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    Legacy Island PVE I started my day as usual, mounted the giga and went on a meatrun. Since I live near the river, I decided to look out for colored otters and after few minutes I found the first one with dark purple fur. Chomped down the brontos on the beach and returned to the base to grab the seagull. There were massive salmons swimming around and with the ichty it was tamed in less than 5m. I put the otter in my otterhouse, joining the colored collection. Will breed it later with my higher ones. Took the meat out of gigas inventory and grabbed my cryopoded waterbabies with halloween coloring - ghost white plesi, white twin basilos, blue mosa, white frog (guess its the basic color, but wanted it for my spooky collection) and a white dolphin with blue back. Packed the meat in the tek troughs, uncryoed babies and set timer for their imprint. As I was heading back to main base the orange text popped up saying someone is downloading an ice titan. Asked in chat and a tribe decided to kill the dodorex, so I offered to join and help locate it. Took my best base lvl 306 mana, my tek armor, bunch of cryopodes and a cryoed giga. Night started, dodorex spawned. Someone wrote in chat that the stupid thing spawned in the swamp behind green obe, RIGHT where they downloaded the titan. So I turned around and rushed to green obe. Lag. Without dying I got an option to respawn, and I already knew whats going on - the same unpatched bug since the exti release. I quietly said bye bye to to the tek gear, cryopoded giga and my best mana. Respawned at bed, took wyvern and bunch of cryopods and went to green obelisk. They lured the dodorex down in the water under obelisk and stucked it with the ice titan. We barely killed it in time and all the gigas that were in fight (guess like 4-5) died. Saw people chasing after the zombie dodos down near the water, so I decided to fly UP from where they were falling. Found 2 zomdodos right on the edge. Turned around and tried to listen for dodosounds. Followed the chirping and found 3 stucked in each other, one of them lvl 130. As I was about to leave I heard another dodosounds. Checked around and found another 3 stucked in each other, two of them were lvls 170 and 180. Wooo, didnt know they get this high, the 170 one has almost 4k hp. I was about to leave to put them safely in base and I found another 2 zomdodos. Thats total of 10 zomdodos for me and the other tribe got 13 of them. Not much for my lost gear and tames, but at least something to remember from this event. Asked my friend if he wants the 130 one and he declined. Well he is not wrong, they are useless. Sad I didnt get the taxidermy because the dinos ate the corpse. Went back to imprint the water babies and decided to check valguero. No ice wyverns, no deinis, no nests. So I went to ragnarok instead. Grabbed a 180 lightning egg from the trench and on my way home decided to look for a griff. Found a 145 orange one, lured it to a public trap, shot down. Jeez, this no taming event is boring. With heavy heart I gave him 21 kibble and went to fly around to look for another one, hopefully purple. Only thing I found was a lvl 50 skeleton giga and spent 30 minutes chasing it with a wyvern. 18 bones and a skeleton skin, meh. Finished taming the griff and named him Pumpkin. Brought him back to base, relogged to island and cryoed all waterbabies. Guess I will have a look at some rock drakes/reapers/basilisks/karkinos tomorrow.
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    PVE-Official-TheIsland Well today I did a little rework of my baby growing room, adding fridges on both sides to make meat runs less tedious: I had to jump over to extinction to refresh my little base there, but while there I saw this snow owl and decided, "yeah why not, I don't have any event dino's yet", and tamed it: After returning to the island, and putting the owl away, I decided that I should raise some babies (Still working on them), so I tossed a few out: And … because you know... its Feat Evolved.... I did a little decoration at the front of my tower, and took a screenshot for everyone: well that's my day on ark, Though its not done yet, just sitting around feeding the babies that are out, and doing the occasional meat run to fill them up. trying to keep the giga's out at least 7 hours each day.
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    It amazes me that WC still does not utilise the 'Message of the Day' feature for official servers. Is it really that hard to stick a message up giving sonething like a 24hr warning ?
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    I would have voted no, but since I like killing babies I voted yes. Babies gives a lot of experience; lovin' it.
