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    I prefer to bread my dinos with a little egg white and some panko crumbs.
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    because Microsoft is a b*tch of a company and they fret over every microscopic string of data to cross there servers. its not wildcard that's stopping progress. its Microsoft with all of there restrictions on what can and cant be put on there consoles. steam doesnt have all of thoes restrictions so its easier to put stuff on pc than anything else
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    Why not extend the time for the whole event? Console players had two fewer days to tame event dinos and get the skins, and that's just as important as breeding rates in my opinion.
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    Grow up already. $120 Canadian is too much money lol, 60 for the base game and 60 for a season pass oh no. Now can you please tell us all why it has to be a $2000 computer cause I could pick up a cheap $600 off kijiji and it would run it great, even my 12 year old gaming pc can run ark. If you want to play with your PC friends then maybe get a summer job or go collect cans or a lemonade stand if your parents are ok with it lol, gotta start saving for that PC.
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    if you go in Creative mode (GCM) using console commands and type "gfi Sniper 1 1 0" you will be given the TekGram for a Tek Railgun. i play on the switch with 0 DLCs and this railgun is only on Aberration. it is currently unusable even with "learnengrams" on. try this for yourselves and see what i mean. this 100% hints to a new boss and/or new Tekgrams. Have a nice day and thanks for reading also
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    These young gamers today never played DnD with actual dice. Never saw the evolution of gaming math from dice to the algorithms used in video games.
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    Story time again. Wuu finally got enough to saddle up a Pateradon. Mind you we are playing with Default Server Settings. We really want to experience our first run through el Natural.. My mate and I go out and find a pair of lvl 2 Pateradons get them all tamed up and bam yep just as we thought Game Changer. Out exploring the Island map. buddy lands to fill his stamina meter and gets attacked by some leechs and mosquitos and a couple of the spiters which make your screen go green. Except this time our confidince is higher and we are not just running away from everything. He stands and fights calls me over to help him out. I get there just in time to watch him and his Pateradon die yep the ones we just tamed hours before. He gets back and we go in together to get his body and saddle from his pateradon. let me tell you Leechs stick to your face no idea how to get it off Im running around 100 mosquitos a few of the spitters and a couple small Spinos joined the fight with us just widly attacking. We manage to kill everything and I watch my Pateradon just kinda limply land on the ground and sit there and suffer Im completly helpless and watch him die to I believe a poison effect. First 2 flyers gone within an hour after taming them. We run back out to try to tame another set of Pateradons. Buddy gets a 7 and hes all bragging la la la. I find a nice tasty 24 male with red skin black wings and black head color. very cool looking. Bola that guy up and start to taming with raw meat and Narcotic. We still havnt dared try to make kibble yet. Halfhour into taming I see a second Pateradon land next to me another male with light pink wings and black body this time lvl 25. Heck I still have one Bola left get him and beat him up with my stick till he falls down. Now Im taming 2 yell at my buddy dude I just got us lvl 25 PAteradons.. wuu wuu we are all jacked this is our highest lvl tame so far and we are on the beginner beach area nothing to threaten us. He runs back to our base with his flyer and grabs some more Narco and I go out and get more meat about hour n half later we have 2 new lvl 29 and 30 PAteradons. I name them Bert and Ernie. Give my buddy his and we go back to base and try to lvl our flyers. We get our Trikes out and level our little island for Narco berries and I run the shores gathering 200 spoiled meats need to get our Narcotis back up we still need to go get that Doedicurus. We get our flyers to lvl 50. We get our gear we are able to go decently equipped and enough to make a 3x3 hunting/taming pen with windowd walls and a couple ramps to lead him up and drop him down we are not just gonna tame this guy out in the open like I did last time and lost my iguanadon and everything else. We fly up to the Redwoods. Find our selves a Doedecurus and start to get the pen made up. Get our little taming pen made and we get jumped by a few of those Troodons but this time there are 2 of us. Buddy gets knocked out and I stand watch over him while he regains torpor. We get our doedecurus in the pen we get him knocked out we land our pateradons inside the house we didnt put a roof on it. Get about 30 minutes into the tame while its pitch black out we hear a rustle in the bushes. Im thinking bah dont worry we are in this house we are going to be safe. or so I thought. A freaking Direbear comes out and just started mauling us threw the walls and takes our door down we quickly jump on Bert n Ernie and fly up and just look at each other really.. really... We head back home and get ready for another attempt at a stupid Doesausage.. yep he is now a Doesausage.. He hits 50 something and we