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    WC, are you trying to kill this game with your recent updates? Everytime they "fix an exploit" it's with a 2GB file that introduces a lot more bugs and kills mods. This started prior to the halloween event, but that event update was the icing on the cake. We still have overspawns on Rag/Val and WC doesn't give a toss, instead they push out a huge update for two pieces of crap skins no one asked for. As S+ is being broken one piece at a time with each new patch, I am contemplating leaving this game and shutting down my servers. This game is already so stale that it should be burried, maybe this is just the final nail in the coffin. Right now I can only give a big flying FU to the people that call themselves "Developers" (what a BS hype term anyway) and let these updates go live without any sort of testing. This is just contempt towards your players, not giving a single F on what you do to live servers.
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    Happens to everyone at some point. Good that you learned the lesson now, so later when you finally hatch that purple/black bird with all your max stats that you've been trying to get for 2 weeks you'll know to stay up until 3am hand-feeding it. Somewhere in dino heaven, all the ghost babies from trough starvation are hanging out with all the babies we accidentally ate before hatching. It's a sad party.
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    If you have only played an hour then steam will do an automated refund provided the date of purchase is less than 14 days. If you fall outside that you can still make an attempt but you'll have to talk to other humans which means proper sentence composition and not talking in all caps. If you are on another platform you will have to perform whatever ascribed ritual your platform's paradigm demands of you.
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    Well it's been about two weeks, there wasn't much to post largely because nothing I was doing was interesting. It took a week just to breed my basilos together to get the result I wanted. Actually ended up with a pod of 4 so I have a breeding pair, a mount and a spare. Nice. I also didn't play much because I was getting into another game, it's nice to take breaks and do other things from time to time. I did miss most of the Halloween event, but honestly it felt like too much work farming all the stuff for the items anyway so whatever. But I got back into it today and took on the Megapithicus, took down all 3 with no trouble at all. In fact I think the hardest part was dealing with the rexes on the platform...well that and a stupid pego pack stole my thyla claws and I couldn't figure out which one had them so I had to refarm a bunch. There was like 6 of them, it sucked. Glad I didn't have any cryopods on me. And now I can start preparing for The Dragon. Joy. I have no idea what to expect from this except probably death. I know it's better to use theris, but I put all of this effort into my rexes, I don't really want to start a whole new breeding project from scratch for this if I can avoid it. That was why I went with rexes, specifically so I only need to maintain one bloodline. I've seen plenty of people manage it in videos with rexes so I'm hoping I can too. I also have no idea how I'm going to get 3 giga hearts. I know I can try to drown them, but I'd also kind of like to kill at least one legit, if I can do it with guns anyway. Funny to think I've been playing this game for so long and still have so many unknowns and experiences that are new to me. It's a long story but the short version is stayed on a single map server to play with friends, server died, tribe disbanded, couldn't find a cluster I liked and now play SP in the hopes of playing through as much as possible before Genesis. Which at the rate I'm going I might finish The Island and maybe Scorched Earth. Aberration I already know is going to be tough due to the map limitations, and then once I hit Extinction I should be relatively ok since I'll be able to set up infrastructure fairly quickly. So yeah, a lot of farming and watching videos for reference ahead. Quite a bit to do, I'm thinking I'll need probably 2 weeks just to prepare. I haven't looked up what I need yet but I might also start preparing for the Overseer while I'm at it. Assuming I survive the Dragon I'd like to move ahead as quickly as possible to finally get off this map.