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    It is a long time since i posted here. In February i moved to a new apartment and got a new job. So i had no more time to play Ark. I lost my progress of almost a year on the Island, Ragnarok, Aberration and Extinction. But so it is. In the last months i had too much responsibility and too much work for playing. But since August the hardest part is over. I like to play on Official PS4 Servers, other Options are too easy in my opinion. But i started for a few days with Singleplayer on Valguero. I like this map, i am a great fan of taming boats (maybe some of u remind my aberration river taming boat for Karkinos). But soon i missed the Online gaming. So i searched for an EU Server and joined him. Spawned at Beach1. Around 38 40 there is a little Island 20 Feet in the Water. I was able to secure the Area. A little bit laggy because at the coast someone build a little bit much. But i need no large spot to begin. I started with my classic 3x3 build on wood. like always i ask if someone has a starter pack for a new player (I have a Opposite Opinion to ask for starter packs as Aushegun wrote it a few pages back). I was gifted with Metal hatchet and Pickaxe. A Leather Armor too. That was really nice. I tamed a few dodos and upgraded my hut to stone. Then i did another floor on the hut. I tamed my first trike, always funny to run with 3 slingshots behind a dino that likes to kill u :D It was level 40, but enough to start with berry farming for Narcotics. I did a 2 high Wood fence around the Island to protect myself. That was indeed good, often rexes and alpha rexes fell down the cliff at the beach and running up and down there. I build my first boat and made it directly a taming boat. for first it was 2 walls high and i tamed 2 high level trikes. 100 and 135. then I tamed an ankylo, shortly followed from a level 40 doedi which was near my place. a week later my base was completely stone ( fence included) and i upgraded the boat to 3 high. i drove to the nearby brown area (forgot the name) and looking for Mammoths. Found only a level 60 and lured it on the boat. Taming without kibble is hard on Mammots. So i traded a bit Honey and did a few Cakes. Made a boat trip to the end of the river at the white cliffs, a good spot for sheeps. tamed 3 and brought them on the boat, tamed 2 Jerboa btw. The next Weekend I found a 140 Mammot, I had no kibble so I tamed it for very long 3,5 Hours. I explored the map and found the Aberration Entry, build a 3 x 3 hut there. I found the first short river and build a Trap with included Hut. Trap was for Spinos and Karkinos. 4 x 4 and 3 high. On the side of a Cliff. Tamed 5 karkinos there. 3 x 140 and 2 x 90. I like the map but deep within I hear a whisper. So I build a bigger house on my little Island. I tried something. All around the outer Foundations I placed Stone Fence Foundation. Every 2 Foundations I placed Pillars. And between them Glas Walls. So if a glas wall is damaged my entry house will not be destroyed. And I have a fantastic view to the lake. I tamed a few rexes for eggs. Traded a little Wyvern so I can travel everywhere. With him I traveled to the Scar and caught 2 Dung Beetle. Travelled with him to the so called Swamp and caught 3 Achatinas. Tamed them all at home. With the Wyvern and a Whip i found in a drop i could easily get Deino Eggs on the White Cliffs, i was lucky and got Blue Ones. Tamed 3 Bees easily, I like the Run and Run Technique. With Wyvern the Hive destroying. Then with full speed running to the queen and give a kibble, then run away before u get stung, repeat till tamed. Victourios every time. Til end of September I tamed and breeded much Spinos, my Favorite mount. But there was the Voice in my Head again which said “Why not taking a Spino and protecting a Vein for Element”. I noticed that I was missing Extinction, I had everything there till February, Raising is the best for me there cause Tek Throughs. Next step I tell about October and my Extinction Adventures^^
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    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???? How perplexing, who can guess what this might be? Fear Evolved 3 Update Credit (@ScutalTheLizard) The content from the community from Fear Evolved has been nothing less than amazing! Due to some early launch issues, we'll be extending the event to November 8th 10AM PDT. We realize how important these events are for our community and have been monitoring your feedback throughout the way! There is still an update planned to iron out some existing issues with creature spawns. The feedback we receive from this event will be invaluable as we roll into Turkey Trials and Winter Wonderland. ExtraLife Charity Stream The ExtraLife charity stream this year On November 2nd at 9AM PDT is going to be a hot one! In addition to OVER 5K IN GIVEAWAYS, we'll have fun challenges and contests including 'Hot Ones' themed events. Be sure to stop by for the 24 hours stream and tons of hilarity! On The Horizon PS4 Primitive+ The engineering team is attempting another patch to address the current issues with Primitive+. We hope to have more news for you tomorrow! Valguero Transfers Transfers into Valguero open up tomorrow! See the details on transfer timelines below: EVO Event There will be no EVO event rates while Fear Evolved event rates are active! Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    So I was hunting black pearls with my mosa at the bottom of the ocean near Herbivore Island when out of nowhere, this insane wild tapejara started attacking me. I had ammonite rage active, but I have no idea how or why a tape 'flew' underwater to attack. It was entertaining, however.
