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    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???? How perplexing, who can guess what this might be? Fear Evolved 3 From October 22nd to November 5th, the spookiest and most requested event will be active! We've been asking for your feedback on things you'd like to see in events and we have something exciting in store for everyone. For those who've seen the ghoulish graves and overgrown pumpkin patches; fear not, there will be a number of new items to collect! Stay tuned for chilling trailer reveal and more details on the event! NEW Event Items Jack O'Lantern Mask Hockey Mask Headless Neck stump Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy Panic Emote Spooky Dance Emote Zombie Emote Prior Event Creatures DodoRex Zomdodo Dodo Wyvern Skeletal Giganotosaurus Skeletal Quetzal Skeletal Jerboa Bone Fire Wyvern Zombie Fire Wyvern Zombie Lightning Wyvern Zombie Poison Wyvern Skeletal Bronto Skeletal Stego Skeletal Trike Skeletal Raptor Skeletal Rex Skeletal Carnotaurus Prior Event Items Pumpkin Stolen Headstone Scarecrow Prior Event Skins DodoWyvern Mask Skin Clown Mask Skin Vampire Eyes Skin Werewolf Mask Skin Giganotosaurus Bone Costume Jerboa Bone Costume Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume Wyvern Bone Costume DodoRex Mask Skin Carno Bone Costume Rex Bone Costume Raptor Bone Costume Bronto Bone Costume Trike Bone Costume Stego Bone Costume Witch Hat Skin Dino Witch Hat Skin On The Horizon PS4 Primitive+ There was an issue with the latest deployment that has prevented PS4 Primitive+ players from accessing their survivors. There is a patch being tested and we hope to share an ETA once we have more information. Valguero Transfers (Console) Transfers for console open up in 2 weeks! EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 18th of Oct at 1 PM EST until Monday the 21st of Oct at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    Never going to happen. Perfect software is expensive and time consuming. Ark (and most video games in general) doesn't generate nearly enough revenue to justify that kind of effort.
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    Well, I've had a relatively dull Ark week since my last post. Partly why I haven't posted, there just isn't anything worth talking about. Week 3 of hunting for a rex saddle bp came and went without success. I haven't been playing as much simply because, well, I'm getting bored. I don't want to start too many side projects on this map when I know anything I do now I'll probably have forgotten about by the time I come back to The Island, so literally everything I've been doing is investing in boss fights. And even continuing breeding, my lines haven't been giving me that much success either. I've advanced my rex HP stack by 2 and melee not at all. My spino HP stack has advanced by 2, hitting just under 9k at hatch now. I don't plan to make this my main line anyway, it's just for fun. I vastly prefer aberrant spinos for their awesome glowyness and also because they really need that extra 5% boost to melee imo. The most exciting part of the weekend was taming a max level tapejara; Halloween themed to boot: She doesn't have a name yet, and I kind of don't want to jinx it by naming her since she's my only tape. Stats aren't great, but she's immediately become my de facto drop runner because she's so much faster and more maneuverable than the workhorse argents. I actually forgot how much I enjoy flying on these, it's been so long since I had one. Hopefully I can get her a mate at some point and breed up a baby. Eventually I think I'd like to have a stamina focused breeding line, maybe with HP and some weight too. Melee, not really useful on these but then that's what the tek saddle is for. I wish they actually came in tek variant. I think anything that has a tek saddle should have a wild tek variant, because normal saddles look silly on tek animals and a tek saddle is 1000x cooler on a tek animal. Also since spinos don't have an alpha variant they should come in tek and have a tek saddle too. They don't even get a bone costume and they would look amazingly terrifying if they did. Anyway. That's about it for me. Just alternating between breeding and drop running. Taking a bit of a break from swamp cave, I am so, so sick of it and the stupid arthros constantly breaking my armor. It's a cheap mechanic that doesn't make the cave harder, it just makes it more irritating to go through. I don't even die if all 3 sets of armor breaks, I have enough HP to survive the run back out again. So it's just a waste of time and resources. At least running drops I get to look around for neat things, like the tape that I found as I was out and about scouting for red drops by the volcano.
