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    What else did I do today? I discovered, after 18 months of playing ark, that you can place markers on the map to record locations..... How did i never know this before? Hahah
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    Dear Mrs Parasaur Butcher, I regret to inform you that your son has died in the line of duty. The cause of death has been recorded as: Sacrificed self to save superior officer [ ] Heroic last stand in face of overwhelming odds [ ] Collateral damage in routine mining operation [X] Shot self in back of head (bullet) [ ] Shot self in back of head (arrow) [ ] Shot self in back of head (rock or bludgeoning instrument) [ ] "Food shortage" [ ] Miscellaneous [ ] As a token of our appreciation for his service, Private Butcher has been posthumously awarded the not applicable. Yrs etc, and could you get that out for the lunchtime post please, thank you Margaret.
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    Will go through point by point as I'm on the Beta Branch: Everything DVSR has posted is good, with some added things as I'm on the Beta Branch: Mek Shield Debuff should not be 30 seconds, but maybe 10. 30 Seconds is still way too long for anyone to possibly ever get away from a Mek. The purpose of the Mek shield should be to protect allies and give a *minor* damage increase debuff to the enemy. IE: 20% extra damage instead of 50%. Honestly the slow should just be removed all together from Mek Shields. Snow Owl Immunity should only apply to ENEMY Dinosaurs and Players. The immunity to being frozen for allied dinos doesn't make any sense. See if you can flag this as a priority, that way PvE players are happy. Snow Owl Immunity should also apply to the slow debuff, that way people can't spam dive bomb when they are chasing someone down. As far as the Tek Tapejara nerfs, I agree with what DVSR has stated. I believe the proper way to Nerf Tapejaras is to take something away and to give something. IE: 50% reduction in their damage to structures, remove the 30% projectile nerf, but then up the range to High on Tek Rexes and Tek Rock Drakes OR give C4 Platforms back. The only viable saddle currently IS the Tek Tapejara Saddle. If you nerf it to oblivion, then we are back to a soaking meta, which is bad. Another viable alternative is to just increase the Tek Turret Health from 3000 to 20000 and do not nerf tek tapejara at all. That way, it is 40 Tek Tapejara shots to destroy a Tek Turret instead of 6. Plant Z Weight is currently 11 on the Beta Branch. Also, remove the Flash Bang effect. Noone wants it.
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    Plant Z weight isn't 10 like it's supposed to be according to the patch notes it's 11. However as I addressed below I think 10 is still too heavy. Tek Tapey Nerfs It seems the paper math for the tek tapey nerf was spot on... This is a huge nerf to Tek tapes, it's 75% on top of the 30% overall damage nerf. Tek tapeys now only do 88 damage per shot to tek structures. This is effectively a 82.5% nerf to damaging structures. Let me put this in perspective to how overboard this nerf is. Now remember that tek is the counter for tek. Tek Rexes (this applies to all other tek saddle variants I used rex for testing purposes) do 103 damage to metal... So a Tek rex saddle is doing more damage to metal than a Tek tapey is doing to Tek... The material that's supposed to be weak to Tek, just think about that for a moment. I understand you want to balance Tek tapeys but this is just beyond ridiculous. I don't think you guys understand just how cancer you will make raiding bases that are built high up like Extinction city and tree bases or cliff platform/turret towers. Places where these other Tek saddle dinos CAN NOT reach. I can't believe that a 82.5% nerf is even being tested, this is WAY overboard. I'll propose some other creative ways to deal with current tek tapey meta; Nerf tapey movespeed (easier for turrets to track) Nerf tek tapey firing rate Give tek tapey saddle an overheating mechanic (like the tek rifle and tek rail gun) Increase tek turret health I do not believe tek tapeys to be as over powered as people are making them out to be. As I've addressed below there are several ways to deal with tek tapey rushes that effectively stop the push in it's tracks. These counters are quite cheap please read below. - Mek shield debuff set to not be given on shield deactivation This is a really good nerf to the current mek shield spam meta, however I don't think it really addresses the main issue with the debuff. And that is the insanely overpowered values attached to this debuff. The insane slow which makes it impossible to escape from a mek that is in pursuit. But