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    I can understand you are frustrated by the situation but there is absolutely no reason to take your rage on someone that was just trying to offer insight on the update schedule. If you cannot handle others' comments then perhaps you should not be posting on a public forums.
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Spent more time last night moving dinos and vault contents from the old base building on RAG to my new base just down the path a bit. Terribly boring, and thus the reason a full 2 weeks after building the new base, I still haven't finished the move. But I got a lot done last night. I also cryo'd and transferred some more dinos to Valguerro. Jumped onto Center to breed up my all Orange Owls... did I mention I FINALLY got the all blaze orange owls! I still have the sherbert orange owl to make into a solid one, but I prefer the blaze anyway. Transferred a couple of the blaze owl eggs over to Extinction, hatched them up, and will add the dermis to my Hall of Fame (I take a dermis for each version of a full color owl, and put them on tax. bases in front my base. Currently have the bright Red, bright Blue, light blue, Pink, bright yellow, Cyan, Neon Green, and have the gold one, which i realized still needs the stripes bred in, so need to pull that dermis until I complete it. I'm also dang close to the all mint green, all chocolate brown and all black. I then took my battle Quetz out and hit up a large Element vein. By this time it was after 11pm, and I need to hit the hay.
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    Another evening of hunting beacons for a Deinonychus saddle blue print. Struck gold out of a yellow drop, a mastercraft saddle with 62 armour, was one of the first I looked in tonight. Personally I was hoping for more, a ascendant with ~100 armour would be nice but it still beats our apprentice with 40 armour. Might keep looking but this will keep me happy for just now. Went back to base with the prize. Also found yet another premade ascendant chainsaw with our best dura yet, this map loves dropping chainsaw bps and premades. Now that I had a half decent saddle I decided to make a start on raising a squad up, threw down a clutch of 7 eggs and got 7, no twins or triplets. Imprinted all of them with plent of time to spare and have now left them to level up in cryopods. Got a feeling they will need as many levels as possible and all the levels will probably go into health. This whole deino boss squad is probably going to be a disaster but it'll be a good laugh nonetheless.
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    When I got home my computer had updated and was ready to play, just like always.
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    oh nice. So they got upset because i said they should of actually looked instead of just posted saying "patches are on tuesday". but they couldn't be bothered to look and see, and posted anyhow, then had to come back and do it again. And I called it a peanut gallery post because they didn't bother to look. But yeah they got upset and reported it to a moderator, and I get the slap for it. thats nice. Thanks. You know its because of posts like that that topics go off topic. but hey okay fine, call me wrong for stating the obvious.
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    Then you shouldn't be making posts on topics you know nothing about. Thank you for confirming you had no clue what you were talking about when you made your original post and that it was a peanut gallery post.
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    Looking forward to the upcoming Quality of life changes! Any chance we could have a method to speed up neutering/spaying someday? Perhaps by holding scissors in your hand or something.
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    Fjordur This map will be a great addition along side Valguero, this will give players experiences with new designs that they haven't seen before and they'd enjoy the new way to play ark
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    Megalosaurus if ran at night, Rhino's, I've seen Deino's do up to the Beta on Valguero, Allo's can be used as well. I'm certain Spino's have been used too. That's not even counting unique combo's (seen Rex/Wolves for Alpha Monkey) or even the player with a weapon on a number of mounts. Bears, Deer, Stego's, heck I seen a guy use a Unicorn for Alpha Dragon. Lol. Lots of options out there. It's a game. Play around a bit.
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    While this seems good in theory, this would get exploited like nobody's business.
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    Don't sweat it, some people just like to troll. Until they find their account is locked...
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    By user I am more thinking of their hardware etc, or other things they may be running on their PC at the same time that may bottleneck the download etc. There's multiple things that could cause issues on one persons PC and not others. So i'm not referring to the user as in the person persay.
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    How is that an appropriate example? Did I say anything about ingame or server issues? No I did not thank you very much. Did I say WC never make mistakes? No I did not thank you very much. I was talking about someone having a problem downloading a patch when many others had no issues and it automatically gets labelled as WC pushing out a broken patch. So your comment has zero to do with what was being discussed.
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    The user doesn't really count as a source of inadvertent patch-installation failure. The only way the user could interfere with a totally automated installation is if he or she blatantly interrupted the patching process with a hard-powerdown, switched the patch download location before the install, or maybe moved ARK itself. But then it wouldn't be an inadvertent failure, it would be a purposeful one. There have been a few times that I have had to stop a patch and validate my gamefiles to get it to install properly because it seemed to hang up on downloading. There was one time I had to do a full fresh-install of ARK (it was at a major update to ARK, can't recall which one) because it downloaded a few hundred MB and then sat for hours at that. Validating didn't help, and I eventually reinstalled which fixed whatever issue. This same 201MB patch, I didn't have to validate, but my computer hung up around 190 MB for about 15 minutes until I realized it wasn't progressing and paused/restarted the update. My hardware hasn't changed, my ISP hasn't changed, Steam hasn't changed (much, other than UI stuff?), the only thing that was guaranteed to be different than other patches was the patch itself.
