atlas. No more doors for walls or incredible lag from the wall it takes to cover a distance. There is another post on this subject that goes into tall walls, larger ceilings and foundations etc, all of which would assist with the decrease in lag for large bases. Stone: Slighy Better (can take at least 2 or 3 C4 for a wall) As with wood and thatch, I think we just need more options. Cobblestone, Cement, Cinderblock, Granite, Marble... etc.. All things that have been used as building materials and skipped over as building tier items. Some could be stronger than others and require harder to find or new resources, but the build would be worth the work. Lance: Able to Hold it on the ground but its not as good As I have never used one as my creature does more damage than I... It would give the item another purpose and that I am all for. Tree Platform: Able to place it on trees in AB Agreed. Cannon: able to "ride it" Like in atlas and can fire it! Agreed Dino leash: Able to disable the Range Ring Agreed Chitin armor: Need to craft it on Smithy but Can Repair it on the go! Personally, I am more of the frame of mind that we already do too much in our own inventories. I can see throwing together a thatch build with what you can find, but even wood should require more that what you can carry on you. Yes, I realize that this statement probably isn't agreeable to many as it would require the use of building stations earlier in the game - however it is simply my opinion. It would a bit more fantasy realism to the game if we had a few more steps to make things works. And this goes for craftables. To make it seem a bit more "on the go" for nomadic players. I would suggest that a smithy saddle addition be available for most creatures. It wouldn't mean that creatures would all get a smithy like the Argy or Beaver, but that more saddles could have the smithy addition. Limitations would apply however. It would have a separate inventory from the creatures, the creatures could not be ridden while the smithy is placed on the saddle, and it would have a weight limit tied into the creature. Greenhouse Buildings: CHEAPER IN ENGRAM COST If grouped together as with some of your other suggestions, I would say that yes, the cost should be lowered. However through trial and error I have found that only ceiling tiles are needed to get the effect so as is, the cost is not that high for the one piece. I would also suggest adding an upgraded tier, possibly "Obsidian Glass" as the rock is typically glass like and it could provide a shadowing effect in bright areas. Harpoon Gun: 100% chance to get spear bolts back and can Find Better Quality's can be found Better Quality yes, Spear bolts no. IED: instead of a trip wire its just like a Mine Simply adding a "mine" you can place under bushes and such so that the bush will grow over them and hide them would work. A new item as opposed to replacing one. Metal: A slight new look (at least make it look even with the Plates) and somewhat stronger (5 or 7) Again, I would add building tiers... Steel, Silver, etc... (these are more random than the others, but mostly because I prefer the look of the items earlier mentioned. Lights: able to unlock each one by one engram Another example of a possible skill to learn "lighting" and/or "advanced lighting". Or as a possible group of engrams as mentioned previously. Grappling Hook: can hold it and throw it (like in atlas) or Crossbow for more range Agreed. I LOVE the grappling hook in Atlas. I use it more than anything else. Fabricator: Able to Craft any smithy item on it faster. (to save space) Honestly, I am sort of over the whole "one thing crafts all" experience. I would prefer they break it up and have at least a basic and upgraded version for each crafting station. For example, Construction Bench (building items), Chemistry Table (mortar and pestle items), Anvil (swords, knifes, arrows, tools, etc), Sewing Station (Armor), etc... A simplified version of what Primitive Plus has with a few more options. electrical outlets: Able to Hide wires Agreed. As long is it is required that they are powered and become visible when not or you might forget they are there. Chainsaw: reduced wight on wood and other items, A super good gather rate and can Use Underwater (same with Drill) As chainsaw put items into your own inventory, I do not think that this will work. Any Harvesting item: Like the Oil Pump. some times you can get aton of oil or sometimes it will take longer Adding variable to the collection may be more code that is needed. Personally I just go out hunt rocks or creatures that drop the oil that i need. AR: Does slight more damage per shot