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    Honestly ... awesome way of saying absolutely nothing in so many words ...
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    Ya playing pvp on a video game makes people real tuff your comment made me laugh thnx I needed that lol
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    If they only play PVE then they are playing the same mode that most of the player base is playing as well.
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    [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-11 [LOG_RECEIVE] No matter how efficient your production, there's always a limiting factor, [LOG_RECEIVE] Often, the limit is the raw materials available. [LOG_RECEIVE] But if you harvest fast enough, that limit evaporates.
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    Allow an option when placing or once placed to toggle show range on troughs this way we can place Dino's around them or litter our base with them and not have any Dino's out of range. The mechanic exists with Dino leash or Tek generators, just needs implementing into the radial menu for troughs
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    I have a few theories here- Genesis P1: Training to beat the snot outta Mr. Burly Purple in a simulation corrupted/tampered with by an outside force. Genesis P2: Beating Mr. Burly Purple. Shall we mesh our way to victory? Can we AdminCheat our worries away? All jokes aside, this will be the biggest baddest fight in all of ARK. Also things I've noticed: Why are there aberration creatures in genesis? To train us? And someone had to create the simulation- Who? Helena? Homo Dues? Dues Piratica? Mum? Anyways, If you're wondering who I am, just call me ATA or Lime. I'm here to give you theories, memes and jokes. I've been reading these theory threads for quite a bit now, and I'm very happy to join the community. Cya on the flipside- and if you want more info abut me, just check my profile. Happy Surviving!
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    I don't want to be too salty today, but "they" say alot wich will never be done. I can give you loads of examples from the past 5 years Again rollback, again timers screwed up for my gigas/quetzs/tusos. Cant "they" fix this after more then 5 years? 2 More rollbacks and these will NOT go to 100%. Again.
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    Servers offline, thats the new mining machine .... #Fixthegame
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    lol can you fix your damn server before posting thing like this...
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    If your trying to be funny you failed if your being serious your an idiot.
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    PS4 console user I would like to see a special slot added to all items that use gas for power. You put the gas in there, but it stays put, like a dino's saddle when you do a transfer all. So let's say you load up your Indy Grill with meat. You place in units of gas as well, and start cooking. Minutes later, you access the grill, and hit transfer all into your character. The cooked meat transfers back to you, but the gas stays with the Grill in it's special slot. The only way to remove the gas, would be to specifically select it, just like when removing a saddle from a dino.
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    You can use higher grade kibble in place of lower grade kibble at a 1:1 rate.
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    pretty much since the updated kibbles allow the highest tier to work for all lol
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    The problem with the "new" Raptor pounce is the introduction of the coding to allow an opportunity to dodge the pounce, as @iAgnehole mentioned. Old pounce: The Raptor runs up, pounces, and as it does it pulls you from mount (if you are close enough) and pins you. New pounce: The Raptor runs up, it instantly dismounts you, you then have .25 seconds to dodge, -THEN- it pounces and pins you or your mount.
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    Now that I think of it, the name of the Genesis chronicles skins, "Corrupted avatar", could mean that the skin is the avatar we will be playing as in the simulation, but with some errors that make it appear broken and holographic.
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    Pay it forward I would like to start of by saying that the majority of players are good decent people. However there are a fair ammount of toxic ones as well. This post is mainly for my personnal recomendation. If you are new to the game it is ok to ask for help, as i stated above there are player who will help. But do not be that guy that starts flooding the chat with requests for free dinos.part of what makss this game so unique and fun is that challenge of taming you own dinos. And as my title states pay it forward! If you see someone struggling, help them out. We should all be encoueaging new players like myself into the game to grow the community. To those that help new players like me thank you, you are what makes this game enjoyable, i will pay it forward.
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    it's probably an oversight, like how you can put narcotic in the food trough
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    During the stream for Genesis, they mentioned reapers and seekers being in the simulations, more specifically the lunar biome if i'm not mistaken.
