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    None no mods would I like to see added they are all unbalanced or game breaking
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    Anything to help with building as snap points are possessed by demons in this game. I am glad that we have 30secs to pick something up but on ps4 building anything complicated is a nightmare that just makes me not do it.
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    It's just weird to me that a game with an engine from 2015 is still struggling to cap 1080p60 medium-settings on mid-tier hardware in 2019. If it's that difficult to optimize and move it toward a more modern version of the engine, then that's a sign that you're not using your code-smells, and it probably needed refactorization in the first place.
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    I reported this to the reports email with no response, and one of the reddit reps, who brushed it off as nothing. So here you guys go. The mutations counter is a 32 bit signed integer. If your pet has 1 mutation, in binary he has 00000001 mutations. If you mate them with another 1 mutation pet, he will have 2, or 00000010 mutations. If you inbreed that generation, you have: 00000010 + 00000010 = 00000100 mutations, or 4. Do it again, you have 00001000 mutations, or 8. As you can see, every doubling of mutations moves the 1 left. Now, for a little bit of computer fun, computers don't use the 32nd bit of a signed integer as a quantity, they use it as the positive or negative sign. 0 = positive. 1 = negative. So, what happens after our 31st generation of inbreeding? 01000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 (1,0731741,824 mutations) + 01000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 (1,0731741,824 mutations) = 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ( -2,147,483,648 mutations) Yes, that is negative 2,147,483,648 mutations. (for computer math reference, negative 1 is binary all 1s, all 0s is the 'biggest' negative number) if you inbreed that generation, the 1 is pushed off the 32 bits containing the integer and we're back at 0. So, what if we've got a super breeding line at its cap of 20 mutations? Well, simply inbreed them 28 generations, overflow the counter, and since a negative number is always less than 20 they can start to get mutations again.
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    Okay Guys so these are my favorite animals to tame in Ark based on UTILITY Hey guys, Since I dont have anything to do right now i just thought it would be a cool idea to share the top 10 animals that I PERSONALLY THINK are the best when it comes to utility. And yes they're in order. These animals are based from the map Ragnarok. So here you go..... 1. Argentavis - This bird is amazing when it comes to transportation of materials because they have extremely good weight and have good stamina so you can fly for a good period of time before stopping. They are also pretty good when it comes to defending itself because it can do pretty decent melee. They can also carry a great variety amount of animals making them good for taming and transporting animals. The only drawback with these majestic bird is that they are slow so I wouldn't suggest this guy when it comes to scouting or escaping if your base is getting raided. 2. Ankylosaurus - We all know, or at least should, that metal is a really important resource in Ark. And the best way to harvest it is the Ankylosaurus. They specifically gather tons of metal per hit and now the only thing you have to do is transport and smelt it. And they are decent at gathering berries too. Their drawback would be that they get encumbered rather quickly and are painfully slow. So you'll most likely want to have a spare argy or quetzal so you can move it around and back to base when you're done harvesting. 3. Doedicurus - Besides the Rock Elemental, this guy is a stone harvesting god. And im putting this guy before the Rock Elemental for the reason that you get the saddle at a low level (level 34) and they have pretty decent weight. That is really good especially when youre an early to mid player and really need resources for your stone base. They also have a really fun roll thing that makes him go faster but does drain stamina. 4. Mammoth/Beaver - The kings at wood gathering. I tied this 2 because of the reason that they both are amazing at gathering wood but their only difference is size. If you don't have much space or like to keep a low profile on a PvP world than the beaver is the duder for you. But if you have a large space and don't mind spending a really long time taming something just for wood than the mammoth fits you. The thing with the beaver is that they take quite a few narcotics to tame so if you come unprepared than don't expect a beaver on your team. Also mammoths have far way more weight but are slower. 