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    Use the chocolates as a x2 taming replacement ya goofs
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    Hunting alpha squids/mosas can get them
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    I've been playing PvE for years. Catastrophes like this will happen, not just now, but in the future too as new mechanics are rolled in. Over my time on Ark I've lost structures, Dino's and gear due to the game not working as intended. Over time your soul gets pounded into a grey, porridge like substance after which you'll not care as much. Instead you'll sigh, go make a coffee, sit back down and mutter to yourself "Arked..." and carry on. If you've built it before, you can build it again. It'll probably be better, too. Likewise, if you've raised or tamed them before, it can be done again. Just make sure you have enough coffee in the house.
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    The continued theory of bucketing both game formats into one bucket. It would be so helpful to delineate the two formats into slightly different coding arenas. They do this already with dino pick ups and other slight differences I’m sure I’m forgetting. But it’s doable. We just need to be heard and give positive feedback that they can use.
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    HellI didn't even see we had x2 breeding lolol
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    Still cant level baby reapers during pregnancy while max level this needs to get fixed before the event !
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    Chances are you hit a number on the numpad and changed your active dino group. Just press numpad 0 until it says 0 (and not 10).
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    What's the use of these breedingevents while you guys; -Restart servers each day, thus timers for hatching/maturing are totally screwed -Are not ACTIVELY live by your own CoC, just to guard your own "laws"? -Do not respond and or refund lost babies due to serveroutages (yesterday!!!) even with 1000% proof! -Do not even test out these events yourself?
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    3x breeding rates are already enough. What dino u looking for that is so hard to tame on 1x rate? If u only want colors look for very low level dinos with it, faster to tame
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    the general state of ark alright so i was just thinking about the current affair or state of things. this new antimeshing crap they added for pvp. now i play pve so antimeshing has no place in pve .... anyway antimeshing is impacting people heavily destroying dinos destroying bases im one of the lucky ones who hasnt been hit by it .... yet. i still have a feeling or worry it may happen in the future. anyway nvm that for a moment. now this login lock crap. it needs to go. get rid of it. what use is it?? also peoples losses by antimesh not being replaced is another ridiculous thing then their is the cryo bug where you deploy a legimate dino and it being removed from inventory raised from eggs tamed spinos you caught in the wild or rexs so all that time. now so heres what needs to happen @complexminded to mitigate these things you need to do x2 maturation at random intervals and breeding more than what you are. because this is a big slap in the face if peoples dinos get destroyed by anti meshing especially if they have concrete evidence and bases and then when tickets are submitted it wont be replaced because the mesh destroyed it which is working as not intended .... because peoples losses will result in players not coming back and just leaving. because peoples losses are becoming too high. people spend all this time raising and for what? antimesh to come along and destroy all the work or the servers going down so countless people cant login or to feed their dinos. maybe take this into consideration more of x2 breeding and maturation not just harvesting xp etc atm i dont know what the priority is but it feels like pvp is the priority while pve gets the short end of the stick ive been reading and hearing about the cave bugs killing people and most of the maps .... now i did look forward to genesis but my outlook on that map is when it comes out it will be a mess. its hard to be optimistic with all these issues and ive been here since the beginning of ark the beta .... its more buggy than its ever been and broken currently with how things are. as it stands pve players get penalised because of what pvp players do this antimeshing and all the duping and whatever else .... im not trying to be negative im just being a realist with my outlook on this .... i cant be the only one who thinks or feels like this
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    Pelagornis I can see the value of pelagornis go up drastically during the event period. Anyways, I can’t wat to use some good fishing spots on my pelican
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    Alpha mosas rarely do but if Im not mistaken an alpha squid will 100% of the time
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    Also, there is your rates: http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
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    Thanks mate but I need break from breeding. Last event I almost died., literally.
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    All there lucky I never lost them in all the migrations of legacy ascendant 399 effectiveness I would cry if lost lol
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    Bottom line. The game needed anti-meshing but the design was supposed to be it teleporting people back out to minimize losses before killing, yet every video I have seen for PvE is instant death. They put in line commands to turn off the killing aspect so it's a possibility. So the fix is there. Aggressive kill anti-mesh for PvP, teleport only for PvE since most instances of PvE meshing will be false positives. Seems like a simple concept using what they already have created.
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    These instances have got to be so minimal that it’s nearly irrelevant. I haven’t seen many posts on mesh related thefts anyways.
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    The anti-meshing doesn't stop that. That's a render issue more then anything. Anti-mesh is for the actual map.
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    and yet somehow i think you will survive. Otter river on Aberration is ONLY coel so you can fish there no problem
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    I dont suppose you would add Purple dinos for easter i love event dinos and my collection of purple ones is sorely lacking
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    Tek Light Provides Greenhouse effect Living at the bottom of the ocean prevents you from getting greenhouse effect even if you build a greenhouse in a vacuum chamber. A way to save structure pieces and make tek lights more useful would be to have them provide greenhouse effect within a certain radius of their placement. This would allow people to have gardens in their underwater base enjoy greenhouse effect.