most of all the HUGE 50% weakness to all damage. Mek shield debuff can single handedly determine who will win a push. So much so that neither party will push into each other, so what ensues is a group of dinos on both sides just standing inside a mek shield staring at each other for 2 hours. This debuff is what is OP, not the shield spam. - Outside of Mek shield debuff reduced to 30 seconds (from 60) This is a good change but it doesn't address the main issue at hand, the actual debuff values. - Snow Owl freeze buff set to not dismount riders Great change. - Players and Dino’s are immune to the snow owl freeze for 10 seconds after being frozen Great change, I would ask that this immunity also be extended to the snow owl slow as well. Also possibly address how long players are being slowed and frozen, I think these values are a tad high currently. - Snow Owl Encapsulate/freeze wind up changed from 1.3 seconds to 2.6 Good change, this should prevent spam freezing although so would the 10 second immunity above, not sure what this change aims to accomplish. - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage by 30% Both of the Tek Tapejara nerfs are quite overboard. I'll start by saying that Tek Tapey zergs have a very cheap and effective counter that only require 1 or 2 people to perform. Yes 1 or 2 people can stop 50+ guys flying in on Tek Tapes. Plant Z will single handedly stop a tek tape push in it's tracks. But that isn't the only thing, there's also Yuty fear, Rex roar, mek shield, and some other creative means. These active counters exist but there are also other passive counters such as good building practices. Layering buildings with metal, vault dropping, spacing tek turrets further apart, batteries in heavies, extra tek gens, backup gas gens, etc, etc. Wildcard I understand that people are complaining about Tek Tapes but there are several counters that exist in game that currently deal with Tek Tapes, both passive and active. It's up to the player base to use these counters as they exist to protect themselves. If Tek Tapeys were inherently broken as this patch seems to make them out as being there wouldn't be as many failed Tek Tapey zerg as there has been. I believe if a tribe doesn't build correctly or defend correctly they should be punished for this, that's the nature of PVP servers. Outright nerfing effective raid tactics because people refuse to build proper defenses or adapt to current meta is really annoying and overall damaging to PVP servers. - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage to structures by 75% Super overboard on nerf see above. I also hope that this value isn't compounded on top of the overall 30% damage reduction above. Taking this reduction of 75% nerf to structures on top of the 30% nerf this is how long it will take to destroy tek items with Tapeys Paper math on the Tek Tapejara change: Tek Turret (3,000 Health) : 34 Shots : 1.25 element used with 1 Tapejara Tek Wall (10,000 Health) : 114 Shots: 4.5 element used with 1 Tapejara Tek Foundation (15,000 Health) : 171 Shots : 7 element used with 1 Tapejara Tek Ceiling (10,000 Health) : 114 Shots: 4.5 element used with 1 Tapejara Tek Generator (15,000 Health) : 171 Shots : 7 element used with 1 Tapejara Tek Forcefield (250,000 Health : 2,858 Shots : 117 element used with 1 Tapejara (All maths thanks to the one true Velo God: Jose Sanchez) I don't think much needs said about these values besides they are utterly ridiculous, so much so that you might as well delete the tek tapey saddles from the game because of how pitiful they will be if this goes through to live servers. - Dropped Plant Species Z Fruit weight to 10 Great change, however 10 weight I believe is still too high and again doesn't address the issue with plant Z. The issue with plant Z is the ridiculous blind that lasts at a minimum 10 seconds but often lasts a lot longer due to server lag. This is compounded by there not being an immunity period (reference; snow owls, bolas, mana freeze, etc). This is the reason why plant Z was so cancerous, NOT because people were carrying so much of it. Please properly address plant Z instead of band aid fixing it like this. I will gladly take the weight change but please Wildcard actively work on fixing it correctly like you are with snow owls. Plant Z has a legitimate reason for existing in the current meta, I've listed above that it is one of the most effective counters to tek tape zerg, but it also exists to counter rhinos, manas, snow owls, theris, quetzals, velos, reapers, etc.
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    I can assure you that you were not a factor in the decision about the changes to longnecks. You're incoherent. Nothing you say makes any sense.