5. Rock Elemental - This guy is especially good in pvp for high level tribes because they are extremely good soakers against turrets and they easily demolish stone! Theyre basically war mounts and thats all id really use them for. But they are pretty good at it. They are also pretty good at harvesting stone and a few other stuff and extremely good weight and obviously a lot of health. They are pretty vulnerable to fall damage though so i wouldn't suggest running of cliffs or anything like that. 6. Pteranodon - This early game mount is included in the list just because of the fact that they are really fast and have a barrel attack that deals tons of damage and makes them go even faster. You can use this guy to fly across the map in a short amount of time and are pretty good to use as scouting mounts because of their speed and stealth. And because of the fact that they're so easy to tame and they're saddle isn't hard to make people use them to gather wyvern eggs. They're only drawback is that they're weight kinda sucks so you'll have to level that up quite a bit. 7. Quetzal - This guy are hard and can be a pain in the ass when it comes to taming them if you don't have the right flying mounts (griffin, tapejara with someone on passenger seat) or are a solo player. But if you finally get it then you'll see that your hard work payed off. They got extremely good weight, health, and pretty decent stamina. They are also capable of grabbing large animals such as mammoths making this guy one of the best at transporting animals. You can also get a platform saddle for him and make a mobile base or a war base with a bunch of turrets. The drawback with this guys is that they are painfully slow and don't really have high melee. 8. Mantis - I put this guys all the way to number 7 because of the way u need to tame, which is passive. And when taming I think they'll only take kibble and deathworm horns. And since praying mantis are so vicious youll either need to trap it or wear bug repellent and a ghillie suit. But when you get it it can be super useful because of the reason that you can equip weapons on its hands (pincers? Arms?) and gather anything. If you want wood just equip it with a hatchet. If you want flint or metal just equip it with a pickaxe. 9. Tyrannosaurus Rex - Theres no other better dinosaur than the T-rex when it comes to battling in boss fights. They also got pretty high melee damage and you can easily defend your base against other players and their tames if you have a high level pack of these guys. They are also pretty good at harvesting meat. 10. Therizinosaur - Some of you guys might get mad that i put this guy all the way to tenth place. But personally, it think he belongs here for the reason that he is incredibly time consuming to tame and that he's weight SUCKS. They are awesome wood, berry gatherers but they get encumbered so quickly and its annoying. The fact that they can break through stone makes them great at raiding though. And i guess you could take it to boss fights although i don't find that very convenient as there's the T-rex which is easier to tame and has more melee. So there you have it guys. Please don't hate on me, like i said this is my PERSONAL list. I'll be happy to see what your order is though and wether you approve of mine or wether you would tweak some things. But yeah, have a wonderful day and have fun playing Ark! =D
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    do you have a otter? if so they can hold tons of artifacts.
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    Now that I have finished up breeding I have been running around the cave garbbing up the various artifects. I do have one or two artifacts left over so I decided that it would be a good idea to grab the whole set again. I hit up the central cave for the Artifact of the Clever as well as the Carno Island cave for the Artifact of the Devious last night, thankfully nothing bad happened, although I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted a megalania on the wall next to me. I spent tonight on three other caves with my Baryonyx. I started off on the lava cave, had to get that one out the way first I hate dealing with the lava. Got the Artifact of the Massive without much of an issue. Then swung round to the lower south cave, that cave is an absolute breeze, grabbed the Hunter with no issues. Finished off in the Upper south cave for the Pack. Think this is one of the first times I have done that cave without getting lost. I did have a heart attack when a sarco ambushed me out the water towards the artifact chamber, but apart from that I came out unscathed. All I need to get now are the Brute, Skylord and the Strong. I am not looking forward to the Strong, last attempt I made it to the room before the artifact before retreating. Heck even the Skylord I am not looking forward to that, sure its easy but I have a habit of pulling off bad jumps. I Already have the Immune and the Cunning, but I'll do them again for the fun.
