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    ARK: GENESIS PART 1 - AVAILABLE NOW Continue your quest for ultimate survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Part I! Waking up within a virtual simulation, the ultimate task of survival lies ahead with challenges that have yet to be seen! ARK: Genesis represents a new, story-oriented beginning in ARK’s epic saga of survival. With HLN-A, an in-game robotic companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Uncovering the secrets of this ominous landscape will be no easy task. To pass the simulations test you will need to explore, build, tame and fight but also you must adapt just as the environment around you does. EXPLORE LETHAL LANDSCAPES ARK: Genesis presents a unique challenge with diverse landscapes and deceptively beautiful biomes. Put your survival skills to the test while traversing chilling mountain peaks, treading through the imposing alien bog, drifting in low-gravity on the surface of an alien moon, or submerging yourself into deep undersea trenches. Mastering each biome requires planning, preparation, smarts, and the ability to think fast on your feet. You never know when you’ll find yourself trapped in a whirlpool, escaping a sudden avalanche, or dodging a volcanic meteor shower. The biomes you encounter aren’t just trying to kill you, they are preparing you for the challenges and missions that await. GEAR UP AND BUILD UP As you make your journey through the simulation, being equipped with the right weapons will be more important than ever. With new threats lurking in Genesis, combo-capable plasma claws and remote-guided cruise missiles will help you keep your competitive edge. Tools like the fishing net and the mining drill allow you to be efficient on-the-go while vehicles like the hover-skiff may reduce your on-the-go time. Interactive structural elements such as pressure plates, alarm systems, jump pads, and ocean platforms will be fundamental while establishing yourself in the unique habitats the biomes offer. Whether you’re a go-it-alone survivalist, a weapon-making warmonger, or a base-building architect, ARK: Genesis has a crafting project suited for you. CONQUER EVERY MISSION HLN-A will be an extra set of ears and eyes as you embark on missions within the simulation. The simulation itself isn’t perfect, so you can earn extra credit (and experience) by fixing the glitches scattered all throughout the world. Through HLN-A, you will be provided a wide array of missions at varying difficulty levels to complete at your own convenience. You may find yourself hunting and tracking powerful bosses, speeding to the finish line in dino races, tearing through swarms of enemies with the aid of power-ups, escorting vulnerable baby creatures to their parents, or playing a casual game of Dodo-Basketball. HUNT AND TAME NEW CREATURES The environments may be forbidding, but they’re nothing compared to the new creatures who call ARK: Genesis home. Take flight on hyperspace-capable space whale, swing from trees on a web-spinning spiderlike beast, build on sea turtles the size of islands, admire the cute-but-deadly shapeshifters, or utilize lava lizards that act as living forges - the choice is yours. Master the simulation, and test yourself against a mysterious new boss… the likes of which ARK has never seen before WILL YOU PASS THE TEST? ARK: Genesis takes your story in an all-new direction — and your skill determines your success. Everything is turned up to the highest setting: the challenges, the dangers...and the vast rewards. Only the toughest and smartest survivors will pass all of the simulation’s many tests. Will you be one of them? Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    Opt-out of setting resets I'd like the option to opt-out of setting resets. I've had many of my settings adjusted to my preference. I'd like the setting, if unchanged, to stay where I put it. If new settings are added, then just put those whatever were default. Perhaps some button to restore my old custom settings. My ears are still ringing from the audio which I had set music to zero, and master to 50 or less%. That launch music back to 100% hurts >.<! Or explain why everything, even window size, and my keybinds unassigning whistle all follow, were reset to default. Ark seems to be the only game that does this to my settings. I dont like it. This game is why I adjust my other games to match the defaults to this one, because this game does it far too often, and I am sick of it. My ears are still ringing I love this game so much, but some of the stuff devs decide to do make me want to bash my head against my keyboard. Ughhhh...
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    Why am I being forced to download a game I'm not going to buy or play? 55GB is messed up! I don't own any of the ark expansions. These should be separate from the standard game with extra maps. No reason to have to download such a waste when I'm not even going to play it. Omg, I hate you, wildcard!!!
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    I’m I the only one that is disappointed? Seriously the biomes are small, yes, they are gorgeous, but unlivable, even the easy one you get swarm by bugs like crazy, there is no sunlight in the Bog. You can tame flyers, but you CAN’T FLY them. Can’t use a tek jet pack as well. what the hell is the point… I love huge open worlds to explore, this one Genesis well not for me… Positive note: Love the new metal ocean platform. Love the hexagon exchange system, well love the store concept. Mission concept ok. But where is the real huge open world that we are used to have? Why is WC grounding us without the ability to fly?