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    Be able to see wild Dino torpor and health like a magnify glass but from a distance Be able to pulse that Dino after a 3 second lock on time to see more stats, it's stamina, melee, etc to see if it's worth knocking the Dino out to tame. Each pulse consumes element shard or dust, or one big pulse to reveal all the creatures stats in one go but after a 3-5 second observation time. Then perhaps give it a lock ability to highlight the creature like the scout drone does (again obviously at the cost of shards or dust over time to prevent overusing the ability) so it can be tracked during those aweful fog rain and pitch black nights we seem to get
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    Gacha Testing - Element Gacha So I have 4 gacha, 2 males, and 2 females, they are paired off (male & female) and have exactly 12 foundation spaces between them. Each set of gacha have 5 owls dropping pellets to them. I used the combination of a Their to gather berries, and a igonadon to convert the berries to seeds, then moved the seeds to the gacha. I use seeds for two reasons they are easy to produce with a igonadon I can fit more of these into a gacha's inventory then anyother food item for production. The gacha levels and crafting: the first pair of gacha - Male lvl 78 160.1 crafting, Female lvl 74 160.6 crafting the second pair - Male lvl 82 164.2 crafting, female lvl 75 161.6 crafting all the gacha produce element crystals with 180 element in them due to crafting levels. and the end results: 281 crystals producting 50,580 element dust. 98 crystals containing Master craft and Journeyman items. thats roughly 35% of the crystals turning out to be item crystals, while the other 65% were element crystals. Seems like a good method for gathering element when: your server is experiencing higher the normal lag your server is having a temper tantrum and crashing alot. Boss fights will still come out on top of gacha for element for time spent, but gathering element dust from gacha is something safe you can do at your home while your doing other things like building, feeding animals, raising babies. each crystal has about 14 minutes before they will vanish from sitting on the ground, if you travel too far from render range they like to fall through the floors/ground. things I noticed while doing this test for crystal drops for items vs. production items: staying near the gacha will cause them to drop less crystals in the same time frame as if your further away from them. lag spikes will cause your gacha to eat more, as during the lag spike they continue to consume food and the food consumed does not roll back. Edit in: in the time that it took me to convert the dust to element, I collected another 42 production crystals and 8 item crystals, that basically breaks down to 1 crystal being dropped every 30 seconds from the combined 4 gacha. so calculating the time for the above test, the time per crystals breaks down like so: 50 crystals in 25 minutes 120 crystals in 1 hour 379 crystals 3 hours 9 minutes and 30 seconds (total crystals collected for the test above, not counting the addtional 50)
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    Thanks for the info, I'm way more excited for it now. Suddenly it seems more viable for pvp, like it would be one of the best fobs for underwater.
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    @Kaprosuchus I read most of the posts here although I don't often comment on specific ones. Playing alone after so long on servers, I guess it helps to have a little bit of the community feel by seeing what everyone else is up to even if we can't interact in game. I admit I'm much more likely to read a post that has a screenshot in it though lol. That said I haven't posted much lately because I doubt anyone wants to read 2 weeks worth of "spent 3 hours breeding basilos and hatching rex eggs while watching Phlinger/Syntac/non-Ark YTer and redditing" lol. It just doesn't make for good content. I wasn't really going to post today for much the same reason until I saw your post. Because I don't have anything interesting going on. I finally got around to setting up my tek replicator, but I haven't made anything else yet. I know for sure I want to make a set of armor and a rifle, and I don't think I'll really end up making much else because as soon as I defeat the Overseer I'm moving to the next map anyway. Doesn't make sense to build a bunch of stuff I probably won't see again for like a year lol. I made up a checklist of all the things I need to run the Dragon and well...I didn't have most of it. So I took my spino out and farmed the allo brains and yuty lungs. I already have the rex arms and the basilo blubber. And I know I'll more than likely get the tuso tentacles from farming for the underwater artifact so I don't worry about that one yet. That leaves giga hearts, I "only" need 3, but when I have yet to kill a wild giga it seems like quite the tall order. Not gonna lie I am seriously considering just luring one down to carno point and throwing my rex army at it. I don't care if they die because I'll need to breed the next generation up for the Alpha Dragon anyway. 35k HP and 600+ melee is simply not going to be enough. If I use my current top gen rexes I can do 30k HP and easily push 900+ melee. Also in full production mode gearing up for everything so metal runs and crafting tons of hard poly. I have more chitin and obsidian than I know what to do with after grinding down so many high tier junk saddles so I'd rather do that than penguin farming. Boss prep is pretty boring overall, just a lot of mindless grinding. Still haven't gone and retrieved my doed and mammoth from over by the swamp cave, I'll do that while I'm over there. I know, more cave runs there. I didn't bother running the artifact while I was farming for the bp so I only have 1 for decoration.
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    u right there my brother, i recently started playing destiny 2, real good game
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    Ahh yeah makes sense. However the 100% only applies to melee on babies. So other stats are still gonna be better if you get more taming effectiviness right from tame. The after tame stat boost is applied directly after the random after tame points. If thats what you mean with stat boost. So it should show right up on the stats and best breeding partners.