on the same target I am okay with that. AC: Able to shut off, can Pin code, Can Place on a window Frame Agreed. I would also like to put in for an upgraded version, perhaps a tek AC that covers more area? Grinder: Able to Turn Rock into sand on SE or rag, and Able to auto grind everything! Not sure about the rock into sand... but the auto grind PLEASE! Tracker: Able to place it on a Dino but it will stay on it FOREVER, like a imprint I would prefer an upgrade to the current transponder. Perhaps a collar of sorts? or something you can add to a saddle? Tranq Spear bolt: Does 4xs more Tranq Damage to Sea dinos I would hope the do something for it some day. Honestly the reload is faster on my crossbow... so I have never really used the spear bolt. Fab Sniper: able to have Iron sights and can put a Holo scope If you can upgrade it as such irl, then I would say you should be able to do so in game. Gas mask and Night Vision goggles: Cheeper Agreed Rocket launcher: MUCH BETTER DAMAGE and can have Specal "rockets" that can be used as a Tranq N/A for my gameplay electrical Prod: Two modes. Attack mode: does more damage then Pike and you can keep attacking without breaking insistently and Stun mode: One shot use and does A TON of Tranq damage Could be interesting. Riot Armor: 2 times better so its worth using. in terms of Armor (at least 175) If they do not fix the riot baseline, they should at least add something between Riot and Tek. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tek Tek Armor: MUCH better armor (like 250 each) Tek Saddles: MUCH better armor like 90 Tek Rifle: 2 modes: Assault Mode, super Fast fire rate (small projectiles) and can't damage buildings (uses less Ammo) and DMR mode: The base Gun Tek Railgun: able to activate a Normal scope, and A slighy Faster charge rate Tek Mek Rockets: homing Tek Claws: Much better damage and Does 50% AP damage Tek Rocket Launcher : Able to Craft ammo but Not cheap and Can Have a Gauss Cannon mode (uses Element Do I have tek? Yes. Do I use tek? No. Personally I find it cumbersome. If I go to jump, I fly. If I want to throw my little guy, the helmet resets. If I want to keep it powered, I have to carry element. Plus, it isn't as "end game" as it should be.Nor am I interested in being one of the many who all go around wearing the same suite of armor because skins don't work on it and to me, it doesn't scream "survival game" but "scifi game" so I am going to go and leave this one as is. Not saying your suggestions are good, nor that they are bad. All in all there were a lot of things I liked and a few that I would change. Either way I love discussion on the possibilities out there and what others think and how they play the game as opposed to how I and those on my cluster play. I hope some of them make it into the game someday.
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    Sitting around my main base, gliding about on my Drake on Ab. Thinking of braving one of the caves to tame a mating pair of Glowtails, then breed them mindlessly until I get black and red Glowtails. Can't imagine how long that's gonna take though.
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    I made the suggestion to increase dino food consumption exponentially after a certain time (e.g. one week) which can only halted by podding the dino. By this way the "Look at my 500 dinos" people would be enforced to pod their dinos ... or to replace them all once per week.
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    Yeah freaking ridiculous been that way since genesis came out! They have had plenty of time and updates to have fixed the issue. Sick and tired of having to redo all my settings!!! @ Wildcard Games fix the freaking issue with the single player settings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Today: on Extinction tamed a pair of pachies as a beginning of the dino army that'll accompany me on my journey to finding, taming and leading gachas. Not the best tames, but they'll have to do. Tried to tame a gacha that spawned nearby, but wasn't successful (underestimated just how quickly the damn thing loses taming progress). On Valguero: got eggs from my ankylos and tek rexes, put them in the hatchery, refilled the trough with berries for the bronto I'm raising, unpodded the mutated tek rex to raise him a bit more. That's it.
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    I'm a girl but I gotcha.. been there myself. Enjoy the game..
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    You sir...are a god..... you have no idea how much I appreciate you right meow! Thank you so much!!! I feel like I owe you a life debt, lol.