are able to make Flak Armor like what 5times the armor were thinking game changer no longer are we going to run from these damn Dinos. I grab the longneck engram and we make a couple guns and flak armor. and we grab a whole 10 bullets each lol damn bullets aint cheap. Were smart this time and leave Bert n Ernie behind and we are going to set up a forward base in the redwoods. We grab everything beds walls ceilings stairs you name it. and we head out on foot from our base like 100 meters from start of game. we go wide east of the swamp and cross a shallow part of the water. We decide to go for it and sprint over the last little swampy area. well needless to say we aggro'd 3 titanboa and 2 aligator dinos. We manage to kite and aggro bounce the 5 dino and kill with our crossbow and loose half durability on both our newly made armor. but damn that was so fun we did it we held our ground and killed some pretty nasty stuff. Find our way threw the Redwoods till we find a nice area we think is good for base camp. Make the initial house get some beds down and we need more resources but were scared poopless out here. We come up with a plan he will die and respawn at main base grab Bert n Ernie and load up Bert with resources for our new home. He heads back and gets things made n ready. I explore a little bit out side the house. There was a giant brontasourses guy the one you came make a 6 or 10 person saddle for. he would agro me and fling me threw the forest. I make it back to the house but he still wants to push me around. I get him stuck in the house and stand back shooting him in the Arse with my crossbow. and no joke from the left of my screen I see a T-Rex my first T-Rex come running towards me and the bronto dino. I crouch and just kinda stop frozen. And watch the T-Rex just come up n maul this Dino. They are having a huge battle in my living room. Eventually the T-Rex pushes him out of the house and they fall off the cliff we built next to. Im reliving a Jurrasic Park moment just in awe of what happened. My buddy informs me he is done and on his way back with Bert n Ernie with the supplies we need. Sweet should be here in 5 minutes. 45 seconds later I hear him..... What the #$%#$% raptors can knock you off your mount oh god no please no. @#$@#. He just says #@$%#$.. I then see it at the top of the screen. Derinian is killed by a Raptor(lvl9).. Im thinking darnit what about Bert n Ernie. 30 seconds later Bert has been killed by a Raptor. 20 seconds later Ernie has been killed by a raptor. That was my day off Taming 2 sets of Pateradons. 2 more attempts at a Doedicurus. Luckily we didnt loose our bodies our neato gear we have. and we now have a forward base set up in the Redwoods. because darnit I am getting one of those freaking Dinos....
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    The issues are predominantly official based, I personally haven’t experienced issues when launching a new map is all. I’ll be upping the player cap for the new server because I reckon most people who are actively playing will want to jump on right away.
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    These are exceptions. And mods for these on console are extremely limited and completely separate from PC.
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    Tiny salmon swimming in a stream, Tiny salmon chasing that impossible dream. The Myna Bird says ahhh ah ahhh, The chimpanzee says ayeeee, The friendly owl says whoooo who whoooo, But the salmon can only say, blooo blooo blo blooo blooo blo blooo, And it's sad
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    Found it on the expansion mod for Valguero... EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_RefinedElement_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=55) EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_RefinedShards_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=58)
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    um sorry but i am not gonna spend thousands of dollars just to play ark on PC, it cost way too much for the game alone along with the maps it is too expensive, also i know for a fact u need at least a 2000$ computer, and i dont have than money, also if games like fallout, skyrim and more can allow mods why cant wildcard. or even just spend the time to add what they promised. it was 2016 or 2017 and it is now 2019 seriously u cant be more lazy than that. again i dont hate the game i hate the devs. i would not hate them so much if they treated us console players evenly
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    We’ve had this conversation, mentioning something does not mean it’s been promised to all platforms. Primal survival was also publicly put on hold because it was still early access and Wildcard wanted to focus all remaining efforts on releasing the game. All of this info is as easily accessible as the trailer.
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    dude u should nueter and spay your selling tames, also srry to hear bout your gran, my granparrents are nearly 100 each, we think they will both kick the buket this year, honestly i think if an elderly person does not want to keep going they should be allowed to choose if they want to kick the buket, my gran wants to but her carers say no cause they need her their to keep funding goin, same with my gramps, i find it so rude to use them as funding tools, still there are carers their who make it worht while for my garndparents. at least your gran will now be with her husband and watching down on you while u conquer ark. i am sure u will make them proud.