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    If you wouldn't SHUT DOWN THE SERVERS with a 10 MINUTE WARNING, that's not even enough time for a server Save. I mean COME ON! I don't even know if My troughs is full because there wan't a server save before the thing was shut down. Honestly... AND FYI the patches DONT always Fall at the same time on Tuesdays, some Tuesdays there aren't even patches, other days they don't roll out till 6 PM PST, so don't give me 'they come out generally at noon PST' bs. Edit in: Current Version: v300.3 - 10/29/19 Fixed an exploit Fixed issues with spawning and overspawn in relation to Fear Evolved event 4gb for this? What Aren't you telling us?
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    If only we knew patches generally go out around noon PST on Tuesdays...
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    Shotty wrecks mechs and if they shield up just wait
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    High damage sniper rifle is beast against a mek.rpg\grenades most explosive are great large bear trap and dismantle. ..xD
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    The patch generally release around noon PST. So in a couple hours still but wouldn't be first time releases were delayed.
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    Nope! Once you can tame some yuty, do it. All you need is Yuty and a few hives and youll never need any kibble dinos. I still made exceptional and other kibbles because I hated making the soups all the time but in theory you can just use Extraordinary for everything
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    The list isn't bad, but since I can't get behind each and every suggestion... I can't upvote the suggestion as a whole. Had it been broken down into suggestions by map or type, the discussions could be a bit more streamlined and the posts easier to upvote as a result. I do appreciate the suggestion though and it gave me some things to think about.
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    I would suggest focusing on taming Yutys, so you can make the Extraordinary kibble. This kibble will work for taming any creature and for any imprint asking for kibble.
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    Colours of Fear Evolved 3 Sooo, what if we post some photos of coloured dinos just to see the combinations ? I'm not sure if my baby is one of them but here we go.
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    reminds me of when i was little. my room would always get messy from me sharing it with my younger brother. i was always asked to clean up the room. one time i did not clean if for months. it was soo filthy it took a few weeks to clean. point is if they had not put off this kind of stuff for ages their job of fixing the bugs would have been easier. i learnt that after cleaning my room. with the new year appproaching they should focus on fixing the game for the start of the year till it is at the stat it should be at for its age. then they can focus on adding new stuff. i feel like i should ping a someone like chris so they see this thread.
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    Ample warning.... hmm seems to me that I yesterday they said a patch was coming to iron out some spawn problems. Posted 1:57pm Monday. That feels like notice to me.
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    there is a big difference between support and common sense, its not like this is rocket science.
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    I was reading that and sadly i don't have the cryo power yet( i know its not a power its all tech but it sounds cooler to me if i say power) so my plan was to have my gf fly me over to where they are and drop me in a place where I could make the trap/gate thing, which i've never used before but I have been looking into it, and then once its all tamed up have her come back and be lookout for the L O N G walk back to our base. But it seems like they're pretty BA so I feel like I can take most things that will come at me afterwards. And thank you. Thing is the ptera was lost for a week like this before and I stumbled across her on accident when exploring so I feel like that's what is gonna happen to me again. Or at least I'm optimistic that is what will happen.
