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    Glitch when teleporting When people are teleporting for a breif period all mesh does not apply and they can walk through people's base's and take any eggs they want. Many many people have had eggs stolen in the last 3-5days and something needs to be done asap! People are losing breeding lines here! Easy to replicate as im sure you can see. please fix this
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    Seriously? Read it. OP started talking about cryopods no longer being in the HLNA store.... the first person that responded said they added them back again, which is correct. You then completely skipped cryopods and started talking about Replicator.
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    Go do a boss fight... Genesis is seriously more geared towards using tek equipment. At this stage of the game, there's no reason you can't get those engrams in a couple hrs of askin around.
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    I (for one) will be sitting on the edge of my seat , waiting to relay that important info to you .
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    I was told by the lead for the support staff that they are instructed to not refund dinos lost to the anti-meshing system. The reason for this is simple. The support staff do not have the tools to investigate whether it was a glitch or indeed you meshed and just want your stuff back.
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    This patch is actually quite nice. Props to WC.
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    Continue Prim+ as normal, but Add some of the great things from Prim+ to Regular Ark. Like the building materials, equipment, and maybe even let us have the option to build the primitive industrial stuff. The mod has so many great things to make ark more than just survival, (not that that’s not enough) I think we’re long overdue for new items. Including new foods, recipes, drinks, materials, and all sorts of crazy things that regular ark should have.
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    Next TLC Ideas (Not obvious ones) Not sure where a proper thread is to place this so just combine with one appropriate if needed. SO we already know the obvious TLC creatures (Carno, Plesi, Mammoth, etc obviousness) however I would like to point at a few things that could be good in general. Insect Breeding- Now I know this is a hot topic for WC since they don't want to do the lifestages of the bugs and the fact that bugs produce tons of offspring bla bla realism bla. I would like however if we just made them generic. It can be surmised that dinos layed more than one egg per sitting but ours only lay one, in that same idea if the Arks can genetically modify creatures and make the mythological reality then why can't bugs just grow up like normal creatures orrrr do what the Reaper does in its growth cycle. Insects just get outclassed and its a shame cuz they are some of my favorite tames. Let me know what you think. Giant Bees- I think these deserve to be shoulder mounts. It would be awesome to have a giant bee sitting on your shoulder and defending you like you were its hive, and if you got in danger it would produce drones to attack and distract the aggressor. I just think its a shame that their only purpose is to become a hive and just sit there and not be appreciated for their design. Fish- All fish (Coels, Saber Salmon, Piranha, and even the Leeches/Lampreys) should not be able to be above level 1. Size changes are fine but why can a fish that can't fight back and does me no good to catch in a fish basket tip off my charge tame's 150 radar? Unless fish get some other kind of use I think they should just be made to only spawn at level 1 like Jerboas.
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    Why do we STILL have parking lots? As the title says really, I am a returning player from a year or so ago now when cryopods first came out population of dinos on servers dropped which is ace but having returned i have seen the server i am on full of parking lots again ... huge pointless bases with tons of the same type of dino mainly wyverns so far - so i ask the wider community why? seriously why the clans have to feed these etc so why not just pod them all and have a smaller footprint if its only going to be a parking base, we can name the cryopods etc so it wouldnt be hard to see / organise them either. I know its a PvE only problem since in PvP we can just 'kill' the opponents dinos but im a casual PvEr
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    I made the suggestion to increase dino food consumption exponentially after a certain time (e.g. one week) which can only halted by podding the dino. By this way the "Look at my 500 dinos" people would be enforced to pod their dinos ... or to replace them all once per week.
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    Yeah, the wiki have incomplete info on them (they are omnivores). I was just feeding mine some stims to test out the meat and she eat just fine. Lots of times when i was out for six-seven days away from any trough looting the surface and with just meat in her inventory. If was true i guess all my featherlights would be dead by now LOL (i spent a lot of time with just meat in the trough, sooo...).