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    I hope valguero doesn't crash 24/7 like extinction, hopefully more like the center.
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    @Kitalon ive been looking for people to play with.
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    I remember our first Freddy Krueger/tickle chicken to you. I was shooting it but my husband for some strange reason was shot up into the air to max height and subsequently slammed into the floor to his death. Couldn't ever figure out why this happened, he was about 30 meters behind me and nowhere near an animal. The ark god's just had it in for him.
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    My condolences to you and your family.
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    In terms of PVP what I miss is the small tribe combat that flourished in the early days. There was no real big tribes on most servers and since everyone was new to the game everyone was still trying to figure out the best way to do things. Back then as well the balance of the game seemed far better. The player base was more active as well, most servers were 70/70 every night of the week. The servers were very active you would across heaps of bases and other players with just a few minutes of exploration. Today sadly on most servers its like a ghost town.. Also in general dinos were a lot less tanky because the max wild level was only 30 and there was no breeding and saddles hadn't become stupidly strong just yet. The effect of this was that while on foot you were still at a disadvantage vs someone riding a dino, however they still couldn't just run around casually taking tonnes of shots to their body and keep carrying on as they can now. The player weapons felt like they were relevant and balanced properly against the stats of the dinosaurs. The game back then definitely rewarded player skill and tactics a lot more then it does now. Today it mostly comes down to who has the better dino stats, saddle or armor. Also flyers were fairly rare and limited in choice and were not these thing silly flying tanks that they are today. I remember on one particular occasion I'd chased this guy to his wooden house house and he ran inside shutting the door. I began chopping the door. He then suddenly opened the door and I ran in and he then placed a wooden spiked wall behind me where the door was effectively trapping me inside. A melee fight insued inside which I won with a few health points remaining. He then respawned in an adjacent room and started dumping stuff out of boxes while I tried to bash the door down. Eventually I broke in and killed him but most of the stuff was gone. Very rude of him.
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    I miss stone being a commodity. Before they added the Doed it wasn't easy to farm. On one occasion we ended up buying 4k worth of stone of some guy for some blueprints and then fetched our blueprints back later that night
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    I miss the old Rex roar, the bounding run the Spino used to have and the way it sounded when they ran. Also miss the sound effect you used to hear when you crafted something. Sounded like a hammer tapping on metal.
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    Well this was last night but deffinatly a doozy.... New player just started this week. firstly I dont do punctuation and my grammer and spelling is a joke. but get ready for a story. I hit 34 and was able to make a Doedicurus saddle. I was like sweet I need stone to finish making the base and leveling up. I wanted to head out to get one. Jumped on my Iguanadon and headed up to the Red Woods for my first time. Made it no problem swamp was neat seeing that Siroc and the Titanboa very scary but my boy is fast. I am just wandering the redwoods very carefuly I seen so many new dinos and some dont look to friendly. Then off in the distance I see it a Doedicurus lvl2 I was so excited not to many enemies near by. I find a nice spot to tame near a rock I can get on to keep elevated and safe from ground dinos. Get out my new Crossbow and get him tranq'd up. Go down and start the tame process with Mejoberries and Narcotis. phew all is good Im so excited I have my saddle ready he's taming up nicely. notice its starting to get dark. Make my self a camp fire for some light. 30 minutes go by. Tame is still just going slowly. I hear a rustling in the distance. and then I see it a couple set of glowing eyeballs. scared the poop right outa me well me and my avatar she literaly took a poop. Then I get attacked by those devils can't even remember their names. but they poison you with torpor. Luckily I have my metal spear and kill both before I pass out. Now Im just laying there out in the open passed out on the ground. Screen is all black Im freaking out no idea whats going on. Get up and collect my thoughts. my iguanadon is on passive mode because I was taming. I think I can change his behavior to not attack knocked out creatures. I get up on my rock and get into his behaviour settings. and then I hear it again... that rustle.. the bushes I franticly try to change the settings but its just to late I get attacked again and that stupid torpor poison is going I manage again to kill the 2 before I get knocked out. but this time I am not alone another of those abominations comes up and just eats the crap outa me. I'm so so sad I spawn