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    They're actually very simple to deal with when you know how. Going to water will get them off you (even just waste deep water that you can breath in,) but this is a bad solution since they'll attack once you leave the water. They can't move through walls as has been said; if you have a fully concealed structure, you're safe. The thing is, you're looking at them the wrong way. The entire swarm is just one creature, not a bunch of creatures like it looks like. They also can't go through doors (but you can hit them through doors without putting yourself in danger) The whole swarm has just one fairly small hitbox that can be pretty hard to find due to the randomness of how the individuals fly around, but it moves in a straight line to you, so if you move backwards in a straight line for a bit, then it'll be following right behind you and be very easy to hit. They also have very poor damage. Even hide armor removes any threat from them and just makes them an annoyance (and drain of fiber and hide for eventual repairs) They also won't attack you, and will stop targeting you, if you get on a mount like a raptor. Raptors also make very short work of the swarm
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    Don't buy Genesis Don't support incompetent companies like WildCard who shut down Asia servers for EU/NA players. You know, EU/NA players also play on Asian servers too with their Asian allies, why the fk have you done this and how long will it last? I don't know but good thing I'm not buying Genesis now and I suggest you do the same if you're not pleased with how WC handle things. Not to mention the duping epidemic on PS4 on official pvp servers; tribes duping mountains of Tek structures, 800+ dura tek armour, thousands of ready-made MEKs, black box cluster grenades, ele dust, etc. GG WC
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    Hm, true, I don't know if it works for those without Gen.. Worth the try anyway I guess, definitely update us on it. I feel what you mean though. As someone who tweaks breeding/ maturation/ imprinting settings meticulously, and also have LOTS of settings for all my mods, it's always scary whenever it boots into the wrong resolution, and I worry it's corrupted my config files (which I would guess might be what's happening to you). In this case, after everyone spent hours waiting for it to actually release, then spent some 5 hours getting Gen DLed, it was crushing to finally load up full of excitement, and boom, all my server settings, gone. Made me real glad that I had made 2 backups in preparation for the update. It took a long time and a lot of frustration and experimentation to get the game to actually load my damn configs.. eugh. Can't even load into the menu screen without it bugging out horribly, let alone Gen itself...
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    my armor and weapon colors Sky and Navy were turned to Black. I had to repaint everything PC PVE official.
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    This is some serious tinfoil hatting with the scary future of micro-transactions in Ark. Also, none of the grips in this thread are news. They said there were going to be missions to earn rewards in game from the very beginning. Being able to build on top of missions spots such as the ice fishing holes would make it unusable. It's common sense. It's not one big map - so? We instead got 5 smaller maps that are really well done. How did you think the were going to incorporate the Lunar map?
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    Is this it? While waiting for my groups cluster to spin up a genesis map I flew around on solo to scout out some guild build spots only to find most of the map areas are "mission area" and not able to build there. These are my initial thoughts to the expansion with an hour of exploring and checking things out. These biomes are tiny and the barrier walls separating them make them feel even smaller. Also very low ceiling possibly due to #2 No flying. I am seeing threads about official servers not being allowed to fly on flying dinos. You also can't use your tek armor that you spent years farming bosses, OSD, etc for. No tek armor abilities besides helmet work in genesis. This feels like a regression in my character and not something I am thrilled about. Moving between biomes requires interacting with hln4 which is not always cooperative. Also unable to do while mounted. This is basically a boss arena port which does take the 20-30 seconds to do. This takes me to a weird screen/animation that locks up and freezes for a few seconds before suddenly appearing in the new biome (often in the middle of 2-20 aggressive dinos) Missions seem like an interesting concept but so far seem to be for nothing other than earning hexagons that can be traded for basic materials and loot boxes. inb4 microtransactions. Mission areas block of an excessively large area of the biomes from being able to build. This massively restricts base location options in an already small biome. Where is my giant af turtle to build a base on? And even if it is in game, the ocean biome is tiny. Tek claws feel weak. Tek shoulder canon feel week. Tek hovercraft seems to have a weapon? couldn't get it to work if it is a weapon Space whale saddle has a turret, gave it element, hit c, nothing happens when I click or press other buttons. Is this working? Lunar biome was misleading and is a massive disappointment. It was made to sound like a moon with land where you could build a base but turns out to be an asteroid field that is 50%+ mission area (cannot build there) that seems to be uninhabitable during the day hours due to radiation. This was one thing I was most hyped about and now very sad and angry about. volcano area is beautiful but tiny. The fire aesthetics of the trike, allo, and lava lizard thing are amazing looking. Wish they were on dino that actually matter and get used. x variants in other biomes are beautiful (except spino which was kind of lackluster) but again limited to mostly dinos that don't matter since they aren't really used. I will be hunting down x-mosa to make a new breeding line for the colors Space whales are the only reason to buy genesis
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    And with that, I'm gonna duck out of this thread for a while instead of watch because I do not want spoilers Cya on the flip-side
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    Wow people really get bent out of shape when their precious flyers get taken away. I always thought flyers made the game too easy and annoying with people picking you constantly. It's probably a bug but if it isnt I'm all for no flyers.
