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    We at Studio Wildcard would like to wish you happy holidays! We're looking forward to the Genesis release and another exciting year for ARK!
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    Switch update for Ark survival evolved is at the top of my list
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    NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok71 down? Maybe it's my ignorance shining through but the NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok71 server has been down since last night. Is there something i'm not aware of? Thanks for any help in this matter.. John
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    Happy belated Holidays to all! I can't believe what a toxic environment this comment section is and I wouldn't blame the devs at all for never reading a word of it. How can anyone sit and complain and trash talk the devs and then expect them to care about them and work on whatever issue they are having? Hell I'm proud of the devs for not giving a big F you, because I'm not sure I'd be that patient. Honestly, I'm tired of all the trash talk this game receives. Its an amazing work. Its my favorite game. I'm not saying there are no issues with it or that I never experience problems, because I definitely do, but I also recognize all the hard work that the devs are putting into it. Thanks so much devs for all you do and how much you pour into this game! It shows for those of us that count and your fantastic game speaks volumes for itself!
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    Using the "report server outage" button on the main official site (the one that leads to a Google doc), and reporting what is actually happening. Disconnecting/kicking, or Poor performance/rubberbanding. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19p2_r2z9wyazMXiJIlFINw0M32WCoUkv039yemwR3lE/viewform
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    Aberration 269 running but no one can join Our aberration server is running but no one can connect to it. We have baby reapers (event reapers) that were born not long ago ( green ones) @lilpanda can anyone tell us what's going on?
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    You must be a PvE player. The mana nerf was very needed after the Plant Z nerf was introduced. The mana no longer has a decent counter after that nerf so they had to do something. Also the mana is just as viable in PvP situations as you aren't the only one affected by the nerf. I can see where PvE players are frustrated by this but it was needed in PvP. Hope this helps the understanding.
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    Hey Wildcard Analysts! READ THIS! So, on average, my routine in the morning is to get up, grab a cup of coffee, head over to my home studio and sit down in front of my computer. I power it up, log into Ark, and start on my dailies. What do you think happens when I load my game up, go to log into my server and find the servers are once again down, bugged out, login locked, or otherwise unavailable? Yep, you guessed it, straight to the Steam store to see what other titles are available and what's on sale. If we can't rely on you guys to keep the servers up, functioning and stable, the players WILL find better things to do. That being said, looking at the new Star Wars game and have considered trying out Elder Scrolls Online, they both look interesting enough lol.
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    Someone sent me a link to a “work-a-round” but it doesn’t work. When you pile the whistle problem on with my chibi who reset twice now after having 1mil of the 1,005,000 two freakin times! Along with all the problems with every update.. this is getting ridiculous. Instead of worrying about adding a bunch of crap to this broken thing they call a game how about stop wasting thousands of hours of people’s time and FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME!!
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    i play ps4 and from what ive heard im out of luck, thank you though that was very appreciated.
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    If you're on PC, just stop the server, add the below to your game.ini file, restart the server and once it's running again do a dinowipe (cheat destroywilddinos) NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="") The above will stop Leedsichthys from spawning completely. You can also add the below in the same way which will stop the Alpha Leedsichthys from spawning too. NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Alpha_Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="")
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    I still say start and select for those buttons, Im always surprised how many people dont know what im talking about lol.
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    What the heck did I just read.
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    I don't understand why people have to be toxic? They literally just wished us happy holidays and people are getting mad at them, like cool it and enjoy what you have! *cough* *cough*
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    Ragnarok and Valguero have only deepwater leeds which don't come to the surface. Play there.
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    I figured out Imprinting Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I figured out imprinting timers and mature speed. Okay so if you wanted to get a 100% imprinting animal you need to follow these steps. You need to make sure the numbers always equal 1 when multiplied. For example 4 x .25 will give you 1. This will work. So I did a bit of math and all you have to do is multiple the 4 (mature speed) and divide .25 (babycuddleintervalmultiplier). So you divide by 2 each time so for example 4 x 2 is 16 so you would divide by 2 for .25. .25 divided by 2 is .125. This will work for every animal and will always get 100% if you want to have a little bit of time left try to get a little lower than 1. So you could do .123 divided by 2 which will give you .98 instead of 1. You guys are welcome
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    Almost a *year* and they still haven’t fixed this known bug. Why have a Bug Report section if you don’t fix the bugs?