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    Well....screw you too, Wildcard So I've been back in game for about two weeks after a two year absence. Found a good, quiet PVE server with rates I like. Gotten myself up to level 78 or so, and decided to finally move from my small starting base in the southeast to a permanent spot at the western peninsula since I finally got the metal outer wall built after 3 days of smelting. Get all the gear and items I wanna take with me loaded up onto my dinos, build a stone raft extension big enough to transport them all, about 10ish tames total of varying sizes/types. I start sailing, following the shoreline, and not five minutes into my journey I see a big fin right behind my raft. I think it's a Megalodon just poking his nose at me, until I see a giant head pop up and make a bite animation-ONE bite-and my raft explodes. I panic, since I've never seen or heard of this creature before, and prepare to lose literally everything-all my dinos, all my gear-since I also notice this creature has the red alpha glow. Miraculously, the giant thing just....swims away. Scope in on it, see it's something called a "Leedsichthys", note it for later, get my dinos on shore, and then while I ponder what to do I decide to google this mofo fish. And I find it's literally hellbent on destroying rafts, and nothing else. Since I don't have the raft engram (the raft I had was a gift from another player) and don't have the points for it, and am a long ways away from a level up, I figure I have to bite the bullet and walk the distance. I know it's risky due to the number of alpha's on server that like to hang around the beach, but i also figure with the weapons I have on hand, the dinos I have and the level they're at, and the average level of alphas I've seen, I should be ok and lose one, maybe two, tames. Acceptable losses, I figure. Ark, however, decides to royally screw me. 6 alpha raptor encounters, one of which was a lvl 104. I lost 80% of my tames, all to the 104, and a ridiculous amount of gear since the majority of lost tames were my heavy weight truck dinos and the rest couldn't carry much. What should have been a 10-15 minute boat ride turned into a three hour nightmare trek. All because Wildcard decided, for some asinine reason, that between the Mosasaurs, Plesiosaurs, Megalodons, Piranhas, giant squids, Mantas, and whatever other aquatic horrors I'm forgetting, that the oceans weren't dangerous enough, and just haaaad to add a creature that goes after rafts like a horny teenage boy goes after girls, and make it so OP that it ignores any extension structures built and damages ONLY the base raft, and kills it in one hit. Supposedly they're supposed to only stick to the deep ocean, but I call bull**** because I was literally right on the line of the drop off where the shallows turns into deeper water. So, thank you Studio WIldcard, and screw you too.
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    I can't play ARK. Hello I am unable to play ARK Survival Evolved. When I click to play the game, a message box appears "Steam - Error An error occurred while updating ARK: Survival Evolved (app running): 9548". I have followed the advice of the game but cannot solve this problem. Please help.
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    Go into singleplayer, and use the following command: cheat DefeatBoss 0 "King Titan" 2 It will not update your implant on officials, or any other multiplayer session but you will unlock the dossier and the skins since these are unlocked in your local profile.
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    Oh wow, I feel like such a noob right now lol. Thank you.
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    Earthquakes mod. Entire bases randomly crumble to dust. Prison Mod. Ball gags (to prevent chat), fire hoses and toilet wine. Dino Stealer Mod. Tamed dinos can be cryo'd by other tribes if tranqed first. Player trackers. Tag enemy players like you do your dinos, use GPS to locate. Lockpicks mod. No C4 needed, just unlock their door and walk in.
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    Yes but found a post saying its bugged and so i did it in single player so all good
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    Thank you so much i was peed off cause doing it regular was hard lol and didnt get the skin
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    ARK is a very resource heavy game. It takes many trilobytes of memory to run.
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    Hi Johnny, I was encumbered like you said, I didn't think it would stop me completely hence me putting up a post about it. I am new to the game so have quite a bit to learn. Thanks for the help though it's much appreciated.
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    castles, keeps and forts would be a nice addition, giving more ways to build. I like many of the various pieces in there and have mixed n' matched them with the regular pieces to build things. Human NPCs would be nice as well, and would give wildcard a way to expand even more with their proposed mission system genesis will be bringing. those others I can't really comment on. Eco's Stables mod would be nice too, even more pieces to build with. far as other mods, I can't really think of any that benefit the normal ark game play without changing too much of how the game works.
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    i did mine in SP with your commands, thank you very much. got my skin on official now.