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    Lol yea that one. There’s also a cap on points per stat which is 255 I believe but I don’t think it wipes them pretty sure it just stops you from putting more points in that stat
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    Suggestion: Tek saddle update Before I start, I just wanna say that I am not a PvP player and I only recently got into Official PvE a few months, so I apologize if any of these ideas seem unbalanced as I am not sure what the current meta is like or anything like that, these are just ideas I've had and I figured I'd share them. This particular idea is for an update centered around tek saddles. The current tek saddles have never really seemed that worth it to me; they are expensive to craft, their armor value is worse than even some ramshackle blueprints, and they are also completely oriented for use in PvP. This update would flesh out tek saddles to give them many new uses and also make them more useful in PvE situations. More tek saddles This one should be obvious, but if we're gonna be fleshing out tek saddles, they might as well make more of them! Reaper Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Trike Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Wooly Rhino Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Wyvern Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Giganotosaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Griffin Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Snow Owl Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Karkinos Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Spinosaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Mantis Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Direwolf Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Direbear Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Roll Rat Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Rex Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Tapejara Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Megalodon Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Mosasaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Rock Drake Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Astrocetus Tek Saddle: (Module slots: 5) Tek saddle modules Similar to the Mek, tek saddles now have their own modules! However, unlike the Mek modules, saddle modules are tekgrams, not engrams. Also unlike the Mek, different tek saddles can support different amount of modules. Here are some of the tek saddle module ideas I've come up with: Blaster Module: Exactly the same as the current guns already equipped on tek saddles except now, they are considered a module and be unequipped to use other modules. No passive ability, usable by all tek saddles. Cockpit Module: This module requires element to run and encapsulates the rider in an energy field that protects them from damage as long as it is powered. Passive adds slight damage resistance and is usable by all tek saddles. Cannot be used in tandem with the Passenger Module. Passenger Module: This module does not require any fuel source of its own, but instead adds a second seat to the tame. No passive, usable by all tek saddles that don't already seat multiple riders. Cannot be used at the same time as the Cockpit Module. Turret Module: Exactly the same as the gun turrets on the Astrocetus tek saddle, now in module form! This module can only be used on tek saddles with a passenger seat. No passive. Cannot be used in tandem with Passenger Module Defense Module: This module resembles a mask/helmet that fits over the tame's head. Tames equipped with this module would look like they have the head of a tek variant, and would grant extra armor and protect the tame from headshot damage at the cost of element. The tame's head would have a shimmering graphical effect so creatures that are already tek variants can still be distinguished as wearing a Defense Module. Passive grants slight boost to melee damage of tame, usable by all tames with tek saddles. Shield Module: This module resembles a collar around the tame's neck and turns the tame into a support role. When activated, a vertical, translucent, rectangle-shaped energy barrier appears in front of them at the cost of element. This shield is about 5 walls high and 6 foundations wide, giving enough room to cover the tame, the rider, and perhaps ground troops standing beside them. When the shield is deployed, the tame will be unable to sprint. No passive, usable by ground tames with tek saddles. Jet Module: This module resembles the jet on the back of the tek chestpiece and requires element for fuel. When activated, pressing shift will cause the tame to enter a static "glide" animation and the jet will propel them forward, allowing them to soar at great speeds. Pressing spacebar will create a burst that can be used to strafe, gain altitude, or dive similar to the Managarmr, but will cost a bigger chunk of the Element percentage. When the Jet Module is in use, the creature will not use extra stamina. Passive is slight increase in movement speed and is only usably by flyers, aquatic tames and gliding tames. Power module: This module would arguably be the most powerful, but its use would be restricted to tames that have a charge or dive attack, such as the Wooly Rhino or Snow owl. When equipped, a simmering energy-effect covers the front of the tame and the rider. Once the charge-dive is initiated, it will start consuming Element for power and the shimmer effect becomes more pronounced, and they deal more damage the faster they go. Once they've reached their top speed, they can also knock down trees and smash through rocks, and will also do extra damage to structures. Passive grants resistance to damage that scales with speed and as stated before, is only useable by tames with charge/dive attacks. Cannot be used on a tek saddle that is currently equipped with a Jet Module. Freight Module: This module adds 3 special slots to your tame's inventory. Whatever you place into these slots will grant the tame 75% weight reduction for that item as long as it is equipped. Passive perk allows tames to continue walking even when encumbered at the cost of element, similar to the tek leggings. Can be used with any tek saddle. Charge Module: This is the only module that does not require element to run, instead consuming charge batteries. When the module is equipped, the lights on the tek saddle will glow much brighter and will emit charge light. Accessing the radial menu will allow them player to toggle the range of the charge light, with power draw scaling accordingly. No passive, usable by all tek saddles. All modules are powered individually be dragging element over them on the mount's inventory screen. All tek saddles now have durability However, this durability acts differently than other items. Instead, the durability determines the amount of features available to be used. All tek saddles can have full fabricator, smithy and mort and pestle functionalities at full power. At 100%-75% all functionalities will work. Below 75% the fabricator functionality will stop until repair. Below 50% the smithy functionality will stop until repair. Below 25% the mortar and pestle functionality will stop until repair O% renders all modules inoperable and the tek saddle becomes just a fancy saddle until repair. Tek saddles do not receive damage from attacks and only from consuming element for fuel Constructive criticism is always welcome!