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    Sat with my lil dude again mining stone and metal. Put up some stone walls to make the new oil pump a secure place to stop off
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    Watched the students leave the game because school is starting up / started up. Watched their buildings go poof. Watched the general chat go dead. Ark is to grindy for them to afford to stay invested and have enough time for school work. Pondered how you would make a game less grindy yet remain interesting. Fly around and collect junk from supply drops because to exhausted sleep deprivation commit brain functions. Not Ark's fault just have insomnia. Wondered if humans require act of greed to remain amused. Assessed games are actually played by adults and the young people come and go like waves crashing on the shore. Then they grow up, graduate, and become my dentist who charged me more money than a russian tsar to get my teeth worked on.
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Spent the majority of my time on Extinction. Went back to the snow biome to try and tame any Owls leftover from the weekend Easter event on the map. Sadly, only found 1 colored Owl, as it seems everyone else was looking for owls too. But I did find a couple more high level MegaSloths, and also while not planning on it, kept getting attacked by leftover colored manas. I was able to trap and tame 5-6 different colored ones, including yellow, mint, brown, and orange ones. Now to just breed them with my high level manas, to get the color on better level manas.
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    Use cryopods, devs made it craftable on every map, use this gift. ORP PVP is a thing. Play unofficial then. Wow, you are hooked. Devs are doing great, respect that.
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    PVE Tribe Warfare System There has been an increase in abuse and enforcement tickets stemming from the tribe warfare system. To prevent further abuse we will be disabling the Tribe Warfare system on Thursday 8/22.
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    Just a small Quality of Life improvement, please make Ankylo auto-harvest metal like Doedicurus does with stone! Would be nice to get the metal on side of the mountains without a Quetzal. Thank you.
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    Valguero Hill Top Castle 39 90 So why is 3/4ths of the castle unusable? All the other castles fully buildable within them, and even the Ragnarok Viking Bay castle is full useable and even bigger for building. This is for official PVE servers. Could the build block inside of the castle be removed? "...The placement issues are caused by the collision of the ruins. If structure collision is disabled (with bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true), the Castle and other ruins around the map becomes entirely buildable which means this is most likely a bug..."
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    Huge over-reaction to tek tapes. Tek tapes are only strong when people aren't defending or building properly. Attackers have tried at least 2 tek tape rushes on our server with 50-60+ tapes, both failed miserably because the defenders online were not braindead, and simply countered them. There are already in-game counters for tape zerg, you don't have to nerf tapes into the ground because some people don't use the already existing counters properly.
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    I have learned a new curse word! Next time someone makes me angry I'm telling them to drive a Volkswagen with pleasure. I wonder if OP is still trapped in a cage.
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    Main bosses have static hp based on difficulty level. The only exceptions are the Ragnarok mini bosses (Ice Queen and Lava Golem) which do calculate the numbers of players and spawn a level accordingly.
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    I think these nerfs should be applied to others Tek Saddles (mainly Rex and Rock Drake) otherwise I can already see the new meta:
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    PVE does not want the snow owl 10 second immunity or the 2.6 second freeze ramp-up. It makes it much harder for people to tame Manas, Quetzes and other tames. It also makes purple OSD healing even more tedious and take longer. The no dismount on freeze thing is awesome though. That can stay. TLDR: Split PVP balances from PVE. Thank you.
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    Underground mushroom cave system* The area under Valguero is not affiliated with Aberration. But I do recommend going to Aberration for some Anglers, as they are pretty easy to reach there, in shallow water.
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    I hope we see the return of DodoRex in Genesis.... that is all, thank you and good night.
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    The Story of Online Gaming in a nutshell, basically.