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    No broken dinos allowed, at least for a few months
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    Ah new here. Looks like you cant message people... heres the link. Mods feel free to remove. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x7d7MKRV75luVwTEnpXKvp1cC_3xjjp1/view
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    Crash all three Hours We have a Genesis Crash all three Hours, here are the Crashlogs: And an other Log: Its an Windows Server with 9 Maps in Cluster, all the other Maps working well...
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    The first look at gameplay posted by streamers gives us a strange picture of ARK that we didn't know before. There is no sandbox open map with combination of biomes - one large map we used to love. Im disappointed with small ocean area. I thought it will be wast, huge ocean.. and they gave us pool! Everything looks beautiful, epic, fancy and polished! But.... This is not our beloved Ark. My hope is in the creators of modded maps such as Ragnarok or Valguero, who will use the beauty of the design of Genesis biomes, and will create a normal map of the size of Ragnarok and the world we are used to. EDIT: we means me, my kids playing ark, my ark friends. But im sure some can have different opinion
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    Taming boost not working on bloodstalker a bloodstalker will always take exactly the same amount of bloodpacks wether the taming efficiency is high or low I tested this with 2 values 1X : lvl 50 took 270 packs 7.5X lvl 50 took 270 packs also 270 blood packs is kinda unreachable for small tribes are you certain these values are set correct?
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    Man classic WC, talk a big game and postpone a dlc by a month and the game still breaks. Servers not showing up in the list, windows 10 not downloading. And any response from Wildcard....*crickets*. I’m glad I didn’t go blow my money on the genesis dlc. I haven’t been able to log into my normal server so god only knows what’s been broken in there or if I even have anything left to log in to. I knew this poop would happen just like most others. I saw people asking for a refund earlier, hate to say it but that’s what happens when ya buy into WC’s bull hook, line and sinker without remembering that this is the same company that built probably one of the best games anyone could think of and then send it straight to hell in a hand basket. God I hope this gets fixed before the weekend because we all know that they don’t fix anything on the weekends. Just remember that there’s still a lot of people who didn’t want anything to do with genesis just because we know the complete cluster screw up WC can create with this sort of stuff.
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    It seems that the lack of reflection isnt an issue with my graphic settings. It has to do with my black floors becoming super black, and I'll leave that part to the other topic. My apologies for the tangents. I'm unaware of that. It is the intentional flashing of lightning, which there is a setting somewhere to disable that strobing effect, which I had applied for years, which is now back with the settings being reset to default... It is raining like every 15 minutes in center, I cant handle this, having to turn away everytime because of the headache I get from the lightning effects.
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    Don't worry, HLN-A would teleport him back to safety.
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    Hahaha! That moment when your head explodes like that disco ball from all the sound and lighting effects.
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    Yes it was intended, they announced a week or two ago they would wipe all candies on this release as they have been found to use a lot of server resource and cause performance issues.
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    Can YOU FIX the missing servers so we can retrieve our characters and stuff? Or do you want a WARCRAFT 3 Refund situation? The game is not working as intended. You've lied on multiple accounts. IF YOU WANT UR MONEY BACK, https://support.xbox.com/en-US/refund-orders
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    I would say the whole map is just a glorified test room for missions and microtransaction mechanics. Each biome is just a rectangle. Swamp is flat and very harsh for easy zone. Ocean is much easier in comparison, at least early game. But there is not much to do there. It's like a wet version of SE. Race missions are hard for all the wrong reasons - boosters push you too fast and game starts to lag more than usual, making you skip/phaze through checkpoints without activating it. After playing for few hours all I feel is frustration, disappointment and a bit of anxiety when I think about inevitable microtransaction mayhem.
