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    Fear evolved... Killer turkeys... Back when events were actually events not just a week of pretty things.
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    Maybe you guys could finally add the Vampire/Werewolf disease transformations you had planned for Fear Evolved in 2016. I had a source tell me that you almost had it done and working well but then scrapped it. Other than that, I loved the Dodo Rex/Wyvern Events you used to have, so more of that kind of thing would be fun!
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    Please give us ark fear evolved this year like we had playing legacy with dodowyvern and dodorex
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    As suggested by the original author of this post, I thought I would pop in and toss out my two cents for the remake/update to the Scorched Earth Map. Personally I have always been a fan of the map, but because of the availability and the ease to find the creatures at a higher level on Ragnarok - I had no reason to continue my game play there. As it stands, the only creature you can't get on another map is the Phoenix. And the only thing you can learn on the map are what the notes will teach you. In order to regain interest in the map, I would make the following suggestions; Incorporate new breedable creatures that are not available on other maps. Unique creatures like the Phoenix are fun, but without extending there use with breeding and imprinting, the fun only lasts until the creatures is leveled up and its use is up. So while the Phoenix is fun - the industrial forge and stove cook faster, and they are easier to manage in my opinion. Having a few new creatures to mix things up that aren't on Ragnarok would be a nice way to add life to the game. Add a map specific achievement to the collection of the notes. Thus far, it is my understanding that beyond wanting them - there is no reason to collect them. Having an achievement to unlock would be a reason to do so. An ascension. Complete with new levels you can unlock, a new tek engram or two you can learn, and a cut scene to tie it all together. And yes, I realized that Cedric confirmed on Twitter not to long ago that it won't happen, but that does not mean it should not be suggested if it is something that the players would like to see. The chances may be slim to none- but for those who wish it to happen, it is important to keep the discussion going. Map Specific Engrams. As it is, everything you can learn on Scorched Earth, you can learn on Ragnarok. Which, in my opinion, is yet another reason to skip the map all together. It would be nice to have a few engrams that are specific to the map added so there is a legitimate reason for needing to use the map. They could be saddles for new creatures added, an updated clothing set that does a bit more for you than just the desert clothing that you can already get on the map - such as higher durability or a few more building items and/or decoratives. I think that this list, in combination with those items listed for this suggestion, as some are similar, would be a good way to re-invigorate the map and breathe some life into it.
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    PVE-Official-ScorchedEarth Logged on to my Scorched earth server today and found that my allies base that surrounded mine with walls was gone, and someone decided to start pillaring around my base stopping me from being able to even put spikes around my base. I quickly pillared up the side that didnt have any pillars surrounding it, then hopped on support and reported the base blocking. They found that it was indeed blocking me and removed the pillars, afterwards I pillared out from mine and threw up a barrier wall of spikes around the base till i can get enough gates to put around it, least that will keep the boas, scorpions, wolves, sabers and karpa away from the base till then. PVE-Official-TheIsland I had been building a dino pen next to my base on Valguero, and ran out of close by materials to farm, so I decided to hop on the island and craft walls and ceilings before 2x ended. I managed to gather enough stone to craft 800 walls, and 400 ceilings, which i though would be enough to finish it off. Afterwards I traded for a couple low level mana to take with me over to Valguero, nothing special just a level 40 and 70, just primarly wanted them for fast travel to different parts of the map, and they will serve the purpose. Hung around for awhile as one of my tribemates was able to log in for a hour, we chatted for awhile while the dieno babies sat out. Afterwards I headed off to Valguero after uploading the walls and ceilings. PVE-Official-Valguero Logged in and the first thing i see when i go outside, a Alpha rex chomping away at a bronto, I quickly went back up to my room and pulled out my giga, heading out to kill off the alpha, It was only a lvl 60 so the giga didn't have any problems taking it down. Man them things move fast. Once that was done, I downloaded the walls and ceilings and set out to finish the pen, I had enough walls to finish building it up to the top of the behemoth gates with 2 walls left over, and proceeded to put the ceilings on to cover the roof, After laying them all I found i was 198 ceilings short >.< well more crafting on the island I guess, got alot more made there in a shorter period of time then valguero. One of the friendly tribes was trying to mine metal with their anky and we noticed a problem there on valguero, they weren't getting any more metal from the nodes then I was with mine, what was the problem? my anky was 332 melee, theirs was 1.2k melee. To top it off, it seems that were getting 1/2 the normal metal we get on 1x at the island. I fed all the dino's afterwards and headed out for the day. Future Plans tomorrow its making gates to finish protecting my little scorched earth base from land critters, I'm going to have to put up some air defenses now as well, as my allies base is gone there is no more air defense as well, thinking bring over some speices X and setup some water lines so there is something there at least. I figure after im done with Scorched earth, i'll head back to the island and make the last of the ceilings I need to close off the pen, then we can figure out how were going to setup the inside for the dinos.