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    First, where did you see Aberration creatures in Genesis? Second, the whole point of us being in the simulation is apparently for HLN-A to train us for...something. Third, the 7th Genesis chronicles note states the following: "I just discovered something curious. The minds that made the Arks used them to test some of the critters that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation. My scanner tells me that an immense lizard with an internal bio-furnace was tested here. They don’t have that creature on this Ark anymore -- we’d see the scorch marks if they did. But they tested the fire lizard here before you survivors came along. I wonder why they decided to have them only in the simulation?" With this knowledge, we can infer that the Genesis simulation was created by the ancient humans around the same time the ARKs were. But for what purpose, we don't know at the moment.
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    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Production rising as fast as supplies allow. [LOG_TRANSMIT] As expected. That's basic economics. [LOG_TRANSMIT] The code to validate your next terminal entry is 0eee207c-6749-40a2-ab9c-e22ad181f694. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-11 [LOG_RECEIVE] No matter how efficient your production, there's always a limiting factor, [LOG_RECEIVE] Often, the limit is the raw materials available. [LOG_RECEIVE] But if you harvest fast enough, that limit evaporates. This is the mining drill.
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    If they were "pve'ers" they would know the limited sandbox variant called pve has some tricky complications of its own that are more difficult to handle than pvp, Especially with all tickets they get because dynamically all the things "pve'ers" do to each other... Want to ruin some ones whole base... Slip a pillar next to there base's main building.. That tribe can no longer place tek structures any where near there... But agreeing with op the event stuff should be account based. Because when you loose a character because the game glitches out and is know way the players fault they loose all those event things too.
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    go here: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?flash_digest=00fabb269fb52f06c5cfb033232dcc318391f063 top right, sign in. once signed in close browser, and open it back up, restore previous session, fill out the form. copy what you type in the last box (just incase). submit the form. Its the only way i know of getting out of the submit loop. Sometimes it will still stick you in the submit loop though. It functions as expected, about the same as the game, sometimes you can submit a form, other times they don't submit at all. If you don't see your post after submitting, it didn't take, and you'll have to do it all over again.
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    Improve Orbital Drops. Orbital Drops has some sweet loot, but can be such a massive annoyance because of some issues that I think should really get looked at, and these issues appear so often that all 3 happened to me on the last drop. First issue is the invisible/suddenly appearing creatures. Why is it that creatures are invisible or not there at all, and then suddenly, you have several hostile creatures one meter away from you? This might be an issue overall with extinction, but having this happen when trying to defend a drop is so bad. Have had several Corrupt Spinos and Paras suddenly appear out of nowhere a couple of meters away from me. And in my last orbital drop, I had a pack of normal Raptors appear right next to me that threw me off my mount and pinned me on the ground. I don't think this is how it should be, and we should have the chance to actually see and prepare for the treat in some way before it's right next to us. Second issue is the creatures constantly getting stuck on rocks and behind stuff so it's not possible to progress the drop until they manage to get around that thing and get to you, which I waited for for 10-15 minutes on my last drop before I went out to look for them, which leads me to the last issue. Why is the limit to how for away from orbital drops so short, and why is there no visual indicator or sound warning before going too far? I ended up failing this drop because I tried to find the last 2 corrupt dinos that was stuck because I went slightly too far away without knowing it until it was too late. Then how am I supposed to complete the drop when I can't go and find them, and they are not able to get to me, so we are both stuck? It's a lose/lose situation. I just think the mixture of badly designed AI and badly designed Orbital Drop game mechanic is just terrible.
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    @Lucraft Thank you. I'm new here, and very excited to join the community.
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    It's apparently able to collect every resource in the game, basically it's all the gathering creatures in the game condensed into one tool, but it collects less efficiently than the creatures that are specialized in one or two resources. Consider it a jack of all trades harvesting tool.