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    Theriz : - Harder to tame. (Narcs + torp timer) - Can be picked up by a quetzal/wyvern. - Easier to breed as being herbivores. - Smaller hitbox, more vulnerable to being kicked around and to purlovias. - More maneuvreable than rexes. - Sweet Vegetable Cakes. - Far easier to get a saddle BP. - Lower base dmg/hp. Rexes : - Easy to tame. (No narcs needed 95% of the time) - Has to be tamed where found. - Harder to raise than theriz, being carnivores. - Large hitbox, hardly gets kicked around. - Pita in the tek cave to move around. - Hardest saddle BP in the game to acquire. - Higher base dmg/hp. To each their own, but from personnal experience, theriz is hands down the best boss dino for Island bosses + tek cave. Rexes are more versatile on other maps, such as SE, Rag, etc.
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    PS4 console user I would like to see a special slot added to all items that use gas for power. You put the gas in there, but it stays put, like a dino's saddle when you do a transfer all. So let's say you load up your Indy Grill with meat. You place in units of gas as well, and start cooking. Minutes later, you access the grill, and hit transfer all into your character. The cooked meat transfers back to you, but the gas stays with the Grill in it's special slot. The only way to remove the gas, would be to specifically select it, just like when removing a saddle from a dino.
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    It was our turn. We been raided in PVE This is a post just call attention of the people that can make possible changes on the game @Cedric @Chris Only 15 minutes afk have been enough for the guys that raided me to destroy all the front side of my extinction base. If you see the log, there are a lot of structures broken by different types of corrupted creatures. We are not on the ground, to reach our base they had to make corrupted dinos go through a ramp with a turn so they know well what they were doing. What they stole: about 500 bp's of high quality, the work of a full year of OSD farming, a lot of ascendant stuff and a lot of element along with other mats in large quantities stored in dedicated storage. Luckily I was back while they were finishing the last vaults and they were not able to touch our cryo fridges. To reach to our core they had to make the corrupted dinos break 1 tek behemoth, 1 layer of metal walls, 1 layer of tek walls. And they did very fast and efficient. They lost at least one dino while doing this. Its clear that leading the corrupted dinos to their desidered targets would cause their dinos to get severely hit. And I was able to take a picture of the bag that their dino left. This, however, is not enough for enforcement team to take actions. As an entusiast of ARK I know very well that there are tools that I can use to inspect a server save, and correlate the name of that dead dino with the steam acccounts of the ppl that did this. Sadly, this wont be valid as evidence. I know Im not gonna recover all the work of almost a year, Im not gonna ask for it. I would like that the people that did this have some kind of punishment. I perfectly know that they did this with secondary accounts and even being detected they wont suffer a lot, they do this for profit, they sell the bps and the cryopods in markets for real money, its like their job. But I think something have to change. Im not the first victim of this ppl, they abuse the system regarding the ability of corrupted dinos to break any kind of structure and they grief with no consecuences. They are doing this because YOU ark devs are allowing them to do this. The solution is very easy, dont allow the corrupts to break structures out of wasteland, or at all, but please dont allow more people to be victim of this griefing mechanic.
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    I hatched my new wyvern on Val. An ice wyvern level 165, not too sure if the stats are good but he will surely help me get more eggs without dying a million times. Thought about taming but 2x ended and I was not feeling up to it. Tried to gather special eggs for kibble. Sat around my base and stared at my baby wyvern afk. Just waiting for it to grow now
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    this thing looks like one of those star wars podracers to me, but it could also just be binoculars which is also deeply needed, looks cool can't wait to see it in game
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    Looks kinda wide, not really something you would hold. Maybe even a new saddle. Whenever I look at it, I see that part at the top like it's a cockpit and the rest of it is a vehicle/saddle. If that is the case then it's pretty big. I suppose it could be a new mek attachment. I'm gonna guess it shoots laser beams, don't ask why because it's just a gut feeling
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    PvP players... need your atention. I understand the events .. but fix stuff!! New cluster needed or reset official. Focus on the Cheaters fast.. ! you have a game with great potential ..but atm is just a massive fail. No one wants to play a bug / cheat/ aim /dup game ..