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    Well, yesterday's cummunity crunch clearly stated that a patch was coming in regards to the overspawn issues. Knowing how game-breaking the situation was, I'm not surprised to see the patch less than 48 hours away from that statement. As for the size of the patch, it really depends on which file is being edited and also how the map (Valguero) in our case was built within the dev kit. If the file that was modified weights 2 GB, you'll end up with a 2 GB patch, even if you only changed minor things. Regarding how the map was built, creature spawners are usually a sizeable chunk of a map file and thus could partially explain the size of the patch. As a matter of fact, the whole Valguero map weights in at around 3 GB, so 4 GB is nothing to be surprised about.
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    The hp is lower to accomodate for the very good melee (probably a low level female for cheap cloning cost and for mass egg availability). For reference, a high tamed Giga will tame out with 250 melee. Most people are ecstatic if they get 235. A 505 is several mutations from that. There's higher but to be honest, in a PvE environment you won't need higher. It just helps kill everything a little faster. I've soloed red orbital drops with 235 hatch , 100 imprint, and 100 armor saddle. I've killed 150 Wild Giga's with the same stats. It will also chew through Titanosaurs. I've ran several purple OSD's with a 295 hatch, 100 imprint, 100+ saddle as part of a 5 man team (4 Giga's, 1 Yuty). 505 will wreck. From a PvP perspective. That Giga is behind the top line so Giga fights aren't advised but it will be fine for meat runs and a pocket Giga to chew down a trapped Mana. Just run the heck out of Rag desert, Ice Queen, water drops, Lava Golem, and SE desert drops to get the best saddle/saddle bp you can.
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    Ah got it! Thanks guys! Helped a lot!
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    Has the deinonychus been fixed yet? They were all spawning as raptors since the last update, and no nests spawn...so no event chompers
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    Hey, Can confirm this completely. Previously it was laggy but pretty consistent: every 5-7 minutes one spike. Now it is lagging every minute, with stutters and massive incosistencies in events. It is hard to play at all currently and we have lost maybe the most time from the event, sometimes with complete crashes and sometimes with 30-40 minutes loss time in 3-4 hours. This server has an amazing community, so it would be amazing if the poor server performance would destroy it.
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    What about people who transferred off Rock Elemental variants off valguero to other maps and either lost it or have it stuck in a cryo being absolutley useless ? You xbox survivors , dont transfer your ice and chalk golems...
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    I currently have 3 fertilized Dein eggs and I wanna hatch them and use them to murder death dinos that annoy me around our area. But if I end up with more after those 3 I'll keep that in mind.
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    Thanks bro. It says they try to release at 10A Eastern so was getting worried! I assumed it would be a bit behind and was just looking for clarification. Appreciate the reply!
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    Thanks. Loving the event! Curious when Valg servers open (PS4 official) Have not seen a patch yet - is that still happening today?
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    You can use deinonycus eggs (fertilised ones) as well to help boost kibble production and get rid of low level wild eggs.
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    Not counting with tek what can use presently on official to defeat or defend against a mek?
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    That is the most skewed poll ever lol. Here's one like it: Do you like President Trump? [ ] No [ ] Yes because I like killing babies.
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    So throwing an update here, after doing some testing I found that an ARK Day on The Island on my specific machine takes about 60min with a margin of error of up to 5 seconds. If I've calculated correctly then I would want my new multiplier to be in the 0.041667 area. If anyone else wants to do some testing I would appreciate it, however I'll be leaving this post at this for now.
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    any kibble that is a higher tier then what the baby is asking for will work for it, i.e. if it asks for basic and you have simple, it will work.
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    Clearly I stated turn off stat mutation breeding so there is no chance of getting stat mutation, just be able to carry base stats over and be able to mix base stats only, but allow color mutations. So if you had a drake with 8k health and another with 300 melee you could get a baby with the best of both but no chance to get a mutation on those stats only color. In theory you could mix and match from tames and they would top out at some point.
