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    There's a freakin' lunar biome... God, I didn't expect that. With space whales and low gavity and space and all that stuff... That's too much for me. HYPE OVERLOAD. No seriously, I'm so so SO happy, this biome's gonna be AMAZING ! This DLC will definitely be better than Extinction, and by far, imo. On the other hand, I hope they have a good explanation for this biome, because... yeah that's strange. I just hope they won't just say ''Oh it's a simulation and here's why it's so incredible''. It would piss me off x)
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    Genesis stream showcase: Biome-specific reskins There will be volcanic, snow, bog, and ocean variants for the normal creatures. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Genesis#/media/File:Biome-Specific_Reskins_Concept_Art.jpg (actual image wasn't pasting for some reason )
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    Maybe they see the Ark community as 1 community regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age or disabilities. Surely treating everyone as equals is a good thing? Out of interest though, how are they oppressing people?
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    for turrets i prefer velon, they eat from the troughs, don't use stam when player isn't on them. It saves ammo costs and will clear pretty much anything that spawns inside the base. On valguero I have raptors and horses spawn inside my courtyards, with the occasional jerboa. Everyone use to joke the raptors were attempting a prison break for their fellow raptors. The Velon take care of them without any problems and anything else that might pop in thats hostile.
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    Tried to tame a titanosaur with a stolen Mek, but I think I need the cannon attachment thing. Sword didn't seem to be doing much. Culled some more newborn wolf cubs. Down to the last attempted combo of stats and color, and RNG has not been on my side. Once I get the final line going, I can upgrade the guard dogs at all of my bases. Just made a bunch of mannequins and am currently going through my stockpile of flak armor from my gachas. I'm going to pay homage to the terra cotta soldiers.
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    I was only able to watch a little bit of the stream, so thank you very much for these by the way! I want this so badly. You can not imagine how much I want to have a cool shoulder cannon. You can not imagine how much I want this. It's not possible. ACTUALLY WAIT I want this too. Both of them. These things are cool and I can't wait to play with them! Imagine swinging around, grabbing things between swings, and letting your shoulder-cannon destroy them as you keep flying AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You also can't imagine how long I've wanted this. Actually, nevermind that, you can, since you can assume it's been as long as I've had the game. AND the concept art that's there now looks cool, I like it! A """""""""""""mini-boss""""""""""""" hmm? I can't explain exactly why, but something about it just doesn't seem like a mini boss... Perhaps it's because of how utterly massive that thing is and how "mini" doesn't fit it at all? I should keep searching for answers. ... Seriously though I can't wait to fight that And those eels stand no chance, I can't be hit by any projectile. It's impossible. Bring it on! Huh? I'm sorry, what? >rewatches trailer for the 4th time I'M SORRY WHAT Can't wait to play Genesis! So many cool new things coming in!
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    Genesis stream showcase (last one!): Lunar biome and Astrocetus The lunar biome is a group of space rocks that has low gravity and oxygen vents the survivor needs to survive since the biome has a low atmosphere. The vents can also be used to launch yourself into...space, much like the geysers from Extinction's desert dome. It's day-night cycle is like Aberration's, but with a less...gradual shift into fiery chaos. Of course, there will be safe havens for this event, like rocks or spires. My word of advice is if it's blocking the sun, it's safe to hide behind to avoid melting. The Astrocetus is a space whale that travels in groups and can teleport, even as a group, via a sort of bubble. If you manage to tame one or several (taming them is no easy feat, they are few and of an alpha tier), you can use this teleportation ability to your advantage. One of their attacks is a tail whip. Their saddle comes with 3 ball turrets, turning the creature into a bomber. Finally, you can jump/walk on them like the desert titan. I believe at one point they also said they designed a mission that involved playing vero-gravity basketball with bulbdogs XD Aaaand that is the last reveal from the stream. You can watch the full reveals recap and breakdown here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/503477992 Also, I can't be the only person who thinks the lunar biome looks like Xen from Black Mesa ( https://cdn1-www.gamerevolution.com/assets/uploads/2018/11/Black-Mesa-Xen.jpg ), right?