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    We have done some hiring recently and the sole purpose was to support the "live game" without impacting future content. We have more resources to dedicate to this now.
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    [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Rumors everywhere. The bog has a boogeyman. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Today's rumors are tomorrow's folk tales. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-05 [LOG_RECEIVE] We find the lucky ones trapped in giant webs. [LOG_RECEIVE] But we find the unlucky ones as corpses, drained of blood. [LOG_RECEIVE] Unluckiest of all are the ones we never find. Given the above text, I assume that this is some spider creature that spits webs and lives in bogs (hence they say "The bog has a boogeyman"). It seems that if you get trapped in it's web, it will attack you and slowly drain you of health. I wonder how we'll be able to combat that...if at all. Also, is [LOG_RECEIVE] saying that there are more of itself? I mean, it's saying that someone or something is spreading rumors, and "everywhere", and also that "WE find the lucky ones in giant webs". Is it referring to itself and Helena, or, if it's a specimen-monitoring AI as necaradan666 suggested, more of itself, monitoring the specimens? Interesting.
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    Not sure what the real issue is. That people refresh timers on bases they aren't currently using but spent the time and energy to build. Or, that they are being technologically efficient about it.
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    They are much stronger than a tamed or imprinted giga since they have gigantic health pools. Your average imprinted giga only has around 35000 hp vs the 180000 of the megapithecus. With as much as people crybaby about Brontos soaking bullets they could not have that.
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    A smaller less op tameable version of the bosses would be neat. Give them stats inbetween a Rex and giga, with giga-like penalties and taming. Everybody knows they want a King Kong.
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    Had a bad day in ark, we have been using ally Val server to get milk for our wyverns. I was inside the base when the server crashed. after 10 min finally got back in and i was apparently killed(even though I was INSIDE the base) my body no where to be found and i was suddenly also kicked out of the tribe. After relog my tribe status/issue was resolved, but my gear and shot gun was lost... Still grieving for my shot gun... Anyways we went back home to our main base on ext then started raise some babies as I traded for a black and red Tape.. love it!
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    Can only confirm, I love my new wolves. For a long time I thought Im the only one giving dinos away for free or for a symbolic price. I even built a giveaway spot on a cliff and called it a "Gift Cliff", where I unclaim all side products of breeding or my old stats, also I placed 2 storage boxes there and filled them with loot I get from alpha raptors while meat running. Players learned about it and I see a lot of newbies coming to check the cliff on low lvl pteras, they usually take arrows and harvesting tools. Ofc sometimes I see players from larger tribes coming there with argies and just taking all the stuff (do you really need 10 blue metal picks, guys?). And if someone comes and asks for an egg or breeding with my males, dont care if its a dodo or a 415 melee giga, they get it for free because it literally costs me nothing. Organized some tek caves for other people too, simply because they were solo/duo and wanted to progress, they brought their own resources and dinos and I gladly gave them the guidance and progression they asked for, all for free. There is no reason for me to force a newbie to mine 20k metal by hand so he can buy a quetzal or ankylo. Ark is grindy as hell by itself. I simply give them the dino and in return I get no hackers, exploiters or trolls on our legacy server and a really friendly and kind atmosphere.
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    Nice to hear someone had an issue resolved promptly, makes a change from the usual 'submitted a ticket, waited ages and still no response' posts.
