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    ComSec: OK PhysSec: OK Power Core: OK OpSec: OK C2I Integrity: 89% Specimen Viability: 52% Previous Directive Runtime: 6.0485183048e+52 Tp System Idle Time: 1.08159553106e+5 p or System Idle Time: 1.08159553106e+55G Previous Dirctive Result: Fail
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    The only thing linking Arat and Ararat is blind assumption and similar lettering. Arat could literally just be “A rat prime for eating” for all we know. It’s stretching at best. Uplink just means to establish a connection, nothing else. And upload of what everything? Everything is ALREADY in the system lol. It was built that way, hence the way the ARKs work like factories. The ARKs are landing on Earth dude. It’s very clearly Earth devoid of most of its water, hence the gray and brown colors. The whole story says it’s Earth. They wouldn’t be capable of a journey that far to Mars and why would they have built them around Earth then? Mars is more orange. Bright orange. Let’s chill with the wild speculation a bit please.
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    Got a lot of time to play but didnt really do much productive. Started out on Aberration - sorted a few raises and pre-incubated a few drake eggs (one 175 for Saltire incase he wants to raise a disposable drake for Rockwell this weekend).and hatched another 170 to see if I can get higher health on birth. Literal clone of the first 170 egg even though they were gotten days apart! Imprinted it up, jumped servers to get my drake saddle for a few guys on the server then went over to Val. Plugged around base, made a few minor cosmetic changes to our base and made more fridges for storage. Pretty much logged off shortly after. 5000th post! Wow. Time flies.
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    Reorganize Suggestion Forums The suggestion forums as a fantastic idea, but it's becoming apparent that there needs to be some structural changes to people can actually find suggestions they are interested in. My suggestion would be to split the forum into the following categories and subcategories: Settings and Mechanics (general game settings and mechanics) Creatures Additions Changes Maps Additions Changes Unofficial Hosting (most useful for console, given the tools PC players have access to, but I believe this warrants its own category) Incorporated Tools (admin listing, player listing, stat tracking, and so on) Configuration Options (stats, overrides, and so on) People have short attention spans and aren't likely to sort through more than 60 pages of suggestions to find what they are interested in. Additionally, there are a number of repeat suggestions that are crowding out original suggestions. I believe if the suggestion forum is broken down in a similar fashion to the above, it will make things much easier to find. Additionally, it will break things down into more specific suggestions which will allow a more accurate read on community desires. I get that this makes the suggestion forum more complex, but I think that complexity is going to give you folks a better overall read and ultimately simplify the data collection process on your end. Additionally, it would be useful if you folks would sort the forums according to what you will and what you won't consider. We're all aware there are some things that aren't technically possible or even worth the effort, and some things that defeat your vision of the game. Creating something like a public rejection bin to host the suggestions that aren't going to happen will help people navigate this forum section.
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    Invisible Ice Wyverns on Valguero Flying around the scar and got attacked and couldn’t see what was attacking then I got iced and realized the wyerns are invisible and the eggs in the nests show up as packages. I’m playing on an unofficial dedicated server.
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    When I decoded I got C2H which is a main genetic makeup of all living things
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    @WildWyvern The only possible launch direction is Earth. IF that’s even what is going on here. Also, some of your decoding is inaccurate. C2I (i not L) Integrity 89%. Your timing one has some errors. You might consider that Sec could also mean “Sector” or “Section”. PhysSec could refer to the Physical Sectors of the system. Or Physical Security measures for a certain facility or entity? Comm is the most common abbreviation for communication, so com is rarely ever used for this because it can also and usually does mean command. ComSec could mean Command Sector or security. Likewise posed could be operations sector/security or operational.
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    Nail on the head lol and I don’t have ARK PC, but I also don’t complain. It’s just easier for the devs like you said.
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    When are you console peasants going to realize that it is NOT a benefit that we PC users get these updates/maps/etc first. We get them first so Wildcard can sort out bugs and other issues since updating the console versions is much more time consuming and costly. You should be thanking us for putting up with the countless issues that are then fixed by the time you get the update. Personally, i'd love for Wildcard to launch a map or major update on Console first so you can see what we have to deal with. But if they did, you'd all raise hell over being used as guinea pigs to test broken features all so the PCMR can enjoy a smooth, bug-free launch.