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    Thanks, Caleb68 for that thread link
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    Soon enough these trolls are going to bring capped servers back. I'd suggest neutral Giga's and turret mode Velo's. You can place dino leashes inside right next to the wall, so the perimeter extends past, so that the Giga's aren't kited off. Tek turrets aren't too bad against corrupted either. Maybe even a couple neutral enforcers. They are soft but with everything else helping and 4x damage it may be enough to cover you for the 15 minutes it takes for ORP to kick in. Or really teach a lesson and make 10 turret towers with 20 velo's each. They won't be able to get close to the base. An exercise in futility. No map you paid for should be off limited because of trolls. WC needs to solve it and stop putting the buck on their customers. What other business/company does that? "We need x,y,z coords. You have to go into single player, go to the place you had the issue, and type this command to get them." Really? I thought my part of the transaction was complete. I gave you money so I could play a game. I didn't know you hired me to troubleshoot for you. Ridiculous.
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    Its easier to blame things that dont exist than face short comings though.
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    As long as it doesn't prevent others from playing, I think this should be safe to assume nobody would care. However, rather than managing alt tribes, etc. perhaps just basing yourself on a different map keeping the bare minimum you need on Extinction would be preferable. I mean, gates might help, but I know for a fact some of these trolls are very creative and would go as far as building a mobile ramping network just to drop dinos above your orp walls.
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    The animation plays twice yes, but the damage is applied once.
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    I believe your statements are false... it truly depends on how the server is being attacked. Hundreds of thousands have quit?? Where are you getting your statistics from??
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    Orp gates \spike walls are a must have on extinction ...do not have teleporters inside or even near your bases there's a bug which ppl can tp to offline teleporters even if not public ....atm......
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    NA-PVE-CrossPlayOfficial-Valguero1172 Been a few day since posting last. Got the GF to start playing as well so now got extra help gathering and hunting. Tamed a new ptera and was enjoying being mobile again but that got killed by a raptor sadly. Tamed a Trike yesterday but got that one killed because apparently it has a Huge hit box and I hit another trike on accident trying to gather berries and it called its friends in to attack me and my trike. Got a couple dodos (Pinky and Hal Jordan) and two jerboas as well cause I love those little things. Tamed a doedicurus to try and help gather stone and metal and figured out that it doesn't gather metal so next on the list is a steggo which I've seen a few nearby. Also tamed a NEW ptera this morning as well so am about to fly. Made myself a raft to be able to go across the river to gather the good trees instead of the driftwood on the beach and I'm currently working on a barn to store all the dinos we have currently and any future ones.
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    We've already paid for the game, Wildcard already has our money. Plus they actually want to get rid of all official servers, as it is just added cost and headache to them. WC would prefer that everyone play Unofficial, so they could just close down their servers.
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    One point is nothing. I sat there and dumped 80 points in speed instead of melee on one of my rexes. He rarely gets the kill, but he's the first one into the fight everytime.
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    Been a few weeks since I posted here but I made plenty of progress. As for my solo series, I am coming along very well on Aberration and I'm almost ready to take on Rockwell (gamma). - Built a tek replicator along with a proper base. - Bred some megalosaurus for a trip down in the red (drake eggs) - Hatched and raised a dozen 180+ rock drakes. (A 185 hatched at 380% melee!) - Got my hands on a first trash reaper, from a 85 queen. - Also gave birth later on this week to a 220 reaper (from a 145 queen). - Crafted a cloning chamber, for the upcoming reaper army. Just need to place the damn thing properly.... Regarding the solo video recordings, I did a few more, yet to be published : - Beta Broodmother. - Beta Megapithecus. - Gamma dragon. As for the ice themed map, I'll pause the work on it for now due to IRL constraints. In fact, I'm looking to change jobs and will undertake classes in cyberscurity at the university this winter. Cheers!
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    some servers its really hard to get cp from beaver dams, people who don't know better or just don't care like to leave all the wood in the dam, and others build right on top of the dam spawns.