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    Yes!!! Let's hope they stand by their words in community crunch 135...I will never join official lol .getting development wiped for light pets or if ur base is too big because another player is jealous of what you have thousands of hours wiped without even a warning. Legacy lives matter...I've bought every dlc all season pass on 2 platforms and will continue to aswell
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    im a pve legacy day one player and tbh, the games been out long enough to have had more than your monies worth and a total legacy wipe is our cue to leave game . they call the wipes migrations because at first at least it was assumed tribes would just up and move to new officials and start over which many did . allas now , tribes are dug in and entrenched in legacy with like you , old or even new players are joining. someone in global chat asked the other day . what is a legacy server ? lol . so now instead of moving to new , any wipes will just have tribes exit game altogether . wc still make money from legacy players hence why every one I see has a hlne pet. again . all I will say is although im legacy I agree with wipes but it should be extended to officials new too as they also have low to zero pop servers. ive suggested wc just list 4 of each map and have everyone a time limit to move thus all of legacy can be left the hell alone instead of wipes hanging over them . its the threat of wipes that is killing the game, people just want clarity. and what was confirmed with the 2nd season pass and wc investment in the game for 2 more years was by letting legacy purchase said season pass gave us impression as they always have that if legacy servers are used and are populated then your safe . for now lol .
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    @ZANEEEEEE here clearly isn’t aware of the reality of what goes into making entertainment, specifically video game development. A huge business strategy is to utilize hype to further fund ongoing projects, hence the advent of the pre-order. Some content does or doesn’t make it into games based on pre-order sales. The extra inflow of cash may allow them to include content outside of the original budget or new ideas that spring up during development. It also doubles as an extra courtesy of rewarding the loyalty of their customer base by giving exclusive or early access content. The real world does revolve around you or your opinion. Standard business practices in the gaming industry exist, regardless of whether you pick up on them or not. Besides, it’s not like the game will lock and be unplayable if you don’t buy it right now... although in your case, I’d say you deserve that scenario for acting like that’s what’s happening Absolutely NO ONE reveals all their content at announcement to avoid PEOPLE LIKE YOU (possibly an entitled whiner) from throwing temper tantrums if some content ends up getting cut or changed by final release. Gaming is a hobby and a luxury, and if you’re really complaining about something like this you should probably cut back on gaming and do a little more WORK so we don’t have to hear about whatever it is you’ll be whining about next.
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    Anglers are fun for exploration and useful for the pearl collection, but they just aren't fun battle mounts, especially with the plethora of other sea tames which do everything but pearl collection better. I have one chilling in my pond near my base that gives some neat ambient lighting, and I occasionally take it out for pearl collecting. All water taming is a pain in the ass because of the massive aggro ranges and sure thing death that is jellyfish, so I cant really hold that against the anglerfish. Remember how bad things used to be when eels had the same shock effect. It was said above already, but Valguero is definitely the best way of getting one, but some island alternatives would be to build a taming pen on the ocean floor, they aggro easily enough and you can try to check their health with a magnifying glass as you tranq them at your relative leisure (So long as your scuba gear doesn't break or the angler doesn't kill you).
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    Right now, taming one in the Valguero Ab section seems super easy. Chance it will beach itself but you can stand on the shore or ride a dino you can shoot off of and just use a longneck on them. If hunting traditionally (like on Rag), I like to use a Bary since you can fire off of it plus clear out other sharks. Get the best crossbow you can just give it a full 8 count between every shot. That 8 seconds gives it time to regen a little hp while still applying torpor. Try to steer them into a wall so it rises above where you'll have to deal with eels and squids while taming. If you need pearls in bulk, they are definitely worth it.