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    You are aware there is a PvE version of the game right?
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    Thank you, that answers both of my questions
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    First off, the Devs aren't responsible for rule enforcement, that's what your enforcement team is for, aka the Server Admin. I would like to say that the Enforcement team while effective when they do take action, takes forever and a day to actually answer tickets and that certainly does need some improvement. In a perfect world, instead of being forced to uncryo 15 dinos and sit through cooldown timers, it would be nice if a development side effort could be made to allow entry into boss fights through a craftable beacon instead, that way if people want to enter the boss arenas, they simply activate a beacon in their backyards instead of having to pile all the dinos onto the pad, but that's just my opinion. In my opinion one of the biggest gripes I have is the rates and timers, the excessive amount of grind time in this game makes it nearly unplayable for those of us that work, so much so that I've seen several forced into moving into the private servers because of jobs and family responsibilities. I'm not saying make it easy, but not having to log in every single day for the sake of upkeep, or to spend 3 hours online nightly would be a heaven sent.
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    ADD MORE FURNITURE AND DECORATIONS!!!!!!!! It sucks building a really cool house in ark and not being able to decorate it, there are zero furniture and no decorations and nothing to play with to make your home and your base look outstanding. please add more furniture to ark! Imagine all the cool bases that ark players can build and create! Some really cool furniture would be (Couch) (that can be crafted using wood, pelt or wool and fiber) (lounge chairs) ( that can be crafted using wood, pelt or wool and fiber) ( better beds) ( that can be crafted using wood,pelt or wool, fiber) (Torch chandelier or ceiling torches) ( that can be crafted using wood, thach, fiber,metal ingots and flint) (More tabes like round,Square and long tables) (Weapon wall mounts or weapon racks) ( that can be crafted using metal ingots,wood and obsidian) (Armor racks) (that can be crafted using metal wood fiber and thach) (Flowerpots) ( that can be crafted using stone,wood and thatch) ( small bed or loft for your small dinos ) (that can be crafted using wood, pelt or wool and fiber) (Better chairs or Thrones) (this can be crafted using Wood, metal ingots, fiber and thach) ( lanterns or lamps) ( that can be crafted using wood, Metal ingots, stone) (Bookshelves) (that can be crafted using wood, fiber and thach) ( statues ) ( that can be crafted using stone, wood and thatch) ( fire pits ) (that can be crafted using stone, wood and thach)
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    There is already something in the game that the community compared to this and its the gasbag from extinction
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    Given that the 190 I hatched recently had like 5k hp, 1k stam and 228 dmg, I'd say you are decently lucky. But the HP is not the bestxD
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    Nope. You can only play on isolated cross-play compatible server clusters i.e. cross play or small tribes.
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    And thanks to that tip, made the server Alpha Tek Cave run, finally got Alpha Tek Cave and ascended...
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    No, it's not. L2 + directional buttons for the first 4 regions, L2 + L1 + square or triangle for regions 5 and 6.
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    I've looked just now and the wiki seems correct. The Deino is listed in the following tables: LootItemSet_SupplyDrop_Level45_StatsOnly_Valguero LootItemSet_SupplyDrop_Level35_Valguero LootItemSet_SupplyDrop_Level35_StatsOnly_Valguero LootItemSet_SupplyDrop_Level60_Valguero LootItemSet_SupplyDrop_Level45_Valguero
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    Teaming is against the rules, if the other people are also teaming report them.
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    they are made out of blood sweat and tears of newbies.
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    They announced a while back that they would be adopting a once a week update cycle on Tuesdays. I am at work, so no I haven't played today. Steam usually updates while I am at work.
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    I love peanut gallery posts, obviously your just trolling the forums and haven't even played, nor read the patch notes, else you'd know there was a patch today. Now back on the topic at hand: The 201mb patch screwed up 2.2gb of ark files. Same as last time this happened. Great job! I wonder if it screwed up peoples Undedicated Servers like last time as well.
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    Patch day is Tuesday and has been for a while.
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    https://old.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/cuk3ti/msega_make_scorched_earth_great_again_qol_and/?st=jzthe2xy&sh=65bf8487 QoL suggestions. Biiiiiig post. Please read.
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    If the stats are terrible you could use them to tame trodons.
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    this problem fixed itself. I had done all the steps thanks @Larkfields for the help. its just one of them ARK things.
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    In the game settings there is an option to allow feeding of raid dino's. That should let you keep the Titans. If that doesn't work, you can adjust how much your tames eat as well.