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    Genesis stream showcase: Moeder An ocean-based mother eel mini-boss that resides in an ocean cave. You will have to fight her projectile-shooting baby eels to get to her. The fight itself apparently involves a light of cool light effects.
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    Genesis stream showcase: Bloodstalker That "Hexapod" creature from the 4th mysterious mystery, the bloodstalker is a giant spider-like creature that can shoot webs to either trap prey and reel them in so it can drink its blood, or swing from surface to surface like a living grappling hook. He can float while falling, walk on water, give a boost to the vision of it's rider to help find targets, and can climb on walls. If a player pulls out a weapon while riding it, the bloodstalker will go into "sentry mode", where it stands upright to help the player aim better. The only disadvantage I see is probably the process the getting it on your side, since it could probably very well use those same features against you.
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    Genesis stream showcase: Tek shoulder cannon An element-fueled tek cannon that goes on your shoulder. It can be equipped via the shied slot and is compatible with all other armor. It can be enabled/disabled via an option in the interact menu and once activated can have it's preferences changed via whistling as if it were a creature. It also can have it's preferences changed as if it were an automatic turret. It will automatically detect enemies that the player cannot. It comes in three modes: a standard-fire mode, a rapid-fire mode that causes the thing to overheat when used for too long, and a sniper mode. The normal and sniper modes are quite slow, though. (Note: this is another item that resembles the thing from mysterious transmission #5)
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    Genesis stream showcase: Mining drill A super-harvester that runs on gasoline. Clicking and holding the fire button will enable you to harvest large quantities of resources from trees, rocks, corpses, etc. Holding down the button for too long, however, will cause it to overheat and become useless for a short time, and also damage it's durability.
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    Been busying myself with building projects. Made a start on putting a roof on the river base but may need to extend some foundations, haven't worked with the triangle pieces that much and didn't anticipate the issue with angles for the sloped roofs. I got some vaults made and placed in my warehouse which is slowly becoming a tower. Made the dino gates and created a dino pen at the river base, which was much needed as I saw a 145 paracer which was red with an all over smattering of purple and black. I named the new paracer Cruor as it looks like a bruised blood clot, glad I parked a quetz on the top of the volcano loaded with taming supplies and my only platform saddle. Dino wiped the island to get more skeletal dinos to craft the last skins and emotes, gonna miss the 5 wild gacha clause though.
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    Come to think about it... i couldnt mate my 2 male anky's the other day
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    Dodorex Mission Update Decided to change tact and throw caution to the wind. Thought I would try to over power the dodorex with gigas. I went with the portable tek transmitter technique, dont have a timer on structure pick up on the server so can throw it down and pick it up again and means I am not dealing with cryosickness from cryopods. Thought I would take a deino or two along for the bleed, just incase. Found the dodorex pretty quickly on the first night of looking which was a surpise, funnily enough just a stones throw away from my base down Spino river. Got the transmitter down close by and downloaded my 4 best gigas as well as 2 deinos, saddled them all up and went in. It was over quickly. The deinos died as quickly as I expected them to. Unfortunately all my gigas died alot fast than I thought they would. I thought I might get them to survive one more fire breath from the dodorex but alas nope. RIP Oceanus, Atlas, Eos and Mnemosyne, you fought well. The dodorex was showing signs of blood so it was probably closer than I thought. Was especially gutted to lose Oceanus, he was my main giga and the goodest of boys. Thankfully I got the saddles back. Sorry Whiskey and Sierra, RIP too but you're easier to replace than the gigas with like a 30 minute maturation timer. Sure our rates are much better than official but going to have to go through the 6 hour raise time imprinting the next batch of gigas always does suck haha.
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    Keep the Halloween themed trees The colour variety adds so much. Please leave them on full time.
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    Foundation with a fence foundation on it is most cost effective. Really, the best way is just build a few turret towers. Can be simple too. 1 foundation, 2 walls high, 4 heavy turrets (catwalks will suffice since it sounds like PvE but giant hatch frames have better LOS), 500 ammo each. Will deal with most things. Build like 2 of them. Looks cleaner than foundation spam. However, the foundation with fence foundation is cleanest looking of the spam, cost effective, and does the job.
