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    I've done trading before, with some of the biggest traders in Ark. And there have been times when the trade was for a large amount of desired resources. Since there is a transfer limit of 50 stacks of anything at one time, and weight being an issue, sometimes using an alliance as a means of trade is the only reasonable course of action. In such cases I've been invited to an alliance to ease the burden of trading. Many people have and have been honest in their dealings. This is a fairly common practice in trading although going forward it probably won't be. You're right, it's not a bug. It's a horribly designed mechanic that can be exploited. And it's not ignorance about not knowing enough about the alliance system, it's being part of a community and how that community functions through a trade system that is also horribly designed. Instead of snarky comments perhaps show a little bit of freaking empathy for a person who just had thousands of hours wasted and potentially had an amazing game ruined for them. edit: Poppet, if they're still playing send my sympathies. Sucks it happened to them when they've always been fair and nice traders.
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    Got bad news for your sensitive self. Those aren't farting sounds..
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    Or: What they should be gaming with: What they are really gaming with: And:
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    Spoken like someone that either does little trading or who does not play PVE. When you are blackbagging metal, ele dust, hard poly, crystal, etc....which are the typical trades for dinos- the usual means is to jump servers from your home to the sellers server. That means you need a place to 'land' when you are so full you are unable to move. This has traditionally been handled by allying and dropping a sleeping bag by a seller's dedicated storage or vault first trip *which requires an alliance*, then coming over second trip with the mats. I have thousands of hours playing and trading. This is the best means for it to be done. Let's not blame the girl in the short skirt, hey? Pretty sick of the inclination to blame the victim.
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    I tend to disagree here. Alliances are needed on PvE, just as much as they are on PvP. For examples; to share lands with neighbors, to ally with other tribes for boss fights (yuty buff, daedon, etc.), alliance chat, etc.
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    Blaming the devs for your own incompetence It’s one thing to get Ark’d but to blame Wildcard for your own incompetence is another. I have absolutely no sympathy for people who blame others for their own bad choices and will continue to call you out on it. Own your mistakes instead of asking for sympathy especially for something that could have been avoided had you not been so arrogant.
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    To quote the late Type O Negative, "we had a chance to go nowhere". As did this thread.
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    You boys sure sure Love complaining about snowflakes.
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    Or when WC changes the game and people who can't adapt or overcome and presented challenges decide to come here to cry and complain.
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    I dont know if its personally directed at that player but more at the forums as a whole. There's been a lot of that same content from different posters regarding the same base issue (bad choices resulting in loss)
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    Unofficial Valguero Logging on today I found an ice wyvern egg in my inventory. Nice surprise seeing as I had the invisible wyvern glitch until today, and had picked up an empty package from a wyvern nest to test it yesterday without expecting much. Only a level 95 but enough to be starting with so I got to hatching it. It's nearly entirely white lol with some grey areas in the right light. Don't look at it in direct sunlight if you value your eyesight haha Whilst it was maturing today I spent time building my new house off to the side of the ruined Fort I had been rebuilding as my starting base, and moving stuff from there to the new house. Now I can use the courtyard of the Fort below me as Dino storage. I'll grab a screenshot of the building and wyvern next time I'm on.
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    Idk why always Guys which not playing PVE or on Official Servers try to explain to us what we need and what not. Since you Guys have no Clue for what ppl using Allys on Official PVE Servers why you write here ?
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    I mean lets be realistic about the alliance argument, PVE is not intended to be competitive and the guys that did that to him are PVE trolls that couldn't hack it at PVP so they rampage on PVE servers. Even PVP has non game mechanic rules like no kiting of Titanosaurs towards peoples bases, since that is exploitation of a mechanic. I think it is completely reasonable for the guy to complain about the trolls exploiting a game mechanic to wipe him. PVE warfare is intended to keep PVE from being boring by letting PVE players roleplay some PVP with each other, not for them to wipe each other for dominance.
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    Why not comment on the post you are referring to instead of starting a new topic that the original poster probably won’t see?
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    What you are calling bugs are actually intended features. The extinction barrier, or the veins, for examples are not bugs but working as intended. This is a survival game so surviving must be a challenge and you must adapt to the environment and learn from past experiences. This is exactly what they are doing. They are trying to balance the cave meta so that everyone gets a fair ground to PvP. You want to stay untouchable in your holes, while going out to raid and wipe everyone else and complain when the balancing is made so that you can also get raided. This sounds selfish to me.