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    Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! Public Beta The Public Beta is set to go live this week! Like last time, we'll create a thread and give you information on how to access the beta via Steam. This beta will only be available on PC. The proposed changes for the beta are below. The cave changes mentioned in the last Community Crunch will not be in this beta build. - Mek shield debuff set to not be given on shield deactivation - Outside of Mek shield debuff reduced to 30 seconds (from 60) - Snow Owl freeze buff set to not dismount riders - Players and Dino’s are immune to the snow owl freeze for 10 seconds after being frozen - Snow Owl Encapsulate/freeze wind up changed from 1.3 seconds to 2.6 - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage by 30% - Reduced Tek Tapejara Saddle projectile damage to structures by 75% - Dropped Plant Species Z Fruit weight to 10 On The Horizon Misc Valguero Issues There are some misc. issues related to Valguero (wyverns, etc) that will be patched this week. Patch notes with specific details will be updated prior to the patch going live. Duping and Exploits The enforcement team is actively taking action on tickets and issues that involve game exploits (duping, meshing, etc). Please refresh yourself on the Code of Conduct for the Official Network to prevent any action being taken against your tribe. Code of Conduct PVE Tribe Warfare System There has been an increase in abuse and enforcement tickets stemming from the tribe warfare system. To prevent further abuse we will be disabling the Tribe Warfare system on Thursday 8/22. Classic PvP Preparation is still underway for a new season in Classic PvP. We look forward to sharing more details on what to expect soon! Modding Sponsorships Mod Program applications will be opening up again on September 1st! This will be the last application period of the year so make sure to get your projects in. Apply For Sponsorship Only fill out the application if you are the owner of the mod. The sponsorship applications are not a nomination system; sponsorship comes with expectations that a given mod author may not want to actually add on to their life at a given point in time for any number of reasons. It's up to the mod author to decide if they want to put their project up for potential sponsorship. EVO Event Survivors on all platforms (including Valguero) will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 23rd of Aug at 1 PM EST until Monday the 26th of Aug at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates Until next time! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard Cover image: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/gallery/image/3092-the-island/
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    Raised my new 170 Wyvern. Added a new layer and sloped roof to my Tower Tamed a Doed with my lil boy and added a new staircase to the repaired ruined Fort. I really wish Rock Drakes were in Valguero =(
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    Quick update from the EU-PVP-Official-[REDACTED] front line: I have mostly been collecting berries and writing letters to the widows of enlisted Parasaurs. The war machine feeds on blood and narcoberries.
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    Joe "Hey Bob that was one hell of a season of yankee baseball, I already got my season pass for next year" Bob "Wait, your telling me my season pass doesn't get me into all the games next season" Joe ".....yup, says right there on your tickets what games it includes in the season pass" Bob " What a scam!"
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    Do you still remember how you started playing? How Island was scary? Exploring, taming, crafting cloth armor etc. First flyers makes map a lot less frightening. Fastforward to end-game and now you take your time to answer friend in chat while wild rex is trying to eat you. You can't get back to those early days of surviving the ark. I mean your personal experience, not early_access/beta/day_1_after_release kind of novelty. Normally, new player learns the game while leveling and dying(a lot), now if they create new character and hop a giga with 2 years of mutation stacking they skyrocket to high level just by munching stuff around. Click your way to level 90 in 30 minutes. They too can't get back to early survival days, but for a different reason - they had none. Their experience was instant gratification illustrated. Yes, game is out for a long time, that doesn't mean it should be made worse.
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    You can't play ark without thirdparty help: gamepedia, dododex, crumplecorn, ark smart breeding, battlemetrics. Last one can be used for checking players on server. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark
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    I like to either spend time squirreling away resources I think might be helpful, or if even that doesn't amuse me I will take off from my base naked with only some food and see how far I can get, I bypass the snow (run along it) but once I made it almost all the way around the island (sans snow)
