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    Above and beyond the call of duty, consider my fie thoroughly retracted. I shall raise my nightly glass of cod liver oil and cooking sherry in your honour. Watch out for this fella, there's something about him I just don't trust.
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    I really couldn't explain it any better myself.
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    Hi Cythraul - I'm by no means an expert, and what little I do know I've learnt through a lot of mistakes, but I'd be happy to talk survival tips if you're interested. Feel free to drop me a pm.
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    When you mound and argi or ptera ect they will instantly take off. This is very annoying when trying to organise them and such. However when you mount the snow owl they don't take off. I feel this would be a nice quality of life improvement.
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    Dino mating bug? Anyone else logging in to find out your dinos have automagically enabled mating? A few times a week, we have surprise pregnancy's, mate timers, fert eggs and unclaimed babies. They are not left on enable mating or wander. At this point we are going to have to physically separate our males and females....its like having a barn full of teenagers.
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    With the new Genesis DLC coming out soon, speculation is rife as to what the new uber dino will look like when its introduced. Previously we had the Giga, then the Titanosaur, then the Titan. To keep with the standard ARK formula of bigger is better the devs will obviously to up the ante with this one. The Titan was big but this thing will need to eclipse it to keep that wow factor going. Anyone want to speculate on its stats? I reckon it will be double the size of the Titan and they'll round up the health to a flat million. Damage wise this thing had better one hit Tek structures or I won't be happy. Also it should move fairly fast and be able to be built on.
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    Yes I see them spawn near the entrance to abberation cave and around the waterway towards green obe but rare better off getting abberation variant
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    Why would you expect a flying creature to land?
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    Hey all, I think it'd be good for devs to implement an .ini option for server hosts to manipulate the cryosickness timer (either to make longer / shorter, remove completely or change for a specific dino) This has been asked before but I figured with the new suggestions' forum it would be a good time for a new thread
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    100% agree. Its pointless to even use tek items outside of extinction, if you want to clone something, rise babies with tek troughs, ect. its much easier to make a base on extinction and do it there, or even lose 80% of your element by making it into dust vs grinding bosses. Bosses aren't as fun after you've done them so many times, I enjoy doing element veins so much more. Doing them for the first time to get engrams and ascention levels is the fun part.
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    AHOY ME FRIEND I MISSPELLED INSECT AND IM GOING TO JAIL Damn Auto correct thxs also I really like your ideas! yours are more story base which is cool! ark could use some more lore cut scenes Ect.
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    Hello. I know they are making a lot of changes to this game. I would like to make a suggestion. Let us be able to use remote inventories. For example. If I am riding an Argentavis, I can build things from my characters inventory and the Argentavis inventory so I dont need to move all the items over to my inventory.
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    Best bet for smooth transfers - don't transfer on day 1 of it opening. wait abit, let things settle, then transfer stuff in.
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    I ventured back underground today, in search of ravager saddle blueprints. Sadly I found none but on my travels near the rad zone, not far from my earlier ravager trap, I noticed a strange little creature flying around. It just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good look at it, so I shot it (with a tranq dart), as it lay on the floor with it's feet in the air I was able to get a good long look at it but was not able to access it's inventory. And that's how I discovered that Featherlights are passive tames. On the plus side I now have a new pet that I have never tamed before and it glows and dododex says it doesn't spawn on Valguero, so I guess that makes it rarer than the unicorn I still haven't found.