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    I pretty much agree with all of this. Also, here's the notes themselves: LAVA CAVE: "Take a look at this. Its a bit of flash that the other survivors must've missed. Good thing you've got ol' HLN-A following you around, right? There's a reason I'm following you around. My creator, Helena, used to be a survivor like you. If I observe you, maybe i can understand her better." SOUTH CAVE: "It fascinates me how you survivors find your own solutions to problems. Stranded in a strange land with no tools? Just punch the trees! I never would have guessed that's effective. Can't wait to see what solutions you come up with in the Genesis simulation. Like... how do you build a fort on the open sea? Or in a volcanic hellscape? It's not all punching trees, mate." SNOW CAVE: "This place is dangerous! If you don't starve, the dinos will get you -- or the environment, or who knows what else. Thirty percent of survivors don't live to see a second day, and fifty-five percent don't make it past the first week. It's a little odd that they're called "survivors" when they're not so good at it. You, though? I got a feeling about you. After all, they're putting you in the Genesis simulation for a reason, eh?" THE OLD TUNNELS: "I don't understand how you survivors decide what to tame what to eat. Take a gander at the creatures we've seen lately. They aren't exactly cute! What makes you look at something that's all scales and fangs and say, "that one there, that'll be a right rippin' pet?" Or "I fancy that dino for brekkie this morning?" Tame 'em or eat 'em, that's your call, I reckon. Just don't let 'em eat you, eh?" RUINS OF NOSTI: "This Ark has creatures that never were, if you catch my meaning. It's not all dinosaurs from prehistory. The minds behind this Ark dug into their mythology books, not just their "Dinos for Kiddos" books. Get used to it -- you'll see some things in the Genesis simulation that never were, too. I reckon it's yet another way to keep survivors on your toes."
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    I don't always gather all my hard earned resources together and set off to fight bosses or pop my 27 baby gigas. But when I do, I do it on patch day.
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    I really like this topic, Im new to the forums and I like the idea of sharing your daily projects, so I decided to make a post too: Im playing on legacy servers and since I already have a pretty big base and a lot of dinos, breeding is my daily cup of tea. Today I decided to take out of cryo some owls and argies with nice colors together with a gigantopithecus that got a green face and a 324 base lvl clean tek stego. Still got half of the fridge filled with random babies, but I decided to have a chill day. As I head out with my giga to farm some meat, I notice a pair of orange glowing eyes right in front of my door. I spyglassed that little devil and its lvl 145. Quite high for an island creature, so I decided to tame it. Finished meatrun and returned to base, grabbed shield, stimulants and opened dododex to read something about troodon taming. Suggestion: Build a pen - alright, so I made a stone 2x2 pen with a ramp, waited till next night, lured the spawn of devil inside and tossed a poor lvl 150 poison wyvern baby out. The troodon started panicking, running into walls and refused to eat me or the baby. Frustrated, I punched it. Twice. Tried feeding the baby rare flowers and ate bunch of them myself. All I got was a really pissed trike wandering around and a troodon that ignored me more than a 16y old teenager. With the sunrise I demolished the pen, cryoed the wyvern and unleashed the devil into the wild. Now I remember why I hate passive taming, it seems so random. Next night I noticed the troodon was back on the horse, chasing dodos around, so I uncryoed the baby wyvern, cryoed it back and tossed it out with the cryosickness. That 145 minion of hell noticed our presence, made that victory "rau-rau" shout and jumped into my face. I got surprised and chugged down so many stimulants, my always drunk uncle would be proud of me. Positioned myself at the unconscious wyvern and kept chugging my stimulants while holding the shield. It took 3 bites for the little life-wrecker to kill the wyvern, and a pop-up name table showed up (kinda annoying). Black and blue 217 female dream eater was mine, and this "yolo" process took me less than 2 minutes. Note for myself - dont bother with a taming pen, troodons are klaustrophobic. Now I want to wait for colored event and get another high lvl one with red stripes to make a black/red killing machine. I have a floor with "mini-dinos", each of them having their own enclosure like a mini petting zoo. Got oviraptors, penguins, hespes, microraptors, vultures, lystros, archaeos, ichtys, dilos, dimos, pegos, compies, dodos and bats, with a troodon finally joining my collection. Satisfied with my catch, I got back into my breeding house, cryoed babies and called it a night.
