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  1. Above and beyond the call of duty, consider my fie thoroughly retracted. I shall raise my nightly glass of cod liver oil and cooking sherry in your honour. Watch out for this fella, there's something about him I just don't trust.
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  2. Hi Cythraul - I'm by no means an expert, and what little I do know I've learnt through a lot of mistakes, but I'd be happy to talk survival tips if you're interested. Feel free to drop me a pm.
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  3. Hello. I know they are making a lot of changes to this game. I would like to make a suggestion. Let us be able to use remote inventories. For example. If I am riding an Argentavis, I can build things from my characters inventory and the Argentavis inventory so I dont need to move all the items over to my inventory.
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  4. I ventured back underground today, in search of ravager saddle blueprints. Sadly I found none but on my travels near the rad zone, not far from my earlier ravager trap, I noticed a strange little creature flying around. It just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good look at it, so I shot it (with a tranq dart), as it lay on the floor with it's feet in the air I was able to get a good long look at it but was not able to access it's inventory. And that's how I discovered that Featherlights are passive tames. On the plus side I now have a new pet that I have never tamed before and it glows and dododex says it doesn't spawn on Valguero, so I guess that makes it rarer than the unicorn I still haven't found.
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  5. the island map got a major overhall that changed the biomes a long time ago, things got moved around, changed abit, even the bosses got changed instead of fighting them at the obelisks, you get teleported in, It was a change a long time ago link D1nk said, but my games seems to be having a mix of old and new, not sure why. well this old coot was just getting ready to hobble his way to the kitchen to get some grub to eat, but I sat my creeking old bones back down in my chair, fired off ark and headed onto extinction, crawled out of bed, and got on the griffon to fly over to the pen. Took a minute or two but finally got them all to show up for a group photo, sry for the quality, seems abit fuzzy for some reason... but here's the shot:
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