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    i have recently gotten internet on my ps4 and PSN. so i am now playing online. i have no friends that play PS4. i also have not found a decent server to play on. i chose a random server when i typed up auto unlocked easy tek picked the server with the least days, i ended up on a pretty good server that is a week old. spawned near jungle 2 (i am on rag btw) and went to blue ob for the crates. i straight up have metal tools aside from pick. i harvest the metal and make a forge. i craft a smithy and make flak Armour and pick. i run up to where the crystal is and make a spy glass. i find a small obsidian rock and harvest it. 300 ob from one rock. i run to a red drop and find an asc set of metal gear consisting of: pick, hatchet, pike, sickle, sword, 2 crossbows, flak armour and a glide suit. i equip the stuff and run back down to base. i see a beach bob runnin up to my base. he starts hitting it, i am also on pvpve server. anyway i run up and ask him what he is doin, he said he is looting this small setup. i ask why, he said cause the guys had a bunch of metal and gear. i say do u know who it is. he said no but it dont matter. i say take a wild guess. he looks at my name and then the structures. he runs off into the trees. i think to myself what an idiot. i continue on by making guns, made a fab and made a pump shoty. i make 100 tranq arrows and 50 narcs. now it is time to find a tame. the max lvl is 300 from what i could tell. i find a 210 trike. make a trap and knock it out, berry it up and saddle. made 1000+ narcs and turned them into 300+ tranq darts. i made an argent trap. a 300 flew down onto the beach. led it into the trap and knocked it out. i tamed up a incthyornis and sicked it on some dodos. gave the bird 30 prime meat and tamed it up. i saddled it and went on to make a cryopod to put my trike in to move bases. made the cryo stored trike. the structure pickup time on structures is like 30 days so i can move my base. i store everyhting into my bird and set off. i dont entirely know where i want to make my base. i plan to make my base on the mountains near the castle. it poses a great challenge to raid in pvp du to the narrow path ways and limited route up to it. i found an area that point out and is like a circular shape. i will make a circle base there. made a small base and crafted saddles for utility dinos. while looking for a beaver i found a white beacon. looked in and found 100 of each kibble and cakes. i am so set. while knocking out a beave i find a 290 theri, i leave it till i find a better rifle. i tamed up a 270 beaver, 280 doedic and a 250 deer. while passive collecting resources by carrying the beaver on my bird i spot a red beacon. quickly race over and open it up to find asc guns. a pump, longneck, sniper, assult, pistol and harpoon gun. so now i had a better rifle i went for the theri. knocked it out and used the kibble. i know have all the tames i need for a base. next up is to get tames i will use for pvp. i dont plan to play on this server long term cause their seems to be alot of salty people on the server. if anyone is lookin for a overall great player on ps4 i am happy to play. i also made a small ally. he lives in the castle and the plains near the castle.
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    PS4 - Unofficial cluster Kind of hit a lull late last week. Found myself kind of forcing myself to log on, so I took a break mostly from ARK for the weekend. In fact the only time I played was Saturday morning from 3:30 - 5:30 am due to inability to sleep, and then again on Sunday afternoon for about 2 hours. I managed to get 3-4 more colored Reapers, but nothing real exciting. I need to get on tonight and refresh my bases on the other two maps. I think the Plant Species X turrets decay after 3 -4 days. I think I will demolish my starter base on Valguerro, and just keep the base near the abberation biome. I had planned on building a big base where my starter base is, and then demolishing my underground base, but I just can't seem to get the energy up to move everything from 1 base to the other. But I need to do it, and probably cryo all of my dinos too on the two maps that I hardly play. Ever since the Manticore bug on Rag, I just have no desire to go back to that map.
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    Boosted maturation and egg incubation decrease like the valentines event
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    Special perks like the increased loot quality from the Christmas event 2 years ago.