at my base which is still near the original spawn point for the island. make my way to the swamp but this time im on foot naked and afraid. dodging all the boa's and aligator things and get taken out by fricken pirahana. respawn make my way again through the swamp of no hope. make it up to where I was taming the doedicurus see my rock see my iguanadon and notice something at his feet. Then I realize whats going on I sprint dehidrated no food and almost get close enough to witness these bastards kill my iguanadon. they then see me and charge. Im frantic running around manage to agro a direbear and find a rock to jump on safe and the direbear kills those demon dino's. my iguanadon dead doedicurus dead. I get my body get the saddles and start the trek back home. at this time its pitch black dark again. I manage to find a cliff edge and crouch down with a torch in hand and wait out the darkness. daylight comes beautiful sunrise. walk 10 feet to a bush to grab a few berries Im starving Im dehidrated. grab a couple berries open inventory to shove them in my face hole. now I hear a new noise. a bird noise. damn those stupid flying stealing bastards. look up dont see anything. Then I get hit and my body get sent flying. What the heck is a Terrorbird. Now I know how they get that name and yep you guessed it I pooped again. Terrorbird lvl 27 just takes me out completly. where was I when I died no idea didnt look at the map I just know its on some cliff side in the red woods and hopefully I was heading back towards the swamp. respawn at the base head back out to the redwoods. need to get mah corpse. make it to the swamp no problem this time though an alpha raptore is going to town just killing the swamp. I get around him and see the redwoods. screech screech I know that sound yep a second alpha raptor is out in the swamp. dead again just dead. respawn make my way threw the swamp get to the redwoods find my corpse loot it. open inventory to reequip armor and eat some berries. yep you gussed it Terrorbird lvl27 just eats my face again. respawn make my way threw the swamp get to the redwoods find my corpse loot it. and RUN run run run.. I'm thinking I jst got my speed to 121% I can outrun this guy.. but no no no I don't and manage to find a titan boa and a aligator thing. and yep you guessed it swamp food. respawn make my way threw the swamp get the the redwoods. but where is my body no freakin idea no green light of corpseness. and then I hear it HISS HISS. Titanboa jump and yep pooped again. Im good though I def can out run these guys. but wait what did he poison me with stamina loss........ you guessed it titanboa food. respawn make my way threw the swamp almost get to the redwoods and that bloody aligator jumps out of the water and death rolls and Im just dead again. respawn make my way threw the swamp get hopelessly lost no corpse in sight. then those bloody demon dino's come out the ones whos eye glow yellow in the night. they torpor poison me and eat me............. At this point I just accept facts Redwoods is just no place for me I should have been more prepared. 2 hours this all took...... hope you enjoyed reading. I was so upset and unhappy my iguanadon died and my doedicurus didnt get tamed lost all my gear even a green pick from my first alpha raptor kill and my cool raptor skull helmet graphic...... but wow so much fun I lost alot but gained some knowledge time to lvl and get that flying mount......
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    Hello, I am so happy i found your tread. Well here is my complete guide to get levels. As i started Pvp i soon realized leveling is everything. So as a pro I leveled so fast that ppl changed stuf(WC). Honestly this made me happy. Switching to pve i think this is the best method. As you start: fiber hats is the best. But as you approach the cooking pot that is the best, as you can break it and just continue to harvest stone rocks. One resource. (This is why wc changed it. As I lvl from 0 to 71 in 4 hours on official). You only need stone tools to collect rocks. So now you need more resources. After the cooking pot you are ar 65 and you should aim for cementing paste. ( you can have a casteroid in your base but it will despawn as area is derendered, so I played utilising this). Aim for six snails. It is like you aim for two mortar pestles, it get you going but you are far from it. At this point you have options. Caves or the industrial grinder. Go for the grinder it take you to 79. From this point I am a novice as I do not know. But to you @Kadie2007 I hope you change your settings to more official as we are of same age. This game give so much when it comes to surviving. As also the fact that life is not far from ARK. Hope you liked it Regards, Ariana
