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    Dilo Legion v4 vs. Wild Giga Hello All. I've just finished training and organizing my fourth dilo legion, and this one is my strongest yet. My previous legions were quite small - usually less than 100 dilos - but were able to take on high-level wild rexes and alphas on the island -except for the third legion which faced numerous setbacks in their tragic march to carno island (would have been a sea voyage, but stupid alpha leeds sank the boat). If you all are interested, I can tell the stories of the previous legions. Yes, I know this is stupid. I'm just doing it for fun. I currently have 8 mini-legions, each with 41 dilos. The legions are named by NATO phonetic alphabet from Alfa through Hotel, and they are organized by twos with follow distance to keep things orderly. Alfa and Bravo, for example are set at low following distance, with Charlie and Delta at medium. This way, when they all march behind me, they will not get so mixed as to inhibit the use of tame groups for maneuvering. Within each mini-legion, there are four ranks of dilo. -Conscripts are the weakest, since they are dilos that I tamed while wandering around without any selective measures. I only upgraded their movement speed, so most are around 350% mvmt. There are 10 in each legion. -Legionnaires are the bulk of each legion. These are dilos that I bred and raised to have high melee damage, and higher-than-average health (for a dilo). Most have around 750 hp and 1,000% melee damage. There are 25 in each legion. -Decani (singular Decanus) are higher-quality than the legionnaires, but fewer in number. These have around 1,500 hp and 700% melee damage. There are 5 in each legion -Centurions are the beefiest dilos in the legion. Each mini-legion has only one centurion, and they usually have around 4,000 health. Melee damage is not important for these dilos, and so it varies. The reason I structured the legions in this way is so that the conscripts, who are disposable garbage dilos, will rush in before the others to take the first hit and die. By the time the giga has started its next attack, the legionnaires will (hopefully) be able to get in one attack each, and then die. The Decani and centurions will then keep the giga busy for a little while by taking hits. Two mini-legions will attack at a time, according to their follow distance. So, Alfa and Bravo will attack together, and then Charlie and Delta will do the same. Alfa and Bravo will sustain some hits with their beefier dilos while the next to legions maneuver (using tame groups to whistle attack) to flank the giga and repeat the process. This is a bloody system, I know, but my dilos will relish the opportunity to die in combat. I also have 7 premium-quality imprinted dilos that serve as my personal guard, but I doubt they will have enough of an impact to discuss. I will be fighting alongside my loyal dilos with some low-level guns, wearing decent armor. I have a paracer-mounted Mobile Command Center from which I can respawn, if necessary. And if/when the legion fails, I'll just console-spawn a ridiculously high-level dilo, whom I will name The God Emperor of the Dilos, and it will kill the giga so that the spirits of the fallen legions will rest in peace. This will probably be what happens, even if I'm able to seek out a low-level giga. I'm waiting for a few of my friends to travel back to campus to get this show on the road, so I have time to beef up the individual legions or change my strategy if need be. What do you guys think? Will it fail, or fail catastrophically?
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    I don't think you necessarily need other DLC dinos to combat DLC dinos. The idea should be that there's enough in vanilla to counter most creatures. Aside, it's kinda unfair for anyone who may have gone to a map for a particular tame, just for the express purpose of taming it and bringing it's utility for them to use. It defeats the point of how you have the ability to transfer dinos accross ARKs. And where does it stop? If you block manas, what next? Basilisks? Velonsasurs? What would classify a dino not suitable for transfer? Otherwise, if you want to just have fun on the free maps; I'm sure there are clusters that only have the free maps.
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    Short answer - you can't. Try unofficials or clusters. Otherwise you can maybe prolong period until you are found and wiped, but it is inevitable. You can get to metal base with few dozen turrets solo, it doesn't matter. Big tribes just see it as a sign of base getting ripe and you will find trees spawning back where your base was when coming back from a toilet break.
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    Same here, im on official and cant see corrupt dino or ele veins and osd. Please fix as our whole tribe is getting sick of it
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    Genesis hasn't been released yet, it's a pre-purchace. Late January or February it should release.
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    new "mission" system new creatures new structures new items new building locations
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    Oh nice, definitely share the results!