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    Yesterday: decided that even though server-hopping isn't for me, taming stuff on other servers and bringing it home certainly is. Created a character on one of the Ragnarok servers, tamed a dodo, uploaded it, downloaded it back on Valguero. Just to check if it works fine. Found a more or less non-laggy Extinction server, created a character there, started to set up a base (small, not gonna need a lot of space). Back on Valguero hatched 7 tek rex eggs (1 non-mutated female, one female with weight mutation but very cool color, the rest were non-mutated males so I killed them), finished raising three 130-145 wild-egg deinons, found a nearly-expired 145 deinon egg in the inventory of one of my low-level ones (put it there when I was relocating to the new base and forgot about it), hatched it, it was a brown fmale. Gonna raise her later. Hatched a bronto, male, mostly mother's stats, gonna raise him later. Oh, and killed my old low-level deinons because why would I keep them around? They weren't fit for breeding, and I wasn't attached to them (the only deinon I'm attached to is Nightmare Jenny, who was my first deinon ever, and is my second oldest rideable tame (the second oldest tame of any kind is Eggvelyne the slayer, a dodo)). Today: finished the house on Extinction, built a fence around it enough to keep raptors out, tamed a tek parasaur and a dilophosaur. Planning to tame some raptors. Or trikes. Or whatever - it doesn't matter, as long as it's something that would be able to keep me safe while I search for gachas, tame gachas, and lead them to the nearest terminal. Because that's what I came to Extinction for. On Valguero today I hatched four deinon eggs from my high-level deinons (two of the babies were worthy of keeping), four argent eggs (one worthy of keeping), two ankylo eggs (none worthy), and four tek rex eggs (HEALTH MUTATION! FINALLY! AND ON A MALE, TOO! Once he grows up he'll become my new breeding male).
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    Except tamed X-dinos don't keep their damage reduction or their damage boost. They are literally just reskinned aberrant dinos post tame.
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    take a anky to SE Lunar, mine the green rocks with it, your anky will fill up with stone / thatch / wood / crystal pretty fast though, you'll have to drop stuff. I was able to get 13 ambergris in under 3 minutes. My baby is eating 1 every 13 minutes, it seems to eat one at 200 food. Max food for ambergris is 500, but it will only fill the food to the current max food for the baby, so if its only 400 max food on the baby it'll only jump back up to 400. I did hear that this breeding event this weekend is messing up the imprinting though, and you won't be able to get a full imprint with the magmasaur if you fully raise it during the event.
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    Cryos were added back to HLNA on PC yesterday. Yay
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    I spent 3 hours today with a tribemate to farm the "Ruffle Some Feathers" mission at gamma/beta to test out the loot and the overall difficulty. We also tried the alpha variant 3 times and always got our rear ends kicked... For our beta fights, we used a 40k hp reaper to tank hits while I was riding our tek giga for dps. After the final fight, reaper would usually end up with 10-12k hp left and giga at 9k hp out of 19k. Results : - Gamma is very easy and can be done with your favorite fighting creature. - All snow hunting missions are nearly undoable during daytime because light-blue tracks in the snow are almost invisible, unless you seriously turn down gamma (0.5 for me did the trick). - Gamma loot is vastly superior to beta, not taking account the difficulty of beating beta. Among the gamma drops, we got crafted drills, magmasaur saddles, tek claws, tek sensors, metal ocean platforms, hazard suits, desert suits, titanosaur saddles, astrocetus saddles, basilisk saddles, flamethrowers and all BPs for previous items up to journeyman quality. Beta loot was mostly ramshackle stone tools, soups/stews and other useless items like glow sticks... - Beta brute yuti will hit a reaper (100% imprint, etc.) for 250 dmg on average while the giga (44 armor saddle) received 512 per hit on average. - Alpha yuti hits are in the 1-2k range each on a reaper, which is absurd. Our conclusion is that the loot is not properly balanced accross each difficulty of the same mission. Worst, the overall difficulty just get beyond ridiculous as you attempt beta/alpha missions.
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    Wow you really did miss the point. I remain on official for the same reason I don’t play unofficial or new conquest... persistence of game play. I clearly stated that I understood that first conquest and classics might close and for that reason why should I play what I am tell you is doomed for wipe? I am not complaining about the first wipes but the future wipe and futility of conquest 2. That’s the point you missed.
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    Baby is 18hrs after that it’s a breeze especially if you have a tek trough since the food last 30hrs in the trough. You fill about 30-40 and come back the next day. It’s a 7 day tame food drops around 600 a hr and food goes up 500 per bite.
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