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    The not building in artifact caves has to be on every server not just classic. That is what all want!!!
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    Therizinosaur is stupidly overpowered The health and damage stats of the Therizinosaur have to be bugged! It's the only explanation for how, after inadvertently wandering across one of those stupid overgrown chickens, it proceeded to quite easily rip apart me, my Stego, my Trike, my two Raptors and my 5 Dilos without so much as even breaking a sweat (so to speak). I will, of course, take revenge of the thing by building one of those spiky wooden wall things and provoking the Theri to mindlessly attack it until it dies, but my vengeance will be bittersweet considering all the wasted hours I'd put into taming all the dinos the damn chicken killed. Of course, I've also got to somehow find the thing since I'd been on a scouting expedition miles from my base when I encountered it! The tragedy is real.
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    I tamed a 15 doedicurus and a 40 anky, so I can finally try to roof in my little shack on extinction. I had a 90 allosaurus fall through the top this morning. Good times.
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    Played around with the ini coding and got owls, gacha, Griffin, featherlight, shinehorns and velos to spawn on Valguero. Just need to tweak it so Managarmr will too
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    Bit of a change of pace and scenery this evening. I am a bit worried about the longevity of our Valguero server so I thought I would do a bit of contingency planning just in case the server nukes itself or something. Got a selection of deino eggs and any stock breeders I had over there as well as some select bps and moved them all to our central base on the Center. Am probably jumping the gun by a long shot, but best to be safe. I had also been thinking of firing up our Island base again for a while now so now seems like a good time to do that. Hoped across to check what creatures we have across there, thankfully all the essentials so no transfers needed atm. I definitely think the place could do with a spruce up do I started mass crafting stone structures and greenhouse peices. Am thinking of redesigning the main hub including making it more open. I am a sucker for using alot of greenhouse peices in builds at the moment, it really opens the builds right up and allows for viewing of the map in general. Enclosed stone builds just get claustrophobic after a while. Definitely going to redesign or even move the breeding barn, again open it up a bit, its kinda stuck in the corner in the dark.
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    Nice, now disable cave building on official servers.
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    Ancestory List Xbox Console When going into ancestory list on xbox highlight gets stuck on close x and no way to get to the scroll bars to scroll through the ancestory list of breed dinos please allow us to access these scroll bars so we can scroll all the way through generations of bred dinos
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Spent more time last night moving dinos and vault contents from the old base building on RAG to my new base just down the path a bit. Terribly boring, and thus the reason a full 2 weeks after building the new base, I still haven't finished the move. But I got a lot done last night. I also cryo'd and transferred some more dinos to Valguerro. Jumped onto Center to breed up my all Orange Owls... did I mention I FINALLY got the all blaze orange owls! I still have the sherbert orange owl to make into a solid one, but I prefer the blaze anyway. Transferred a couple of the blaze owl eggs over to Extinction, hatched them up, and will add the dermis to my Hall of Fame (I take a dermis for each version of a full color owl, and put them on tax. bases in front my base. Currently have the bright Red, bright Blue, light blue, Pink, bright yellow, Cyan, Neon Green, and have the gold one, which i realized still needs the stripes bred in, so need to pull that dermis until I complete it. I'm also dang close to the all mint green, all chocolate brown and all black. I then took my battle Quetz out and hit up a large Element vein. By this time it was after 11pm, and I need to hit the hay.
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    A surprise x4 event for “Labor Day Weekend” would be a welcomed surprise. Nothing like a 3 day weekend of hitting the Ark grind!