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    Sooner or latter it turn into pay to win model.
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    I agree here. If there are any pillars that are causing you grief, please report them to wildcard. I had been surrounded by someone's pillars (as I had neglected to pillar my area enough) and in less than a day they got rid of them. I'm amazed it was so fast, but pretty sure the positions of the pillars of theirs and lack of their base there, with our base there.... much evidence there to show whose pillars were bad. To get the position of the pillar, stand neat the pillar, open console and put in CopyCoordsToClipboard Hit enter, and that'll put your coods in your clipboard. Report that position. If found to be violating the CoC, Wildcard will remove the bad pillars after your report.
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    The amount of paint I need to return everything back into the color I want... will take far too much effort and time. I need a few thousand Navy. Not happy. Color ID change I suspect? It is very weird.
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    Pink, magenta and purple turned to a dark blue colour, one of our players had all brick red removed from walls and other structures but strangely not foundations. My spray gun and paint brush which last had pink on them because I built a boat for my wife a couple of days ago were now loaded with tan dye which I have never used once in 7000 hours, It's all a bit weird.
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    Wildcard can smell the potential of micro transaction. Give them any evidence that we as customers are ok with that in a game that has hard grind mechanics. Is a recipe for disaster in my point of view. We have seen for the last decade that there is more money in the industry but fewer and fewer good AAA games. I hate loot boxes and most micro transaction in games because I know deep down the game is trying to push me to the store. It’s not tinfoil it’s corporate greed manual guide.
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    Lol, we posted the same thing within two min of each other. Sorry to dupe your topic. But yea my paints are messed with some how. Tbh I didn't pay enough attention to my base to know what colors were where so idk what is different, I just know it is different.
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    Preview 24 now available. http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview24.zip or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jt1MhZzXJmX2hw77MJUa3ubMf4pC5dIX/view?usp=sharing Features Added basic support for GENESIS map. Using a crappy screen shot of my in-game war map. Once they add a decent map to the Wiki I will update. Magmasaur nests are displayed on the map but I haven't added a seperate toggle and view to them yet. Bug Fixes Config could sometimes double-save causing the FTP server credentials to be over-encrypted and unreadable.
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    Thank God no Flyers is part of what made aberation the best map ever. Was Hoping for something Similar with Genesis
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    This isnt even ark. It's a weird copy with the potential for micro transactions. Mini maps with mini games. Low ceilings. Dumb missions. This is like the arcade version of ark. I wish I could return the pass...I will not be playing genesis at all.
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    That's it right there. With an appropriate staff and due attention, Ark has HUGE potential to be better. I still believe they bit off more than they could chew, lost too much revenue selling the game in early access, and moved on to Atlas way too fast. It's unfortunate but at least we have what we have. Even with it's bugs and issues, a lot of people are still enjoying the result.
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    Sigh. I don't even know what to respond to this. I don't play officials, and if they piss you off so much, neither should you.
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    U cant always trust what it says. Take aber for example, its says portal is the easiest but it can have several basilisks waiting nearby to eat u
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    I have the same Problem ;( so why is this dino even in here if i cant fly with it?
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    Mixed feelings... But i don't want to play it after 2 hours in genesis.
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    This image pretty much confirms that Rockwell is present within the simulation as the final boss, and is either the actual Rockwell or is a simulated version H/OWW wants us to fight as a test.
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    there are no obelisks, but you can transfer at these mission things
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    Little Update from my side -> I Unchecked Genesis Season Pass, then closed Steam completely, then started it again and checked the season pass. now it is downloading 3GB..... will keep you posted. UPDATE My single player is now working.
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    building color changed during patch I logged into my EX base after the genesis patch and found that my entire base color is different. I had metal structures painted with orange and mango and now all of the tangerine colors are black. I haven't checked much else yet, but this one was very obvious when I logged in. On further investigation the paint guns (s+) that had the dye are now showing colors as "single panel flag" and "mind wipe tonic"
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    What DeHammer said... Plus, as someone above posted - it's a GAME. It's supposed to be FUN. Nobody forces anyone to play Ark. I play this game because I enjoy it and it's something fun to do in my down time. Know what I do if I try something new and don't like it? I don't do it anymore. I certainly don't feel the need to take to a public forum and tell a bunch of strangers everything I hated about it. I joined these forums to learn from other players and get news about the game. I surprises me too, how many people seem to come here or create accounts simply to bitch about this game.