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    The game exploit is simple: The blame lays at the hands of "Tribe of GurL" a tribe of professional female Ark assassins that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE'S EYES, but no one can see them. It always begins the same way: Usually a "Pro Flak Fred" takes a mommy giga and a daddy giga and sets their settings to "enable mating"(out in the open, cause he's a pro). Then the mommy giga and the daddy giga do some grown up stuff(off screen). While "Tribe of Bobbers" lurks in wait. After a short time the stork brings the mommy giga a present, a big fat egg. "Egg Stealer Steve" then swoops in from the brush steals the egg and runs back down to the shore and him and "Beach Bob Billy" hatch and raise the precious stork gift . Then he puts shiny new clothes on it that he found in the body of "Tek Suit Tom" who KNOWS to stop leaving his body laying around, but does it anyways. Then "Pro Flak Fred" bitches and complains to "Tek Suit Tom" back and forth about the nEwBs in local chat and they decide it's time to pillar off the entire map to keep the "bobs" out. Tom still can't figure out why he keeps losing his gear, Fred is too dumb to build a building to hatch eggs in, meanwhile Tribe of GurL(name unknown, we will call her "Jane") adds another color to her breeding line that she got from her ALT account Steve. Jane then trades a similar version of the same egg back to "Pro Flak Fred" for 5k poly. Fred and Tom both join an "alliance" with Tribe of GurL because she is such a "trusted trader". Jane then does a few more "successful trades" with both tribes, earns their trust, and eventually joins the "Tribe of Fred". Now that Jane has infiltrated the "Tribe of Fred" she then scatters some tames around in the water as she watches them sink to their untimely death. Jane tells Fred she saw Tom "gasbagging" their dinos and tried to get Tom to stop. "He just wouldn't stop" "Tom said this was his server Fred", she exclaimed. Jane and Fred team up on Tom and declare war, Tom submits in defeat after losing all his stuff, "Fook Ark" he says to everyone in the Facebook trading pages "I'm going back to Call of Duty". Then Jane insides Fred and then she completely owns the server. and that is how you copy and paste gigas.* *or they buy them with paypal
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    Couldn't help myself and spent some time again in the dev kit on the test map... Here is the current progress : Next step, custom dino spawns & drops! Land creatures of the starter region will include (Creatures not seen here will be part of the harder regions of the main map) : + jerboas
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    Well, regular ARK, no. But, ARK mobile has been optimized incredibly well for mobile devices when you look at it from a larger standpoint, considering the limits of mobile devices. It is an accomplishment, to be sure, and as a free game should be appreciated for what it is instead of demanded into something it cannot. Your point will be lost on them though, because they won’t want to pay or will have other excuses.
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    Absolutely TOO many people share the mindset that they are entitled to free repair on their cars, free content, free this because they exist. I one hundred and seventy six (and a half) percent agree, and I don't understand the "everything needs to be handed to me" sense of entitlement that folks have these days. Well said @ishootpaint (coming from a small business owner and dealing with that on a daily basis)
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    Jeez, i know this is a video game forum with some younger members but damn, $35 isn't that much money. I spend more than that to take my wife and kid out... For lunch! Now if i can find a way to keep my family entertained for thousands of hours for the 100 some odd dollars that the game and all DLC cost I would have it made. Lets say all the employees at WC make 40k a year(some will make much more if they are skilled) and have 50 employees. If they take a year to make both DLCs they already have the payroll cost of $2,000,000. That is before all other expenses like advertising, studio rent, computers and equipment, tax etc. It is what it is. They can't pay their bills and employees with steam reviews and free modded maps. And those maps we get for free, they cost money too with server rentals and the in-house team having to put their hands on it to make sure its good enough to put on the official network. Moral of my rant is businesses HAVE to make a return on their investment.
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    I've done trading before, with some of the biggest traders in Ark. And there have been times when the trade was for a large amount of desired resources. Since there is a transfer limit of 50 stacks of anything at one time, and weight being an issue, sometimes using an alliance as a means of trade is the only reasonable course of action. In such cases I've been invited to an alliance to ease the burden of trading. Many people have and have been honest in their dealings. This is a fairly common practice in trading although going forward it probably won't be. You're right, it's not a bug. It's a horribly designed mechanic that can be exploited. And it's not ignorance about not knowing enough about the alliance system, it's being part of a community and how that community functions through a trade system that is also horribly designed. Instead of snarky comments perhaps show a little bit of freaking empathy for a person who just had thousands of hours wasted and potentially had an amazing game ruined for them. edit: Poppet, if they're still playing send my sympathies. Sucks it happened to them when they've always been fair and nice traders.
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    Good grief, if you don't want to buy it now because you don't get to see the whole thing, then DON'T BUY IT. You can always wait and buy it after more info is revealed. But don't try to tell other people what to do. If I want to buy the DLC after seeing the initial teaser, I'm a big boy wearing my big boy pants, and that's my business; not yours. So stop trying to tell WC and other players what to do.
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    Original season pass gave you The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction. How much more can you expect for that price? Not to mention for free they gave The Center, Ragnarok which included the Griffin and Ice Wyvern and Valguero which included the Deino. You want more free content now? How does anybody turn a profit ever if people just expect everything free?
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    I dont think its expensive, personally I wish more companies did monthly memberships for better quality games. Not many hobbies give this many hours entertainment for so little investment.