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    They eat meat or seeds but if you feed them seeds you will go through like 300 of them in 1 minute, for growing ones anyway.
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    Featherlights eats only seeds? Are you sure? I have 7 in my base (result of a long breeding process) for 70-80 days already with nothing but berries and meat in the trough (the only seed they saw was 40 lineages ago when i was taming their ancestors xD). I'm using one for this whole time too... And to be honest i always assumed they was carnivores after tamed - they actually harvest meat... but now checking the wiki it says "herbivores" LOL You can gatherer lots of high levels in the Element Vaults, do some breeding and easily get a OP one. I got my breeding line to over 1000% melee base already (literally 0 nameless spawns using them), can't remember exactly what's the original oxygen and stamina but both pretty high too (they charge so fast too, not even need so much stamina).
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    I just posted a bug about this too where electricity just can’t be used for whatever reason no power or anything can place a generator but can’t connect cables the platform no joke became useless unless you have some creative stuff in advanced checked so for those of us that play official congrats you just wasted hours and days and weak of time spending all those resources for a paperweight
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    Watch that language.
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    Yes, this needs to be done ASAP, for ALL kinds of platforms.
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    The dearly departed OP is no longer with us. Going to lock this reasoned and thoughtful post.
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    here we go again... 1) ark is dying. 2) lots of hackers. 3) wake up wc. come on OP you can do better. the statistics and sales number aren't going to lie. ark is actually thriving. it's one of the few games offering live services without a subscription plan and micro-transaction (for pc at least) to keep the servers alive how? gfi money 1000000 0 0 ? bill gates threw money at this game? company is backed by federal reserves? come on bruh. you can make a better argument
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    if there are friendly tribes on your server see if one of them can craft it for you? there are several on ours that have been doing that for people. thankfully pods are back in the HLNA store as well.
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    Whistling doesn't work? Make sure you have set current ordering group to "none".
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    there is 1 person using this exploit on the Genesis server I play on a lot, many tribes have lost eggs from the same person doing this, individual players have reported and Wildcard don't seem to care, their answer " Base security is total responsibility of the players, you must ensure you have all of your belongings safe and away from other players. " that's fine, but you can't hatch eggs when they're in a fridge! definitely needs patching
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    In PVE? You aren't competing against each other lol
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    It really comes down to individual server setups. Every player plays Ark for different reasons and enjoys different things. That's why servers are customizable, and why there's unofficial servers at all. It gets frustrating for people when hard fixes for official servers suddenly upend peoples private servers. Especially when they gave us the options in the first place. On my server, our server difficulty is cranked up so high that vanilla tier armor gets shredded like paper. We like it this way, it raised the 'ceiling' so to speak. But we scaled armor and weapons up to balance it. We also balanced things with the idea that most of our tribes are 1-3 people large but we still want them able to complete all game content, like alpha genesis missions. Way back when we opened our first server we did extensive testing and tweaking to get things how we wanted, and repeated the process everytime we added a new server. Now suddenly over a year later, our tek armor suddenly has less durability than our flak armor, AND costs a ton more to repair. I know our tek armor now gets torn apart in gauntlet missions on genesis (where you aren't allowed dino mounts). People are understandably upset. I know if they don't fix some of the issues they've been introducing lately, I'm going to have to go back and re-balance my servers again, because suddenly content that was doable, is no longer doable for us with our current server setups and people shouldn't be having to do that over a random fix for official servers. And it's not just the tek armor. It's when they take this approach to anything. For example, they gave us the option to build in mission zones on unofficial Genesis servers, so we turned that option on and built in mission zones. They then hard coded a fix that instantly destroys all structures in gauntlet mission zones upon startup to stop abuse on official servers... without considering that they gave unofficial servers the ability to build in them. We had tons of stuff just wiped out the moment a player tried to run a gauntlet mission. No warning, nothing. That sort of thing shouldn't happen when we explicitly set our servers to allow us to build in mission areas - which wildcard gave us the option to do. (Also forewarning, loot bags dropped on death are treated like an attempt to place a structure so if you die in a gauntlet mission now, you lose everything as it's instantly deleted). Hard-coding changes that essentially override the custom options they gave people is just kind of... crappy? I'm not one to rage about things, or flail on the internet when I'm mad at a game. But a lot of the stuff they've been doing lately has been extremely frustrating. Especially their heavy-handed hard line fixes to deal with cheating/abuse without considering ways to avoid everyone else getting caught in the cross-fire.