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    https://www.dododex.com/kibble tells you what you need for each kibble, what dino eggs work to make that kibble, and what dino's it will tame now. hope it helps. one of my friends was fighting with his ind. cooker then realised, his waterline was broken down the way and it wasn't getting water make sure you had enough of the ingredients in the pot for the kibble to make. It sounds like you had everything for the kibble, it does take it longer to make in the cooking pot then the ind. cooker by far, haven't made any in it in a long while. try using sparkpowder as your fuel.
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    If you like theris, then use theris. If you like rexes, then use rexes. At the end of the day they both get the job done, and if you're breeding your own lines from scratch one isn't necessarily easier or harder to acquire than the other. Especially if you're playing on single player and can speed the process up significantly. I actually don't like the Ark rex model, but I use rexes simply because they're easier to maintain. I actually think it makes more sense to use the ones you like less as the sacrificial attack dogs lol but to each their own. I prefer spinos over both and use one as my main mount, but realistically they aren't really feasible for bosses without a ton of mutations stacked and that's a very slow process over the others that are both battle ready with a fairly minimal amount of effort. Not to say that I'm not working on it, but I'm not going to wait for it either when I already have a rex line that can do what I need.
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    Well recipe is OK. When did u craft and placed that cooking pot?? Before or after they Introduce new kibble???? Try to make new one.
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    Extremely weird things happen to pouched baby dinos. Most commonly is the pouch-teleport bug (sorry Plum, don't have a better name for it), which makes them glitch out of the pouch and teleport to the "default" spawnpoint on the map. On some maps, that point is 50/50, like Ragnarok and Valguero. Other maps seem to have a different set of mesh-teleport coordinates. This most commonly happens when servers restart and you have a baby in a Roo pouch, but it has happened to me before with a baby Baryonyx (fish-eater, was easier to babysit in pouch and feed it less) and the server did not go down, I just de-rendered it to go get more fish meat for a few minutes. Came back, baby Baryonyx is vanished. Showed up about an hour later on tribelog as starved to death. If you did not see any structure panel damage to anything, and -NOTHING- else was killed, then I would guess with about 95% certainty that you got the pouch-teleport bug. You de-rendered, the Roolet was teleported to 50/50, and it roamed around until eaten. I would say, maybe even better than 95% chance that happened, because what is the actual chance that a Corrupted Giga came in your base, took a single chomp that killed the baby, and then despawned without dealing damage to any structure panels or other dinos. I think your Roolet got teleported.
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    so i am now the servers bounty hunter. i can be hired by anyone to kill or abduct anyone, i can also be hired as a mercenary. so i woke up and logged onto the server. i go check out the contract box and sweet mama. i have a but load of contracts. so turns out this solo guy who lives in the middle of the desert has been blowing peoples bases up and wiping peoples progress. so i have bout 10 tribes asking for the same guy to be taken out. so i prep for a raid and head out. surprisingly this guy has very little turrets set around his base. instead he has velanos. dont get me wrong they good and all but they did not even shoot. so i set his walls with C4 and blew them up. his base was literally the weakest base ever. little turrets. no base defence what so ever. i blew another hole into his main base and started looking for him. being a master in hiding i checked all the places i could think of, and i found him crouching under his bed. i tranq him and loot him. i then cuff him and bola him. picked him up with my ptera and carried him to the box. i later returned and destroyed the rest of his base. i know have him locked up in my bounty prison. no one knows where it is. so i have my first prisoner locked up and i cant wait to fill it up with more prisoners. i also tamed some rexes with my ally. so cant wait till this afternoon when i can play again.