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    Another evening of hunting beacons for a Deinonychus saddle blue print. Struck gold out of a yellow drop, a mastercraft saddle with 62 armour, was one of the first I looked in tonight. Personally I was hoping for more, a ascendant with ~100 armour would be nice but it still beats our apprentice with 40 armour. Might keep looking but this will keep me happy for just now. Went back to base with the prize. Also found yet another premade ascendant chainsaw with our best dura yet, this map loves dropping chainsaw bps and premades. Now that I had a half decent saddle I decided to make a start on raising a squad up, threw down a clutch of 7 eggs and got 7, no twins or triplets. Imprinted all of them with plent of time to spare and have now left them to level up in cryopods. Got a feeling they will need as many levels as possible and all the levels will probably go into health. This whole deino boss squad is probably going to be a disaster but it'll be a good laugh nonetheless.
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    SP Valguero (Just a quick update) The two Deinos, Shaya and Phoenix, are finally done maturing! "Woo Hoo!" And they've now given birth to a male offspring (Eagle) with one mutation, who is raising now. However, I doubled my maturation rate, and this one shouldn't take three days. Whew.... I also returned from gathering mats to find Appy painting Goner's talons, shocking orange. Cool by me, but as I got closer, I realized Goner is now female. This of course begs the question, was Goner always female? (Sometimes I drink beer while playing Ark, so things might be missed.) However, I've had two dilos in the past swap gender, so.... Either way, I said, "Looking good, Goner," and she replied with a happy trill. And now to the bad news, a family of brontos has moved in above the cave, and the noise is driving me freaking CRAZY! "Might I suggest crafting that ascendant compound bow we found the BP for?" HLN-A asks.
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    Thank you for all your hints! I will try them out. I always thought I did something wrong but I hope it works now ^^. Many greetings to all of you!
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    "aimed to bring back the original days of PvP" -adds cryopods My brain hurts.
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    Recently we launched a new initiative, Classic PvP, which aimed to bring back the original days of PvP. These early days were full of fun and engaging battles with limited technology and an emphasis on the primitive aspects of PvP. Recent feedback from the community suggests that Classic PvP is a good start to reimagining early PvP but there's still more you'd like to see. When we originally launched Classic PvP, we launched it with a seasonal-based concept in mind. The idea of implementing a seasonal-based approach in an ARK game-mode was as enticing to us as it was to the community. On Friday 10:00 AM PDT, we'll be taking steps to get closer to the initial concept that inspired the game mode by implementing a few changes that have been requested by the community. In addition to these changes, Friday we will be wiping Classic PvP and preparing for Season 2. SEASON 2 CHANGES Cryopods are now craftable in obelisk terminals While we've heard feedback that you don't want TEK items like the TEK replicator, you do want items like cryopods for quality of life improvements. Cave building is disabled This change is one of the core requests from the community and a shift in the meta that we agreed on implementing for Classic PvP. We are excited to see how this change impacts Season 2 and we will adjust as necessary for future seasons. We’re anxious to get Season 2 underway but it's important to introduce changes slowly to monitor how they impact the current meta and gameplay. We’ll be looking forward to your suggestions and feedback for future seasons!
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    If I can to nite I will post a video and cord's to the best queen location and best spot to farm \despawn them basically luring them off a cliff they despawn before they hit the ground
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    Oh, we all have Theri stories. My 1st Theri tame was an 8 hour berry tame ordeal because I let it wake up at like 97% tamed because I was reading about it on Ark wiki, so I had to knock it back out and let it starve down again. That thing was a revenge tame that slaughtered my base and countless dino's. It also tore through my wooden spike walls so make metal if you are planning on it killing itself that way. Still after I got that thing, I never struggled for prime meat, flowers, mushrooms, berries, meat, wood, thatch, fiber, or protection again and it was only like a level 60 or 80 tame. As a matter of fact, I now know my goal when I pop onto my single player game today.
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    You’d have to get the kill with the dermis tool in order to collect I think.
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    Enable Tek Helmets to not pinpoint but at least find the general area of a Phoenix on Scorch Earth during non Heat waves.
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    Probably means foundations and if so you are disqualified! But your first one may not be cute but it's awesome!
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    When you sit on an animal, your weight is on it, so yes, if your total weight is more than the animal can carry it wont move.