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    To be honest, since you only complain about everything in the game, why don't you just do the smart thing and quit? Save yourself from the frustration...
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    We need some fun with 2x or 3x, we are in lockdown man, too much depression, get your survivors some fun!
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    I am pretty sure they added them back again and you have to scroll down the list in the hlna shop.
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    Its not that hard to level up to learn the cryofridge and pod engrams and farm resources for them, players can also keep pods in a normal fridge till they can get a cryofridge. Also if new players cant get them yet then most likely they dont need them yet.
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    today my friends tamed an argi for me. it's my first mount and i really love it.
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    They should of just done a total wipe of all structures/dino's and been done with it, but hey go rebuild it maybe next time they will just global ban you then 50+ people can enjoy playing on the servers that are hosted off that box. Bases like this bringing servers to a crawl go build on single player or rent your own server instead of making everyone experience the constant lag spikes and extra long server saves due to your base. And OBS really didn't have all that much to do with the video being as choppy/freeze frame as it was, if you recorded a reasonable size base you would have no issues with the recording, it only exaggerates what you are experiencing a small amount.
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    What day is server wipe happening? And the discord invite is expired.
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    Tek Armor is pretty much pointless to use now... The cost to repair is astronomical, and with durability massively nerfed on top of that, the usefulness of Tek is gone. People will now stop using Tek and find ANY alternative they possibly can. Players on my unofficial server have already entered trade and discussion on fazing out Tek armor completely. Congratulations Wildcard, you just killed Tek armor. Hard capping durability I understand. ok. Adding in a scaling cost to repair based on crafting cost, I understand, ok. But making the cost SO very very expensive has killed Tek armor. That needs to be reduced significantly, instead of cost +20%, make it 50% of craft cost at the most, preferably less.
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    No, what i'm telling you is that you came in here telling the devs to test their DLCs before release because all your Tek suits and Meks had disappeared. Now the Tek suits and Meks disappearing was intentional, and nothing to do with whether DLCs are tested or not before release. I pointed you to the direction of the patch notes and announcements regarding the removal of tek suits and meks and you in turn edit your first post, remove the comment about tek suits and meks disappearing and make the OP just look like you are telling the devs to test their DLCs before release. Therefore changing what your issue was about previously because you jumped the gun without paying attention. Now you take my response out of context because you hid the original issue from your opening post to make it look like the only issue is DLCs being tested before release. You realise how ridiculous you look right now.
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    I can see this happening. He even built his base out of stone - a known contributor for its mass rendering issues - when compared to metal. Be built cheaply and took up massive amounts of space and started to destabilize the integrity of a server that probably had 30% overall stability in the first place, because everyone here knows how terrible they are. If your server lags and rubberbands with 7/70 personnel, I don't understand the logic of attempting to destroy that already-limited functionality.
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    My server is getting ddos every night, which is why im here posting this instead of playing. Hooray awesome release. Before that I went to the lunar cave to tame a ravi and had to abort because I was getting blasted by the invisible defenders. Why on earth haven't those things been taken out of the game world until they get fixed. Its a joke. As I said before I was having a lot of fun the first few days but the issues keep piling up and up and up. After a while it just completely saps my will to play. Once warzone comes Tuesday I think I'll be taking a break in hopes that when I return some of the problems are fixed. Not holding my breath.
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    I felt the same at first but as more and more issues pop up and as people are learning how to exploit the map, I find myself having a harder time enjoying the game. I lost my main bloodstalker to blue screening yesterday in the snow biome and then last night the lunar biome was lagging so badly it's a miracle I didnt lose my back up bloodstalker. I consider myself lucky that I haven't run into any turret TP spawn traps yet (although I've been spawn killed by people and dinos many times), but I fear that as players advance the number of TP spawn turret towers will grow. For me it's critical that TP spawn camping and the horrible server performance get addressed for me to continue playing genesis on a regular basis especially with warzone dropping next week.