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    hey my man, developing companies often have different teams working on different things and putting all the teams on one thing does not yield better results, especially in programming. It is entirely probable they have different people in the office working on this and different people working on bug fixes and other QoL changes for the game. I don't really know what you mean by a wasted year but you can't expect them to work for free. They have overhead costs, people to pay. once sales start dwindling for the old stuff they are going to have to put all the people who don't work on engine stuff to work doing things that continue to make money. They are owned by a parent company as well and there is no telling what snail games requests of them. I understand that you are upset you don't have a constant window into what everyone on their team does on a daily basis to assuage your fears that they are not working on what you want to work on. You are going to have to trust them, or you are going to have to vote with your wallet with the new expansion and not buy it. New content pushes are great because it allows you to "have a vote" again on what they are doing by refusing to pay them for doing things you don't want. I know this all sounds a bit rambly but i feel like one of my everyday struggles involves explain these concepts to younger humans and they are so basic that i struggle with explaining them. That is my failing.
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    2700 hours and you still don't know how this works, I hope the plethora of responses enlightens you, yes the new season pass is appropriatly priced, buy it or don't your call, but complaining here won't change the price, especially when your argument is invalid.
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    Give me everything for free, and give me my damn participation trophy too! - signed a generation of gamers under 30 years old.
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    If you bought a season pass to attend your favourite sports games, would you expect it to last for more than one season before you have to pay for the next season? If you don't think the new content is worth the expense then DON'T BUY IT. Good grief. So many unappreciative and unreasonable people here.
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    well, here is the rub my man. 50 dollars for 5k+ hours of entertainment comes out to... cheap we all agree we want the game developers to do things and stuff, and make more game, and fix more game. for that they need to make a living wage and they need to be able to put money back into the game. They currently are maintaining official servers at cost and paying who knows how many people to work at their company. if 50 more dollars for 2+ more titles is too much money for you maybe you should not be spending money on video games my friend. so, yes you are going to have to pay for the game you want to play so the people who make it can afford to keep doing that.
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    To start off, i haven't played legacy since before the launch of the new official servers approximately two years ago. I gave up everything to friends and allies and haven't looked back even though I strongly objected to the dishonest and quite frankly, insulting way Wildcard delt with a group of people who essentially made Ark. No, they didn't physically make the game but they (we) spent nearly two years reporting bugs, experiencing horrible game-breaking updates on occasion, and as a group did the work that Wildcard could have possibly afforded to do in-house. Heck, we PAID to test your game for you. As a thank you, whether it was the right decision or not, Jeremy Steiglitz promised there would be no wipe when the game went retail, and this of course became a major issue for Wildcard and they needed to find a way to back out while retaining their player base. Legacy was conceived in order to please a very vocal PVP player base who spent two years being cannon fodder that wanted a full wipe, thinking they'd have a chance to be the oppressive alpha this time around. Promises of support and a months notice were made for those unfortunate enough to be on a literally dead server so they could relocate. Which then turned into Zero support and less than a weeks notice while at the same time adding a 30-40 minute timer to all cross server transfers (you really can't make this up). Almost two years later wildcard has wiped countless PVE servers, many of which were far from low population. Many of the new official servers have player counts lower in fact. I know there are probably tons of people playing on the non-legacy official servers who will be advocating for the wiping of whats left of legacy, largely for selfish, utilitarian reasons. In fact, i'd love to see new types of gameplay and server types added, but I do not want this if its players on Legacy servers who have already been burned enough by false promises and flat out lies, are the ones who will suffer. I know many will argue that legacy should be completely removed. Of course these people don't play on legacy and only have something to gain. But i bet if you wiped one or more of their new official servers that never has more than 2-3 players on it, they'll quickly change their tune. IN fact, i'd much rather see that type of server wiped before Wildcard wipes another legacy server with a consistently solid player count. I'm sure there will be plenty of disagreement with that ive said, but as a person who has played Ark since summer 2015 i've seen it all. Legacy players have been through enough, and wiping them would really be the final insult to your most loyal customers. They'll never buy another game you make. Newer players in stark contrast who dont care about legacy and want those servers repurposed for their own benefit, may get 8utt hurt over being told no, but contrary to their manufactured outrage, you wont lose them as customers.
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