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    Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???? What an interesting discovery, can anyone guess what this creature might be? On The Horizon Hacks/Exploits Abuse of game mechanics, such as meshing and duping, are being reported at a higher frequency. As always, we will continue to implement changes to address any methods we have been able to reproduce. Please continue to report any known methods via the ticket system. Enforcement With the increase of reports, the enforcement team has been tasked with a larger number of tickets. This backlog of requests prevented our enforcement team from acting quickly to incidents that were being reported. We've made a considerable dent in the backlog and hope to improve our response time to incidents that are reported. Events If there's something you'd really like to see in events (regular and holiday), check out the thread below and weigh in! Changes to the Code Of Conduct The Enforcement Team are back again with another important notice regarding the Code of Conduct: New Addition: If you have been hardware ID (HWID) banned, any attempt to access the Official Network with an alternate account is subject to another hardware ID ban You can read the Code of Conduct in its entirety by clicking here. EVO Event Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 11th of Oct at 1 PM EST until Monday the 14th of Oct at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark View full article
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    can i ask what gave u the idea to fight the broodmother with raptors? i have also tried fist fighting rabied bats. did not end well for the entire tribe. i was once dared to jump off the islands volcanoe. i parachuted into the redwoods where i was "touched" by a thyla. i have also died countles times trying to recover a body
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    Well I don't know how was back in the day but now lowest u can tame is 17k hp. O points in hp So I realy don't understand how did u get giga with 10k. Corupted gigas are in 35k range not 100% sure, meybe even lower.
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    Ok I got a question, do you have a leash on at your base that encompasses your teleporter? if you do, reduce the range so the teleporter is no longer in the leashes range. Or move the leash, or else you will have massive problems hunting down animals. i had to chase down several animals before I figured that out. And when I found them they would blank and appear closer to my original location , get close, poof and they appeared closer to base again....
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    there are super frogs out there on pve official. You either ask around the trading forums, discord, or your server allies. Many older servers have well established tribes with good stock. But I can list a few things with next to no breeders out there. carefull though, there are animals considered easy tames that, if you have too many of them, you could be faced with someone reporting you just for fun to try and get you wiped. dont start trying to mutate jerboas up to lvl 100, you probably would get wiped by the time u got to your 3rd mutation.
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    so got back from school yesterday and decide to play on the server for a bit. i log into the server and straight up see huge gates around my base. completly blocking me. i cant get in or out without fliers. i ask in chat what goin on and someone says they now own me, my base, my tribe and the mountain i am living on. i ask DILO r u talking about. the player says he claimed the entire mountain by building all over it. so i say i was hear first and to buzz off before u sign your death warrant. he said he was not scarred of me. now usually i would have riley and my other friends to aid me in a raid on a server. this time it was just me so i had to think big. i evaluated my situation and first worked on making a way out. i slowly broke his gates with my theri's headbutt. i then made a hasty run with my argent and my tames. i made it to the castle and made a camp near the bridge. an ally i made lives in the castle. he has rebuilt it and fixed the bridge. i messaged him asking him for help. in an hour he was online. i filled him in on my situation. he said he has some friends who he could ask to join the server. i said go ahead. the problem is i am the only one with pvp experience, everyone else has played pve. so hopefully this afternoon when i get back from school we will be ready to raid this terd.
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    guess i've been extremely lucky then. Heard many say max on them is 30k.
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    No I think they should be temporary.
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    I prefer permanent tames with weaker stats over the temporary overpowered nonsense the devs use with some of the larger creatures in the game. Even if its temporary they would still end up getting used as bullet sponges half the time, so they might as well spend the time balancing the stats in my opinion.
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    I've finished adjusting the page. Also completely agree.
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    I was talking about wild gigas and I think they should have the same stats as the gamma boss arena variants if their going to be temporary tames (at least when not playing single player their temporary.)
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    Yea I was and completely agree.
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    Best Cluster ever with the best admins!!
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    Don't feel bad, I dealt with what was stated in your post, if there was some other underlying point that I didnt address and you arent prepared to enlighten us all on what that was... well that's not my problem, you can make your peace with that one :P. In terms of what I posted it is entirely relevant to what you stated and directly deals with the points you raised. It is always interesting when someone states how your response to them is wrong but then doesnt or isnt able to elaborate on why exactly your response is wrong ... If you can appreciate that I put some thought behind my post then how about you put some behind yours and explain what point was missed? If you arent prepared to do that then I'm afraid responding at all to me was entirely a pointless exercise.