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    Everyone has been demanding that they do something to fix meshing for years. maybe, just maybe, it took so long or is taking so long becuase of exactly this problem. Its clearly not a simple fix... instead of complaining why dont you say ‘thankyou for working on the meshing problem, its not quite perfect yet, but hopefully you can improve on this’
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    A diving Griffin can leave anything behind .... If you have time enough to fly high and the distance is far enough EDIT - From phoenix wiki entry .... Travel Mount Despite what the dossier says, Phoenixes can be ridden, even without a saddle and can somehow be ridden without burning the survivor. Phoenixes have a special attack that allows them to traverse at an extreme speed, and being in the air, little to no obstacles can block your path. Although the Phoenix does have one of the largest turning radius's in the game when boosting, this problem is usual trivial when high enough in altitude. This allows the Phoenix to be an even better travel option than even that of the Pteranodon or Wyvern due to its incredible speed. Level Stamina and Weight.
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    Whenever I or someone said "try unofficials" to people complaining about the official servers, it's always the same responses: "Admin abuse", "Server might close down and I will lose everything" or "I play on console". If console unofficials do exist, then I don't see why people ever said that. Of course unofficials have the risk of admin abuse and server closing, but out of all the unofficials I have played on, I have only once encountered admin abuse. It's not that common of an issue to be considered a downside of unofficials. The server could close down forever and result in you losing your stuff, but the same could technically occur on officials. The machine runs into an error and the saves corrupt, for example, would result in the same as the server closing down. When we said "play singleplayer", were referring to the poster saying that they want to play the game according to their schedule, and that they paid to do so. Singleplayer lets you play the game as you want. Servers are hosted by someone, and they pay for them. With that logic, the person paying for the server is also the one in control of how and when you play on it. I will repeat it once more. If you complain about the official servers being garbage, but want to play multiplayer, consider unofficials. Play on higher rates, and losing stuff won't hurt as much.
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    Next to refundable items and dinos if it can be proven. Did anyone at WC even consider what this would do to PvE?
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    Thats rough! Luckily we left our breeding pair at base, so we will just go down the path of breeding for weeks again...
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    So @Cedric, is there any word about Valentine's Day Chocolates working for passive tames this go-around? It sure is nice using them on KO-tames, but not being able to use them for passives is a bit of a bummer. Sounds good though, the event. Can't wait!
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    Seriously? 1 Week and no 2x Taming for Event Colours?
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    Make sure they are ready to imprint and do so right when the event starts so that you get x3 imprint quality for x1 maturation worth (so that you gain about 2½ hours spare to be late for future imprints).
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    For all players; was hinted 2 weeks ago into the Community Crunch 214:
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    Will the Valentine's chocolate and candies dissapear like the Christmas stuff did?
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    Love Evolved Love Evolved (formerly known as Valentines Day) is returning next week! Love Evolved will be active on Tuesday, February 11 18:00 UTC and will run through Tuesday, February 18 18:00 UTC. While ARK is under Cupid's spell, you can expect to find past event items and brand new skins! See the full event details below: Dates 2/11 - 2/18 18:00 UTC Activities For the duration of the event, Coelacanth will be fishing for some love. Reel in these amorous fish and be showered in candies, some chocolates and even chibi pets! Rates Increased breeding rates to 3x (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) Increased player XP rates to 2x Increased harvesting rates to 2x New Emotes Flirt Emote New Items "Cupid Couture Bottom" (Pants Skin) "Cupid Couture Top" (Shirt Skin) "Halo Headband" (Hat Skin) "Teddy Bear Grenades" (Grenade Skin) "Bow & Eros" (Bow skin) "Love Shackles" (Handcuffs Skin) 6 New Chibi Pets Wild Event Creature Colors Red Magenta Light Red White Past Event Items Valentine Chocolates - Chocolates can be used to heal your tames or provide a big boost in acquiring new tames! Valentine Candies - Candies can be used to give a tamed dinosaur a random coloring! On The Horizon Anti-Mesh System The results from the implementation of the anti-mesh system has had a positive effect on the overall health of the game. We ask for your patience as we continue to improve the false positives you are seeing. Every report you submit brings us closer to an exploit-free environment. Thank you for your patience! We realize this is a inconvenience for those who encounter these problematic areas. We are working diligently to correct any false positives that currently remain. When making your reports, please list the map you had the encounter on. Mod Sponsorship Applications A friendly reminder that the mod sponsorship application process closes on the 2/5. Apply for Sponsorship EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 7th of Feb at 1 PM EST until Monday the 10th of Feb at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    You weren't supposed to see this!! Whoops I forgot to hide this when I originally created it. I'M FIRED!