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    Mana Nerf Manas are already pretty much useless, why the hell are WC nerfing them even more?!?!?! Who wants to use a mana to get anywhere when you have to land every dash you take hahahah DILO WC most useless devs ever jesus Yes keep nerfing all ext dinos just so you can sell genesis and the new dinos that are gonna be OP until people complain and you nerf them into the ground
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    Here are the last notes themselves and my interpretation: "The background levels of Element are way higher on this Ark. I wonder whether that was part of the plan -- to see what you survivors would do with Element if you had access to it. Or maybe… maybe it’s the reverse. The plan was to see what Element would do if it had access to survivors. That’s the thing about Element: it adapts to whatever it’s in contact with. If you aren’t careful, Element can corrupt you. But I know you’ll be careful. After all, we made it this far, eh?" "When things got really bad on Earth -- wars, Element corruption, all sorts of troubles -- humans thought of all sorts of ways to escape. One way to escape was homo deus, another step in human evolution. Another way -- from a certain point of view -- was these Arks. And the Genesis simulation was another escape plan. You survivors, though, you’re made of tougher stuff. You adapt and endure, rather than running away." "I wonder whether there are no humans anywhere on Earth anymore -- other than you survivors, of course. No sign of them anywhere on my scanners. Earth’s a big place, of course, but you’d think there’d be radio signals or something to let us know we aren’t the last ones on earth. And if there are no more humans, where’d they all go? Did they do each other in, or did the titans get them? With all you humans accomplished, you’d think there’d be a remnant out there somewhere." "We’re pioneers, but we aren’t the first survivors to get back to Earth. Years ago, a few survivors got back -- one of whom was Helena, the survivor who made me. They saw the same devastation you’re seeing right now, and they sought their own way to escape. For Helena, that meant ascending and becoming Homo Deus -- an energy being beyond our reality. For her friends, it meant a long journey to a place called Arat Prime, where they figured out a way to beam Helena into the Genesis simulation. And then she made me!" "Once Helena’s friends beamed her into the Genesis simulation, she made me. But then she left. I guess homo deus beings can’t stay in our reality -- or the simulation -- for very long. She gave me basic access to the simulation, but not a lot of guidance beyond that. But in watching you, I’m pretty sure what I’m supposed to do: help you out as a companion and friend. Just like Helena helped her friends, and her friends helped her. Together we’re going to master the Genesis simulation, and pass every test they give us!" These last 5 notes are just filled with bombshells. Here are all the ones I found: Origin of Aberration: Yes, like TinyHippo said, HLN-A is just "guessing" when she says that Aberration was an experiment, but since the notes are meant to tease the true story behind the DLC, I think it just works best that even if she's "guessing" it will end up being 100% true. That being said, HLN-A reveals in the 11th note that Aberration was used to test the affects of element on various creatures. This actually explains why Diana and friends -people who are very experienced with tek- happened to end up on an ark filled with element - they were being tested to see what they would do with it. Speaking of testing, we also already know that the ARKs were being used to test early iterations of creatures found in the GenSim. So, we have the ARKs being used to test creatures found in Genesis as well as test the affects of element on various creatures. And of course we already know that the ARKs as a whole are meant to preserve humanity and if necessary train survivors for Extinction. My question is, why and how are the ARKs and GenSim connected aside from both being different methods of saving mankind? Why were the ARKs testing things used in the simulation? Why was Aberration experimenting with element? Homo Dei: This one is pretty simple - HLN-A describes Homo Dei as "an energy being beyond our reality", which I think is the best description we've gotten of them so far. Also, HLN-A says that Homo Dei can't in either our reality or the simulation for very long. You can interpret that as you wish, but to me it seems that a Homo Dei is someone with an advanced nervous system that, when met with a special raw cosmic energy, overcharges it to the point of breaking the bounds of reality as we know it. GenSim/Fate of old humanity: Am I the only one who thinks notes 12 and 13 have much huger implications than what they may seem? I mean, in note 12 HLN-A is talking about the GenSim and how it was another method of running from the corruption, and then the very next note she's pointing out a lack of bodies and other remnants of humanity. To me this is a clear indicator that humanity's