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    so i was out on my new mutated argent which someone gave me for clearing out that greiver along with a velano. and i see a swarm of fliers heading down to a base near viking bay. so i follow and sit on the sea stack near the end of the bay and watch the raid. sadly a solo player's base was blown up in the process. i told my ally about it and he said it common to have constant tribe wars and smaller tribes being caught in the middle of it. i totally fine with wars. but when innocents are being harmed or affected that when i get salty. so i told him about me becoming a bounty hunter. he said to talk to the server owners on discord and fill them in. so i do just that. the owners give me the thumbs up. they built a small stall at the community market where people could put in contracts. i told my ally and the admins to not go exposing my identity. my plan was i join in a a boss battle that is held on the weekends, learn the transmitter and upload my casual character. and when needed i go as my bounty character. so i done that. i also left me some gear and a clone of the argent i got in a vault. i take the stuff as my new character called Bounty, tribe of bounty hunter. so now i all set. i also tamed some pteras and used my allies breeding chamber to combine the stats. so the idea is i use the ptera for stealth. and eventually get a drake. i went to the stall and already had a few contracts. i looked through and the viking bay tribe leader requested for the sky tribe leader to be kidnapped and taken to my interrogation box. so i had my first mission. my first goal was to scout the base. second was to wait for the leader to expose himself. then i would strike. the base was in the red cliffs. on one of the tall flat areas. i say there watching their base. eventually the leader flew out on his griffin. so i had my target. now i had to catch him. it was easy to stay hidden as he seemed to not watch his back. i zoomed in and picked him up. quickly flying away so that he could not whistle his griffin on me. i raced to the box and dropped him in. i contacted my contractor and while i waited i knocked him out and took all of his stuff and placed it in the confiscation vault. they talked and from what i know they are on a probationary treaty. if either of them lift a pinky at the other in a bad way i have orders to take which ever one of them out that made the action. i like being a bounty hunter as it gives me a reason to use my skills in stealth and espionage alot more than usual.
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    I raise rex without ever leaving my base, but my base is herbivore island heh.
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    Happened with Abberation tames for a while. Just going to have to keep them on vulg for now. It's annoying.
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    This topic exists on the front page. Lets keep the votes together to show the full measure of support for this idea. Add your votes there because this is definitely a good idea.
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    this one is my personal fav so far
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    Lymantria been able to make silk I have a game suggestion. I think that it would be cool that Lymantria should be able to passively produce silk. It would make it a much worth while tame.
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    Please stop putting robots in a dino game just make a ark 3.0 with robots and give it a different name like yall did with atlas aka ark 2.0
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    The poster has a valid point. This thread is relevant information and it is better to use the same thread than it is to make a new one. It is BAD to make a new thread in this case as Google Search results are going to find this one. Keep information contained. So no, it doesn't need closed. "Don't bump old threads" only is applicable when the thread no longer contains relevant content. This one does, and is mostly still valid. Note this is one of the most viewed threads in this forum. As for fighting queens, yes it is normal to have to heal after 2 if you are using a primitive saddle. An upgraded saddle will make a world of a difference in damage taken, but higher level queens will end up dishing out more damage. It would be recommended to take like a megalo army with you too, to deal out faster DPS, though they'll likely steal aggro from you. You can also use a shotgun while on back of drake for faster DPS than the drake can do. The region in bottom left corner of map is more land accessible for finding queens, so you can glide over there on drake and unpod some megalo's to help with the hunting. Also, I recommend getting MasterCraft/Asc hazmat suit with 250+ durability before doing this, so you can stay down longer and less risk if you get knocked off by a Purlovia of suit breaking.
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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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    Tribe wide death beacons is a smart idea, even if it's a tool we need to craft and hold, perhaps give an extra use for those specimen implants,
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    First comment on the first Official post!
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    I appreciate the feedback, unfortunately I have already done this multiple times, I've killed the bosses from a given distance, gotten the dossier on singleplayer, then when I killed a boss from an even closer distance on multiplayer, I didn't get it. I've tried many variations of this and multiple distances, and I've concluded that distance does not help in fixing the problem.
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    It’s not lore you can’t play through lore story you can story you see with your own eyes arks story lore you can’t find on your own it is shown with explores notes
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    Judging from profile pictures (unless they changed what the default picture is); did you really now just use alt accounts to "Agreed. Great idea!" your own suggestion...?
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    i lived in a little cove mixed with red wood and swamp somehow my tapejara survived the all the kapros and leeches and thylas until a gun crazy admin came along and destroyed all my dinos and base. the tapejara name was jarley quinn.