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    Thanks, I am still tweaking settings, for some reason tek raptors are still spawning. I have thought about the turret situation and contemplated removing them but it would make things to easy I think. You can tame the Paracers, Wooly Rhinos and Mammoths for bullet soakers. Any other input would be helpful. Always looking to make things more interesting.
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    Lets look at those examples. Farming Simulator 2011 released a season pass that covered 4 DLC packs. But then, Farming Simulator 2013 released with a season pass containing 5 DLC packs. Then Farming Simulator 15 with a 4 DLC season pass, then Farming Simulator 17 with a 3 DLC season pass, and then Farming Simulator 19 with a 3 DLC season pass. That's called milking a cow. That can't be compared to ARKs season pass. That would be the equivalent of if Ark released Ark 2.0 and then brought out the Genesis season pass for that. As for The Crew 2, that season pass clearly states exactly what the season pass will contain. The fact that there has been no new content provided beyond that season pass or another season pass created doesn't mean they won't do that. Their season pass states exactly what it will contain, as did Arks season pass. So not great examples really.
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    Harvest Settings expanded on dinos Instead of just the disabling of resource and victim collection on dinos would love to see it expanded to turn off collection of certain resource types allowing you to say when meat gathering on a giga only to get raw meat the ability to turn off hide pelt chitin kertain on dinos would be vary nice and to turn off stone and flint off anklyos while doing a resource run would help a lot as well save time of sorting through inventory and tossing unwanted stuff... Please add this in... I am sure others could come up with even more reasons to have the expanded option to turn on and off each resource the creature is capable of harvesting..
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    Love the server. However, with therr not being any big dinos to absorb turrets, this should almost be a Prim+ server. Def would be a great set up for it. Rates seem pretty decent. I did level up pretty fast though. Level 38 in an hour and half without much focus on just leveling. That was general crafting for needed tools. Its nice not having brontos trampling everywhere as well. Although it does seem a little high on the sabertooth. Lol. But all in all it was fun. I plan to stay.
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    Today in ark, I fed my dino's and went to some decayed bases and collected the left behind loot. it was a short day, but productive.
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    As a PVE player and trying the changes I can say I am not happy with the changes to the Snow Owl. I can understand why PvP players want it, but in PvE it is hurting the actual use of the creature. I agree with someone above that perhaps it should be locked out of freezing enemies players and dinos, but not the wild dinosaurs which is hurting the great and fun mechanic/use it has for PvE.
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    Add npc’s to single players as that would make it a lot more fun plus some sort of item stacking size option
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    Don't sweat it, some people just like to troll. Until they find their account is locked...
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    What I find difficult to understand is how WC are always putting out broken patches? I never once experience issues like this. So this tells me it may be more to do with the user-end or Steam was having a wobble at the time. I know it's easy to blame the user-end (just like it is easy to blame WC), but unless someone can clearly explain how it is WC's fault in situations like this when the majority of people (yes that's an assumption at this stage) don't have any issues downloading and installing the 201Mb patch. How do you explain it to be WC's fault? There's 4 parts to this: Wildcard Steam User User's ISP But it is only ever WC's fault?
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    I can understand you are frustrated by the situation but there is absolutely no reason to take your rage on someone that was just trying to offer insight on the update schedule. If you cannot handle others' comments then perhaps you should not be posting on a public forums.
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    Yup looks about right! Why even take the time to do boss fights if over half the fight is getting around this crap.
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    Patch day is Tuesday and has been for a while.
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    Eggs can fall inside of a foundation and get lost, I like to put small animals on top of a wooden ceiling. The different texture of the wood makes it easier to see the eggs, and if they do fall through the ceiling you can pick them up from the floor below.
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    Please fix the preserving salt Scorched Earth bug for console. PC can put perserving salt in their preserving bin to increase time of spoilage but those of us playing console can't. Would be useful for me playing as a single player trying to raise a wyvern.