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    Yeah, xaos has a youtube channel where he helps mobile players on how to defeat caves and dungeons. Personally i believe he doesn't have as much suscribers as he should, considering that he has pretty helpful content Thanks XaosRes! You've helped me a lot
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    People would just block them with a bigger building. Unless Ark is being changed from an open world game to something else. This really dosen't work well due to loopholes.
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    i was going to suggest the same. My Valguero base has a small greenhouse (6x6) and I placed sloped roofs above the first set of crop plots and put plots on it to get a few more in there because its location doesn't allow the room for stacking which gave me 38 plots in the garden total, but my island base i built a 6x6 greenhouse and have the plots stacked 6 high, with a single spout watering each stack, this gave me 96 crop plots in that small 6x6 space and only 16 spouts watering them all.
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    So when you are fightining the dodowyvern he obvoiusly will summon his minions (Zombie Wyverns) and so in order to claim them you CANNOT kill them if you kill them then you wont be able to claim them so if you were to lead them away from the dodowyvern and then using a snow owl or a griffin try and get away as fast as possible using your glide and then you kill the dodowyvern you can fly back over to the zombi wyverns and they should not be hostile but you can hit E and you will claim them
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    Its poopty, so nice people on the server but the lagg makes it unplayable, just standing still causes you to lagg, hope it gets fixed cause if not 1 Totally ruined server cause of laggs, you cannot do any breeds hatch eggs even rely on tames timer.. its just sad nothing being done for months!!!
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    196 Lagnarok. Our favorite server to play on. For months we put up with the lag every 7 or so minutes now its just to much lag. Spikes every 2-3 minutes for long periods of time. Server crashing many times during the week. Disconnecting due to high ping being a South-African in the first place was fine could play on server for hours without being disconnected. Now its just i only log onto 196 to reset timers and farm some salt. Cant stay online for long periods of time. Was forced to move to another official server to breed and grow my dinos cause i was afraid to lose them. And everyone on 196 wants something to be done or an answer to why the lag is so bad. We know the server is very popular and large player base with a lot of buildings and tames but its one of the funnest servers there is in my opinion. And we want a fix for it. We also will note that the current event may causes more lag. But even without the event it was bad.
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    Has been lagging since I started playing during the Xmas event. Can’t get full imprint on some dinos because of the lag pushing the timers. Lost dinos/gear/sanity on that server so much. Cryopodding anything during a lag is risky. So many times where the game tells me it has been podded and the Dino disappears only to look and find the pod is empty. Even after restart or dropping it. And I’ll never use a Managarmr on that server again since lag caused one of mine to teleport to the ocean border and drown. I mostly stopped playing on 196 as it’s just too annoying to deal with and I don’t want to spend every 15 minutes saying “lag” over voice chat in order to warn others to stop moving in case they end up in lava or water. Please look into this whether it’s a map issue regarding players/bases, or a hardware issue.
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    I have heard of the mute count getting so big that the number goes negative but never dropping the mute count. Breeding with a 0/20 female just opens up the chance for more mutations. If the father has (I'll lower the number in this case) 1200/20 mutations and then he breeds with a 0/20 female, you'll either get a baby with 1200/20 (no mute), 1201/20 (1 mute), 1202/20 (2 mutes) or possibly 1203/20 (3 mutes) on the patrilineal side and 0/20 on the matrilineal side. It won't revert to or show the true mutation count.
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    Gachas, like all things only produce when rendered. If you would like it to, leave someone in a chair afk all or most of the night
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    very laggy since nearly quiet weeks but since the halloween event nearly unplayable...:(so many server downtimes last days every dday for 3to5hours...so sad because of the event ...can t play because server a down...on the my sparedays ...pls fix it lag after lag after lag (more as the sever save lags)
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    I would never even consider this thing as a battle mount but they are invaluable for farming - Phiomia + Dung Beetle + Stimberry spam = Fertilizer for life!!
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    I'm getting tons of event dino colors on my Val server but they're all lvl 50 or lower XD. Still, some pretty cool colors. Some are green and purples, some are navy blue, and some have your orange/yellow candy corn colors.
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    Currently no, other than deciding how much you want to transfer between inventories. I'll pass this request on to the team.
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