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    @DustyP Dead on with your first sentence. One thing to keep in mind is that we don’t know definitively that Helena is now a Homo Deus... don’t the Homo Deus still have biological forms? And the last of them abandoned their forms to become monitors within the system? And who was communicating with Helena before she made it to the Tomb? Sentient pure, stabilized element? Or another entity? Or did she have a prior, as yet unknown, link/connection with the ARK system and its protocol? All of which just popped into my mind from your response. Some are and could be supported be in game lore. The difference in speech about Rockwell doesn’t reflect Helena’s own tone or voice. Regardless, lacking omniscience itself, we know that often enough great evils once defeated often return after waiting, biding time and plotting. Oh, the sinister plotting! Isn’t something shown when aberration crashes to Earth? Otherwise, why would they show that with that specific sound byte? There is definitely info in the notes about bosses respawning to test survivors. @JasonTheCTM Hit it on the head. We also have to remember about the compounding failures of the system to the point that the overseers try to stop humans from Ascension on the island... which probably wasn’t part of the original programming since the ARKs were designed to prepare us (and overseers oversee the ARK itself to keep it functioning properly) not prohibit us from moving on after passing the implemented tests (aka bosses). Fighting the overseer is the result of system error. Rockwell also replaces the boss as he destroys and merges with the boss arena. He does not replace the overseer. Since he is a boss, he can be respawned. It’s a core directive of the ARK’s programming. So as long as his ARK is intact and he is linked to it, he can be revived indefinitely. Very good points. Taken straight from the lore. If that was the case, they wouldn’t have built the ARKs. The ARKs were there decision and the path the pursued of all their options. Check the notes of OWW. It is addressed. There’s no leaving. @RedStorm8616 Totally correct on Rockwell! You posted before I was able to get my account of that posted so I’ll just reply in the same message. I mentioned that, but I had forgotten that aspect of her. Ascension or pure, stabilized element? She puts an object in her implant... the reverse merging process of Rockwell? Meks are made of and operated by element. If that’s the case, then Helena’s journey isn’t random but in fact guided, eh? That point further reinforces my theories about the OWW entity being a guide for Helena and having sort of orchestrated their journey through tiny system adjustments here and there (and maybe even their initial existence). The system is flawed and broken so mistakes occur, like Santiago and Diana dying. BUT... in an effort to preserve finally obtaining a human presence on Earth (to aid Helena’s objectives in the system) and avoid all of its hard work to get them that far going to waste, it frantically grasped for straws to keep the plan on track and discovered it could make larger adjustments when Diana came back (borne out of its frantic struggle). If Helena was the One Who Waits, we should see more interactions or mentions about her and her old friends, right? Unless she went off to do what the entity that guided her could not and said entity remained to fulfill the role of guide along the path pointing to Helena’s objectives and destination. They’ll probably just make Helena the OWW to make it easy even though it will potentially cause minor plot holes and inconsistencies. But with that goes any chance of learning more about the deeper past and system of the ARKs and Earth. It’s too vague as it stands to definitively say one or the other, but I think it makes more sense for there to be a guide than a random miracle child getting incredibly lucky time and again. I agree heavily with the time line and made that point about the ruins earlier. True about a new character... unless they knew it wasn’t the end. Developers often do that. And it might not be a new character, it could’ve always been there, watching and waiting. OWW no longer had a biological form to help, but Helena might be able to become human again. Her emergence into the system was probably different than that of the original system monitors. Isn’t there also a reference of the familiarity from the OWW with the “others”? Is it possible that Helena was engineered in the system for this very purpose? The OWW seems to speak as if it has experience of the system from before Helena... but that could just be my own inferences. But, we still see some pretty blatant outside guidance from somewhere or someone that is focused on Helena. If she is the OWW, how does one then explain that?
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    I am not sure if I did it right or not. So I am going to delete the codes and add them again. Once I get the server restarted and wiped, I'll post what I am still having an issue locating. So far the only new dinos located were the owls and griffins.
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    Rockwell's experiments with element corrupted his mind to the point he injected himself with it and became a monster. Mei fought and killed him. We find out in the Aberration notes that Rockwell was absorbed into the ARK and replaced whatever boss existed beforehand, to be summoned over and over again. Helena is simply wrong about him being dead. Once absorbed, Rockwell began merging with the ARK, like an evil Helena/OWW, and eventually became the ARK. When aberration crashes down and the obelisk activates, that's akin to a heartbeat monitor starting to beep again. Someone else mentioned Helena being unable to merge with the technology but if you read Santiago's notes he talks about how Helen's compatibility with the MEKS is off the charts. She was biologically predetermined to be compatible with ascension.
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    Not played for a few days life gets too much. On plus side I have a plan for my next Val play through. Providing Xbox sp issues are fixed soon. Resources are not respawning in single player have adjusted settings still not coming back. Dino's not respawning so complete areas are cleared out. Have also played with those settings nothing changed after Dino wipe. Also hardly any Dino's in ABB zone not worth the effort of playing the map.. Plan is go back to sp island and start ascension all over again on completely new play through. Next time I visit Val hopefully problems will be sorted for Xbox.