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    Started by hatching our 3 Deino and saw that I had 6 hour till they needed care so thought I would take a nap. Woke up at 1 and saw that they were fully developed and ready to go! Thank you extra life event! So decided to hatch our Rex and Yuty as well. Got them hatched and cuddled and walked when they need it and got the saddles made. When I log in next they will be ready to be taken out. Also took advantage of the 8x harvesting and got materials to make more gates and doors to block off the upper area. Got our greenhouse built with 24 med plots and 300% greenhouse and fully irrigated. Also took advantage of quick tames and got a couple decent leveled ptera (one in holiday colors that looks like carnage) and the opposite gender of ones we already have so once the barn is finished we can start breeding. Side note I knew having a greenhouse would be nice but I had no idea how easy it is to just go up and get what I need for taming so quickly and always having a ready supply. It’s a game changer.
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    I’ve been playing (well trying to) on this server during the event as well. This game is incredibly grindy and everything takes time. The constant rollbacks and hours of downtime don’t help. I understand that WC is busy, but it would be great if we could get our server back at some point.
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    Been up for 48 hours at this, having raised hundreds of dinos for sale on official during event as we were luckily on a server that was up most of the time. Totally exhausted now.
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    I fondly remember my rants from the first 2-3 times I quit lol Ark is rough, I get it. Between the dinos, the other players, the devs, and the people designing all the other hardware/software we use, the odds are stacked against us. But when you go play something else and can't do all the stuff you could do in Ark, you start to miss it like that old girlfriend who drove you crazy. Don't bother uninstalling, it'll just slow you down when you decide to come back.
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    We go to the moon to get cheese obviously. But on the serious side, maybe the story involves us "fixing" the moon, since it effects the earth in many ways (tidal waves for instance) and having it break apart will mess up a lot of things.
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    Finally caught up on the item reveals and shoulder cannon is easiest my favorite. The other stuff looks good too but I spent the resources to build a real good tek suit from bp's and I love it. That thing will enhance it. Plus I like the Meks shoulder cannon as well. That's my jawn.
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    It would be nice for WC to extend this event servers have been lagged the entire event. Most of the people who play regularly planned on how they were going to raise or harvest what they needed during this event for the last month only to be let down by the lack of planning on the part of WC, the extra traffic should have been anticipated and planned for. Do the right thing WC extend the event thru the weekend.
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    Honestly, they should extend the time....... Our server was hit with about 7 crashes in total. each one was a long downtime. With rollbacks AND crashes, we were out of 6 hours of gameplay. That's 24% of the 25 hour event. That's insanely bad. Insane!!! They should make up the time. That's not fair. I know it was a charity event and it was awesome to watch all the donations! Freaken awesome over $85,000 donations! That's beautiful. I'm not taking away from that. When you promise a "25 hour event" you should be able to play the freaken event. This was horribly executed and planned. They knew servers would be swamped. Didn't get them ready for it. RAM is cheap, SSDs are cheap. Come on!!!! Make up the time somehow. Do 4x for the rest of the event. Something!
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    I'm definitely happy about a water boss in the Moeder and feel like I'll have great fun with the Ferox but I have to choose the Bloodstalker. I'm very interested in what it will take to tame that and how well it actually works outside of Genesis. If it can be transferred, how well would it work on Ab? Very cool reveals and I still have some item ones to catch up on.
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    Genesis stream showcase: Fishing net Swing it like a bola and launch it at fish to capture them, then reel it in to get an amount of meat that depends on the amount of fish caught and their size. The more fish you catch per load, however, the harder it becomes to reel it in, with a possibility the fish may even escape. There is also a chance you will catch some low-tier loot.
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    WTF 10 minute warning before servers go down after a 40 minute crash Come on WC, server is down for 40 minutes log on and 10 minute warning for server maint How about some warning on this.
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    I think I understand where OP is coming from, in a general sense. As I said before, in the explorer notes (essentially the story line of ark) the only survivors left in the end are a lesbian couple with a stable and healthy relationship. It's a big curve ball compared to many other games I've seen, where the only Gays(tm) are side characters or just there for token woke points, and nothing is done in regards to their sexuality. Being a diamond in the rough, I understand why some people would want to hear directly from WC and the ARK Devs about LGBT+ subjects. While OP seems to be a little irrational, just know that it isn't made up entirely of trolling nonsense.