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    I think that their spirits will soar to Valhalla to be alongside Dilos of the past, and the Giga will have to face down the Emperor. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Emperor is killed by the Giga because of the superior melee range and weight-difference. But please get recording software and film their valiant effort. This world needs heroes.
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    I'm worried about that thing. I can see people sucking you into a turret filled death room with its teleport ability. Definitely an interesting creature though. I suppose if its fairly slow it could be balanced.
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    My Island base and all of my tamed dinos around it got nuked in single player. Went to the base and found nothing but item bags where my base structure used to be, and even worse, all of my dinos are gone that were near the building and the behemoth gates that circled it for protection. These were all of my 150s and high level I have worked so hard for to finally start the boss battles. This was maddening. This only occurred around the structure that had S+ structures in it...extremely frustrating. This makes it extremely difficult to want to continue playing this game. I know mistakes are possible but why are all of the updates applied to single player? Not sure if possible but it would be great if single player could be partitioned from the server/multiplayer issues. This result appears to be of epic proportions as I’ve never had this happen on single player before. And how is there no way to bring back a previous save on Xbox One? That should be an added feature on console which is obviously needed...
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    Update 2.13 january 9th update Bugs So far on the PS4. We cannot place triangle foundations except wood ones. Anybody else?
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    @Norlinri I decided against the "square box" layout for structures and went with the dots instead but with a filter so you can drill down the tribe/player/structure you're interested in displaying on the map. I should have a version to upload for you guys to try out later this afternoon whilst I continue working on the rest.
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    Sorry if i forgot to add some more information I was in a bit of a rush
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    being able to play without server crashing, update messing stuff up, just about anything you see in bug reports
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    -The biome specific reskins!!! Imma get me AAAALLL the lunar parasaurs -More lore! -And of course, the map itself! What we've already seen looks so cool.
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    Hopefully more creatures than what’s been revealed so far. Hope it isn’t just 8
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    Honestly not having manas run rampant across the whole map... But for new stuff the Bloodstalker 1000%. The swinging looks so fun. Also really hopeful that the ocean is actually a fun area since for this map they've put an increased focus on it. Had a blast exploring the ocean on my speed freak of a frog on the island when I first started playing but no other map really came close after that.
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    The PvP that comes with a fresh map opening here
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    "how dare you ruin the exploit I was using to raise babies with zero effort!"
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    And I understand that, and you make a great point in all of that, but when you get the whiners that when there is a bug they yell at wildcard, so they come out with a patch, then that creates a new bug by accident, then everyone tells wildcard how poop they are for creating a patch that creates more bugs, when in reality every game has bugs and every patch made for one bug is very likely to create a new bug. You are right they need to work harder on player enjoyment and entertainment, but yelling at them for every little problem down to a missing dodo is not going help there case or ours
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    YES!! the issue is that Microsoft has a license service that eventually detects that you are running multiple copies, and will kill the one before it. Start the Ark server as you normally do. Wait for the console admin screen to appear, then disable the service using: net stop LicenseManager Note that the LicenseManager must be running to get fully logged into the game, so you cannot disable it, only start/stop it. You also do not need to restart the service as launching the game restarts it for you! I created batch file on the desktop for easy access. (it took me months to figure this out, and finally found clues in the windows event log)
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    I remember when they did the Abberation teaser when it should of been released. That one person getting to the surface and seeing the map was very unfinished and got quickly teleported back by those security admins. Even if they teased this next DLC - It would certainly have the same effect. Let them learn from their mistakes, even if it takes an unreasonable amount of time. This is what to expect from WildCard. Now... about that white paint showing up on metal walls.... Let's get to work on 4 yr old bugs bois n goils.
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    The unfortunate truth is that unless you make the mana unbreedable and delete all non-wild tamed manas the power creep of breeding mandates that balance be done with how the creature can be in its strongest state.
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    I hope the Genesis creatures aren't overtuned, so they don't have to nerf them and cause another commotion
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    "Thank" you WC. I see you still don't understand your own game and the community who still plays with it. Or just DON'T CARE. "Well" done.
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