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    @OP I think any Ark player can understand your frustration, we've all been there, we've all experienced the frustration of bugs, and in some cases, chain of bugs, that ruin our day in the game. It's a part of life in Ark as many have said. It doesn't make it right, it doesn't satiate the irritation, but you only really have 2 choices. Choice 1, walk away like others have suggested, find a new title. Choice 2, accept that the game isn't perfect and when bad doo doo happens to ya in Ark, turn it off, go play something else for awhile, and come back when you aren't as angry. DLCs, Expansions, whatever you want to call em, fund their development and keep the Devs working and doing what they are required to do for the gaming communities who play the title. Would I have them pumping out new expansions? Ultimately, yes I would, but I'd bring a balance to that between having the team fixing known issues and bringing new content in a little better. In truth, I think they are doing that this expansion, there's been a ton of work put into QoL, the patch notes (while still flimsy and barely awe inspiring) do show they are working on addressing issues, so give em some time and let em do their thing. Free expansions aren't free, they may be to the player, but someone has to pay the studio employees, and unfortunately money doesn't just manifest itself.
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    I feel like i spend a ridiculous amount of time on these forums explaining to people how being an adult works and how functioning in a capitalist society works because they didn't get the adulting lessons they needed from their teachers, professors, and/or parents. but i am not gonna do this this time because a few others already did it. If 39.99 USD is more than you can afford for another thousands of hours of entertainment, then you should not be spending the immense amount of time this game can sometimes require playing the game. FYI i am in an economically depressed region and a night out with friends can be upwards of 50 dollars and that's like 4-6 hours of entertainment. They should fix the bugs not give us free content. They need money to pay people to do that.
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    Launch with bugs, they complain. Delay the launch, they complain. Launch on time with no bugs, give 'em a day or two and they'll come up with something.
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    Full wipe imo... clear out all those dinos and make everyone start fresh again. Megas have so many dinos that any player can join them breed a bunch of mutated dinos and go around harrassing people with little effort. Weve fought off wave after wave then when that fails they keep logging til youre asleep lol. Anyways i love the idea of no transfers for a few months everyone starts fresh id play til the day before then just despawn everything the night before transfers open just so they transfer all their stuff to raid an empty base
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