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    Yes the skeletal herbivores are also alot tougher, only the gigas are the same.
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    Riding through lava now? I wonder what we'll find inside a volcano I also wonder if taming it will be done from eggs like wyverns and drakes or feeding them fuel while it's raining. This one is going to be fun for sure. One minor nitpick though, the smaller one on the bottom is just a cutout version of the upper one that also has details (rust) added on, so the bottom one will probably be what it looks like in game. You can tell it's not the wooden one because the wooden one has nets.
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    Oh please, next you'll probably want to be able to perform sex-change surgeries on your creatures. (Just a joke, no need to enrage.)
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    Why do I care to read this on a game forum?
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    Genesis stream showcase: Pressure plate, Tek alarm system, and Tek jump pad All three of these items are customizable. The pressure plate can be linked to "other items, like traps etc", which I assume could be stuff like doors or automatic turrets. For example, if a player tries to infiltrate your base and steps on the plate, it will trigger the doors to close/lock and the turrets to target the infiltrator. The plate can also be adjusted so that it triggers when only certain things step on it. The tek alarm system, or that "sentry" from the 2nd mysterious mystery, is similar, but it doesn't need to be stepped on, it can just detect the infiltrator from a great distance. It also has a trigger radius that can be customized from the size to the shape. Finally, the tek jump pad is exactly what it sounds like. You can also change the angle on it from which you will bounce. It's literally almost midnight for me I'll just do the rest of the reveals in the morning :P
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    Genesis stream showcase: Tek Remote Guided Missile and Tek cruise launcher These are pretty self-explanatory: shoot the missile from the launcher, get put into missile-vision, guide missile to target (creatures will be highlighted), kill/destroy target. (Note: I'm not actually 100% sure if the missile launcher is the same item from mysterious transmission #5 pictured above, but they do look kind of similar)
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    Genesis stream showcase: Ocean platform That "dock" structure from the 6th mysterious transmission. As it turns out, it's actually stationary, essentially a floating island. It has a large open space in the middle for either more foundations or a pen for sea creatures. The platform comes in two variants - the smaller wooden version or the bigger metal version. (Note: top picture shows wooden version, bottom one shows metal version)
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    So me, we are all ark players. And I don’t see how protests or demonstrations for ones other affiliations effect ark or should hijack their content stream to promote something non-ark related. Now of course if WC was noted for their anti-LGBTQ+ stances, attempting to hijack their conversation might make some sense. I fail to see how anyone talking about sexuality or identity is ark related unless it’s rrgarding bias in the player base that’s toxic to the point of it needs to be addressed. I haven’t seen anything like that on servers I’m on.
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    Hey! Gay person here. I haven't personally seen any sign of wildcard or the ARK Devs oppressing lgbt+ community members. All the same, I haven't been around for the streams either. First, do you have proof of the moderators' actions? Without that, this whole post is kind of an empty claim. If the questions were deleted, what were the nature of the questions? Were they appropriate questions, or did they have little to do with the stream? Were they provoking in a way that would seem assertive and rude? There are a lot of reasons the mods could have removed your questions on stream. It may be better to think critically about the situation instead of crying wolf and posting to a forum. If you have concerns, there are ways to contact wildcard. Do you have other examples of this type of behavior as you said in your post, with proof? In what other ways has wildcard been oppressing the lgbt+ community? I'm not saying any of this to be mean, or homophobic. As someone who identifies as gay, false claims of homophobia and other instances are something that sully the image of the lgbt+ community. Before ever making the claim that someone or some company is bigoted, there needs to be honest thought and examination of that person/group's actions. They could be unintentional, or misinterpreted. And if they are, I personally believe that rallying and cancel culture are just not the answer. With the ARK Devs specifically... really, I've seen quite the opposite of opression. If you read the explorer notes... it's the only story in a large game I've ever seen where two major characters are LGBT and survive to the end with a healthy relationship. Props to that.