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    I agree too, though perhaps ascension isn't necessary or potentially canonical, if I recall it wasn't exactly a requirement for Helena or Rockwell, either. But SE does need some TLC. If one were to, say, cut the map into 3rd, and throw swaths of dunes that separate the regions surrounding the obi's. Now if you guys make that a separate spawn region from the dunes, say, high dunes (highdunes_c), and have only smaller sandworms spawn in that region, kind of like rubble golems are to rock golems, that could be manageable. And a progressing cave in the center of those tri-strip of dunes that takes you deep down to a lava golem arena. Maybe even a well hidden progression cave that takes you deep down to a sandworms lair, not unlike the Ice Worm queen, just a desert version. I would probably pay for that TLC, especially if it doubled the size of the map and add e a bit more potential adventures. I picture 3 corridors of dunes that converge at the center of the map. One that runs from North East to center, separating Blue obi from Green obi, be running from the south to center, separating Green obi and Red obi and the 3rd runs from the dunes to the west, to the middle of the map separating red obi from Blue. If I had the appropriate equipment, like a better computer I'd probably take on that project myself lol
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    I can absolutely 100 percent agree with this. Optimization is absolute key for a game's lifespan. You pointed out every problem with ARK's current engine. I play on a GTX 1080 Ti, a graphics card designed to push maximum graphics in 1440p or sometimes 4k resolution. Seeing that I get 45 FPS average on the highest settings (in 1440p, not even maximum resolution scaling on the epic preset) definitely is a sign that Wildcard needs to seriously update the engine used on ARK; it wouldn't be that hard. 45 FPS on a GTX 1080Ti (and continuous crashes on RTX graphics cards) is absolutely unacceptable. I play Battlefield 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Rust as well, all of which run well over 100 FPS in 1440p on max settings or close to it (No DXR enabled on BF5) and are incredibly demanding, but actually well optimized. After all, Unreal Engine is designed to be forwards and backwards compatible with itself. Wildcard makes a claim that they cannot update their game engine though, which is a blatant lie. Like seriously, PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR GAME. Why can't they invest as much into making ARK as enjoyable and playable as possible? Due to UE4's design, it would be easy for them to update to the latest version. After all, the UE4 devs said something about any customization being made to the engine could be back ported with ease due to it's design, but WC is lying through their teeth, saying their version on UE4 is "highly customized" and they cannot update it due to that reason. The worst example of Wildcard using the engine has to be crowned to ARK on Windows 10. It's pretty much just a shell now of what it was originally going to be, due to it's development being abandoned and only slopped through to keep it's compatibility with the now almost unplayable console versions of the game. Like for example! Ark on Windows 10 not rendering any rocks and trees outside of render distance! Or just wiping your single-player saves randomly! The same problems exist on consoles as well and all the graphical and engine problems that exist on PC exist on console as well and are multiplied by tenfold. As much as I like their game, I REALLY do question what Studio Wildcard does in their offtime and I also question what kind of a fuss goes on in their place. Or if their updates even have testers for the game at all. They should hire me as a bug tester, because I seem to be pretty good at finding every last little problem with a game, whether it be a bug, a glitch, or a graphical problem. Another problem with ARK is it's generally and blatantly terrible optimization. If they were able to push DirectX12 support and a newer version of Unreal Engine, or adding Vulkan support would help soooo much with the performance of the game. And they can't complain about having to re-work all the assets. It IS Unreal Engine after all. So I agree. This absolutely needs to happen. It's not a suggestion, this is something that NEEDS to happen to benefit ALL versions of the game. On the topic of DXR, ARK was supposed to have DXR, but I don't see that happening. It would likely be an unnecessary feature and wouldn't be able to happen regardless, as DXR needs DirectX12, and ARK runs DirectX11 with, as mentioned, ARK also uses a very early version of Unreal Engine 4. It's basically a prototype version of the engine.
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    Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scrapped it. Other than that, I loved the Dodo Rex/Wyvern Events you used to have, so more of that kind of thing would be fun!
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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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    Seems the update is not up yet after all, still cannot find servers.
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    Oh, another sassy remark from someone who doesn't understand controlling the servers to that level isn't something Wildcard has access to do themselves. Before you say "pay for better servers", ARK's going to need a steady income (micro-transations) to keep those going. Then again, it depends on how strong the DDoS attack is.
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