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    I think, as it has been previously stated, that it really depends on how you play the game. Now I know that losing something to kiting, meshing, bad coding, or some other unfair or game breaking update is a major frustration to many. So I can understand how to some, the wish for a pause in new items, maps, creatures, and gameplay would take priority, if it meant those items would be fixed faster. However, not all of those issues affect everyone the same way. PvP vs PvE have different experiences and so do the Official players vs Unofficial players. Personally, because of the way that I and my friends play we prefer the route that continues to supply new content. I play unofficially. I simply don't have time for official. And because I also run the cluster I play on, whenever possible I use the codes I can to find a work around or a fix for something that has broken, I do what I can to make a change. An example using the bee's: Can't get honey from hives or catch new bee's? Then we add a chance for honey in drops, to a creatures inventory so it can be hunted and claimed, or offer to code in some bee's (if we can) for an in game price/currency. So those issues while major to some, do not tend to affect us as often. And as we are a medium sized group who often play together, even though we are either solo's or different tribes, the kiting, meshing, game lag, and such are not an issue for us. So for us, to simply turn off the work on new content in order to fix every issue in game is simply not something any of us would wish for. We like the new content and are always waiting to see what else we may be able to play with. That said, I prefer they keep it the way they are. New content with a mix of fixes. I would like them to test it more before releasing it to minimize future issues, but even if they do not go that route, I would rather they keep it the way they have it. Essentially giving a bit to both parties (those that prefer new content and those that want straight fixes) by way of the separate teams working on the different projects.
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    Meaning "on top of," or "over and above." As in "I bought a used car and then had to pay $700 in repairs on top of that!"
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    Atop the previous doubling... And then 10 more of you crawl out of the woodwork with totally reasonable changes. It cant please us all and shouldn't try.
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    From my understand Devs are joining the servers and removing parts of buildings that are stuck in the mesh and what they consider to be meshing. Has happend to our tribe where the devs were actively checking around the map. I have had 0 of the problems you are speaking about other than accidentally sticking myself in the mesh and dieing. This needs to remain implemented. Sorry about your 'porting' dinos.
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    Please don't devolve the discussion into a "you didn't read" accusation. Of course I read your damn post, so come off it. I did my level best to not insult or demean when I typed a response, just an appraisal of displacing blame and my specific feelings in this singular situation. My feelings are more than appropriate, and nothing I said looks foolish. That said, it is great that you have helped new players out. But did you explain to them that they need to meticulously test and research every single move they make in the game? You might say you did, but it is more likely than unlikely that you did not. Is there anything wrong with you having NOT done that, in the case that you may not have? No, not at all! Is there any blame to place on them in the way of "you didn't test enough" in the full-release game with online tutorials and tooltips about how the game should work, in the event that they experience a crazy bug like this? Again, not at all. It doesn't help the discussion, it doesn't help to ease the frustrations of the ARK'ed, and I know not everything we say on the forums has to be perfectly helpful and on-topic but telling someone in hindsight that "they should know by now" is the reason I wrote what I did. Just a reminder that newer players might not ever approach a nearly 3-year old full-release game the same way Early Access veterans do. Brenon, I promise, that is the only point I was trying to make. Gamers, by default, expect a game to work.
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    I was farming wood with mammoth ontop a quetz platform... using the commands to move her... anyway stuff on quezt doesn’t get teleported... now so mammoth fall down onto teleportal. so I’m like ok let go ahead and head back to base and teleport back... well someone how I don’t know but I think some guy also teleported to my base when I was teleporting in.... and somehow mammoth just glitch in and now dead and dev that did my ticket told me that we can’t replace dinos lost by anti mesh... we also lost a rock drake on abb because it landed in strange spot and got deleted by the system... in a boss fight last night we bought in some folks from tribe alliance we have and toke them into a boss fight.. in the fight the one girl rex got push into map by manticore boss... she dismount and is instance killed by anti mesh in the boss fight... explain me why THiS ANTi MESH system was needed? Like we on PVE and been hard working players who grinded out the stuff for a boss fight like growing boss rexes making armor. Farming metal... tons of meat runs only to be told that if anti Mesh kill a dino there no way to get said stuff replace feel like future of ARK is coming to a END and with delays of future content and no stability of bugs that plague this game will cause this game to end Soon for many loyal players who have play since days of legacy.”..like no news on connection Issues”. “Dinos staving while on toughs” now add ANTI Mesh. Wish for pve the system could be turn off.
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    This ought be placed as official servers' log in message......
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    This is why I won’t be playing for a few weeks (maybe longer if problems continue). I won’t be the guinea pig for false positive reports while I lose full tek suits and 1100+ melee gigas. I will render while everything remains podded I guess. Good way to drive players out of the game...
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    i dont even know how to "mesh" yet ive had structures removed....ok
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    You definitely sound like someone that needs one.
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    Honestly, nah. I like the blueprints. Sure I wish getting them was a bit less RNG but still. Like a lot of people, there are certain items (namely the higher tier guns) that I usually don't even bother to craft until I find a better blueprint for them than just the primitive ones I can make by hand, and under your new system I would have to waste inordinate amounts of resources crafting subpar pieces of gear that I'm not intending to use, until I can finally make a good one.
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    Tribe / alliance / public Sounds good *bump*
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    too bad your game is still trash finding exports too late and punishing people that had nothing to do with the exploits
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    Deinonychus too birdlike Please please please add a skin to make the deinonychus less of an over-sized turkey (yes borrowed from Jurassic Park) and more dinosaur like. You guys are getting a little carried away with feathers. If you could have a craftable skin even. I bought ARK for the dinosaur aspect.
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