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    Why does people keep mentioning the lava golem on Rag is beyond me. It's not even part of the loot table as seen here : https://ark.gamepedia.com/Loot_Tables/Ragnarok/Lava_Golem I usually get mines from the Swamp Cave and the Easy Water Cave. As for Valguero, the regular red crates do drop rex saddle BPs.
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    Pfft. If the game was fixed, it wouldn't be ARK. That's part of the experience.
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    So... Where are the dinos ? (again ?) Okey 2 new DLCs and 3 new creatures: A robot buddy A lava lizard A 4-arms gremlin-garogo hybrid Edited: and now a 6-eyes Turtle. Seriously ? Why can't we have an Archelon without insects/zombie/robot part ? Who the hell thought "yes a Turtle with 6 eyes is a great idea"? It would have looked great with only 2 regular eyes guys ! If we don't get an Archelon like the awesome one seen in one of the sponsored mods, I'm OUT of this game. I'll never buy Genisis if it's only creatures designed like this disgusting Turtle. The artistic team definitely should be changed. Next creatures will be what ? A 8-arms-snail with a Rocket-launcher-shell ? We got SE, Aberration and Extinction. No dinos except the fully invented camelsaurus and the spiky velonasaur... The deinonychus gave us hope for New dinos after a very long wait. But nope, 2 new fully scifi monster DLC coming. I missed the good ol' days when we got lots of prehistoric creatures. The prehistoric survival part is my favorite part of the game since the begining. So sad it's left apart and we only got scifi monster now. I play games like Borderlands, Fallout and no Man sky, I've got enough scifi. Ark was kind of special thanks to the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. But now it feels "déjà-vu" between the old dinos and the overdose of scifi creatures. At least more TLCs, variants and skins for the good old dinos, mammoth&co would be refreshing. Am I the only one that remember the old days when Ark was mainly a Dino game ?
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    Xbox Boycott untill transfers enabled We've waited over 2 weeks for this to be fixed! Ive lost many dinos because I wasn't able to transfer some cryo fridges to other servers so my cryopods went poof! They said they would fix it in a patch.. well they had the time to release an update, and pre access to the new season pass.. but NO FIX TO THIS CRAP?!? Well I REFUSE to buy ANYTHING untill they get this fixed! I can't even transfer some kibble over to go tame abberation dinos because of some lil punk @$% cheater?? So your gonna punish everyone for a few bad eggs? Yeah real nice! I say Xbox users and PS4 users BOYCOTT the new season pass untill they get this crap fixed! Who's with me? 2 weeks is more than long enough to patch this crap!
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    To prevent further unneccassary bickering as to the whose fault this is, I feel a few things need to be cleared up. Firstly, over my time trading I have allied with many people whom I'd had no previous connections with, this was for the sole purpose of streamlining what is usually an arduous process in transferring bulk materials (as previously outlined in this post). The threat I faced once allied, and only threat, was the potential for the ally to structure grief my base by placing building blocks and breaking alliance, making me unable to build in my own base. However due to the easy reporting system and survivetheark's trader rating system, this was a low risk move. Ever since these forums massively nerfed our inboxes, almost all trading is now exclusively done through discords. As a result nefarious and dodgy trading practices have become more abundant, as accountability suffers while anonymity soars. The key issue you have to remember here @SaltyMonkey is that these 123 traders were not using the alliance system as intended, and that it wasn't the alliance in and of itself that caused this trader to lose all their years of work. Thus in my opinion puts all of the onus on Wild Card to fix this "exploit" so that these "cheaters" cannot continue to operate like this. It is also worth noting that this exploit was completely unknown to the PVE trading community until a month ago. Thus saving traders from ridicule over what would otherwise be their own ignorance of the risks faced when allying with random players.
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    If this robot is your wife I'd wager you would prefer she take the s out of stool and comment on how big that is instead?
