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    Recently we launched a new initiative, Classic PvP, which aimed to bring back the original days of PvP. These early days were full of fun and engaging battles with limited technology and an emphasis on the primitive aspects of PvP. Recent feedback from the community suggests that Classic PvP is a good start to reimagining early PvP but there's still more you'd like to see. When we originally launched Classic PvP, we launched it with a seasonal-based concept in mind. The idea of implementing a seasonal-based approach in an ARK game-mode was as enticing to us as it was to the community. On Friday 10:00 AM PDT, we'll be taking steps to get closer to the initial concept that inspired the game mode by implementing a few changes that have been requested by the community. In addition to these changes, Friday we will be wiping Classic PvP and preparing for Season 2. SEASON 2 CHANGES Cryopods are now craftable in obelisk terminals While we've heard feedback that you don't want TEK items like the TEK replicator, you do want items like cryopods for quality of life improvements. Cave building is disabled This change is one of the core requests from the community and a shift in the meta that we agreed on implementing for Classic PvP. We are excited to see how this change impacts Season 2 and we will adjust as necessary for future seasons. We’re anxious to get Season 2 underway but it's important to introduce changes slowly to monitor how they impact the current meta and gameplay. We’ll be looking forward to your suggestions and feedback for future seasons!
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