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    I know you ARK Devs get a lot of backlash when you have to delay the launch of another DLC, but if that means that we get a less buggy release AND simultaneous launch on all systems, I believe that it is worth it. Did we foresee another delay coming after the silence about Genesis this month, yes. But this doesn't mean we should tear apart these devs all over social media. At the end of the day, they've made a great game that we can all play and enjoy. Moreover, nobody wants to see more delays in the future. Not the players, and not the devs either. But things pop up, something goes wrong, other events outside of Genesis get in the way. That happens to everybody. I just hope that we can expect more accurate release dates beforehand when going into the launch of DLCs. And when things are going awry, I hope we can get the delay notice sooner rather than later, because then at least we're not so close to the release date with so much hype just for it to be yanked back even further. A message to the Devs, thanks for making such a great game and putting so much work into it. I'm sorry that you guys constantly have to deal with backlash from this kind of stuff, but we all love this game and the community built up around it. May we all hope for a great Genesis launch in February and more success with this stuff in the future. Thank you!
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    Now when you going do something about everyone teleporting corrupt gigas to ppls base and destroy all the hard work in pve
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    "Are you serious? You Say you are releasing it December then you go onto say that you delay THEN you dont say anything for a whole month and THEN DELAY IT ANOTHER MONTH. You said that It was delayed a month 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TIME. I am Demanding a refund from this dlc. Absolutely Ridiculous."
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    A Message from the Founders Hello Survivors, Jesse and Jeremy here! We know things have been a bit quiet on Genesis news for the past few weeks, even though there is much more to show you, we’ve been deeply immersed in the pre-release development process. That being said, we’re writing today to tell you that the final release date for Genesis Part 1 is now February 25th, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms. This additional delay will no doubt come as a disappointment to everyone who is eagerly awaiting Genesis. We’re extremely sorry to push it back an extra month, but as we have been heads-down with the rest of the team polishing, balancing and putting the final pieces together, we really felt that the extra wait will be worth it both for the quality of the base game and the ambitious new expansion. The live ops team is taking advantage of the scheduling change by making sure we have a really fun Valentine’s event in store for you (something we originally planned to skip because it followed so closely behind the launch of the new expansion). Plus, we’ve just deployed an initial anti-meshing patch, and next week we will be rolling out a definitive anti-meshing logic overhaul that should fundamentally address those long-standing issues. As we look forward to a successful cross-platform launch of Genesis, all of this will make ARK substantially better for everyone who plays PvP and PvE. On behalf of the broader Wildcard team, we thank you so much for your passion, creativity, feedback, and support. We are extremely thrilled to bring ARK’s next chapter to you, and are looking forward to a hugely exciting 2020! Meanwhile, here are some tasty new screenshots from ARK: Genesis Part 1! Jesse and Jeremy Studio Wildcard Anti-Meshing Efforts Hey everybody! I’m WC_jellyknee, the lead Live Ops Engineer on the ARK team. I wanted to tell you about our efforts to prevent cheating in ARK in general, and our continuing efforts to defeat undermeshing specifically. We're excited to get this post out in order to address the issue of meshing with the community and, also, to share news on how we will be countering meshing more aggressively moving forward via technical solutions. I'm going to start off by quoting from a previous developer diary: You can read the rest of the developer diary here: Undermeshing has been a thorn in the side of both players as well as the enforcement team, and a serious concern for the development team. To help mitigate this, we have further upgraded our anti-undermeshing system in order to help the enforcement team track down problematic map areas, as well as tracking down people who are breaking the ARK Code of Conduct. This underlying system has been in place for a while now, gathering useful data, and we have been testing it to make sure that it works reliably. We wanted to make sure that it minimizes the amount of false positives - we don't want it to flag locations where players can get to during normal play Now that this system has been proven to be effective, we've now built another layer on top of it to take advantage of this data. I don't want to give specific numbers here because it can only help bad actors try to find new exploits, but I'll explain how this system works: 1) If we detect a player undermeshing for a certain amount of time, it will teleport them to a valid position that they were previously at. It will then monitor that player for an amount of time. 2) If the system finds that player undermeshing again within that time, or if it's not able to teleport the player to a previous position, then the player's character will die. Any items being carried will remain at that location. 3) The system is aware of what the character is doing, and will take certain actions into account to help prevent player frustration. The system, whilst in a state we’re confident will have an impact on limiting meshing, is in a state of ongoing development. We will continually make improvements and updates, along with rolling out more definitive undermeshing-resolving changes in the next week. While we continue to introduce new content and experiences to fans of ARK we will remain focused on ensuring that everyone has a fair playing experience on the Official Network. By default, the anti meshing system will be on for the Official Network For Unofficials, these launch parameters can be used: -noundermeshchecking // Will turn it off the anti meshing system entirely -noundermeshkilling // Will turn it off the anti meshing player kills (but still allow teleporting) Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    I think a few of you must have dropped something, I found these laying around in the thread...