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    Hoping upcoming QOL improvements including activating Tek Helmet by different button not "E" And damn manticore landing issue.now facing with it in 3 maps by adding valguero official clusters.
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    Please add the s+ nests that collect and incubate eggs for you!
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    What if, now hear me out... The Turtle had 4 eyes? Would that be a agreeable compromise? And for the rocket launcher snail, it wouldn't shoot rockets but instead, it shoots Achatina Paste Bombs?
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    You said you didn't want accurate, you wanted based on. It's a massive turtle that could easily be based on the Archelon. The parts that are not accurate are the number of eyes and it's back designed for settlement. I'm a little confused by what you actually want if you don't necessarily want accurate but you want thing based on stuff.
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    the only fix that i've found for this problem is to make the painting template smaller. I had made a sign for one of my friends and at first it would work (painted 3 with no issues) but later after they had gotten broken, went to replace them and couldn't kept getting disconnected 1/2 way through the painting, so just for giggles after many frustrating attempts, I made the tempate smaller, and tried again, it worked. reducing the colors at original size didn't do anything same problem accured, only shrinking the size of the template made it possible, luckly it wasn't a overly detailed painting, just a tribe banner, else would of had detail loss due to lowering the pixel size.
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    There is a huge thread about why the war system needed to be turned off for official PvE. PvE really needs better cooperation mechanics. Way more than just alliance that exists now.
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    Who in the world uses the ally system for wars? Never heard of it.. The point of the ally system is to 1) Private Chat 2) Allowing building near. 3) Blue name so can see friends/don't trigger parasaurs 4) Allow riding passenger on Rock Drakes still many benefits for PVE
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    I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
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    Use cryopods, devs made it craftable on every map, use this gift. ORP PVP is a thing. Play unofficial then. Wow, you are hooked. Devs are doing great, respect that.
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    I am glad to see that the PVE Tribe Warfare System is being disabled as it is very much open to abuse in it's current format. I am in a tribe that was raided due to someone abusing the trust of the alliance system resulting the destruction of our base with many cryoed dinos being lost, along with much damage to a friend's base, as well as yesterday seeing another friend's base raided and destroyed, all because some people in this game are simply too pathetic to actually take part in the real PVP environment. Many of us playing on the PVE servers weren't even aware that such PVP style gameplay tactics were possible and wanted no part of it either. The fact that someone could lie their way into an alliance with one tribe and then themselves actually be able to initiate tribal warfare that dragged in anyone and everyone related to that tribe via the alliance system is to me a senseless gameplay mechanic for a PVE server. At the very least this should have been held in check by having tribal warfare only possible if tribe leaders agreed upon it, not any random nobody that arrives on a server pretending to be something they are not and then being able to cause such misery for people who never wanted anything to do with warfare. Does anybody in their right mind really think that PVE players who have each literally spent thousands of hours building up a base or bases really want all that work wiped out in seconds by a bunch of stupid and brainless thugs? I lost count how much extra time and effort went in to making the report to Wildcard for our base destruction, with the final kick in the teeth being a reply back simply thanking us for the report but being unable to comment on other players. I was so close to simply quitting this game because of these raids because what is the point of playing if this is how you are 'rewarded' for all your efforts.
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    You only get 22 minutes even on alpha. You get more time on the Rag arena with 2 bosses than you do in the Valguero arena with 3 bosses. Let me let that sink in to the Devs. This is ridiculous. He gets bugged in the air where he just doesn't even seem to be targeting anything. I have a tribe of 3 people, and even with max damage shotguns and 12 minutes on the clock to kill him, we can't, because he won't land. and 3 people just can't pump him full of enough ammo. This means that even with hyper leveled boss rexes, it's a hard fight with a tight timer for any tribe less than 4, because hyper inflated boss rexes mean nothing if they can't actually hit manticore at all because he won't land. Manticore was designed with fliers in mind, but in 2 of the 3 arenas he's featured in, we cannot bring fliers and they won't fix his landing mechanics.
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    The majority of the player base is playing it. They must like it.
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    Do you think the world is flat as well?
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    Unless you are rocking the PvE, like most players are.
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    it is 1 stack of dust= 1 ele to amke it not as op, once u get a gacha pair making element and a good vein tactic grinding by poles and tables really seems pointless, i mean i still do it cause i play on boosted so it still benefits me, but imagine if 1 stack gives us 100 element, your 100 ele dust= 10 ele also equals to 10 ele dust= 1 ele, do u realize how op that is. if it make u happier it can be easier to make the shards and convert that into ele as it spoils faster and it sort of crafts faster. anyway if anythign had to change i would say make the enforfers specialize in harvesting eledust, from both veins and the furniture.
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