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    Was there any development on a list of what classifies "easy to tame" I mean I would consider dimorphos a pretty easy tame, same with vultures, and those are pretty much the only two tames that I actually like to mass tame and get a nice swarm of them going. If it turns out that they are classified as easy to tame and I can only have a max of 20.... Then I think I will be sticking to unofficial servers. I am honestly getting tired of this nonsense, WC make all these tedious and work around rules to the CoC in order to compensate for their games lack of optimization and design flaws. When you want to introduce limiting on features that are already a part of the game, then do that on the back-end, so make it that players actually arent able to tame more than x amount fo said species, or at the very least be specific and release a list, maybe they do have a list somewhere but I havent seen it. You don't leave it in the game and allow players to go past the limit and then you punish them for it afterwards, I am sorry but that is a temporary fix. You do that while you are patching the thing that you want to restrict. You don't allow players to eat as many donuts as they want but then punish them if they eat more than 5, that is just bad customer service bad business practice and all round lazy management. Either release a list of the dinos, make that list easily accessible and very public so that players can't argue that they were unaware of this stipulation. And yes if you don't promote the list enough then it is perfectly fair for players to turn around and say they were unaware of this stipulation. Only if you can prove that the information is easily accessible and has been effectively communicated to the community can you then punish people for ignoring this stipulation. I can promise you right now if some dev came to me and told me that hoarding dimorphos was against CoC and then wanted to dev wipe me for it, even after I tell them I was unaware I couldnt have more than x amount of dimorpho tames, not only would I lose my poop but I would drop this game faster than you could blink and never look back. As much as I enjoy the game I would never continue supporting something with a management team that has that level of incompetence and arrogance. Hopefully this is rectified and not just left to rot and fester because as it stands now, I agree with others that this is not acceptable. It is perfectly fine to have a restriction like this but it is not ok to go about enforcing it in the previously described manner...
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    Dino leash is your best bet or you can leave your birds on passive and set up other dino guards or turrets. You can also set up a passive dino then whistle for your birds, or other dinos, to follow that passive dino and after they lose aggro they'll return to that dino. Dino leash needs solar or electrical power. It has 4 ranges you can adjust. It displays a lock symbol above your dinos head to symbolize they are locked in. Your dinos can move within it but don't leave it. Server resets can turn it off so you need to deactivate then reactivate it when that happens. It has low hp but if you put it in a metal 1 x 1 x 3 with no roof it should be safe from being destroyed.
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    Desert Titian with 4, 220-230 dam meks takes 5-8 mins and 100 element each Forest wouldn't advise as with 3 meks it take almost 25 mins finished with Giggas Ice titian 4 meks with canons took 11 mins King titian (beta) 4 meks 6 giggas an 2 manas took 12 mins hope that helps
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    After playing both, I wouldn't like that personally. ARK Switch has issues, but plays well enough. I personally am not a fan of ARK Mobile, I've played it a bit on my phone and it doesn't do anything for me. With a few optimizations that Abstraction Games themselves have said they can pull off, ARK Switch could be much better than it is currently. It won't ever be PC ARK, or even Xbox/PS4 ARK, but it could be better than it currently is without shifting to what ARK Mobile is. That being said, the DLCs would be a nice addition.
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    Oh, another sassy remark from someone who doesn't understand controlling the servers to that level isn't something Wildcard has access to do themselves. Before you say "pay for better servers", ARK's going to need a steady income (micro-transations) to keep those going. Then again, it depends on how strong the DDoS attack is.
