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    Hey Survivors! With this latest major version change, we've been able to upgrade key aspects of our Official Network. However for this upgrade to be complete, we'll have to cluster-off the PC Official Asia servers due to a network incompatibility (regional firewalls). On Monday, the 11th of November at 10 AM PST downloads into or uploads out of Asia Servers will be region restricted. What This Means For You Players on PC Asia Servers will only be able to upload to or download from other PC Asia Servers, this includes characters, creatures, and items. Every other region will continue to be clustered to their normal servers, as usual. If you're not on an PC Asia Official Server, your download/upload rules are unchanged. Players are still able to play on whichever server they wish to, this change will only prevent the transfer of characters/items/downloads from PC Asia servers to PC Non-Asia servers. The change won't go into effect until the start of next week, so you'll have the weekend to make any necessary preparations. Thank you for your patience and understanding; we'll keep you posted should there be any changes to the schedule. All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    I'll try to simplify what was said above, which was also correct. Say male A had a lineage that read as Pat: 14/20 Mat: 14/20 If you bred male A with a wild female (essentially a 0/0) the baby produced, assuming no mutations received, would have a lineage that reads Pat: 28/20 Mat: 0/20 To get a mute the sum of mutations on a given side (male or female) needs to be 19/20 or less So that male you used can not get a mutation on his side as the sum of mutations was 35 however if you breed him with a female who's sum of mutations is only 19, there is a chance she can give a mutation. That babies lineage without a mutation would read as Pat 35/20 Mat 19/20. So now lets say the above baby is a male and you raise him. You then breed him back with the 19/20 female who was his mother. The baby from their lineage, assuming it has no mutations, will read as; Pat: 54/20 Mat: 19/20 That Pat lineage is what is known as mutation stacking. To prevent that and to try and get as many authentic mutations as you can, you'd ideally want; One breeder male- This male has every legit mutation you want on it. This can be utilized in different ways. Say you are breeding Rex's and you only want health and melee mutations. You can either have a health male, who's only mutations counted are health and a melee male, who's only mutations counted are melee or you can have a health and melee male, who's only mutations are health and melee. The first way (1 hp and 1 melee breeder) will give you the most opportunities early to get the max hp and melee possible before combining the stats at a later date. The second way (1 h and m breeder) will produce relevant babies to use faster but will cap the health and melee achievable lower. The female breeders, you want ideally 0/20 females. It just makes keeping track of mutes simpler. So into the breeding exercise (we're going to go with a male who will be allowed to mutate both health and melee); You start with 1 male who has the best health and melee stats you have tamed and 20 females. You breed those until you get a male with 1 health mutation and the best tamed melee. You raise him and he takes over the top male breeder spot. Lineage could be Pat: 1/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 0/20 Mat: 1/20 however his next baby will move that mute to the Pat side Repeat until the next relevant mutation as well the highest other stat. So you get a male with the 1 mute hp and a new mute in melee. Raise him. He becomes the new breeder male. Lineage could be Pat: 2/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 1/20 Mat: 1/20. However, again, his baby will read Pat: 2/20 Mat: 0/20 Then just keep doing that until your happy. Several months down the line (on official servers) you have a male breeder that has 10 hp mutations and 10 melee mutations. His lineage will read; Pat: 20/20 Mat: 0/20 or Pat: 19/20 Mat: 1/20 You can still mutate beyond this point, it just cuts your chances in half since the mutation calculation and chance can only be applied to the female side now. Eventually, you will get another relevant mutation though and that new top breeder male's lineage will read; Pat: 20/20 Mat: 1/20 Once he's raised you can keep applying the same technique. I do know, on official, there are limitations to the overall level of a dino before it gets deleted (should stop leveling at 449) and i am pretty sure there is a max on the amount of mutations a single stat can have though I don't know specifics on those. I am sure they can be found somewhere else on this site.
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    Not just bringing a bp across the map, bringing an entire load of resources like metal across the map. Using a ptera to kill an alpha vs. using a giga to kill an alpha. Giga is an end game creature, ptera is something you can tame early on. You gotta think more deeper into these things.
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    today i learned, that i can desactivate those mother freaking skins everytime i jump from server to server ! you made my day
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    I came back to ark recently and started a new solo playthrough, i actual like the flyer nerf tbh, before i just used a quetz for everything but now alot of other farming strategies have to be used. i can see why ppl hate it tho
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    Well surely on a PVE server it would be very unbalanced since it would effectively be removing the PVE side from the game. As PVE is all about fighting wild dinos instead of players, these wild dinos now would no longer be a real threat to your tanky fighter jet that comes with nuclear claws. I am very surprised to hear that all these years later, there are still folks out there that hate the idea of the game being balanced and actively want to play in a deliberately unbalanced game. You might as well go ahead and enable god mode too while your at it..
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    Dont get Attached to anything! Tames are gonna die, buildings are gonna get messed up, your kit is gonna get lost, and you are gonna die. Most lost stuff is a bonus in disguise - you get to re-craft it, and so get the XP again :) Spawn in to ALL the differnt spawn points and wander around (Yes you will die - but just respawn - you lose nothing) to get a feel of the map and what each area is like. Don't get fixated on a place to build - if you have died there several times over, its time to abandon that lot and find a better area.