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    Yeah its really wierd having your robot wife comment on the size of your stool
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    The sound doesn't bother me, it's the inconvenient timing when my dino decides to knock out a fat log, which is usually when I'm about to get picked or when a micro raptor is 2 feet from a pack of trodoons infront of me
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    I have over 3,000 hours in Ark, im 31. This game still has bugs that have been present since day 1. Wildcard is not going to fix their bugs. A different game company needs to buy this game from them and make it fixable. I totally agree bugs need to be fixed. I know wildcard sees the stuff we post because they banned that one player that was showing all the bugs on YouTube that one time. Sorry for the the vague reference. My thing is that they see all these problems but never fix them.
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    SP Extinction More metal was gathered, and I'm done with the shell of the base. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do inside. I took a break while that was going on to go see if there were any lady owls for Mortley to talk to. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of low level ones, so I tamed up a level 50 for the heck of it. I also saw a 145 argy and tamed it since I didn't have one yet. Once I was back at base, I made a nanny and gave her five honey. Afterward, I put some Berry White on while Mortley and Natasha made sweet love. I really need to adjust my maturation speed, because Potbelly the Snow Owl is going to take three weeks to mature. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830836242 Other than that, I haven't done much.
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    LOL, and here we have a simpleton, look at him, thinking WC cares, thousands of people can't play this game right now and it is WC fault. They all payed for the game just like us, many bought DLC's like the idiots we all are. And yet at the end of the day treated like trash. The game that runs horrible on windows with consitatn crashes and bugs, runs far worse on mac and Linux, infact the Linux community has done far more to get teh game running better over there than the developers. The only issue is that running this game via steam Play/Proton means Battle eye is borked. So instead of setting in your delusion of WC is doign a dam fine job, actually sit there and think, how many bugs are still left from day 1? cause there are youtube videos pointing them out a plenty.
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    I’m a switch player and the switch community is crumbling slowly and some of us would like to have have our own servers plz explain or add a new map plz. I need some info
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    Messed up trying to post yesterday on my phone, quoted the wrong quote, couldn't figure out how to delete it, and got distracted with an appointment and forgot about it until today. I was only going to say that i have a similar issue like you describe except my timers are going down.. First time i noticed, 7 days gone from the cryopod, now it's up to 21 days. But if i send them to aberration first, then to the island, everything seems to be fine. (Still need to test this more to be sure)
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    Thank you for answer. It might be some kind of restriction for new members without many posts. I cant see any letter icon. Maybe after more posts.
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    1) Never trust anyone named "123", especially on PvE, that's a sure sign that they're a griefer. 2) Never use an alliance on PvE for something as casual as trading, it's just a bad idea. Alliances are dangerous, you should only use them for people you already know and trust.
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    Yes, because it would be logical to please the majority of the playerbase. Or maybe, balance the two in tandem, making things balanced for PvP, but keeping it good for PvE. Please the whole playerbase.
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    There is no issue. It’s your friends fault for not knowing enough about the alliance system and tribe wars. You can’t claim ignorance as a bug. If your friend was a trader and had not allied with someone before when trading, why did they suddenly believe it was necessary this time?
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    thats the issue though, the community is doing a better job at supporting thsi game by far than the developers. Also the wine/proton way of doing it though performs drastically better battle eye si broke tell they work our how to get it working with valve
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    i am going to invent a percentage that sounds right and say 95% of the whining and complaining i see about this game has nothing to do with the actual game itself and has more to do with the official servers that people play for free for tens of thousands of hours. not to say all problems are that way, but most of the problems i see people complaining about i cannot reproduce on my unofficial server and the ones i can reproduce i just change settings to work around it. I know it is an unpopular opinion but i feel that things lack value if there is no chance of losing them. Maybe you should try to find a good unofficial server where the admins try to work around the more common problems. I hope you feel better.
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    SE drops are not good for rex saddles... my main base is on SE and the best thing you get is MC desert cloth
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    Well they havent actually said if / what they will do with caves. Just that something needs to be done (which is the truth) we can only hope changes arent applied to PVE. As to the border thing.. its not WC's fault you didnt know the mechanics of the new map, sadly. I know when I first saw those red towers I didnt chance flying past them for that reason without even knowing about it. Red = bad / stop usually
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    I think it has to do with the timers on the cryopods, the dinos in the cryopod get experience while they are in the pod and the terminal/obelisk messes with that timer on some maps. On my single player world the Date on my island file is different from my other maps, so taking a cryopod from extinction to the island will result in it losing 14 hours of charge and the dino gaining 41 levels of experience from level 1. I am assuming your maps have a similar issue.