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    @JasonTheCTM Helena doesn't have knowledge of things before the System, she only has access to the information that is currently in the System. There are several explorer notes from The One Who Waits that make it pretty clear that it is a very new experience (in terms of millennia) and that she (Helena) is only still able to communicate with us because she wasn't a part of the Homo Deus before she ascended in the forest cave.
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    Hey Guys, I just found this thread but have been following the text in the countdown for a few days... I just had a couple observations to answer some questions that were posed a few days ago. The `Hash: sha256` is a required part of the PGP signature. It is only there to tell you what algorithm was used to hash the contents to create the signature so you can reproduce it and verify the signature is correct. (btw did anyone verify that the signature is valid for the contents it was sent with?) If you read all the Explorer notes it is pretty obvious that Helena is The One Who Waits. It also says that Diana's respawn was a fluke borne out of desperation because death was closing in on Mei Yin and Diana could not bear it so when her thoughts brushed against one who could help (Diana) " My thoughts grasped her thread and tugged. Without knowing how, I pulled her back into the world for a second chance, and death lost its first tooth. " and then in the next note she talks about how she kept experimenting with all the subjects in orbit and " So I tested. Endlessly, I tested. So many trials, so many failures, but out of them rose another success. Then an entire generation of them. Then at last, you. " Also " But it's not free. Each time you return from death's clutches, there's a toll. Not for you - for the System. It takes resources, and resources can't be created, only converted. You see those islands in the sky are seeds, and when they fall, they'll need what's left of the System's energy to bloom. So when the barren garden is fully revived, you'll lose the ability to revive yourself. " The 2 balls in the image... The blue one looks like the grid of ARKs that we see in the cut scenes after ascension both times The Red one to me looks like a status of Earth, which would fit with the message that is beside it. The C2I is correct (as a capital i) as far as I can tell, and most likely refers to Command and Control Infrastructure based on the context of the message. I'll keep an eye on the countdown throughout the day and would be happy to help decode if it changes.
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    About legacy. I started playing ark on legacy cluster 8 before it was valled legacy. I like legacy because you dont have to worry about getting meshed, mega tribes, and after so long the problem players get weeded out we have pvp server but theres not alot of it going on we get board and kit up for friendly on foot pvp. Ive put a lot of work into cluster 8. Im on official but its to big of a chore tbh takes away from family time just to survive. The other day i seen a server at 276 pop. I never have to worry about that on legacy. We call it Florida lol.
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    We aren’t sure what the “processing completed” means yet. Most of us still think there are further bits to be solved. Well, thank you. I find this story fascinating lol. I haven’t even played the real game, only mobile. But, I got into the lore last fall when recovering from surgery and was hooked on the lore and its potential. I know Helena is from far before us, how far is indeterminable so far. The OWW also watched and could have easily been following their journey helping here and there as much as they could. It could have been their “creator” of themselves as the clones they were and tweaked here and there little things to bring about their ultimate convergence (and Rockwell almost ruined it). Upon her transcendence, I think it passed on the mantle and goal of fixing the flawed system to Helena and remained to fulfill its final routine of watching and waiting and pointing to see if she and we could succeed. Such resolution would slow the unraveling of its mind and allow for slight assistance here and there to have the same effect on Helena. Or the entity merely fractured itself as consciousness artifacts (like ghost images) to make a trail and continue to fulfill its purpose so Helena could pursue more important work. I think the OWW was the last of the ARK creators who hadn’t mentally devolved into a set of system routines and was who Helena was being led by. Subsequently, its final role was to “watch and wait” and be a lasting guide towards the path Helena had forged/was still forging. That was the ultimate routine it devolved into after passing the mantle to Helena. The personality is just too distinct from Helena’s own and would actually be a bad plot point the way the lore is previously constructed simply from a writing standpoint. I think the upcoming story, if any will delve further into the past of the ARK system, hence all the data we’re receiving, and into a final “not so far in the future” resolution.
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    Not possible... the lore of the game specifically contradicts this as a possibility. Everything is REAL. Everything is designed to push humanity into a higher evolutionary state and to learn from the mistakes of the past. Virtual simulations would not accomplish this. We are seeing data collected at the time the system went idle after failing its directive and not receiving a new/revised one.
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    A possible theory. the newest images show somethin that seems like the monitoring of vital stats. our implants have a survival quotient. in the email from Helena we are nothing but glorified patients. all of that was to test us to see if we would be able to survive the earth as it is. Everything, has been a simulated training program or a dreamlike state. the closest I can relate this is the movie Matrix. we are all strapped into a machine, but instead of being used to supply power to machines, we are being tested to see if we are capable of surviving the new world. essentially the arks are exactly as we know them, a computer generated gamestate. I have a bit more to this theory but its late and I work early so i'll put more in later.