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    That all sounds really cool! Here are some of my own ideas: Have the main menu feature a sort of 3D environment, specifically related to the last map player has visited, and in this environment dinos and survivors will walk around/kill each other/get eaten/etc while that map's theme plays in the background. This environment could be a 3D version of that map's title card, or a small 3D replica of an actual location in that map. Basically do what The Orange Box did with it's menus. Some examples could be the beaches from the island if the player last played on the island, the Fertile Lake if the player last played on Aberration, etc. And then, in like a 1/100 chance, the menu will be a phase of the genesis countdown timer, with the timer progressing through it's various stages every time the special menu is triggered. Include an improved sort of game guide for new players, including better guides for the various HUD icons, crafting, taming, maps, etc. Add a "bonus features" tab to the main menu, and inside include concept art, non-canon explorer notes, soundtracks, trailers, etc. Change the loading screens so instead of the standard cloudy blue screen, it shows some of the old box art for that map being loaded (I would love to see all that old box art in-game again!) You could also include screenshots of locations from that map being loaded. Also, change the loading symbol so it's instead an animated ARK logo. Remove the Graduate Students' notes from Aberration and move them to the aforementioned "Bonus Features" tab. They just don't add anything to the story Tweak certain parts of the Explorer notes and maps so that they fit together more solidly. I also made my own little post and subforum way back when, featuring my own ideas for the game, like new cutscenes and areas. Here's the repost: Stuff I would add to ARK if I could: This is just a list of things I think would optimize ARK (IN ADDITION TO BUG FIXES). Most of it is just cutscenes and minor environment changes. I don't expect this to gain any popularity. Change the thumbnails and descriptions for Aberration and Extinction so as to not make them so plot-spoiling for new players. Loading screens for when map is loading, that vary depending on what map you are joining. The normal box art, beach, etc for Island, Desert themed-box art, Nosti, desert scenes, etc for SE, Aberration box art, portal, etc for Aberration, Extinction box art, Great City, etc for Extinction. Cutscene detailing backstory of our character. Should only be activated in first story ARK that player uses when all save files on story ARKS have been erased. Cutscene starts with the words Studio Wildcard presents... ARK: Survival Evolved", followed by character stepping out of doorway into the Great City (preferably on rooftops either at 46.4-34.8, or the one where Santiago note #26 is), but the city and planet look normal. As character nears edge of building, we see the streets filled with people, animals and robots. A scout flies by. Meanwhile, a sound track similar to the Aberration version of the ARK theme or Extinction teaser trailer plays in the background. Suddenly, the scene flickers and glitches before the screen goes black. For the last few frames of of glitching, images of the ruined city and an image of the Tomb of Ascension. Then, suddenly, an image of Helena/OWW (similar to the one at the end of Extinction launch trailer) appears, and says "Help...You have to help!" before character suddenly finds themselves gasping, collapsing, and blacking out on the ARK they chose to play on. Improved spawn animation for every new character created. Character awakens laying on side. Picks up handful of sand, sprinkles it from hand, only to notice the implant, which blinks a few times before "Activating". Character picks at implant before looking over to right to examine landscape, before standing up and taking few steps forward, while shielding eyes from sun. Character lowers hand, thus entering gameplay. Move Helena Note #1 on each ARK to the easiest, most visited locations for some exposition. Remove Helena notes 2,3, & 4 on the island from underwater caves, and put them on the mainland. Replace the notes in the underwater caves with dossiers. Swap the locations of Rockwell notes 1 and 2 on the Island. Swap the locations of Mei-yin note and Helena notes #1 on Aberration. Add small holes at base of obelisk, surrounding platform, for artifacts to be inserted in. Cutscene that plays the first time someone steps onto Obelisk platform (Met under same conditions as Cutscene in 3rd bullet) Character steps onto platform, examines holes around platform, and then examines pedestal. Character then lifts arm up to reveal the implant is glowing. Gem in pedestal is also glowing. Character then waves arm near pedestal out of curiosity. Mist briefly appears between implant and pedestal, before we are introduced to an... Improved Obelisk hub, which looks more holographic and is projected from the pedestal. Add animation where collected artifacts are inserted into holes and pulled in by platform at base of obelisk after player inserts it by walking up to hole with artifact in inventory and hitting interact. Add cutscene for when player first creates tek replicator in Obelisk: A sphere suddenly appears in the beam of light coming out of the obelisk. Bits of tek begin appearing and swirl around and then into the sphere, before compressing into a small cube with an image of a tek replicator on it that zooms into the player's hand. Add a small cube that tek structures can be built with, with an image of the structure in question on the side of it. Add holes for trophies and a holographic hub to tek cave terminal. Decrease the volume of soundtracks for ALL boss battles in the game (If you've done a boss fight you'd understand). Add