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    I did this update like 4 hours ago - and the issue is still there. No endless loop doing the update, but shootergameserver.exe is broken. Bug submitted, but no response other than the canned "thank you for submitting" blurb. Busy trying file validation now to see if that fixes it. I see that the patch has worked for at least some people, because both official and unofficial server are running it ........ ______________________ Update: Validating files did not fix this, however if I do a SteamCommand "app_update 376030" (which is the server app, not the main game app) then the update goes through OK and I have a valid ShooterGameServer.exe. It looks like the update to the main game (app ID 346110) is broken with respect to the Server exe
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    I finished transferring the dream team over to Extinction. It took about 6 transfers from the Island, Ab, and Rag to bring over my desired top-stat breeding pairs and imprinted dinos. Only one of the transfers resulted in a poof incident; although I find it suspicious that transfer included 4 wyverns, dinos I can not recreate through breeding and were primarily included for boss fights. I would say this incident was a preemptive strike from the Tytans. With my all-star mantis, bear, roll rat, anky, doedic, and Argy resources come easy. I set up a simple base almost directly in the middle of the city; upper platform with a terminal. It has the essentials: bed, smithy, Stone forge, fab, geny, fridge, cryofridge, and a long long line of large storage boxes. The immediate plan is to hang out here while gathering resources for a metal base and the upper tier crafting structures. I figure my search for resources will naturally make me familiar with the map and find an ideal main base location; although, after several hours flying the city I’m leaning toward the possibility I am already in a fantastic spot for a base: decent size open area, little pool for water, and access to the highway system that includes a ramp down to a doorway into the wasteland. I am enjoying my time in Extinction so far - looking forward to spending more time exploring.
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    that is the problem to many different departments working on different things if thay got rid of half there stalf and just concentrate on fixing the games many bugs two things would happen 1 bugs would be fixed 2 they would make more money because more people would play the game. if thay leave new content to the modders we would have a better game just look at the s+mod it fixed the problem with building structures something that should have been fixed before release. this game is poorly coded and designed and as an ex final product tester this game would not have passed my testing in its current state. there has been a dramatic drop in the quality of games since the adoption of alpha/beta testing by the public rather than professional testers. the average gamer can not accurately assess and diagnose problems they generally only access test servers for a head start before the game is released. the only way to save this game is to fix the mentality of the companies that made it and have them realise that they have a bad name and no one will trust them or their products but that is up to them thay can continue to turn a blind eye to the many problems in this game or they can actually pool their resources and do their job properly. making a game is very easy and this game could be made by one person in about 3 months i know i could make a clone of this game using of the shelf programs(apps) in about that time and i am dyslexic so my coding is messy at the best of times. if they did their job properly there would not be the need for postes like this it is just a case of bad management putting profit over quality of the product which will just make another gaming company go bust.
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    It is amazing how many people just want to b*tch and moan. I have purchased 5 other PS4 games since I first bought ARK. The COMBINED time spent on those other games is what I normally spend in 2 two weeks on ARK. $100's of dollars in other games that I played thru once, and have no desire to go back to. Yet I keep coming back to ARK. I wish other things I enjoyed provided such an amazing Entertainment value : Investment ratio.