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    So a quick update. Server did not crash for a while, what is nice. Buuuut. The lagg is not getting any better. (Edit: Just while I was writing this, the server crashed again.) We were doing yesterday the Lifeslabyrinth. It was the most frustrating experience we had in our collective 700 hours on the server with my friend Killpls. Just a few direct examples. We just did the fire room, we are both safe on the other side, with our shoulder pets, then we randomly teleport back to the fire room and we die. Pets lost, restarting from scratch. So we have now 30 minutes to get back to the fire room to at least get our loot - so we are doing the jumpy bit at the start, and when I finish with it, I randomly teleport back and fall, and have to do it again. Great. Finally we got to the long tunnel with the platforms. I have speedrunning experience a bit but it is an almost impossible task if you are teleporting back mid air just to fall and to start over again. The next room my friend died to the Onics and his loot disappeared, I dont know if this is a lagg, bug or simply a feature. Doesnt matter, start over and some stuff lost - but going trough after the SAME LAGGY DAMN PROCESS was again over 90 minutes. Because both of our shoulder pets died in the fire room due to the lagg, in the end my friend had to sacrifice himself in the flames so we could at least get one set of artifacts. Well, I tought our perils are over but boy was I wrong... In the long room where you have to run between the walls, I lagged and teleported back in the corridor and got crushed by the walls. I was lucky to not die but I sure had a small cardiac arrest. So long story short: Please fix this piece of rubbish you dare call a server. I purchased this game in alpha stage, it has been 6-7 years now and you still can't guarantee paying customers a working game environment? This is just simply ridicoulous. Good day, Greg
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    Not sure exact numbers but 1 milk gives 1200 food, believe food drains at 400 an hour. I give them milk every 4 hours during baby stage and then give them milk at every imprint from the 4th feeding on. Never lost one to starvation.
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    You must be new to the game. Players in ARK have been slaughtering each other furiously since 2015. Nothing will change in the future apart from there being maybe less people to kill as the game will be 5 years old next year (which is why I have suggested many times that the devs halve the servers to remove the dead servers and force more interaction between players). I can't speak for others but I bought this game because it offered open world PVP with no laws and rules. You could swap the dinos for tanks or butterflies it wouldn't bother me so long as the fundamentals remain the same. Also a large amount of PVP players like myself enjoy the tactical/full PVP aspect of the game. There are games like Battlefield/COD which offer PVP but those games only last 30 minutes and then all your efforts amount to nothing. ARK offers a multi year continuous campaign to wage total war against all enemies real and imagined. It takes real time to build bases and tame/breed so when you come along and push the reset key on the enemy base you can feel satisfied knowing that they won't have it all back in 20 minutes, it will take them days or weeks or even months. It is that real impact that the game lets players make that sets it apart from other game. There is also diplomacy and politics which one can utilize to their advantage in place of combat. It's a total package PVP game if you ask me.
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    Ark is a long time problem! Lol I'm not going to rant on but why say "transfers are enabled" when clearly they are not, at least not 100%
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    My tribe is alpha on an official PVP rag server. We are very welcoming to newbies on server. PM me if you want to play here.
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    God dammit you figured me out... Really am just posting here because why not? Also fake internet points. Good to read stuff on lunch breaks or what not. But I have been wondering the same myself, threads been a bit quiet recently. Tis a pitty, considering its a sand box game I love seeing what other people do, wish there was more of it. The possibilities are almost endless. Also its the thread to post the impulsive 'the game screwed me again, and I need to vent' thread.
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    I think Val Ice Wyv's and the Chalk and Snow Golems they have, are constantly bugged. For some reason they are only in the system on Val. It's a long time problem so no idea why WC hasn't addressed it yet.
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    Friends don't let friends play Official.
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    There should be a "allow juvenile and adolescent feeding only" option for the troughs.
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    You could always adjust the rates for player and dino exp/harvesting separately. So it's still a pain to gather on foot, but once you get dinos life is way easier anyway. Grinding isn't exactly a measure of difficulty imo and once you hit the upper tiers when you need mass quantities of stuff to get anywhere, you'll be regretting keeping your settings low. Exp is somewhat negligible these days since Explorer Notes are a thing, but I agree that even on the current default you'll progress quite fast if you have even a little bit of game experience. Also a big part of the difficulty curve back then was that no one knew what they were doing yet (and most stuff wasn't in the game either), so a lot of your memories might be nostalgia too. I remember those days well and I can say I don't miss them lol. There's so much to do that beach bobbing it on the coast is only a small part of the game now when we've got 4 official and 3 DLC maps to progress through. The Island was the whole world back then and it hasn't been for a long time.
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    in a previous life feed they talked about the turle going under water and having a air pocket on its back
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    Hopefully it will just jump forward at an accelerated rate an doesn't truly teleport, so it hits things and comes out of it's "warp" instead of teleporting inside of them. If it does teleport hello new meshing method.
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    giant pill bugs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armadillidiidae
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    Are you going to fix the massive lag we are experiencing on the OC servers at the moment? Since the last update Valg has been unplayable and it has now been 2 days. Friends on other OC servers are complaining of the same thing.
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    Did you really think that was a good idea?