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    One of the people on the Island server that I play on started a Valguero server with pretty much the same mods. They’re not clustered of course, but they invited us over if we wanted to go. So, I created a new character and spawned in the White Cliffs area. Ah, the beach. . . . *Wham-Bam-Raptor-Slam!* I’m dead. “Aw, it’s just like old times.” I spawn in the same area and head away from my first demise, foraging as I go. I manage to get some supplies going and survive a cold, cold night. The next morning finds me hugging the cliff line while busting up rocks. A bit later, I notice a shadow growing all around me and look up. “Oh, son of a bi--!” A level 210 Allo lands on my head, thanks his lucky stars for a free meal, and eats me. I spawn back in and try to get my stuff back. Yep, Allo’d again. Blargh! So I decide to try the easy islands spawn. I spawn in just as night envelops the landscape. Great, there’s probably all sorts of horrible things around me that I can’t see. I hold my breath for a few heartbeats then realize I’m still alive. (I didn’t know this area was free of predators until later.) Woo Hoo! I start collecting stuff to build a fire pit, make that two fire pits, since I’m freezing again and manage to survive until daylight. As the sky lightens, I see something that doesn’t fit near shore. I head over and find a dead manta that accidentally breached the surface. ‘Hello, Lunch!” Well, actually it was more like breakfast, but I like that line from the movie. Anyway, I start gathering stuff and decide my first outpost will be built on a rock that’s not too far from shore. It's around supper time, and the base is coming along nicely. I wipe the sweat from my brow and then am buffeted by wind gusts made by giant wings. There’s a wyvern staring down at me. “Um…” Turns out it’s one of the people I know from the other server, and they’ve been progressing at a very fast rate. I do get an event colored Jerboa from them before they leave, though, and I have my first tame. A short while later, they’re back with a handful of Deino eggs. They have a breeding pair and way too many eggs. In fact, clutches of six to seven eggs begin appearing around my base over the next couple of days as they try to reduce their supply. I’ve now tamed a few resource dinos and raised a Deino and fire wyvern of my own. The wyvern's named, "Vash the Stampede." I didn’t get the egg of course; it was another present. Next time, I’m going to start on the Steampunk stuff, which is going to be a grind and a half on its own.
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    No I am PVP player by Heart and even in PVE Balancing matters (not as much as PVP but it does) Why should they feel pround when you dont have to achive something? Just becouse I am a PVP player by heart dosnt mean I dont care for other People who allso call ARK there "Home" if PVP or not I dont care but It should make both of this groups some fun one easy Fix I would see Is not devide PVP and PVE Dinos since most PVE Player Breed them for boss fights... why not give them a Buff in the Boss arena? that there Range is extended and Damage is buffed?
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    Not according to the official Game Suggestions Roundup “Going forward, we will keep both PvP and PvE balance in mind as we work on future content and are identifying ways to provide a unique and balanced experience for both.”
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    With a magic touch here and there
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    If there is no rollback for atleast 7 days. the games dead and will not return
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    Bring SOTF TO CONSOLES It really ain't fair that consoles wasn't able to play SOTF alot people quit but I believe if you bring that to consoles alot of people would go back I've been waiting for that game mode to hit Xbox forever since the game came out but it seems you guys are was only focused on PC which isn't fair make a dlc thing make a profit off of it so something but bring it to consoles asap please #BRINGSOTFTOXBOX
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    hi wil ark aditons get a port to consol ? it seams lik a grate mod and iz sponsord
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    well here we are two years later wildcard litterally sitting on their a** releasing maps that are not even worthy of playing aside form new dino, nt dinos just dino i mean seriously. also it was announced and confirmed. so how bout this wildcard, u give us primal survival before the end of 2019 and i will shut up for good. that sound good to ya, i mean u can obviously intergrate mods into the game fine so why not just put play as dino into the game. make it its onw seerate expansion like prim+. also i would like to say that there was infact new dinso on the roster as a friend on discord found models of creatures for ark including suchomimus, acrocanthosaurus, velociraptor, protoceratops and a few more.
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    You brought up an old post so probably sold out.
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    Yeah completely unplayable on Xbox. apart from that issues you mentioned there is also the gamebreaking issue of the game constantly crashing in SP on any map and that the game don't even save. If you touch the saveworld command that also results in a crash 90% of the time. Been like that for months now and all SP players on Xbox that I know have just quit the game completely. ( One X seems to not be affected by the saveworld issue ) They paid for a game that WC broken completely and don't want to ( or know how to ) fix. The game was in a better state during EA than it is now.
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    In pve they should just enable creative mode and God mode. People should not even have to farm just spawn in creatures and bases. And instant kill anything by right clicking on it. It's pve balance don't matter.
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