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    Long time reader, first time poster. I have been experiencing the wonders and frustrations of PvP for a month or two now. I don't mind getting my house wiped from time to time and I am determined to overcome and prove myself better than griefers. In any case, on to my current story: I few weeks ago, I contracted swamp fever from a griefer that passed it to me before he killed my sleeping body in the remains of my metal house that he (or maybe she) had cracked with C4. At first I panicked, "Oh, no! Swamp Fever! I'm gonna die!". Then reality set in, "Wait. I die almost every day. No big deal." Unfortunately, dying does not cure swamp fever. I debated making a swamp expedition to get leech blood so that I could make the cure, but I really do not have the level of dino tech at the moment to survive long enough in the swamp. I had contracted swamp fever before and cured it by travelling to another world (also on The Island) and back again. It was a stressful trip since I did not know how to take any items with me and I had to build up enough to survive the trip in the other world. The method that I used was to build a raft and sail to the red obelisk, which was not too bad on The Island. This time, I had a "better" idea. Not only would I travel to another world to cure my swamp fever, I would also pick up some engrams that I could not get on The Island by travelling to Valguero and back. I was specifically looking for the cliff platform although I had not yet discovered that it takes fungal wood that I cannot get back on The Island. I had done absolutely no research on Valguero other than watching a couple of YouTube videos of the Dienonychus ripping up a few survivors. A journey of discovery awaited me! I chose the islands in the center of the lake on Valguero which I found out later were in fact the safest place to start. After a few close encounters with sharks and jellyfish, I managed to find a shallow area that reached about halfway to the main shore from the islands and I reached the shore. The big rocks formed in the distinctive Ark "A" called to me and I wandered in that direction. The green obelisk seemed closer to me, so I went through the "A" arch to the next lake. Cave Bears seemed a bit extreme to me so I built a raft fo rsafer voyaging. Fortunately, redwoods let you stand in one spot and get enough wood to build a raft. Back on The Island, I usually built a storage chest to hold everything since I did not boost my weight capacity too much. I followed the lake back into the White Cliffs area. The green obelisk was just to the left, but at the top of unscaleable cliffs. So close and yet so far. I continued sailing until I saw a path to the top of the cliffs, but there was an alpha Rex guarding it. Grrrr. I cailed to the end of the White Cliffs lake and decided to set up a house there long enough to build some good armor and weapons to hike around the cliffs and back to the green obelisk. It looks all tranquil and idyllic near the White Cliffs with the sheep and rodents and other grazers, but every once in a while a Raptor, a Sabretooth, or a pack of Hyenas rip through and tear up everything including any survivors foolish enough to stand around unprotected. The trees on the plains under the cliffs hold hardly any wood ot thatch in them. I went for long excursions to find and bring back wood, returning unmolested about half the time. I respawned in the general area and eventually could find my way around without a map since I died so many times. After about 4 game days, I had built two stone foundations, one stone wall, and a bed. Any storage cabinets got ripped up by the pack of level 90 hyenas that made my body their personal chew toy. I eventually killed one of them and gave up on the little house on the prairie idea. My next spawn, I started as near as I could get to the green obelisk and just ran naked the whole way to it dodging obstacles and predators. As I came up to the obelisk, I could see that someone had walled it off between some cliffs and put a Rex and a Raptor in the pen to guard the obelisk. Sigh. Deciding that I had nothing more to lose, I jumped in. I managed to get the Rex trapped behind a storage box that someone had left in the pen and the Raptor was off on the other side of the pen not noticing me yet. I had a chance! I accessed the obelisk's menu and started searching for my Island home world. I was enjoying the lack of swamp fever, but given the effort required I would almost have wanted to just live with it. No other worlds appeared on the list. What?!?! Is there some restriction to clustering or something? I had picked a Valguero server that was still "Ofiicial" but not too crowded. I had assumed that if it let me travel from The Island to Valguero that it would let me travel back. I was still trying to figure out what i was doing wrong when the Raptor noticed me and everything went dark as usual. I did not decide where to respawn although I did still have a bed in the little house (two foundations and a wall) on the prarie. I gave up for the night and I will do some research on travelling between workds. It does not seem as cut and dried as I had first imagined.
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    Glad you found some chitin! I too am guilty of mass culling of inferior owls in the snow biome. And then when a high level finally spawns, it picks a fight with 5 mammoths, 12 wolves and a mana. All I can do is watch, because everytime I try to get in the battle to save the owl, the stupid owl seems to swoop in just as I am attacking a bad dino. The result is always a snow owl death message. The wild ones are sooooo squishy!