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    Deinonychus Boss Squad Trial 1 Finally got my act together and preped up a squad of Deinonychus to take on the gamma broodmother. Uncryoed 19 and put all 50+ levels into health, I figured with so little health they would need all the hp they could get and I assumed melee didnt really matter as I would be rellying on the bleed effect. Saddled them all up with mastercraft saddles I preped up ages ago. Grabbed a spare yuty out of cryo and teleported to blue obelisk and started the fight. To be honest I was convined this would be a flop, how wrong I was. They shredded her in about 5 minutes, it was actually insane, especially considering I am not convinced all 19 deinos were even attacking her. It was an easy 500 element. Teleported out and I checked over the deinos. The worst off one had only lost 1k health, alot had lost little to no health, not sure if the broodmother was to busy trying to get to me on my yuty she wasnt really focusing on the deinos or what. In comparison my yuty lost a good 20k health, mostly from the swarming araneo. May need to try other bosses and see what the limit is, got a feeling the limit might be hit very easily. I must admit there something pleasing about a boss squad full of Deinonychus being led by an essentially over grown Deinonychus.
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    What do you mean ? Do you mean if you can ground the dragon with the velono spines ? If so the answer is no, at least not when I last tested this out.
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    And when I said it’s free to play I was correct you should search up the definition of this phrase because it seems like you don’t know that you don’t have to spend money if you grind out all the stuff you’re talking about
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    Well seeing how most of the reveals are tek based I would suspect no...
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    Dino Transport Hub Hello all, Just finished my Dino Transport Hub! Check it out here: Dino Transport Hub Would really appreciate your opinions!! Thanks! Tranquility
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    They can take out a specific type of dino every time you get wiped, and someday you'll get wiped by a lystro army. We want your stuff, and we're going to figure out how to get it one way or the other.
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    Get rid of all the new server's save money on all the crying in support tickets...
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    After almost 2 years of constant breeding, every larger group now has incredibly mutated dinos that are nowhere close to what the game was originally balanced around. This means that dinos like Rhinos or Therizinosaurs deal much more damage and are much harder to kill than they were 1.5 years ago when the game released. Politically, the game is currently very stale, with alliances constant, no big conflicts and many people leaving the main cluster for others clusters or other games for a fresher and more exciting experience. A wipe would easily reset breeding back to its original state and bring these dinos back down to what they were originally, and bring back many players that have left over the last year. edit: im talking (mostly) about the Official PvP network, non-legacy, main cluster)
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    Crazy stats are not needed for either rexes, nor therizinos. As a matter of fact, the entire gamma/beta bosses/tek cave/overseer can be done without any mutations and ok stats. Saddles and proper planning is all that matters. You can check out my fights on my YT channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2Fxw6bED9cV2X_1DREAVg?view_as=subscriber Everything has been done solo on my unofficial cluster (with official settings). I'll post the beta dragon tomorrow (lost 2 theriz, that's it...). Cheers.
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    I lost two ice wyvern eggs transferring back to the Centre from Valguero, which really P***ed me off.... My tribe mate lost his good 100% imprinted wyvern getting those eggs so to lose them during transfer when it's supposed to be open really sucks...
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    Yes @wildcard whoever is in charge of when you roll patches, You need to end this practice of releasing Mac/Linux patches days or weeks after Windows. The update to patch 300 took more than two weeks. Anyone playing on an official server would have lost everything due to auto decay. Not to mention people who have things in Ark data. Today, less than a month after being locked out of the game for two weeks, it's happened again. This game is unplayable for Mac/Linux people. @ ANYONE CONSIDERING PURCHASING ARK FOR MAC/LINUX, Don't buy it. If you have, exit the game immediately and get a refund ASAP. Wildcard sells to Mac/Linux but does not support it well enough for you to invest your time in the game.
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    End game base automation When You have come to that stadius in the game, that You have a big base with alot of turrets, and dinos, You have to do base maintenance and it can often be alot, so my idea is that we have these drones: repair drone, bullet drone, feeding drone and more, the way this works is that You have a storage box inside of your base, where You can fill with materiales, food or bullets. The drones will go to the box and take whatever is inside and transport it to the turret, dino or to repair a wall or other structure that is damaged, this is something big tribes would appreciate, because I know how it is to refill the turrets and so on. Thank You For Your Attention!!
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    Those base or leveled up rex stats? Nevertheless, alpha ape and broodmother and manticore, easiest of all the bosses par landing bug, have been done with leveled up 500 to 650% melee rexes. Also focal chili does not increase your crafting skill on bp’s. Only custom food recipe quality and crafting speed on player inventory.
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    Personally I prefer simplicity over realism for many things, especially flying. For several reasons: 1) Flying on the back of dino is not something any of knows what it should feel like, so there is no standard of what we think it should be like. Most of us don't fly except for in a jet, which isn't remotely the same, so the current type of flying doesn't break with what we know. I doubt making it more "realistic" will add to immersion. 2) Adding a more complicated mechanic doesn't come without costs. Those costs include bugs where it doesn't work right. 3) Variable turn radius would be a lot harder to use. 4) Adding more diving speed increases might be interesting, a few flyers have this already.
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