plan was to launch the ARKs, upload itself into the simulation, and then simply wait for the ARKs to land and conditions in "reality" to improve. I mean, it sounds like a better plan than, say, launching the ARKs and jumping off a building afterwards. In fact, this could also be supported by the two tek structures we've seen in the backgrounds of the trailers. Also in fact, this may explain the testing of Genesis creatures on the ARKs - they were meant to be a sort of "base template" for what would be put into the simulation. But if they did upload themselves into the simulation...where are they now? Well, I think it may be that even the simulation isn't safe from corruption. I mean, we have a skin that's literally called "corrupted avatar".We also know that the creatures in at least one area of the simulation have access to raw element (remember the Ferox), and the devs said that the simulation includes reapers and whatnot, which look like they only came to be because of raw element. So, it looks like raw element is present within the simulation. Now, the fact that Aberration was testing element on creatures suggests that even when the ARKs were being created, people were still unsure of exactly what the cause of corruption was. They may not have known that it really was element, or...I mean, Santiago knew that tek creations emit corruption particles, so...they may have had a strong suspicion, but eventually decided to deliberately ignore it because their livelihoods depended on it. Whatever the reason, I think that humanity uploaded itself into the simulation along with element and continued to make tek creations. HUGE MISTAKE. Thanks to the tek, corruption was able to spread within the simulation, and eventually was able to wipe out all humans both on Earth and in the simulation. Hence why everything is empty by the time we arrive. Also, the simulation may have never been meant for testing, but Helena made it that way to complete her mission. I still don't know what that is, but since HLN-A is with us since the Island, it seems that whatever it is is so important that she focuses on it as well as the already important task of saving humanity. As for why the creatures in the simulation are so hostile...bad programming? I mean, we know from Extinction that the ARKs became huge deathtraps because the hasty and tainted AI of the Overseers was causing loads of errors, so it's not unplausible to think the same thing happened with the GenSim. Actually the hostile creatures may be another reason there's no sign of old humanity in Genesis. Mei-Yin/Diana/Arat Prime/HLN-A: So thanks to these notes we now know for a fact that Mei-Yin and Diana did get to Arat Prime, AP being where I believe the ARKs, Homo, Dei, and GenSim were developed. Once there they were somehow able to get in contact with Helena/OWW, who told them to upload her into the simulation. Once there, Helena/OWW made HLN-A before being pulled back. HLN-A herself looks like at least one of her purposes is to serve as eyes for H/OWW. H/OWW can't stay in the simulation for long, but she can communicate to certain entities within it thanks to the one open AP communication line. So, she created HLN-A, who can use her scanners to collect data on the GenSim's environments as well as us, effectively monitoring us and our surroundings as though H/OWW herself were. As for Mei-Yin and Diana, well, let's just say I'd be surprised if we didn't meet them in Genesis at some point. Wording: Pay close attention to the wording at the end of the last note - HLN-A says "Together we’re going to master the Genesis simulation, and pass every test they give us!" I don't know, to me it just seems like a suspicious choice of words. Is she referring to H/OWW, Mei-Yin, and Diana? So to recap what we know and also my ideas as to what they mean: Aberration was used to test the effects of element on humans and animals. Homo Dei seem to be some kind of overcharged nervous system that breaks the very bounds of our reality, and cannot stay in our reality or the simulation for very long. It's implied that humanity uploaded itself into the simulation, and my guess is that once inside they continued to make tek, leading to them being wiped out by corruption. The ARKs were testing real-world early iterations of creatures found in Genesis, possibly as "base templates" for the creatures in the simulation. The simulation may have never been intended for testing, but was made that way by H/OWW. Whatever H/OWW wants us to do is very important. The creatures in the simulation may be hostile because of errors similar to those on the ARKs, and may be another reason there's no sign of old humanity in the simulation. Mei-Yin and Diana were successful in getting to Arat Prime, and may meet us in Genesis. Arat Prime may have been the development facility for not only the ARKs, but the GenSim and Homo Dei as well. At least one of HLN-A's purposes is monitoring us and our surroundings almost as good as H/OWW herself, since she can't stay in the simulation for very long. The wording in the last note may suggest that H/OWW is not the only being testing us in Genesis.