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    Offfical Valguero PvE, all by myself I finally tamed an Argy, which will greatly advance my mobility and dino power capabilities. I used the "four stone dino gate" type of trap. I had read about them and they seemed much more straighforward than some of the more intricate but cheaper designs. It worked exactly as advertised, but I had to walk slowly and let the Argy hit me from time to time to make sure that it followed me into the trap. There were lots of Trikes and Stegos in the area and they seemd to be helping the Argy to prevent me from closing the gate intil the Argy could turn around and fly out. It took me three tries, but I finally got him insode, me outside, and the gates closed. I had run out of tranq darts by that point, so I fell back to my tranq arrows from an ordinary crossbow. He kept turning away from me whnever I hit him in the head, so I had to run back and forth to opposite sides and all of the Trikes and Stego go tin the way. I was almost out of tranq arrows when he finally succumbed. I checked him and he was level 140! No wonder it took so much effort to put him down. I did a check on the Dododex and saw that it normally would take 6 hours using raw meat. I had been preparing for this for a while, but I expected to snag a level 50 tops. Fortunately, it was a double-weekend and it would only take 3 hours. I would probably not get a chance like this again for a while, so I set in for the long tame (but not so long as not duinrg a double weekend). I had my Stegos sweep the area every time that the berries respawned to get enough Narcoberries and killed lots of pigs for meat. While I waited, I built on my new home - I am calling it a castle since that seems to be the direction that i am taking it. My goal is something like Mad Ludwig's castle (think Disney if you do not know about Ludwig), but I am sure that it will look like it was rendered in Minecraft since I tend to build blocky and square. I will post a picture when I get the turrets finished. Back to taming - the hard part is not the subduing or the feeding and tranqing. The hard part is keeping the unconscious dino safe from all manner of predators that climb out of the Abberant Trench. I had read a suggestion to use spiky walls to keep taming dinos safe, so I placed wooden spikes all around the trap except for the gate that was farthest from the Argy. While I was working on the castle, I heard the battle music and crunching from the direction of the trap. There was a Carno reaching over the spike wall, through the closed gate, crunching on my unconscious Argy. I had on full plate that was fully repaired (I always try to keep my weapons sharpened), so I jumped off the battlement with my sword yellling "Cowabunga, Dude!" and rushed the Carno. The poor thing hardly had a chance to turn around from the Argy before I clove him in twain. I built a econd tier of sharpened spikes in a ring outside the first ring and stayed a little more alert after that. I killed another Carno and two Raptors befofre the Argy was tamed. All of the Stegos and Trikes that were blocking me earlier helped kill a few more Raptors that wandered into the area. I think I will leave them in the fields around the castle as they seem to make good guards - sort of like gators in a moat. The Argy tamed out at 180, so it will be immune to regular Rex roars (critters lower level than a particular Rex will suffer the effects of "Rex-roar"). Now I just need to accumulate enough keratin to build the saddle...
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    Was working on my first actual base ( Just started playing a few days ago) and was flying around collecting green drops. Thought that the coast was clear on the last one I went to get, got jumped by a tek raptor, died and then had to log out due to having to go to work..so now I have to hope that my dino is flying around being safe and I will be able to talk someone into taking me to my last death area when I log back in to get my only dino...
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    Dont move around while teleporting, be on the floor, dont ride the dino in and dont stand on its back. Also dont stand right behind the dinos as a poop falling right at the time of teleport will cause this issue.
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    Never mind what I said earlier about it being an eggshell, I read the ARG and I'm now like 99.9% sure it's the fishing net they were talking about here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fishing_Net_(Genesis)
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    Different plant model, and all the plants. Would really like to see updated crop models.
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    I honestly like all the stuff I really miss the first Halloween event you guys did that was epic and took a lot of work and it showed the ones that followed showed less work and more of I don't know if it was time crunched or what but was a lot less eventful it was cool seeing the tombstones the pumpkin patches and the scarecows and being able to place them around your base and the dodorex having a chance to show up it scare the heck out of me in a good way lol
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    I liked things like dodorex or dodowyverns that were unique to the event or custom skins like a beach hat on Rex's maybe new colors or patterns like stripes on a rex. I loved Easter event I haven't tamed so many dinos in a long time was fun we need more of that.
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    people these days are too soft for dodowyvern/rex, LOL. Can you imagine how many oceans we could make with the salt from people getting wiped by those things again?
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    new dinos like the skeleton ones that you had to kill and looked cool Music as well loved the Christmas and Halloween music in-game
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    What about a weekend during the summer where Scorched Earth has all weather events be heat waves with Phoenix constantly spawning. A dog days of summer heat deal.
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    I agree on griffins. Not rly wyverns/drakes though, but perhaps it could be a server setting for sp/unofficials! I do think wyverns and drakes should drop unfert eggs though and female wyverns should produce milk in their inventories, even if it's a small amount.
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