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    So, people are only allowed to dislike this dlc if they actually thinks the whole setup sucks? Only if there are bugs and such? You're obviously not fine with people disliking this dlc.
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    I only buy Ark games, Genesis is an imposter and I will wait for the real Ark to show itself before I open my wallet.
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    All the other dlc maps have kept the core intact though. This dlc has changed the game at the core mechanics, that's the difference. Breaking the map into sections, adding teleporting, and adding an in game store to buy crafting materials has really changed the way the game was originally designed. There is much less survival, exploration, and risk in this dlc. Before if you wanted to travel to the other side of the map you better be ready. You had to get geared up, you had to prepare to die which meant sleeping bags or beds along the way, you better be able to get over that mountain or across that river without being killed, plus keeping your weapons and tools in good shape, having health drinks in your pocket, and most importantly knowing how to get back home. Now you just fast travel around, no biggie. oh one other big deal, taming animals far from home? You had to be prepared for that, knowing how to get them home safely, now you can drop in, tame something and teleport it to safety without any risk.
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    Completely disagree. I've only been in the bog so far except for a quick spawn and peek around the other biomes and I absolutely love it EXCEPT for the insect swarms, those are broken as hell. True, it is definitely not an "easy" zone but the aesthetic of the bog is beautiful. It might be the best looking swamp I've ever seen in a game. Briefly went down into the ocean and wow once again it is beautiful. So much more detailed than the ocean in any other map. Cant wait to explore it more. It's day 2, everything is brand new and therefore harder. Give the map some time before you just throw your hands up and declare it a fail. Jesus people are so quick to quit something when it's not easy as pie.
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    Well, I guess the next step is to back up my Saved folder and do a clean install. I removed banlist.txt and recreated it in my htdocs folder. I added one number at a time. There are no stray characters. tcpflow still shows the file getting requested every few second. I can still log in. I got one of my players to be a Guinea pig to make sure it wasn't because i am in the same network as my server --- couldn't block them either. Now life gets ... interesting. I ran this rcon -P"NunYaBiz" -a123.456.789.99 -p37770 BanPlayer 76561198451778586 37770 is my Island map and the player was online. This caused the player to be kicked and /arkserver/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/BanList.txt to be created. It contains this (note the Steam Name after the Steam64ID) 76561198451778586,ARK28735 When banning an offline player BanList.txt looks like this 76561198451778586, but the player is still banned and, adding another banned user via manual ban just adds to the list, it doesn't overwrite the file. That ID is now banned from Island, but can connect to the other maps. I ran the rcon command again for Ragnarok and the player is now banned from Island and Ragnarok but can connect to other maps -- the file contents did NOT change after running the command a second time. If I edit or remove that file I am STILL banned by the http file OR something internal to the map. I have players online so I don't know if the ban will survive a restart. But at the bare minimum it appears you must ban a player through rcon or through the command tab in-game on EACH MAP before they are actually banned. I'll be writing a script to ban players on all maps through rcon if I find the need to ban anyone else. And I'll have to test to see if I stay banned across a reboot now that I have removed the local file. I restarted with the BanList.txt file in place and I was still banned on all servers. I then moved the file and restarted -- I was no longer banned. I have moved the file back but am waiting for players to leave before I restart again. After putting the file back in place and restarting the maps the ban is in effect again. So, recap The http: banfile does NOT wotrk at all, even though the server is reading it once every 5 or 10 seconds The local BanList.txt works but is ONLY read when the maps first start. It cannot be dynamically modified A Steam64ID *MUST* be banned with the 'cheat BanPlayer {STEAM64}' command on EVERY map they are to be banned from So, removing them the local file and restarting the server or 'cheat UnBanPlayer' on all maps is probably the only way to unban.
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    Suggestions for obtaining Cryopods So, now that Cryos are no longer in the HLNA store, how do we obtain cryopods since there's no supply drops to craft them in? I can't make a tek replicator because I haven't done the boss fights. Is there some other way that I am missing or am I expected to get the replicator? If so that seems pretty difficult, I started a new character for Genesis and don't have a character with the TekGram anyhow.
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    Waiting for a primitive server everyday.
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    X-dinos. They added dinos with natural 60% damage reduction for a reason, and that reason is to beat the bosses of this expansion. Forget about the dinos you have bred on other maps and start breeding X-dinos, they will be the only way to beat the boss at beta and alpha level.
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