cutscene to Overseer boss battle: At the end of the arena is a terminal, just like the one described in the explorer notes. It has a large touchscreen pad on it's surface. When player walk up to terminal and hits "Interact", the character will hesitantly touch the screen, making the Earth/ARKs hologram appear, and start cycling through images of a bunch of different ARKs, including SE and Aberration. Character touches random ARK, but Terminal screen flashes red and hologram disappears before Overseer begins powering up, and outputs small sonic boom which knocks player backwards. As player gets up and sees Overseer powering up, the battle music starts playing. Character turns around only to find the door to the arena closing. C (which is what I'm calling the character now because I'm sick of typing "Character" ) turns back to Overseer as it finishes powering up, and fight commences. Upgraded ascension cutscene for The Island: After Overseer is defeated, C goes back to terminal and reactivates it. This time, C is granted access to go to selected ARK - which happens to be SE. When shield around teleporter pad closes, a slightly alternate cutscene could play where C observes tek armor dissolving, should the player be wearing tek armor when ascending. At end of cutscene, the SE ARK is more clear and easy to distinguish as a desert. Also the obelisks on the ARK are in correct order. After touching down, C wakes up in Recreation of the red obelisk area on SE. But it isn't revealed until the character wakes up similar to before, but this time is startled by large amounts of sand, spots the obelisk's shadow, and turns around to see a picture-perfect shot of the obelisk. A wyvern is flying over the mountain and roars as the screen cuts to black. All this while the SE theme plays in the background, perfectly timed for the obelisk reveal and the cliffhanger. Post-credit scene for the Island of the Homo Deus portion of the Hall of History. Alternate spawn animation for C's that have been uploaded to an ARK after an ascension, where C is walking forward while shielding eyes, before lowering hand and entering gameplay. Ascension cutscene for SE (We all want this): As the explorer notes describe, the Manticore trophy should be brought to the manticore stone in the center of the metal trapdoor in the center of the colosseum in the southwestern ruined city. When player goes to this location with the Manticore trophy, they will be given the option to "Interact". If it is interacted with, C will hold up the trophy, which begins glowing. Suddenly, the trapdoor opens up to a long drop, which C falls down screaming. C then lands in a pool of water, and climbs out gasping. When C lifts head after climbing out, they see a teleporter platform and terminal like the one in the Overseer arena. C does the exact same thing as before with it, too, but this time the ARK shown is Aberration. During ascension ( dissolving tek thing in place, too ), we get a sweeping overhead view of SE before zooming towards Aberration, zipping past the broken remains of the Overseer arena on Aberration and landing on the surface of Aberration. C wakes up in a recreation of the slanted, broken obelisk area on Aberration during "night" and is shocked by the devastation around him/her, and looks up to see destroyed Earth while an ominous note plays. Suddenly, C is jumped by a group of nameless and a reaper. C is only saved by a bit of sunlight that peaks from behind the horizon and falls on ONLY the enemies, causing tem to retreat into the ground. As C realizes that the ground is setting on fire, C turns around and runs to the cave entrance, falling down it and falling unconscious once hitting the bottom. C wakes up and flips over to see the surface entrance above, now with flames shooting out of it. C then gets up and walks forward. The screen goes black as times skips ahead to when C is more near the forest zone entrance, represented by a blindspotted, bright hole on the wall. suddenly, a bulbdog comes out of the entrance and startles C. C realizes it is docile and briefly plays with it. Bulbdog runs towards entrance, then turns back to C and barks. C moves to entrance and rounds the corner to look out and see the lush forest. Aberration theme is playing in background throughout this and is once again dramatically timed. Both in the moments before and after the screen cuts to black an earthquake can be heard. Post-credit scene for SE where the Rockwell teaser for Aberration slowly blinks onto the screen. Animation at start of Rockwell boss fight where Rockwell's tentacles emerge from the water and slam down on either side of C before the rest of Rockwell emerges and roars at C before raising tentacles and fight commences. Upgraded Aberration ascension cutscene: In moments between Rockwell's defeat and ascension cutscene commencing a female robotic voice can be heard from somewhere in the cavern saying "Portal energy blockage eliminated, teleport commencing...error, coordinates defective, repositioning landing point to closest position to selected coordinatee.". Also, the holographic/geographical pam that pops up actually looks like the geography of Extinction. After C passes through teleporter and into space, C passes between two ARKs in order to confirm to the player that they are indeed going to Earth. Also, the ground is a little clearer to see approaching, and that part of the scene isn't just flashing lights. C wakes up behind a rock on the cliff at 43.75, 2.90 ( view of the actual Extinction map is blocked at this point). C looks at a grove of trees and waterfall next to the rock before looking at the implant variant. C is startled by the sound of a deploying Orbital Supply drop, and gets up and moves to look behind rock, THEN sees a recreation of the Extinction map. After looking at the diamond structure and the city (with the drop In the middle of the scene), the camera pans to the left to look at the forbidden zone backdrop. Then the roar and black screen. Basically, like the original cutscene, but the map looks like the actual extinction map. Add a post-credit scene for Aberration where the tomb of Ascension is shown. Add the mek as a deployable cube like the aforementioned tek structure cubes once created in the tek replicator. Mek can also only deployed from hotbar. Mek spawns with glowing animation like when tek structures are built. Add cutscene for when first entering a mek: C walk to one of mek's legs and presses a button on it, making the cockpit open and a tek ladder come out of it. C climbs it into the cockpit, and the ladder disappears when C closes cockpit. Add an interior view to the mek when using it, kind of like when riding a pteranodon. Imagine a rig or glove that goes over C's arms, and anytime the mek raises the sword or gun, C does the same. Also, pedals at the front of the cockpit for flying. Add a new location to Extinction: the large data server complex that Helena and Diana explored. located in the forbidden zone. Imagine a large main building built into the side of a hill, with a large joined tower built in to it's right. The tower has a large room at the top with glass windows facing the city. Beyond the broken entrance doors to the main building is a long hallway. On Either side of the hall are inaccessible rooms that can be viewed through glass windows (there are locked doors next to them). Inside the closed-off are rows of data servers with a statue of an implant at the end of each row. Also inside the rooms are more unopen doors. At the end of the main hall is a staircase that loops up and around to the tower. At the top of the stairs is the aforementioned malfunctioning door, which must be crouched under in order to access the tower room. The tower room is a sort of meeting/control room. In the center of the room is an array of command chairs surrounding a diamond-shaped table with a hologram of Earth floating over it. At the far end of the room is two rows of consoles and flashing lights, one row on the left side of the window, one on the right. Between the two rows is the endgame terminal. If interacted with, C will attempt to start the endgame cutscene, only to be met with a flashing red screen and a female robotic voice saying "The conditions have not been met". On the ceiling above the terminal is a closed hatch. Finally, in front of the whole complex is the large hole the planet-saving light beam shoots out of, but it's closed until the end cutscene. Slightly alter the end of Extinction. Rather then teleport from the King Titan bossfight right to the end cutscene, C must go back to the data server complex and try again with the control room terminal. This time, it will work, and the platform will rise up and through the opening ceiling hatch. C lowers hand from shielding sun before looking over edge of roof and seeing now-open hole before the beam shoots out of it. The rest of the cutscene is normal. After ARK logo flashes, we cut to C walking on the reformed island beach. C walks up to a tree to punch it and start over. Before he can hit it, though, a faint boom/rumble makes C turn head in direction of noise, to see dimorphs flying out of trees surrounding the Island. This is a nod towards the post-credit scene at the end of the next bullet. Add awesome credits for extinction: The first few moments of chanting is met with the image of the words "Thanks for playing" on the screen. The main portion of music is met with credits as well as art from the explorer notes off to the side. In the moments leading up the guitar drop a blank Helena notebook page is shown that slowly starts drawing out the words "the end" and a drawing of the destroyed Aberration ARK after it touches the planet. Right before the note hits a "?" is put after "the end". When the note hits, the page moves down to reveal the 3D rendered version of the scene. Add an option for the player to hit a button to skip a cutscene should they so choose. Remember, I'm not demanding or expecting any changes to be made to the game, but I think it's good to imagine what the game COULD be like. And here's the link to the small subforum I made right after it: One last thing...did you mean to spell it "incest meat" (22nd idea you had, I think) ?
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    the island map got a major overhall that changed the biomes a long time ago, things got moved around, changed abit, even the bosses got changed instead of fighting them at the obelisks, you get teleported in, It was a change a long time ago link D1nk said, but my games seems to be having a mix of old and new, not sure why. well this old coot was just getting ready to hobble his way to the kitchen to get some grub to eat, but I sat my creeking old bones back down in my chair, fired off ark and headed onto extinction, crawled out of bed, and got on the griffon to fly over to the pen. Took a minute or two but finally got them all to show up for a group photo, sry for the quality, seems abit fuzzy for some reason... but here's the shot:
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    Speculations. Last info posted was that they potentially have a fix but they didn't actually specify any date.
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    I haven’t ran a boss on island since extinction came out. We just transfer dust. Yes the loss is 1/5 of the element, but when your tribe is sitting on 35-40k element, what’s its true value? I just wish it was more convenient to craft to dust and back to element.
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    I've seen advertisements for unofficials that state transferable element. I haven't played them myself but there might be an ini out there.