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    A delay is never fun but at least we now have a date to HYPE for! And OMG those pictures are awesome
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    Moving on... I wonder what that tek structure is supposed to be The astroceti shown look absolutely beautiful though! The bog picture has me slightly worried because I didn't notice the bloodstalker at first but maybe that's because I just woke up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THERE WERE TWO OF THEM THIS CANT BE HAPPENING And while we're looking at the picture, they've confirmed sarcos, carbons, and pteranadons for the bog. I'm also very impressed by their incredible Moeder boss strategy
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    A reminder that as Cedric said, this is not a place to discus meshing. Please give detailed locations with co-ordinates if possible to areas you are getting false positives on the map.
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    Well now, I think we finally found the mystery of who this corpse belongs to. Poor, poor survivor. Waiting to enter the Genesis simulation. After several delays, he couldn't last any longer, and he faded into the frosty arctic region of The Island...
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    Im just here for the comments: Bwaaaah, exti stuff is OP why did you release it like this, bwaah, bwaaah. Why didnt you delay the release so its not that laggy and buggy, bwaaah, bwaaah. Bwaaah, fix meshing its a major problem, bwaah bwaah! 2020 be like: I dont mind if they delay the game, I just hope it wont be as bad as exti DLC. Few seconds later: Why did you delay my game that I preordered? Bwaaaah! I want it NOW! Bwaaah, WC isnt communicating, tell me NOW NOW! WC makes a post where they explain their new antimesh method and because of working on this, valentine event and new DLC they need another month to properly test as much aspects as they can (because the game offers so many across all platforms): Bwaaah, you told me so much AND I dont like what you said, bwaaaaaaaaah! BWAAAH my game is delayeeeed, I dont want to play it anymore, mommy I want refund so I can buy the DLC again 20 days later! That will show them! I dont care they will probably reduce the amount of meshing, they actualy made a progress and I cant cry about it anymore, bwaaah bwaah. Your crying is filling my heart with warmth and joy, thats what you deserve for preordering from a studio that wasnt reliable with dates before. I will just sit back and eat my popcorn while you are going to go after each others throats on the new map because of the chinese wave of pillars and claimed areas, some random rollbacks because something unexpected happens that couldnt be tested before and complaints when someone steals that juicy lvl 150 dino. After this storm is settled, I will consider buying the DLC. So go on, cry and fight!
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    My personal favourite update/fix and many others agree. Not too concerned about Genesis release, thanks for the mesh fix!