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    Forgetting a bag full of cryopodded dinos (including dinos of my tribemate) after demolishing a fridge during a base revamp. Lost all the Dino’s (including some boss rexes) except an argie and anky that I had out. Needless to say, I almost rage quitted.
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    Item Shop Okay so yous need money to operate. You bring out new maps for income but by doing this youre bringing new issues and ignoring old issues (duping, meshing, lost characters, manas and everything extinction to be honest). Sure its fun for PVE players but PVP players are being left to fend for themselves. This then causes a lack of customer support for people who fall victim to these issues, which in turn causes some things never to be dealt with (even acknowledged), cheaters to go unpunished and players receive no compensation. So then there is the community out cry and the usual response from WC is these things need money. But the answer to all your problems is simple...open an item shop. So imagine this, you're taming something, you dont have the kibble, so you go to a drop or an ob and boom you can buy the kibble lets say 'basic' 1 for $0.15 or 'regular' for $0.25 per 1 etc and said kibble is linked to that persons inventory for an hour so it cant be stolen. So someone buys 10 regular kibble theres $2.50 so imagine the income generated from this goes to enforcement teams and polishing up the game while you make your new maps. Maybe you can sell other things like tranq arrows, black pearls, prim saddles, for $1-$5 depending on the dino etc. There might be people that claim it will make the game pay to win but to avoid this dont enable it for new maps for a month, or disable it entirely for things like apocalypse. All it will do is help solo players, new players and lazy players who just dont have the time or know how to get things done or the alpha who needs 1 last imprint on their giga for 100% and needs a kibble. But you get my point. It will help the game short term and long term. Its long overdue. I have ideas on enforcement and how to tidy up the PVP side of the game, if you like my idea contact me, you have my email. No more excuses.
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    Disappointed Back in January my dad took me to buy a new game for my Nintendo switch at first when I saw ark I looked right over it but then when my dad pointed it out and said look there's dinosaurs I got excited and bought the game without doing research (I regret it) I played that game all day It brought me so much joy and helped me through hard times it made me open up to the people around me I had a great tribe and many alliances but one night I was speaking with one of my allies and he said something about ark being on the xbox ps4 and PC so I did some research and saw that ark for the switch was basically just a money grab and I had wasted 40 dollars on a game demo pretty much I would check to see every day if there would be an update soon but all I would see was when the last update was (December) it was around late August when I started to give up on getting an update the servers began to run dry but I still tried to stay positive here I am in October thinking about quitting the one thing that helped me through one of the toughest times in my life it's such a shame the graphics aren't even decent it damaged my eyes pretty badly and I have to wear glasses now I did this all for a stupid dinosaur game that I wasted my life on it took my money my time and even my happiness I'm back to the painful state I was in before but it is worst I have tried to auit multiple times but I get dragged back in because I feel like there might be an update soon I loved this game with all my heart I would play it non stop even on school nights I sit in my bed and lower the brightness on my switch and play ark all night I'm extremely devastated that the game I wasted over two thousand hours on was nothing but a dirty scam with horrible graphics and unpatched glitches I can't believe I threw away so much time for a terrible port of a game that I could have bout on any other console and had a better experience I am going to keep my copy of the game only to see it will update I have been so emotionally attached to this game for so long even if I do end up leVing I have nothing to do this game was my everything but I guess it was just a waste of my time and money after all I doubt WildCard even cares about making games people enjoy they clearly only care about the money WildCard seems to be just another group of grimy little good for nothing gold diggers
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    i totaly agree and this thing kinda reminds me of a radar/jammer/scanner or something like this cause it has legs that look like it can hold it up inplace just my thoughts on this~ and looking forward to seeing more~! : )
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    Adding new dinos that would just do the same things as the dinos we already have would become boring very fast. Adding stuff like this, whatever it is, can add much more variety and encourage more people to get them or craft them rather than spend time going out and taming a dino that is the same as everything else. I think by now, after 3 DLCs and more to come that people should have come to terms with the fact this is not a 100% dino game.
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    oh my god, im getting too EXITED!!!! its like the extinction chronicles, but with more hype!!!!
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