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    Personally, as an Xbox player who hosts a PVE unofficial cluster, I would love this addition. If even as just a check box option when setting up a server. I have had many players ask if I could set it so. And have to tell them no. So in exchange, the bosses now drop dust they can take to another map to craft. It is a work around we can continuing to use- but it would be nice if we didn't have too. *plus it doesn't help with element from veins since I cannot adjust those.
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    They dont have a plan. They are simply going to open transfers and then what happens, happens.
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    You described the problem right there. What is the motivation to do bosses more than once (if at all) on the other maps if you can take a Giga and solo a couple 50k veins on Extinction? It hurts end game. It hurts a big portion of PvE breeding which in turn hurts longevity of the game which means some people might not be around for the next DLC which hurts their bottom line. For convenience, sure it makes sense but I understand and support the reason they don't allow it so players can get the full experience.
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    ARK: Community QOL Catalog ARK: Community QOL Catalog The ARK community catalog is a list of proposed changes from the community and the design team. It's an universal list that the design team will work off of when prioritizing work. This is not meant to indicate that the items listed will go into the game. What is a quality of life request? It's generally considered a minor tweak to something that will result in a major convenience. What's the point of this list? Being a gamer, I realize it's hard to realize what the development team have and haven't seen. This isn't meant to replace our traditional methods of raising concerns and requesting changes to the game. This is a visibility and awareness initiative. If something isn't on this list, it's very likely it's not on a radar. I believe there's some value in knowing that as a gamer. What about bugs and requesting new content? This list is meant to encompass quality of life requests. While that term may be subjective, this isn't a list that's meant to contain new game additions IE: Add 3 Man servers. It's also not meant to be a bug list IE: Fix Manticore landing. While we may benefit from a list that's dedicated to those things, that's not what this list is meant for. What should I expect to happen? What I'd like to do next is have a session with the design team and begin indicating things we aren't going to do. That will leave us with a list of things we'd actually work on. From there, I'd like to indicate when we begin working on an item off of this list Will you keep adding to this list? Yes. I'll only be adding new quality of life requests to this sheet though. There's no update frequency at this moment. What are the statuses? Complete: We've completed and deployed the line item Archived: It's an item that has been seen/discussed with the design and development team New: It has not been seen by the design and development team Queued: The development team likes the idea and will prioritize it to be included in the future. Not Considering: The design and development team has seen the line item but will not be adding it. Why Google Sheets? We have internal systems that we use for project management, and rather than adding another system for them to manage (Trello, etc), I'd rather keep it simple and straightforward for the moment. In addition, we have a forum that I'd prefer to utilize over Trello. If this is something that is sustainable, we'll look at different ways of integrating this into the forum. What do I do if my request isn't on here? If your request is a bug, a new addition to the game, or not generally considered to be a quality of life request, it won't make it on this list. If it is and it's not listed, it'll get added in time. Ok, enough.. Where is it? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oMHjs3UiR2OwvUn0V6QQogL4uT0XRtxrua8Gs6mFa5M/edit#gid=0
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    Look at this comment and really think. They gave new people dedicated servers to learn on. Keeping those servers to the side with the expressed idea of letting new people learn in a less cutthroat environment instead of allocating those servers to new and more popular game modes/maps. Not only that, they have given over a month's notice, take a look at true legacy wipes...sorry repurposing's, so how is that not a gift? I think they have gone out of their way to help the new people.
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    Titanoboa Im playing single player ark mobile and I wanted to tame a thylacoleo. And the kibble recipe for taming requires a titanoboa egg. The easiest way to get eggs is to tame and I searched and people said trap it and lose argo then drop fertilized eggs near from your inventory. But it doesn’t work. Other wise is there a way to keep them from despawning so i could just grab eggs from a trapped one?
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    Easy u just need to mate, hatch, kill, repeat. And after some months u will have 5 mutations))))))
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    shopping channel ad "dis new product works amazin"...until you cluster those dinos up or are at their height. like, you think your "professional polish" (whick looks like a 20 year old design btw) is helpful in your base, where there are kibble dinos and breeders mushed up into tight groups? and only bobs would want the hp bar. and you do understand that those names are on fixed location. you just hit backspace to take the screenshot and then placed the bars wherever they suited your case. try to write that in code. tribe - green, allies - blue, enemies - red, wild - yellow...just saying
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    You are welcome. Literally the first google search was the list you needed, or I wouldnt have taken my time to write a cheeky reply. Learn to do stuff for yourself. It might help later on when you get a job
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    Heaven forbid you have to do something yourself! Oh the horror!!
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