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    I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".
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    With the advent of tames like the snow owl and mana which can be given high end saddles and bred, we need to buff the older non-saddled dinos to have other counter options and so the meta doesn't stagnate Making wyverns breedable or a saddle option similar to equus (ride with or without) would mean more effective and varied counters to manas maneuvering Griffins similarly would be pull out of just being a quick flight tame and become properly effective again
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    THUMBS UP if you want WC to make FE3 Evo till monday Hey devs @Cedric we dont want to have boring x1 weekend. Please guys extend evo and rates until monday 11th or make standard weekend evo x2 harvest,tame,xp Thumbs up if you agree
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    actually the low level giga does still have a purpose, finding a good clean low level giga is good for level down breeding, yeah the eggs take forever to hatch but you can stockpile a few and hatch a bunch at once to try to get lower levels but keep the higher stats, and attempt to get more mutations.
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    OH i misunderstood the question! Yes you're definitely right, gigas are probably the most level-dependent tame in the game. Some others are wyverns, rock drakes, and manas
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    nah griffin's good for level 50-60, or maybe even earlier. It's just so fast! Giga is good at any stage of the game but is very hard to tame unless you're level 85+
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    Another tip, when compiling on a multi core system use: where 4 is the number of cores it can use to compile. Speeds up compiling a lot! -- A New Life PvE, open world PvP! Discord/Events/Shop!
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    Not working, at least on my machine: /ark/server/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer: error while loading shared libraries: libaws-c-event-stream.so.0unstable: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory @McBane i can only post 4 posts a day, didn't know that. I'll keep updating this post for new information. Looking good now, the server seems to start Thanks! Attaching to games_ark_1 ark_1 | ########################################################################### ark_1 | # Starting Ark Server - Fri Nov 8 22:59:18 CET 2019 ark_1 | ########################################################################### ark_1 | '/home/steam/arkmanager.cfg' -> '/ark/template/arkmanager.cfg' ark_1 | 2019-11-08 22:59:18: [Update] ark_1 | Running command 'update' for instance 'main' ark_1 | Checking for update; PID: 15 ark_1 | Your server is already up to date! The most recent version is 4368947. ark_1 | 2019-11-08 22:59:41: [Start] ark_1 | Running command 'run' for instance 'main' ark_1 | 2019-11-08 22:59:41: start ark_1 | 2019-11-08 22:59:41: Running /ark/server/ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer TheIsland\?[...] ark_1 | 2019-11-08 22:59:41: Server PID: 130 ark_1 | [S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed. ark_1 | Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110 ark_1 | 2019-11-08 23:00:55: server is up
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    firstaval I hope to get the 6% imprint
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    well I was all siked about the 8x imprinting, and you even told me about the values on the 8x not showing properly because I came and posted about those only showing one imprint bonus to stats for the rexs, did like you said, podded and tossed and they were corrected. something had to of been done, to offset it, or something character based is taken into consideration with the imprinting, I donno, just guessing off the top of my head there. Thanks for all the info GrumpyBear, always a pleasure
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    I guess the age of griefing asia servers in finally completely dead
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    I do put my creatures in ASB but since I use xbox I cant just import the data I have to manually enter it. So thats good to know and it could account for some strange errors in ASB when I know the info Im putting in is correct.
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    Yea you can leave the baby in the pouch which will decrease the amount they need to eat, but the real benefit is if you do their imprint while they are in the pouch it will double the imprint %. Smaller dinos can get 1-2 imprints done in the pouch but larger ones you cant cause by the time the 8 hours has gone by to get to that first imprint the dino has grown to large and game wont allow it in pouch. Edit: Oh also the roo needs to be mate boosted so make sure its near its mate while you do the imprinting. Ive had situations where I go to walk the dino in the pouch and the imprint happens right after the roo got too far from its mate to keep the mate boosting ruining the whole point of what I was doing lol. And it may need to be in the females pouch, not 100% sure but its what I always do.
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    What does this have to do with the current situation where half our players got the update..... and the ones who did it cant play the game after you said their was a major update? PVP CA9 Official?
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    yes some dino babies you can pick up in pouch and have them stay the full 8hours before imprint witch gives you a nice boost for that first imprint, smaller ones, but even some of the smaller dinos will pop out before care completes.
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    The % we see pop up is a rounded #, they dont' show us the .xxx that is defining the # we are shown. Usually with 2x, it's straight up double the imprint values you would expect. When it goes higher, they usually tweek the imprint value a little bit more to make up for the speed and loss of possible imprints. The problems arise then after the events end, people have left their stuff out and are now in the middle of having grown at an increased rate, but will experience a smaller imprint on the cycle hitting after the event ends. The only way to avoid it is to pod right after the last imprint you can make the night before or up to about 9am PST/PDT .
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    that extralife event was amazing for imprints lol.. My gigas got 33% per imprint at one point, I miss it already.