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    Weekend rates on official servers Can we please get 2x maturation rates on official servers this weekend. 1- its better to give us something to chew on until genesis which was delayed like a month 2- I would love to hatch the dinos that I've been holding on to thats all ty for fixing meshing
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    To answer your question with delay yes. And I'm not jumping all over them. Yesterday is the first time I've ever said anything. I started playing the game when it was a beta and will continue to. But after so many times of delays it's frustrating. And it is feels, facts and beliefs. People feel disappointed because of the constant delays. And discouraged to purchase new content early. And the facts are that that the game still has bugs, meshing problems and other various issues since day one. Which obviously doesn't always bother me because I still play. And on the beliefs I've noticed on here if you voice your opinions whether if it is good, bad or indifferent. You're automatically a crybaby or told to shut your mouth. We can be more civil and respectful to one another. And losing hope do to the back to back delays and the lack of communication. And no doubt I'm still excited play Genesis. Because I see the potential of the game and want it to thrive. And see as I write this I still have some hope. And I know making games isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. I'm just old fashion my word is my bond if I say I'm going to have something done I do it without delays. I hope everyone has a good night.
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    I'm going to post this quote here since I think it's more than appropriate. Sometimes projects like this are more ambitious than they may seem. WC got a lot of backlash for releasing Extinction, being buggy and poorly balanced upon release and not having enough time to polish it well. They likely want to refine this new DLC as much as they possibly can before releasing it. Be patient. I'm more than happy to wait to the end of this year for a stable release. Even minor bugs upon release are better than game breaking ones. It's something called "delayed gratification". Sure, you can make the argument. Delays are annoying. But they aren't doing it on purpose.
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    They probably are late on schedule because they most likely went overboard and ended up implementing much more content than what they initially intended to and based their release target from. Much like they delayed the base game's official release because they ended up releasing like 110+ creatures instead of the ~70 they initially planned, etc. But hey, people never talk about that; just that "release are always late". Who cares, really. Get netflix or something and come back later or don't pre-purchase anything in the future.
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    I've been telling everyone don't expect to see it till summer. I'm sure they will delay it again. Mabe this time they will wait till a day before instead of one week. Wild card has never released anything on time. Regardless of what "Reason" they give for a delay. The dlc will be buggy and glitchy even if they wait another year to release it. Its wild cards style. Been playing since launch and these are they patterns they follow. So dont believe them when they say "improvements", because it's never helped a delayed release in the past
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    It's funny to see that so many are upset and angry about a delay of a game/dlc. Asking for refunds, telling this company is the worst.. etc etc... And when the dlc finally releases, who will be playing? All those people that asked for refunds
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    Honestly I love this game so much but the community that does nothing but complain gets on my nerves so much. I have been reading the comments on almost every post after genesis was announced and I have seen everyone screaming for a release date. Now they have given us what we want please be more greatful for a great game. Yes it has bugs and glitches but it is still a game I come back to daily and have fun no matter what.
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    Same.....New DLC.....Take my money. Ok so now what did I buy and when is it out! Still not sure what it entails but I got a shiny floaty buddy so happy.
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    Aaaannnd here goes my coffee, I even made it to the wall behind my screen.
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    C'mon guys lets be real here, we all would have been severely disappointed if they released it on time, many of us would have lost many a bet on this. Next question is will it be delayed again, start placing your bets. My money is on the 31st of March. Looks like we have a firm date now though. Personally am in no rush at the moment, so much to do so little time.
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    bruh i got pounced off a roll rat. this was a roll rat levelled for speed. speed roll rats are FAST. somehow this wild raptor managed to jump on me through the metal cage saddle (that not even turrets can shoot through) while I was travelling at literally the speed that my computer can load the terrain. i went from the speed of light to being pinned on the ground in an instant. i should have died from the g-forces. i hate raptors.
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    I'm really glad there is a delay honestly. Really don't need a repeat of the utter chaos when extinction was released. Extinction content is disgustingly OP and broken even today.
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    While I knew this was coming it's ridiculously absurd how this has happened every time since SE.
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    Deep inside everybody knows this will happen. I hope really worth the waiting
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    Happy to see a final release date. As nearly all content creators are simply waiting on this. We finally know what we should be waiting for. Hope to see it be worth the wait.
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    this message was long overdue. everyone who has been with ark for a long time already knew it was going to happen
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    Hopefully the servers are more stable than Extinction at release.