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    Can also mate them on top of a large crop plot. This saves eggs and ovis from dropping under the floor.
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    Rework the Quetz - Give it improved abilities, maybe a second attack like the wyvern wing attack and reskin it Fix landing lag - whenever I try to land my flying tames mainly wyverns and they commonly fly around even when there's a clear and ready space to do so Reskin Wyverns - they look great now but increase the diversity of wyverns Update recipe system - give it a better interface and make it easier to understand Update all dinosaur that haven't been TLCd
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    Having same issue could of killed just wouldnt land...
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    Hoping upcoming QOL improvements including activating Tek Helmet by different button not "E" And damn manticore landing issue.now facing with it in 3 maps by adding valguero official clusters.
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    What is being done about those effected by cryofridge glitch? Tek boss teleporter, with the way the obilisks are nowadays it's so hard to get dinos on to the ring. Make it cost a lot and have a 24hr cool down or something like that. Maybe underwater tek powered domes, kinda like city protection shields on ext
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    SP Valguero (Foreword: The foundation in the cave is finished, and walls have sprung up out of the simple necessity to support the many AA::OCD Vaults needed to contain all the Phat Lewtz! Lights buzz and perhaps flicker from time to time in the base, especially when Goner is charging his Hagenuk MT-2000. But lately, thoughts have turned to assembling a cadre of Deinos...) We've got this down to a "T," or is it down to a "Tee?" "Hey, HLN-A, is the common expression down to a 'T' or down to a 'Tee?'" "Seriously?" she inquires. "Hmm, so I'm not going to be able to order groceries through you either?" "Funny. Have you ever thought about hugging a Kentrosaurus? I've heard they bring good luck." "Heh, not really," I concede. But we really do have this down to a T. And by this, I mean stealing Deino eggs. I've spotted another Deino nest in the White Cliffs area, which is of course surrounded by a bunch of the murder chickens. Knowing the routine, Triton maintains an altitude of angels two and flaps about a hundred meters away. At this point, it's all up to Appy. Oh, by the way, Appy is a new addition to the crew. She's a peach and charcoal colored jerboa with no fear, wearing a set of aviator goggles, a parachute, and carrying a small accordion. When we reach the jump-off point, she gives me a little salute and launches herself from my shoulder. A second later, her canopy opens, and Triton spirals downward back toward the nest. As Appy passes through the thousand foot mark, she starts playing the, "Beer Barrel Polka," on her accordion. It takes a second or two, but the Deinos soon notice and charge toward her descending form, necks craned upward. And as they're all hopping around below her, expecting a snack, Triton and I land, grab the egg, and launch skyward again. I look down as the Deinos charge angrily back, but they're too late. After that, Triton wings his way toward Appy, deftly catching her parachute in his talons (Sometimes closer to the ground than others), and heads toward safety. Aside from all the low level eggs we've recovered (Stolen) which will be used for kibble, we managed to nab two 150's and one 140. The two 150s have been hatched (Male and Female) and are maturing now. Unfortunately, I didn't bump the maturation level up high enough after the snow owl debacle a while back, so they should be fully grown in three or four years. Sigh.... (Edit by HLN-A: #ServesYouRight)
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    Today I hopped on Valguero to do a little metal mining before 2x was over, within 5 minutes of being there i noticed it was getting extreme lag, but i headed out anyhow and went farming, I saw a nice spot of metal that hadn't been farmed yet and went to land, as i did two Chalk golems popped up out of the ground and I quickly flew back up into the sky found a safe rock and dropped my anky off on it, then headed back and led the two chalk golems off the cliff, returning afterwards to get the metal. It turned out to be a nice little hall of 2.5k ingots worth and i headed home. I thought i hadn't seen one of my friends on the server for awhile so i decided to fly to their house and see if they had been on, over 5 allo, a lake and up a cliff, i arrived at their house, 6 days decay left, yep