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    Hello, I would like to suggest the addition of a few tek items. I realize that those who do not use or like tek may not care for these items, but they are items that would be considered nice additions for the way some play the game. Myself included. The Tek Fridge is pretty self explanatory. It would be larger than the small fridge visually, be powered by a generator, and have more line items than the standard fridge. *I suggest the fridge fully realizing that the Tek Troughs can act as refrigerators, but with them there is always the issue that if the wrong things are added while they are too close to creatures... bye bye supplies. The Tek Smoker would be the next step to the preserving bin. Larger with more line items, it too would be powered by a Tek Generator . To make jerky, oil must be added- or salt depending on the map. Jerky would dry out quicker than with the preserving bin by a small percentage. The Tek Vault is another item that would be nice to see added. The dedicated storage has certainly helped with being organized, however there certain items that can't be stacked in one and it would be nice to have a place to put them. Clothing, weapons, tools, saddles, etc. Updated with a tek look, I would suggest they hold more line item and perhaps be two foundations wide and one wall tall for placement. It does make sense after all, to have them be a bit larger if they are to hold more. The Tek Chemistry Station would be the follow up to the chemistry bench. We already have the Tek replicator to follow the fabricator, so to have a Tek Chemistry station seems to be the next step. It too would have a tek look, be a bit larger, and have the ability to hold more line options. The Tek Grinder. It would be yet another tek step up for an already available game item. Perhaps the same size, or smaller, it would be able to crush everything in its inventory at once as opposed to items individually or in stacks. It would also give back a larger portion of the materials used to craft what is crushed and instead of organic polymer, it would give back hard polymer. The cost to craft each item listed above would be costly, some outrageously so due to the convenience they offer, but worth the grinding for the item needed. *this is suggested based on an xbox PVE players perspective where mod options expand these areas are not available. ** Added to this list would be a Tek Forge. Like the others it would have more line items, could be run off a generator, and would smelt metal into ingots faster than the items currently available. Not by much, but a slight percentage that would make gathering the required materials to craft it worth the effort. *** Additional Addition.. the Filing Cabinet. As listed in the conversation it too would be an upgraded storage item, much like the vault, to replace the bookcase. It would be nice to see it have more line items, as well as additional sorting function to be able to locate the blueprint you wish to find sooner. (example... Saddles, Weapons & Tools, Armors, Recipes, Building items, etc...)
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    My official server down over 3 hours now..... character locked in that server. gotta keep my sense of humor. might lose dinos and stuff but ha ha ha ha....
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    If you have at least two maps in a cluster, that makes it a lot easier. Our rotating map server, for example, clearly has as the MoTD "Do not leave dinos or characters on this map unless you don't want to have immediate access to them - this individual server rotates through maps by request on our discord server". Occasionally someone does it anyway, then they have to request I change the map back to the one they're stuck on If you want the details on how I do this (I've gotten it down to a change that takes me all of about 1 minute of work and a server restart) pm me and I'll explain.
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    Well the mysterious item, is the mining drill. C’mon man! To quote Cedric, if you guys are just going to run through the same stuff ya unveiled during the extra life stream it’s not really a mystery is it? As far as the patch notes eh there’s a few good things in there. Picking up all items in a range would be handy. As well as limiting the number of items ya drop. I mostly play on the center official and I would LOVE to see the lightning fixed in the snow biomes and green ob area. Man that would be a nice QOL. Every time it storms the lightning keeps up when it quits and then just compounds with every storm after that until it’s a constant lightning flash reflecting off the snow and sky. I’m glad I don’t have epilepsy because wow that would really mess up some people. In order to fix it I have to relog, and wash rinse repeat when it starts storming again. Other than that it’s nice to see that you guys are really taking care of the crashing issues. It is definitely 100x better than what was during pre-release, that was brutal, so thank you. The next mystery how about showing something that was NOT in the extra life live stream, please?
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    You have to keep a sense of humor in regards to patches and updates. Find me a perfect human being? Things happen and servers are finicky anyways. If you read the latest patch notes, they did some pretty serious tweaks to the servers and how the processors act. That in itself is a huge monumental task and benefits the community in ways I can't even begin to describe. I'm hopeful but do understand that when you make fundamental changes like that, you get unseen side effects. It'll be fine, it isn't like we're down for a week, it's an hour maybe 2.