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    Also the desert cave(puzzle cave) when you enter the characters GRÀTA and jump toward the hole it well teleport you to the entrance of cave and stuck in the wall you cant get out until you logout and join again . Keep up the great work #PositiveVibes
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    If you don't feel ready to release Genesis it's ok. Like Projekt Red or Mooneye Studios delayed Cyberpunk and Lost Ember, we can wait for Ark as well. Lost Embers was even delayed from July to November, Cyberpunk to September. One month of waiting for Ark is even shorter. Guys, take your time. Unluckily this community can be a lot toxic sometimes, but go ahead and take care of what you have to
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    official is just part of the game....
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    Man put a cork in it. You know you're going to buy every DLC they put out and play it.
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    Hi , I got teleported and kill inside my small metals base on aberration : 242333 -88952 39998 31.61 -5.02
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    my guy right here!!! totally agree, keep up the great work WC TEAM!!!
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    You can ask for a refund from the merchant you bought the game from. Sony, Microsoft or Steam.
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    Appreciate the update! Thank you for taking the extra time needed to make Genesis the best it can be! Pay no attention to the Nay Sayers, Yes its a bummer that it got pushed back but with modern day gamers, your screwed no matter what you do or say lol. I have some patience.
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    the update this morning solved this, you can stick your basilo nose or rex in the cave walls again without getting dismounted.
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    So all went to plan last night. We gained an additional support player so went in with 4 players. 1 ridden Mega Mek, 1 ridden high level normal Mek with rocket pods, ridden Ice Titan, ridden Desert Titan and aggressive/high targeting non-ridden Forest Titan. Idk how many Gigas, all non-ridden - but they didn't do much more then provide entertainment when they were slammed and thrown everywhere by the King Titan. Made the silly mistake of throwing my tek suit into the Desert Titan after beating the King to save my gear... then didn't bring the Titan closer to the floor before dismounting - looong fall, instant impact death!! Doh! Luckily we have a small outpost up there so was able to re-spawn in a bed and get to into the light before the cut-scene started.
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    SE didnt even have a release date they just released it to the public as a surprise. Check your facts before you make such an absurd post.
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    Appreciate the communication! Stoked for Genesis!! The valentines event should have been skipped as these events are cool but should be last on the priority list. Glad to see the efforts to improve the base game and prevent meshing is improving. Love this game and will continue to support. Thanks again for the communication!
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    "Simultaneously on all platforms.******" ******(except Crossplay PC, which will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for certification) That's okay, we appreciate the new content and all your hard work, even though we get an 8 day late start on it.
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    Yes, because Extinction worked and wasnt a buggy mess after the 4 times of being delayed.
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    In your launch command: ?AllowMultipleAttachedC4=True Or, into your GameUserSettings.ini file: [ServerSettings] AllowMultipleAttachedC4=True
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    Easiest is to use a reaper as you can jump, crab can work but they can be easily pinned by drakes which makes it hard to getaway if you're too slow and get mobbed There's also a few nests at the bottom of a path that doesn't involve going in the trench, it's easy to get to on a spino, smaller mounts are OK but run the risk of purlovias dismounting you in the radiation zone, if you're solo then I'd recommend using an imprinted spino with decent hp & saddle. if you use a tamed spino then it might be a bit squishy if you get mobbed so I'd also cryo 3 or 4 megalos/spinos and thrown them out just before the area where the drakes spawn just to help you out with the drakes, if you've got tribemates or other players to help you out then tamed spinos will be ok
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    That's easy mode... Use your fists man !
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    Use a hatchet, much more efficient. And for transport, I recommend dung beetles. They have the best weight stat out of the small creatures.
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    This is the FIX right here. Apparently you have to change key mapping to create the text in the input file. I can now play without the constant whistling! Thank you tremendously Vash!
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    Same is true for getting your hands on a Wyvern or Tapejara... the Ptera can make it happen. On Extinction I was trap capturing Tapejaras super easy with a Ptera and some of the rare flowers. Many of the flyers are essentially 'gateways' to more easily access other flyers and dinos.
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