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    Guys, I just had a thought...Now, I'm not saying that those fractal people in the above image couldn't just be some manifestation of glitches/malicious AI or that they aren't just some tribe that really likes the corrupted avatar skins - but this is just too good of an idea to not put out there. So as I've mentioned before, it seems that the ancient humans uploaded themselves into the GenSim and then simply vanished without a trace. But...what if the reason there's no trace as to why they vanished is because they didn't actually vanish? What if those fractal people in the above image ARE the ancient humans?! You can even see some of them seem to be holding tek weapons! Suppose they did something so stupid that they accidentally broke their avatars, hence their corrupted appearance. And what if they just think us survivors are some sort of invading force? Or what if their avatars are being controlled by some third party?
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    99% of the griefers on Extinction just server hop, search for easy target bases, lure some corrupted, build teleporters or just use open public teles to lure ENDLESS amounts of corrupted gigas to your base. A single corrupted giga deals 600-1800 dmg to any structure in a huge aoe and will destroy your whole base. I have no clue how absent minded the dev team was when they thought about this but did it never cross their mind that such things could happen? What methods could griefers use? At this point it's not even griefers anymore, it's thiefs that make real money with your dinos. Everyone will have some event griffins, wyverns or other event dinos in their cryofridges and that can be sold for IRL cash. It's the same as on PVP, they join your server on second accounts and try to steal what they can. It's not the ''griefers'' from the past who had fun destroying some of your structures or killing some of your dinos, it's people at this point who want to make money. I have seen really well defended bases being destroyed by a single spot they found to place a teleporter resulting in endless amounts of gigas. It's nearly impossible to report them, YOU WILL NEED the FULL video of them luring the corrupted from the spot, to the teleporter and then to your base, otherwise nothing will happen. Even if they get banned, it's probably not a perma and if it's a perma it was a second throw away account anyway, so who cares? It's really bothering that you are forced to play like you are on PVP on a PVE server to the degree that you are forced to spikewall gigantic parts around your base, use second accounts to build walls. Have the turret amount capped and dinos guarding your base. You have to pillar gigantic areas because of the dino teleporting but you will get your pillars wiped if reported, makes sense I can only recommend everyone to spikewall gigantic areas around your bases because the corrupted kill themselves pretty fast on them and the Enforcement Team does not seem to care about spikewalls. Disabling the Wild Dino Teleport could already help with a lot of issues on Extinction but the map is already sold and PVP players (streamers, youtubers) are not complaining about it so who cares, right? PVE is left on the sidewalk like a starving dog while the Dev's invest so many resources into PVP even tho @Cedrichimself said that most of the population is on PVE and that PVP doesn't even comes close to it but without ''influencers'' complaining about that issue, nothing will ever happen. Maybe if all PVE players messaged the devs on their personal twitters because it seems the only thing they ever read or respond to. It's like a bunch of influencers gathered together at Wildcard and everyone makes some post about some change or fix he/she did.
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    I have heard stories of both results: People wiped for griefing after a ticket submitted for this, and people who submitted ironclad evidence of who it was, I'm talking up to and including video of the attack and screenshots of them bragging that WildCard won't take any action, and it comes to no result. Extinction's corrupt dino mechanic has been, from the beginning, a fantastic new tool used by griefers on PvE to ruin other people's progress and grief them. People can and will tell you that you need to work up defenses against wild dinos damaging your structures, and that may be true but everyone knows that isn't EXACTLY what goes on. Someone dragging a wild corrupt to wreck your base is a griefer attack. A wild corrupt wandering up and eating half your base is a PvE challenge. The ISSUE is, WildCard has recently been known to do absolutely squat about this, as you have been told already. I don't know really why they have changed customer service in this way, but most issues are answered with a canned response about "unfortunately at this time we cant do anything about it but please submit a bug report." Still, it never hurts. If you have any evidence, go ahead and submit it with a ticket detailing the event to the best of your understanding. You might get something done about it, you might not, but you wont know until you try.
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    Working on capture managmr and griffin. Dies multiple time.
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