they hadn't been on recently, hope they come back soon, went to fly back to my house and had almost got back and.... the server crashed. When the server finally came back on, i found myself almost dead on the ground, thank god i did a mindwipe and reset my skills from crafting else I would of been dead for sure, I whistled my bird to me and flew back home. looked like we got a 10 minute rollback, so i checked the metal, was still in the forge, and set it to smelting, then headed upstairs and started making a ton of gunpowered, watching the server stutter and stall off and on I decided sense 2x was over i'd head back to the island and hatch some rex eggs. I got on the island and within the first 5 minutes that i was there, DC'ed... I restarted ark as every time i get DC'ed i can't connect to a server unless i do, looked for the server and it was missing... hrm... did it crash? a few moments later it popped back up, 700 ping, 400 ping, 100 ping, ah there we go, checked it a few more times and the ping was fine, I noted that hardly anyone was on it as well, once i got back on, I found everyone got disconnected from it. well... off to what i set to do... hatch rex eggs. I pulled out my 9 eggs and tossed them down in the hatchery room, and sat around for a hour waiting for them to hatch while talking to my tribemate on valguero who was doing the same with wyvern. as the egg was about to hatch, DC'ed... doh... i felt i was going to end up with a dead baby... When i got back on the server, i looked at the egg and it had 2 minutes left... hrm.. rollback? well i was happy the eggs were safe. I picked up 8 of the 9 eggs and quickly stuck them in the fridge, i'll hatch them another day. and as i got back into the hatchery the baby hatched, a nice light grey rex with a green back and dark spine. I claimed it then shoved some meat into its inventory and looked at the stats. 23k health and 1007.8 melee! yes! i was so happy, fed him for a little bit and noticed server was getting choppy so i cryo'ed him and stuck him in the fridge. I stuck around for awhile and just to make sure the server saved a couple times before I headed out. I got a plee of help when I was about to head out from another friend on a ragnarok server, he'd lost his gear and was afraid he was gonna lose his rex too as he had just joined that server, luckly it was one I had a base on, so i grabbed my tapa and headed to obelisk, 9 minutes before i could transfer. hrm... i let him know... then headed to my vault and grabbed some of my backup gear for him, along with a gps and a canteen. once i got on the server another friend from valguero was helping them, and he got his rex back, we met up on the beach down below the castle , and i gave him his new gear along with 2 cryo pods. we all hung around for abit, laughed, and ventured a little then headed back to our bases even though the server was getting some heavy lag spikes, even killed a high level alpha carno. I refreshed my spino trap while i was there and opened the doors so my friends could use it while they were on the server, sense the doors don't actually have to be closed to keep the spino in. then headed back to Valguero. Once back on valguero I went home and started making bullets, finally getting out of the darkages, though i know i'll still use my trusty crossbow and pike, as they have saved me many of times. I was going to craft a nice shotgun blueprint i found but was short on supplies, so i headed out to get some cp so i could make more polymer, at first all went fine, took the materials hopped on bird, killed the beavers, leaving the dams destroyed. but then came that last dam.... as soon as i opened it I was hit by a beaver and it bounced me 1/2 way into the lake, trying to dodge beavers and swim back to shore, samon decided to join in and attack me as well... omg.... my armor started breaking... as i got to the shore, one final hit and i was dead. In fear for my bird, i hopped on the wyvern and quickly flew to the lake across the bay, and i managed to retrieve all my stuff, bird safely sitting on the ground and not one beaver to be found, as quickly as they appeared they all seemed to of vanished as well. well sorry wyvern, no beaver snacks for you! once back home I started making poly and... arg, only 1/2 of what i needed in obsidian... well... we'll leave that for another day. I don't know if wildcard owns the server cluster of if they are leasing it from someone, but the servers seem to need some serious maintenance, talking with the people i play with on 4 of 5 of the servers, they are all experiencing DC's and server crashes. Somethings not right somewhere, hopefully they will straiten it out soon, hopefully before the Genesis launch.