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    Last night when I got home, I was finally able to sign into my SP game. I put up some four story glass walls on the new base, then Mortley and I went looking in the spot that @Aushegun (Thanks!) mentioned for chitin. There were a couple raptor-daptor scares, but we came back from there with fifteen-hundred-ish in a relatively short period of time. When we got back, there were four honeys in the hive, so I made up two cakes and went looking for another snail. There was a level fifteen on the border of the wasteland near base, so it tamed up without a hitch, and Mega the snail joined the crew. After that, I added more metal to the forges, and decided I'd see about introducing Mortley to a lady owl. So after grabbing some kibble, we were on our way. As we were about to cross into the snow dome, I saw a giga that looked to be all white. On closer inspection, and in slightly different lighting, it turned out to be the regular color, but now I want a snow giga! Anyway, when I tamed Mortely, I only had to wipe out the owls once before he spawned. No such luck this time, and my photo is now up on the Owl Post Office wall, wanted for owl genocide. We'll have to try again some other time. Edited to add: Woot! I has cloth armor now!
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    Seen Unicorns in Chalk Hills. Think we tamed all 3 over there on our Private server. Really, it should just be where Equus spawn so check Chalk Hills and Scotland (between Snow and Green Ob) on Valguero.
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    I was Part of the event on the Resurection Servers and it was a blast. The only thing we knew before the event started, was that we should bring a dodo to fight in the arena and the rest of the competition was a secret. I grabbed my dodo and jumped on my wyvern so I could start my travel towards the event, my base is on the other side of the map so I turned on auto-pilot (opening the chatbox while flying) and got outside to grab a smoke. Guess what ? - I died, because my wyvern was faster than I thought, so i drowned from flying into the map barrier and getting kicked off my wyvern. My dodo died and I had to use one of my weak ones instead. The next couple of events was a horse race, pteranodon grabbing fight, boomerang knockout ffa and longneck death match ffa. I won the grabbing fight with a guy from another tribe and it was really fun to team up with other players you don’t normally work with, because it’s pvp and we all like to do different things. Im really looking forward to the next event @ForGodandTexas
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    Slynn (SP Character) in Slynn City (Extinction) I'm on call all day today, so figured I'd play some single-player in case I had to quit suddenly. Anyway... Anka, my anky, and I are motoring through the ruins of the city in search of element dust. Meanwhile, Myrtle, the dark-furred otter draped around my neck, is taking in our surroundings, and occasionally emitting a chirping noise when she wants more fish. But now, she issues a low growl instead. Immediately on alert, I scan the area and see a dull colored ichthyornis circling just ahead and to the right of us. Needless to say, these winged-abominations are on my *Beep* list, one recently having filched a stack of narcotics from me. So I dismount Anka and bring my crossbow to bear. Crouched, I make my way slowly through the bushes toward my prey. The bird changes its course a little but hasn't noticed me by the time I'm in range. Raising the weapon, I take aim a little ahead of the target and pull the trigger. Thwack! Myrtle makes a satisfied grunting noise as the dead Ichthyornis arcs toward the ground and lands in a heap. I rise and head for the corpse not wanting the meat and hide go to waste. Halfway back to Anka, something slams into my back, knocking me forward. My riot armor chestpiece saves me from any real damage, and I manage to stay on my feet and begin running toward my anky. A quick glance over my shoulder as I'm almost there reveals a gleaming enforcer in close pursuit. I leap into the saddle, commanding Anka to attack. The enforcer attacks before she does, though, one of its sharp limbs scoring her shell. I hold on as she wrenches herself to the left, flinging her tail forward. The spiked ball at the end smashes into the enforcer's head, crumpling the metal and releasing a shower of sparks. As she brings her tail back for another strike, the enforcer takes one stutter step to its left and collapses. A few seconds later, the lights on its body dim and go out. "That was a close one," I say to no one in particular. Of course, I hop off my mount to salvage what I can from the robot. I'm going to need a lot of materials to craft my ascendant enforcer from the blueprint I found a couple of days ago. I eventually discover that doeds are much better at getting dust than ankys are, so I'm able to farm up the 9000 I need in one sitting. The only thing I still need after that is oil, and Mortley (Snow Owl) offers to help. We go on a robot-recycling rampage and obtain what's needed fairly quickly. Luckily, my base is close enough to a City Terminal that I can pull the materials to it, so I craft up my new Enforcer. Sparkz, level 120, joins the team. I decide to go kill some corrupted dinos with him to get some nodules and level up. Things are going great, and then I see a corrupted giga noggin in the background of a nearby hill. Retreat! Sparkz and I decide it's a good time for a break and head directly to base, not passing Go.
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