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    "Specimen Viability: 52%" "ComSec: OK" "Power Core: OK" "PhysSec: OK" "Previous Directive Runtime: 6.0485183048e+5< p" "System Idle Time: 1.08159553106e+5 p" "C2I Integrity 9%" There's one last one I couldn't get too, and it's the one by the red planet. Too hard to read. Can anyone else see it clearly enough?
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    Previous Directive Runtime 6.048583048e+52 Tp System Idle Time: 1.08159553106e+5 p ComSec: OKPhysSec: OKPower Core: OK OpSec: OK C2I Integrity: 89% Specimen Viability: 52
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    Site updated: https://survivetheark.com/g/ There are images now, and more code.
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    Hell, I'd have enough for the babies and have plenty to drink for myself lol.
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    Got on this morning and made some extraordinary kibble before flying to the cave with a blue, yellow, and red loot box. Got back to base and made a chem bench to take to our metal outpost. Figure I can farm metal and make gunpowder at the same time.
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    I just installed S+ mod, and wow I'm super impressed, auto open close door, electricity are ranged based, no more cables everywhere, and the demolish/pick up gun is super useful, even the lamp is auto depending on day or night time, it also has no stand and can be put on wall or ceiling. I usually hate using mod and prefer vanilla because if I get too dependant on it I would miss it when playing online on official server, but since I'm going to stay Single Player for quite a long time, I'm trying a few mods and I'm converted, I think I can't play without mod now , it makes Ark more enjoyable and remove all the inconveniences. The S+ on official server is too limited compared to this, it's about time to advance and implement all of its features. And some other mods are also very fun to have.
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    I remember him saying, just before he died, "I love that you don't micromanage me, Chris. Granting me the autonomy to make my own decisions makes me feel valued and empowered as an employee." That, perhaps, can bring us some small comfort at this sad time.
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    I mostly play all maps evenly. Adding Drake's to valguero wouldn't make me play ab any less. I play rag for biome diversity and size. I don't care that scorched creatures are there. I still go to scorched Earth because it's freaking hard and it's a challenge. Dream map though, would be every dino on one map. I'd pay full game price for that
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    ark survival evolved genesis the fourth and final dlc! hype lol seriously well done all the mod entries and winners! hopefully teh fixes for console come soon and you find solution for xbox duping, now if ya want to also sort out prim plus and ark nintendo switch updates and i think your work would be done lol
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    I really like the new map as well, I also think it's pretty well balanced environmentally and dino wise, you aren't running into a bazillion rex's all the time. It's kinda nice to see a bunch of smaller dinos like the Equuis, dodos, raptors etc like you mentioned and it makes it feel better when you've been searching and finally find the perfect tame rex and such. A bunch of Allos I've noticed though.
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    Thanks heaps for sharing the code I'm going to test this a bit later. Does this get rid of the invisible wyverns or just add visible ones into the mix?
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    I just want to slide this into the whole Helena Walker debate, What if The One who Waits was the original Helena Walker before the Ark's launched, she was elected to the Homo Deus program for whatever reason and ascended. The Helena Walker we know is a clone of the original Helena Walker, the clone ran around on the arks and was able to experience regular humanity once again, companionship, awe, depression, loss, grief, gratitude, etc. On extinction when she finds a special white artifact and inserts it into her implant and she's taken to the tomb of ascension, what if Old Homo deus helena and the clone merge, resurrecting her identity by merging her base humanity to her ascended form once more? Sort of like a fountain of youth effect. At that point Homo Deus helena re-awakens as a being with intellect, memories of the old Helena, Memories of the new, one who has lived in both past and present, memories that aren't very well sorted and so she can't remember if it's 2008 or 2008+x amount of years that have gone by? This would both allow her to have knowledge and participation of the ark program at its inception, as well as to have a personal relationship with Mei and Diana, and Rockwell.
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    That isn’t fair why did pc get the 2x event bash for raising babies plus another week because consoles got delayed with the map but yet how do you want us to get prepare when open serve happens. How do you expect this game to live if there no 2x in Val. This isn’t fair pc has already build up quick and already got bloodline going because of 2x raising for 3 weeks and look at us with consoles can’t even get a 2x for the weekend already then 2nd week of the map but we don’t get 2x once again very disappointed not getting to equal treatment with pc
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    i have no more text masseges to add then i can only edit this nintendogamer7 shield is in red circle because this macine can be like TEK SHIELD GENERATOR but you cant see anything from inside and can't get out of this bubble
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    Hopped on to check the random 135 moth that got stuck in my base had tamed overnight. It had. Went for a flight to look for any high level Deinonychus eggs. Found a 135 on my first try. Then my moth got destroyed as I forgot it wasn't my argy with loads of stamina, ran out and got swamped RIP Mothra, I literally had you for less than 3 mins
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