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    >URE (United Republic of Earth) to me says that THEY went to the moon or space at some point. If not , why have the word Earth in it? >The Federation is Earth bound. They could've just used the word 'Earth' to imply that it's global. 'Terran' also refers to things from Earth as well. Santiago says in note #3 "and last I knew, the Federation and the URE were still stuck on Earth." So this means that the when the name was made, they hadn't had any (significant) presence off world. Also, it's worth noting that whoever had a significant force in space would likely be in an incredible position to stop the other side from getting a significant force into space; this is likely why measures as drastic as blowing up the moon had to be taken against the Feddies (or the URE, whoever was in space) >The lunar biome is not Earth's as the Dev said it orbits another planet. Correct, but the Earth's moon is broken in a similar manner, and we know that the lunar biome doesn't exist for no reason, so it must be based on some moon. Even if the moon that the lunar biome is based on is not the Earth's moon, that would just mean that at least two moons have exploded, and if we know that the Earth's superpower (I guessed URE, but you guessed the Feds, I'm not really sure on it though, but I'll continue to name them the URE for now) is willing to blow up one moon, then we can assume they'd be willing to blow up two. >Watch the trailer again as Helena intereacts with HLN-A and then fades away. >Then watch HLN-A interact with REALITY? HLN-A doesn't react with reality though. She speaks and makes little pictures and lights, but the teleportation stuff isn't happening in reality, it's happening in the GenSim. >Why is the Genesis Sim a cylinder like the trailer shows? Honestly, I still have no idea what's up with the cylinder. >What void are we sat in in that trailer? I don't think I understand what you meant with this one. Do you mean the area we're in where Helena is talking to us as she produces HLN-A? In HLN-A notes 14 and 15, HLN-A tells us that she was made by Helena while Helena was in the Genesis Simulation, so that means that we're in the GenSim already when Helena is talking to us there. That last question got me thinking though... Helena is talking to us and creates HLN-A in the trailer. This is after Extinction has happened too. HLN-A also told us that Helena can't be in the Genesis Simulation for very long. Finally, HLN-A told us that Diana and Mei went to Arat Prime to get Helena into the Genesis Simulation. This means that not very much time has passed at all since Helena and friends dropped to Earth! Diana and Mei must still be alive by the end of Extinction when all the Arks return so they could get Helena into the GenSim after. Diana and Mei are therefore, in all likelyhood, still alive at the timeline of Genesis (unless something killed them in AP after they got Helena into GenSim, which is doubtful) Helena herself says that time was murky when she was perfecting the revival process, and guesses that she spent centuries or longer (should've just used a clock) but, as she said, time was murky. She had it all wrong; hardly any time has passed between when she went deus and when we dropped. It likely seemed like longer to Helena at the time because of all the extra data and how much faster she could think, so she grossly overestimated the time spent. And finally, since Arat Prime is connected to the GenSim, it's possible that we could meet Diana and Mei at some point during the Genesis dlcs.