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    Please fix light shafts and bloom quality on consoles.
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    Could we add an option on the scroll wheel to milk our female wyverns now? I think it’s been long enough that this would be a good option
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    At any company with it's doors still open.
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    The themes, but since you removed them a long time ago, not sure anyone else knows what that means. Your current idea of "theme" is a wallpaper, colored dinos and boosted rates. How is that a theme? Bring the actual themes back. I miss graveyards for Halloween that kind of stuff added tons of enjoyment to the game. Right now events are just a way to farm stuff faster. Anyone who joined Ark after you removed the themes will not have any idea, so will just probably post "boosted rates!" since that is all they know.
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    I've been making event mods for quite a while. People generally want: To decorate their bases (without grinding for materials -- the first Christmas forced everybody to fight for Santa drops for days, just to build a single Christmas tree) Fight new monsters (Dodo Rex, Dodo Wyvern, Zombie Dodos, etc) New ways to get cool loot (Santa drops, etc) New dinos and new items, such as Flying Brooms during Halloween (like I've done in ARK Hallows Eve, etc) Feel free to look through my mods for ideas. I submitted these for sponsorship, but there didn't seem to be any interest for some reason. ARK Hallows Eve: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1167006915 Dynamically generated Graveyards which have: Erie smoke clouds with custom suspense music Randomly generated gravestones that can be searched, revealing a custom skeleton monster or an admin-configurable loot chest. Flying Brooms Multiple types User-configurable Glowbugs that flutter around the broom, to make it easy to find at night Can fish while on the broom Speed and flight/ground abilities are fully admin configurable Can be picked up and carried in inventory after you land Skeleton Costumes for Players Candy Baskets (Randomly gives "Trick" or "Treat" candies. Tricks make you do something silly, and Treats give you buffs) All the holiday skins/decorations that are fully resizable Clown Balloons that pop when you hit hard objects. Can be used to apply Torpor to teammates, so you can put on a clown mask and jump your friends Custom music player for the Fear Evolved theme music etc, etc Autumn Feast: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207997302 Added wild Turkey spawns. Turkeys are tamable and breedable. Build the special "Double Barreled Poultry Pulverizer" (shotgun) to hunt birds Insta-gibs Argents, Terror-Birds, Dodos, and Turkeys When a bird is shot with the gun, no XP is given, the bird explodes in a poof of features, and it drops a custom "Bird Carcass" Pluck the Bird Carcass for Feathers (used to craft skins, such as the Chieftain hat) Deep Fryer Placed plucked bird carcasses in the fryer, along with veggies, and craft Autumn Feasts! Autumn Feasts can be placed on tables, and contain a certain number of Servings based on the size of the bird used Players can place plates on tables, and clicking a plate will pull a Serving from a nearby feast. Clicking the plate again will eat the Serving. Eating Autumn Feasts gives you a "Stuffed - Digesting!" buff, which slowly gives the player food/water over time as they digest. It also increases their insulation stat slightly, because they're fat now. Holiday Delight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822564503 Added all of the Winter Wonderland decorations back into the game, and added some new ones. Players can build and sit on a custom Santa Sleigh for fun/screenshots Custom music player (Holiday Delight Wreath) plays the WInter Wonderland music The Snowman has been overhauled to produce snow in the area, and all of his sockets have been overhauled to allow every helmet in the game to snap to his head. Holiday Stockings have been fixed to allow player names The gift-wrap present has been updated/fixed, and now include custom sounds/effects when opened etc, etc
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    Special perks like the increased loot quality from the Christmas event 2 years ago.
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    Wyvern trap + tranq darts != Hard, just tedious. It makes no sense to me that ark mammals don't raise their own babies and tamed wyverns magically lose the ability to produce milk. At the very least we should be able to refrigerate milk, and it should stack.
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