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    I just can not understand how the updates get worse and worse... still no servers showing up, and still update that was only supposed to take 15 min......
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    Excellent, this was the problem. Thanks again
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    I know, so many purdy animals!
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    We are experiencing the same issue with the beacons, we notice with our beacons that when it gets to just 2 items in the beacon, the beacon will instantly disappear along with the loot left in it. EDIT: I have found the issue for this happening on our cluster. when we have cryopods and cryofridge engrams disabled it causing the issue I explained above and when we re-added those engrams and the issue stopped happening
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    Yeah I noticed that even rolling around on a doedi looked terrible with this on and your camera is proly not even what, maybe 4-5 tiles away? Have never turned an option off faster.
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    If you mean the rectangles in chat, that's a foreign language. If you changed your game language to something else, like chinese, then you would see them as the proper letters rather than the rectangles.
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    Its chinese/russian symbols. Your system dont know that symbols and show them as brackets.
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    Perhaps. But Rants are bad. What do you think of this? https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/484632-habitat-chambers/ Udam?
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    Habitat Chambers So several years ago now, when aberration first came out. I had several ideas. On January 30th, 2018. I had the idea that aberrant otters could specifically possess a trait that allows them to care for fertilized eggs in their possession, since the otters can't keep us as warm or comfy as a shoulder pet on aberration because of the requirement to utilize a glow pet I felt that otters were underloved and lessened, so perhaps a new role could be that they could incubate fertilized eggs down to near-hatching if the fertilized egg was placed in the inventory of an aberrant otter? If this was done, it'd breathe life into their usefulness, and make them more than just a furry decorative piece, and further distinguish them from their regular otter cousins. On a more recent concept when Extinction was released, and driven by the wonder of Cryofridges and cryopods. I conceived of an idea I thought would be useful and could elaborate on the usefulness of the aforementioned technology Extinction gave us ; The Habitat Chamber, where you can connect a Control Unit(The Defense Unit's model is the one my imagination utilized) placed and connected to the Habitat Chamber. Cryopodded Tames, when given to the care of the Control Unit would then be introduced into the Habitat Chamber in a miniaturized form. This would allow for the receipt of eggs and perhaps other resources that can be gathered by the creatures living within the Habitat Chambers self-contained Ecosystem. Withdrawal of the cryopod containing said dinosaur could require a payment of element dust, or simply a countdown timer before one could reclaim any creatures they miniaturize within the chamber. This also could allow for a happiness system of Habitat Chamber, and even give the survivors a glimpse of life as Overseers of their own tiny Ark in Habitat Chamber form. Now with the advance and sudden future we will soon be facing come Genesis, I felt this would be a prime time to bring My Habitat Chamber forwards to the Dev Team, Once more alongside the Aberrant Otter Upgrade. Thank you for your time, Good Folk of The Development Team. I'm certain to have more ideas down the road, and if any of them are liked please let me know. It encourages me to share more of what my mind comes up with during dreams, and generalized creative game concepts. and furthermore, could allow survivors to potentially enter a microcosm of the ark world, and see how their miniaturized tames go about their lives, even seeing how they build homes and communities and families with each other, in a world where survival isn't their main goal. Essentially allowing a society of creatures to grow and develop in the microcosm of the habitat chamber. There was an event several years back on Neverwinter Nights(I think that was it anyways) That utilized shrinking down and visiting a model landscape board-game that covered an entire table. While The Habitat Chamber Might Not be a board game. I think allowing one to visit it might also be cool. But even if not, it'd still be a lovely addition to the game's Quality of Life. Also, can someone in the game workplace, pass along my hellos to GM Aqua? I still remember their wonderful handling of my entrapped Ravagers I'm a little fuzzy about that whole experience, because it was as I said at the time, comparable to GM service rendered by Square Enix during my FF11 Hightime. which is the best compliment I can award.
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    Was about to comment here about this, but YES that thing was huge. For anyone who wasn't there, that thing was probably something like 15x15 foundations wide, and they said the hole in the middle can be filled in with normal foundations if you want or be left as a hole in spots where you want a hole.