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    Ragnarok Light Glitch Please bare reading for possible fix on similar issue. I know most people have been dealing with this issue for quite a while now, this have been an issue with ragnarok map ever since it came out and it bothers me since its my favorite map and this lighting glitch is such a pain to have. Ragnarok map LIGHT BUG usually cause drastic change of light when time of day change like morning to noon to afternoon to night etc. you'll just notice your world with suddenly light up or just go dark night or normal night light. It also cause light flickers when moving the mouse around which looks like lightning ingame but it is not. today when messing with my settings trying to figure out what causes this issue since no one did ever solved this problem I just need to make my favorite map playable, I decided to trace the cause of the issue it self. What I've learn is the issue is caused by the Sky quality it self or the clouds in the sky which affects map lighting and global illumination and stuffs that directly affects your world lighting since that's how UE works so to fix this i just have to turn down skyquality to 0. This will eventually turn off clouds, make everything a bit brighter since no clouds cover most of the skylight, and stop the light glitch since the clouds are what affecting this light issues in ragnarok for some reason. And I get 10-15% fps boost since turning off skyqualty all the way down improved fps. I read another solution saying that turning off distant shadow and sliding resolution down a bit will fix this problem but it didn't really do a thing. This opens another bug in ark it self, not just the ragnarok map but in all maps where you'll see the sky. When you set your skyquality in to 0, save it, play the game without the clouds and good fps, then take a break, save and close the game. When you load the game again, POOF! lower fps, clouds are back (MAX SKYQUALITY SETTINGS) and you still got your skyquality all the way down to 0. you set the sky quality up save then set it down to 0 again but nothing changed. the sky is still set to max even if you turn it off in your settings which sucks because not only that you lose fps but also lighting bug in ragnarok is back and you can't turn the clouds off because of this bug. I read in couple of post to fix the sky quality issue by going to [steam common directory]\ARK - Survival Evolved\ArkGameData\ShooterGame\Saved\Config and copy the ini files inside CleanSourceConfigs and overwrite the files inside WindowsNoEditor. this will reset all your ark settings and the sky quality back to normal. and you can now set the skyquality back to 0 and sky gone again, DOWN SIDE of this is you have to do this all the time everytime you want to play the game and IT RESETS ALL YOUR SETTINGS INCLUDING YOUR KEYS, VIDEOS, MAP, RATE AND MOD SETTINGS which is very inconvenient since you have to set all of this everytime you want to play the game. So I did another tracing and found out that going in [steam common directory]\ARK - Survival Evolved\ArkGameData\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor then open GameUserSettings.ini and set TrueSkyQuality=0.700000. this will put sky quality to default and keep all your settings as is. When you start your game you'll see the skyquality set to default and since its default when you crank it all the way down, clouds will then go away and all other light issues are gone. But this is still temporary. you will have to edit TrueSkyQuality everytime before starting the game but better since you don't have configure ALL you game settings everytime. Note that you have to set skyquality to 0 again after loading a map not in the Main Menu screen. Now what i really wanted is a permanent fix for this. So far what we've got is temporary and some people having this light issue will want to play the map with clouds on, either you play game without clouds or just play with clouds but bare the flashed and light inconsistency. I hope this also gives the devs pointers to what may have cause the bug and fix this for good. I'm posting this for reference for everyone else having similar problem. and if anyone have a permanent fix then please share it.
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    This post is updated regularly (regardless of the date posted). Please check back often for any changes to the list. To report an outage if not listed below, go to ark.gg/outage and fill out the report form. Also, be sure to check our maintenance thread for announced maintenance at ark.gg/maintenance Currently known server outages and reason(s): (L) indicates legacy server offline indicates that the server is not running currently (time is not moving forward) though is being worked on. Last Updated: 12/09/2019
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    Mesh It's too easy to mesh and that's all rival tribes are resorting to now on multiple maps. Doesn't matter where you build, mostly every and any spot can be meshed. I can't believe you still haven't fixed meshing because you're only after quick cash for half-assed maps, well I won't be getting Genesis that's for sure. You developers are literal garbage lmfao
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    I honestly think they need to revert the patch back to the previous version,and sort this mess out. Clearly about 60-70% of the players are not happy with this change,and if that's correct what bert has posted,it needs to be fixed asap,and pvp players cant be happy with the fact that mana landing attacks can nuke 10,20 dinos in one attack. Obviously WC didnt test this patch,and is causing more problems than its worth.
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