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    Genesis stream showcase: Magmasaur The Magmasaur is another creature seen in the trailer. This creature is a bit more simple: It can eat literally anything, but stuff like oil, gas, and propellant will satiate it more. The Magmasaur can then take this food and if necessary turn it into fiery projectiles that it shoots out of it's back (at the cost of some food). The saddle for it doubles as a heat shield, protecting the rider from the extreme heat of the volcanic hellscape and enabling them to ride the Magmasaur through lava. Finally, when raw metal is put in the Magmasaur's inventory it gets converted into ingots. There are, however, two cons to owning one: One, feeding the Magmasaur may take an extreme amount of resources. Two, the efficiency of the above features depends on the state of the Magmasaurs "internal forge". If the Magmasaur is near lava (overcharged forge), for example, it will smelt metal more efficiently and will receive a buff to it's stats, but will also inadvertently damage anything that comes too close to it, like other tames or the player (unless they are inside the saddle). If it's near water or rain (undercharged forge), on the other hand, it will become incredibly weak and will not be able to use any of it's features. In short, taming it will mean you'll have to manage it constantly.
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    Not to mention the fact that the official description of Genesis states that it's "a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK". To me I think that means that the Island through Extinction was the first chapter, and now our character is continuing the story with a sequel storyline, or second chapter.
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    Genesis stream showcase: Ferox Being what is probably going to be one of Genesis's most iconic creatures, the Ferox is that adorable four-armed creature from the trailer. According to the devs, it is by default a shoulder pet that will keep the player warm and also help them locate element. If it happens to consume element, however (and it CRAVES the stuff), it will essentially turn into a rideable battle tank for a short time, with a variety of different attacks. And the more it damages enemies, the more it builds towards an ultimate attack, which is when the Ferox does a ground slam that does loads of damage but will also dismount any player that isn't riding another Ferox within a certain radius. There is also another con: The more element it consumes to go into battle tank mode, the more it fills up this "addiction meter". When the meter is full, the Ferox will go into a bloodlust mode, attacking anything and everything, including it's master and other tames. Fortunately, though, this will only last a short while, before the Ferox reverts back to it's tiny form and passes out, resetting the addiction meter as well.
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    I was talking pre-ark human, because I agree all current humans are survivors as the Overseer chambers testifies to human extinction. At that point in the trailer I dont agree we are in the simulation as the next scene HLNA takes us into the simulation. I also dont think Genesis is Pre-Extinction because the lead Dev said it doesnt follow the story "exactly" after Extinction. And if we are the original survivor, then where in the time between each ark ascension are we? If we are indeed pre-extinction then we cant be our original survivor but rather HLNA's statement shows we are "selected" and does not prove we are the original survivor? Also, the notes we have are the "current" Genesis chronicle note releases, I doubt they are all we are getting. On top of it all, WHAT ON EARTH IS THE ARRIVAL!? I love that statement because it gives us nearly nothing but allows our brains to go crazy! Whatever the outcome, the Lore is what I am really waiting for. Love Arks story!
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    Sheesh. I want things fixed, too, the single play ascension character deletion in particular, but come on. I am looking forward to the stream and it is for a good cause. There is no reason to feel bad about that.
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    You might want to stop ddosing the ticket system.
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    There is lot of problem like this cause of toxic people behavior who don't care about others, and dev's who prefer work on dlc and content to win money than for solve problem. Lot of patch didn't fixed a problem because people always find a new way to glitch. And theses patch can be annoying for honest player who did nothing for deserve this, like the cooldown transfer (didn't solved duplication but it's still here)
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    PVE CLAIM SYSTEM BROKEN Well done Wild Card for braking yet more stuff. Claim system on veins and drops not working on Official PVE servers. PPL stealing the veins and drop loot after we have completed it (AFTER WE CLAIMED IT). Can't farm Veins on this extra life event. Thank you Wild Card
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    I had 1 giga imprint properly the rest are on the old timers and they were all done together, so 1 out of 10 gigas got proper imprints. I looked forward to this event since last year. I must say I am VERY disappointed and even having the genesis pack already I may not even play it. I'm to pissed off to care. I WANTED THIS AND I WANTED IT TO WORK RIGHT! ... oh wait silly me.. this is ark and wild card, nothing works right...
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    A good event for kids! I like this idea since the begining
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