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    Oh yes this thing is LARGE! Very excited!
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    Insta-death using picks on Valguero Hey Wildcard, it's a bit poop when you're playing on a private server with a few friends on pve and you get insta killed because of some 'anti meshing' kill box I was apparently in. No body or anything, lost all my ascendant gear. I get meshing is a problem, but using climbing picks for their intended purpose is a bit rubbish for everyone else.
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    I've tamed Quetzals a lot of different ways now... by far the easiest... go to a mountainous area, such as around the redwoods or snowy areas, on Ragnarok. Locate a Quetzal that is flying in the direction of the incline. Place a Tapejara or other flyer over it, preventing it from climbing with the hill. Then as the ground comes up underneath the Quetzal, drop stone gateways around its neck. Then once its flying against the gateway, box it in with other gateways.
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    Lucky By Nature just put out a video showing the honey kite still working.
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    You can kite a Quetzal by dropping honey near it, it will fly down to the honey to eat it and then fly off again.
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    I don't think it will agro it, but you could try, you might try testing it with something like a trike or something first (if a trike won't agro you for it chances are a Q wont, they dont even agro flowers)
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    This is 100% not true. It is testable, as I just did right this minute. If a creature goes down, at -THAT VERY MOMENT- its hitpoint value locks in the full TE. If it takes any amount of damage, even before feeding, it will destroy the TE. Tested, 2 level 25 Raptors. Spawned on singleplayer, they take one headshot to KO. Headshot one, went down, put mutton in inventory, TE started at 99.2%. Headshot second, went down, shot one more while down -BEFORE FEEDING-, TE started at 45%. It absolutely 100% fully affects the TE if the creature takes -ANY AMOUNT OF DAMAGE- the moment after it is KO'ed, regardless of if you have started feeding it.
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    As mentioned by a few, Narcoberries are basically king. You gather them from your first moments on any ARK, and harvest them very safely with many many creatures. Narcotics are great, but them and Biotoxin both increase torpor by 5 per second (Narcotic is 40 over 8 seconds, Biotoxin is 80 over 16 seconds). Narcoberries increase torpor by 7.5 over 3 seconds, meaning 2.5 torpor per second. This is important as @MackTheKnife said: You give yourself more cushion on the torpor timer when using Narcoberries, which is great for the more touchy tames. NOW: We have KO'ed a 150 Castoroides (giant beaver). A 150 has 3479 total torpor, and for a 1x tame using superior kibble, will need 1451 Narcoberries, or 411 Narcotic to stay under for the whole time. With Narcotic, we have to refill the torpor bar 5 times, and we have to top it off every 22 minutes, give or take 30 seconds. With Narcoberries, we have to do a 4th dose but only barely any, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd doses are done every 34 minutes, again, give or take 30 seconds. With Biotoxin, the timers work out to the same as Narcotic because the torpor per second is exactly the same Narcotic so no sense in doing that calculation. Using berries means we have a more flexible amount of time to do other things while it starves down (if its in a safe enough spot to be left unattended), or if sitting with the creature, it means we can spend more time monitoring the surroundings and keeping the tame safe. Yes, it can be argued that 411 Narcotic is lighter and therefore easier to transport than 1451 Narcoberries. But really, its 100 pounds different which most taming ventures easily accommodate for a much more comfortable taming experience. And, if you need more because of spoilage, just hand harvest a little bit and add it to the pile while you babysit your sleeping creature. And before it is mentioned or hinted at in any way, shape, or form: There is absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, zero negative impact for using the lowest form of torpor delivery. Using Narcoberries -DOES NOT- negatively impact taming effectiveness at all, using Narcotic and/or Biotoxin does not give higher taming effectiveness. Anyone who believes this because of "this one time I used berries and got stinky taming effectiveness" probably shot the dino while it was falling down unconscious and hurt the TE that way, or left it unattended and it took a whack from an unfriendly Carno or Raptor.
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