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    Use this to check rates btw http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
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    I saw one of those on aberration too
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    I mean, technically we don't even need a specific mode (But a small checkbox that hides modern engrams would be convenient) as you can already hide engrams (and with that the items and structures) so all they would have to do is add the Primitive Plus content into the main game, balance some things out so it fits properly and there we go. Sounds easy, probably takes some work to do of course but it's not impossible and would solve the big elefant in the room "What do we do with this DLC". Edit: After Ced put out the Feedback thing on Twitter, I really hope people will mention Primitive Plus and Wildcard does something with it. Besides all criticism ARK is still a great game and theres always hope they do something with Primitve Plus in the future.
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    What makes you think there is no evo event this weekend and we would only have 1x? Did u not read the crunch? "There will be no EVO event rates while Fear Evolved event rates are active! The normally scheduled event will return when Fear Evolved ends on November 8th"
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    Flyer nerf was one of the dumbest changes ever made to the game. I quit when it was rolled out and the classic mod was the only reason I came back.
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    Happened to a tribe on my island server, they lost 2 mana. they got them restored yesterday.. well sorta as theirs were mutated and they just got low level replacements. Happened to a tribemate on extinction this weekend, he lost full tek armor, 2 giga in cryo's, the element, shards and dust collected from 2 veins, and a tek forcefield. Happened to me on island twice, one time I was just sitting on the mana talking via mic on discord not even moving. I refuse to ride them now.
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    For a PVP server it would break the balance but for PVE really all it does is allow you to zip from one side of the island to the other in 2 minutes, and kill things like alpha raptors with a ptera. It would just basically speed things up really, because it is still possible (post nerf) to get from one side of the island to the other without stopping for stam, it just takes forever.
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    Why do mating interval have to affect cuddle interval and imprinting ? I don't get that.
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    i agree but the issue there is that some clusters dont feature scorched or abb and so the only way to get thoes dinos is to have either rag for the scorched dinos and or an admin shop/ entire area in a map within said cluster that features said abb dinos. what the devs should ahve done is add 2 checkboxes one for abb and one for SE allowing for the spawn of thoes map creatures but they didnt so what can you do?
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    Every week in the Community Crunch, there is a reveal that contains an encrypted code. That code can be emailed to Helena, which then reply with a verification code you can enter into the terminal on your profile. Once that is done, there is an intercepted message posted that is posted on the forums by Ê€2Š(¥ËÌY which contains hints and reveals about Genesis, etc. For example, this is the latest one: If you enter the code in the terminal that is in the [Edit Profile] section of your setting pages then you will receive the latest trophy.
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    Lol. Especially when they don't hit you 1st time and give you a sliver of hope you might escape and then they get you on the return.
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    They've been that way since the launch of Vulg. When you mate them they will lay Deinonychus eggs though.
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    Gallimimus, these things love to just jump right into your face and scream, then just run off the other way.. they get me everytime
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    with this trap it works really good
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    Several topics for this, personalyl I'd love to see a super thread for a crop overhaul that includes all mushrooms Rare flowers Cactus sap Some kind of silk unless they add it to lymantria Different plant model for each berry in a plot And other crop advancements
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    Argy is the most useful Dino . It's a smithy , a transport ,war bird and a farming mount all in one , can carry a anky or a doed , can get high health and weight and has loads of stam. If you only have one tame make it an argy.
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    Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsognathus = Straight outta Compy Daeodon = Lewis Hamilton / Piggy Bundy Diplocaulus = Benedict Cumberbatch Doedicurus = Rock'n'Roll Griffin = Blake Jerboa = Rocky Jerboa Kairuku = Oswald Cobblepot Lightning Wyvern = AC/DC Woolly Mammoth = Woolliam Wallace / Maisie Woolliams Megalania = Megalania Trump Megalodon = Shark Cuban / Shark Wahlberg Moschops = CoD: Mosch-Ops Otter = Arry Otter / Jason Otterfalls / Harlem GlobeOtter Ovis = Anch (because of AnchOvis^^) Phoenix = Penix Pteranodon = Quentin Pterantino / Ptera Reid Purlovia = Bouncing Betty Thorny Dragon = Damien Thorne Tyrannosaurus = Rex Ruther / AnoRexia Thylacoleo = Bonnie Thyla / Thyla Durden / Steven Thyla Triceratops = Trike Tyson
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    Usually name a certain species after tv shows, for example all my dire bears are named after characters from The West Wing. My thylacoleos are named after Star Trek Voyager characters, B'Elanna being my go to since she's the biggest and baddest alpha bitch of them all My sharks is named after Eureka characters.... And so on
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    I have a dodo called Dodo Baggins, a dung beatle called Donald Dump and my wife has named our lystros Taco, Burrito, Fajita for some reason haha. Oh and we have 2 oviraptors called Barry White and Conway Twitty. For reasons.
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    My tribemate called his Giga Gigrimlock....
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    Had a Doedicurus named Rocky BalRolla
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    I have a Terizinosaurus named Edward cause of Edward scissorhands lol
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